• Getting Started with eCommerce Ecwid Podcast ep 25
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    Getting Started with eCommerce Ecwid Podcast ep 25

    Jesse: Richie, how’s it going today, man? Richard: What’s happening, Jesse? I’m excited, as always. Jesse: As always excited. Today is a day to kind of close the books on 2018 and, you know, closing the books is no fun. But looking ahead to 2019, that’s always fun. Richard: Yeah, and I get reflectful all the time this time of the year, you know, kind of: “What are the things did right? What are the things wanna improve upon?” And, you know, we were really just hoping.. As, you know, we were reflecting on the show itself, and what we really want, and obviously, we want people who already use…

  • $152,000 Ecommerce Business (How To Start One)
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    $152,000 Ecommerce Business (How To Start One)

    in this video right here I’m gonna show you how to start an e-commerce business in 2019 I’m gonna show you the quickest and easiest way to do this and how to scale it up I spend millions of dollars on Facebook ads every single year for my e-commerce stores profitably and I bring all of this knowledge to you for free all I ask in return is you hit that like button hit that thumbs up real real quick and I’ll give you all this knowledge for free also if you want to see more videos like this subscribe and if you want some of my winning products comment…