• Why fascism is so tempting — and how your data could power it | Yuval Noah Harari
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    Why fascism is so tempting — and how your data could power it | Yuval Noah Harari

    Hello, everyone. It’s a bit funny, because I did write that humans will become digital, but I didn’t think it will happen so fast and that it will happen to me. But here I am, as a digital avatar, and here you are, so let’s start. And let’s start with a question. How many fascists are there in the audience today? (Laughter) Well, it’s a bit difficult to say, because we’ve forgotten what fascism is. People now use the term “fascist” as a kind of general-purpose abuse. Or they confuse fascism with nationalism. So let’s take a few minutes to clarify what fascism actually is, and how it is different…

  • Product Management Series: Marc Abraham, Lead Curator for Product Tank
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    Product Management Series: Marc Abraham, Lead Curator for Product Tank

    My name is Marc Abraham Head of Core Products at World First which is a foreign exchange business based in London but we also have offices in Hong Kong, The States and The Netherlands. I’ve been a product manager for about seven years now I started my professional life as a corporate lawyer back in the Netherlands where I’m from originally and it’s been quite a journey to become a product manager since. Halfway through being a Lawyer, realised if you know I just always thought I always thought I was a bit late to the party so it prompted me to do an MBA in the UK again halfway…

  • StepInShop — AR shop with real features
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    StepInShop — AR shop with real features

    StepInShop is a white label solution for e-commerce and retail brands that would like to bring more of real world shopping experiences to their online engagements with customers. Having three years of experience working with different augmented and virtual reality projects we have studied the potential of this technology inside out. Saw space for niche solutions, cost challenges industries have and decided to try to solve one of those — an obvious gap between the online and offline shopping experiences. We wanted to provide an immersive instrument that would allow users to shop without having to leave their home while viewing photorealistic real size 3d objects from any angle and…

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    Fishbowl Inventory 2015 Review

    Welcome, today we’ll be looking at Fishbowl, an Inventory Management Software designed for warehouse management. This video is brought to you by TechnologyAdvice. Our mission is to educate, advise and connect buyers of business technology and one of the ways we do this is by providing unbiased reviews of software. Fishbowl comes in two version, warehouse, and manufacturing. Fishbowl is a Supply Chain Management software designed to integrate seamlessly with Quickbooks. Its clientele includes businesses of all sizes targeting mainly small to medium sized businesses. We are looking at Fishbowl’s Warehouse version. This robust warehouse management system provides inventory control through the process of receiving inventory, putting it into stock…

  • What is this AMAZING Tech Product?
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    What is this AMAZING Tech Product?

    Ethan: Hila, did you know that you can use the Alexa to order shit? It’s so cool. Hila: No. How do you do that? Ethan: Alexa, can you buy me some baby wipes? Amazon Alexa: Amazon’s choice for ‘sex lubricant’ is personal lubricant, water based- Ethan: Alexa, stop, that’s not baby wipes! Alexa: The top search result for ‘giant vibrator sex toy’ is- Ethan: Alexa, that’s not baby wipes, stop! Alexa: Amazon’s choice for ‘extra-large condoms’- Ethan: Stop, stop! That’s not baby wipes! Alexa: Would you like to buy? Ethan: NO! Alexa: The top search result for ‘giant black [censored]’ is [unintelligble] yodeling pickle. (????) I also found Jeff Dunham:…

  • Top 10! Amazing Products AliExpress & Amazon 2020 | New Tech. Gadgets
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    Top 10! Amazing Products AliExpress & Amazon 2020 | New Tech. Gadgets

    Hello, dear friends! Now you will see another selection of cool products. Subscribe on my channel and click on the bell. Let’s go! All links to the products in the description below the video. Push like. Subscribe on my channel and click on the bell. Thank you very much for watching this video. If you have not seen these videos, be sure to look, and of course do not forget to subscribe to my channel because in the future there will be a lot of cool products. Bye! Bye!

  • Empower Your Reps to Sell More in Every Store Visit
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    Empower Your Reps to Sell More in Every Store Visit

    Narrator: StayinFront delivers industry leading retail solutions that enable consumer goods companies to Do More, Know More and Sell More. Today let’s look at guided selling. StayinFront PitchBook is a unique selling tool that takes fact-based information, along with marketing, promotions and other sales aids to help reps sell more in-store. Reps can take store level information, such as Out of Stocks, and combine it with upcoming promotions, suggested order volumes and shelf-level data to create a customized sales pitch for the store manager. Ken: PitchBook is a real game changer because it lets the rep deliver new and valuable information to the store manager. Using PitchBook, a rep can…

  • Protecting your data inside the Home of the Future
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    Protecting your data inside the Home of the Future

    (techno music) – The home of the future will be more secure than the house of the past, because it’s protected by cutting edge technology. The front door has a smart lock, there are cameras around the perimeter that can give us a live video feed, and our front doorbell can alert us when someone’s approaching. All this tech is meant to instill absolute confidence that I’m as secure as I can be from any intruders. But tucked away quietly in a corner of my home office is this, a simple unassuming printer. And in the home of the future, it has the potential to be an open window to…

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    Accounting Fundamentals | Merchandising Operations: Perpetual Inventory

    Mark Farber: Hi, I’m Mark Farber, and this is Accounting Fundamentals. We’re going to shift gears now, and talk a little bit about merchandising operations, as opposed to service companies. Service companies are obviously those that sell a service like accounting, or consulting, bike repairs. A merchandising operation is a company that buys goods from some place, and then sells them somewhere else, so it can be a wholesaling company, one that’s purchasing goods from a manufacturer, and selling them to retailers, or it could be a retail company that’s purchasing goods either from a wholesaler or a manufacturer, and then sells it to the end consumer. The key thing…

  • Sony: From The Walkman to The PlayStation!
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    Sony: From The Walkman to The PlayStation!

    This week on Behind the Business, we’ll be taking a look at one of the most innovative companies to ever emerge from Japan. The inventor of such brilliant technologies as the transistor radio, the Walkman, the CD player and the PS Vita, Sony. Our story begins in March 1945. World War 2 was still in full swing, but by that point the Axis powers were crumbling. Russians were swimming in the Oder, Hitler was on suicide watch, and a fleet of Boeing B-29s was firebombing Japan into oblivion. The bombing of Tokyo on March 9 was the deadliest air raid in history, and it threw the Japanese military into panic…