• Drake – Nice For What
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    Drake – Nice For What

    I Wanna Know Who Mothafuckin’ Representin’ In Here Tonight Hold On, Hold On I Keep Lettin’ You Back In (Lettin’ You Back In) How Can I, Explain Myself? Care For Me, Care For Me, You Said You’d Care For Me There For Me, There For Me, Said You’d Be There For Me (Lil Weezyana Shit) Cry For Me, Cry For Me, You Said You’d Die For Me (Murda On The Beat) Give to me, give to me, why won’t you live for me? Something for y’all to cut up to, ya know? Yuh’ Everybody Get Your Motherfuckin’ Roll On I Know Shorty And She Doesn’t Want No Slow Song Had…

  • Mortals & Immortals – 18 DAYS
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    Mortals & Immortals – 18 DAYS

    But you are still only mortal. And I, Bheeshma, am immortal. I have earned the right to die only at the hands of a god You can’t elude fate, dear boy. -Krishna!! -Ungh… this is not your time to die, my friend -Krishna, no -What have I done? -Krishna what? -Don’t worry about me, Arjuna. You see… there are mortals, there are immortals, there are Gods, and there is me. STOP! Though we fight on opposing sides, in truth I am with you I have always been. Go back to your army unharmed, Arjuna. and one more thing Remember what I told you, and remember to fight well, for after…