• What makes PrestaShop the Best Ecommerce Solution? #EQM 2 – Quentin Audrain
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    What makes PrestaShop the Best Ecommerce Solution? #EQM 2 – Quentin Audrain

    Today’s question comes from Roland, asking What makes PrestaShop the Best Ecommerce Solution? So, for the past 8 years, we have been developping an Ecommerce Software providing merchants with the best Ecommerce experience possible. If you are a small or a big retailer you can count on us to provide you with an Ecommerce software packed with hundred of features truely reliable and with great performances. We are an Open Source project, so this means that our community is evolving with us, and is helping us to improve the software by making code contributions to keep with the latest trends in ecommerce. This also means that no matter what you…

  • Samson Pharmaceutical | Built with WebJaguar
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    Samson Pharmaceutical | Built with WebJaguar

    Hi. I’m Jay, with Samson Pharmaceutical; City of Commerce, California. We are a manufacturer of cosmetic drugs and supplements. Our company uses Web Jaguar from Advanced E-Media. We do recommend this software because it has helped us much organizing our salespeople force, inventory, build-a-kit, in salon, email blasting. It saved us a lot of money hiring a lot of people for documentation. The company’s customer service is great. They’re ready to custom-make any feature, and they actually did some of the features specifically for us, as needed. They’re flexible in time and cost. We love it and we do suggest that anyone needing such a software to contact Advanced E-Media…

  • Plugin ecommerce schede tecniche Icecat – Ready Pro
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    Plugin ecommerce schede tecniche Icecat – Ready Pro

    Uno dei principali problemi nella gestione di un sito ecommerce risiede nella gestione dei contenuti Descrizioni e dettagli tecnici sono infatti fondamentali per invogliare i propri utenti all’acquisto, ma l’inserimento e l’aggiornamento di questi dati può diventare una operazione lunga che richiede molto tempo Per questo motivo, per aiutare i nostri utenti ad arricchire le proprie schede prodotto, abbiamo sviluppato un plugin per il sistema ecommerce Ready Pro che consente l’integrazione con Open Icecat (www.icecat.biz) Icecat è un portale che mette a disposizione migliaia di schede tecniche per i prodotti tecnologici più diffusi (informatica, telefonia, ecc.) L’installazione del plugin è estremamente semplice ed avviene in pochi semplici passaggi, tramite il…

  • GFU #26 Neto Shopping Cart Software Review
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    GFU #26 Neto Shopping Cart Software Review

    – Good day Australia. I’m Chris Hogan, Founder and CEO of MeMedia. Let’s Get Fact Up! Today, we’re going to be commencing a three part series on selecting a shopping cart for your business. We’re going to cut this across three separate episodes and in part three we’ll write out a comparison for all of the shopping cart software. The three shopping cart platforms we’re going to cover are Neto, Shopify and Bigcommerce. So let’s get started. I think it’s important to note that all of these platforms can host your custom domain. For example, myshop.com You won’t be able to host your emails on these platforms so they all…

  • PrestaShop 1.7 : How to manage the Administration Area
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    PrestaShop 1.7 : How to manage the Administration Area

    Hi everyone, welcome to the PrestaShop 1.7 tutorial video series. Today we’ll be covering PrestaShop 1.7, which is the newest version of the PrestaShop software. I’m going to show you how manage the Administration Area. Now that you have installed PrestaShop 1.7 and that you are properly logged-in to your administration area, you should make sure you can easily find your way through its administration interface, understand its notifications and know where to find one specific bit of information. So, let’s go for an overview of the Administration Area. First : The top bar At the top of the back office is a white bar containing a handful of information…

  • Helping Clients Expand Globally – cleverbridge Full-service Ecommerce
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    Helping Clients Expand Globally – cleverbridge Full-service Ecommerce

    cleverbridge can provide a wide range of e-commerce services for Japanese software vendors and SaaS providers They can localize their software products and services into many languages and increase revenue because of this global reach. cleverbridge provides multi-currency, multi-payment methods and multi-lingual customer support so companies have nothing else to worry about. I am honored to be a member of cleverbridge because I can be involved in helping Japanese software and SaaS developers reach the global marketplace.

  • Top 10 Ecommerce Software
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    Top 10 Ecommerce Software

    heute geht es um das interessante thema e commerce software systeme und es gibt unterschiedliche systeme nutzen kann um einen online-shop zu bauen das besonders deshalb interessant weil heutzutage fast jeder online einkauft daher ist es interessant für startups für kleine unternehmen aber auch für mittelständler großunternehmen also alle die irgendetwas verkaufen sollten heutzutage in online shop haben und hier sind ein paar shopsysteme aufgezeigt die interessant sein können das erste wäre magento das sehr weit verbreitet weltweit wird es genutzt dass es auch schon sehr alt seit 1998 glaube ich wird es bereits genutzt und ausgebaut und es gibt auch sehr viele kostenfreie und kostenpflichtige plugins die man nutzen…

  • How To Build A Two-Sided Marketplace | Dan Martell
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    How To Build A Two-Sided Marketplace | Dan Martell

    – Building a two sided market is probably the hardest thing you can do. A few weeks ago I organized a market place founders dinner. Because I felt like there needs to be almost like an AA meeting type for those founders that have decided to build marketplaces. You know, like, and I don’t know if you know what a marketplace is but like and Etsy or an Ebay or Clarity, my startup. It’s where you build a platform and you hope that people on the supply side and on the demand side come together to complete a transaction and get a lot of value from that. And the reason…

  • ECommerce for Moodle, Totara, Kallidus & Brightspace: Selling Single Seats On Your Courses
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    ECommerce for Moodle, Totara, Kallidus & Brightspace: Selling Single Seats On Your Courses

    In this quick video, I�ll take you through the process of buying a single seat on one of your courses, and demonstrate the single sign-on feature that gets the learner instantly enrolled and logged in to your Learning Management System. The user selects a course from your storefront catalog. Let�s take Advanced Chemistry. Flexible discounting features are built in to Course Merchant, and I cover them in other videos here that have �discounts� in the title. So let�s click �Buy Now�. Enter a voucher or coupon code if applicable. These are covered in the video titled �Discount, Coupon and Voucher Codes.� A new user enters their details to create an…

  • Apply now for our E-commerce accelerator at Startupbootcamp
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    Apply now for our E-commerce accelerator at Startupbootcamp

    to everyone watching don’t forget to join! this is the greatest program you can ever be at I think you should do it because you’re an entrepreneur you have the skills and you already took the lead in starting your own company why not make the jump for this bigger goal you have a great network and they connect you. You just need to ask and they are going to connect you to the right people and not only in The Netherlands Every startup should go through these kind of programs throughout their life cycle I would say don’t think about it anymore Startupbootcamp is the best place to be…