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    Accounting For Beginners #11 / Fifo and Lifo Inventory / Basics

    hello everyone Jonathan N. Dorn CPA. As you can see this is Lifo and Fifo Inventory valuation, to see how much your inventories worth, and your cost of goods sold worth, and your net income, so this is just really fast how I do it ok, so i got FIFO first-in-first-out, LIFO last in – first out ok, this is how products come in, this is for rising prices too, everything your going to see, is gonna say, oh rising prices and inflation you know, very rarely i would think the prices go down, anyway so 30 10 20 30 This is how you get the inventory, this is how…

  • Travel-Friendly Products – Tried and Tested: EP168
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    Travel-Friendly Products – Tried and Tested: EP168

    Hello girlfriends and welcome to another episode of Tried and Tested! Today we’re going to be trying out some products that are made for travel. So I have with me 2 travel pillows that look a little bit different from the ones that we are used to and we have a little corner setup to kind of simulate being in a plane. Like this is the window. Wow, the scenery is so nice! So this is an eye mask/ pillow. Here we have I think some kind of beads so it’s quite soft. Alright, let’s put this on. Ooooh, it’s quite nice because it feels very snug. Quite comfortable actually.…

  • CASH or TRASH? 10 Ridiculous Walmart Products!
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    CASH or TRASH? 10 Ridiculous Walmart Products!

    can you even understand what I’m saying this is batman on a budget im sad batman What’s going on guys welcome to my channel Guys welcome to my channel, Today we’re looking at 10 ridiculous Walmart items I’m going to let you know whether it’s cash, or whether it’s trash! literally gonna throw it in the trash TRRAAAAAAASSH I want to welcome a new member to this team… my Beard before we begin I want I’m serious about this (real talk) real talk Click that bell icon to get notified of my channels uploads because you don’t want to miss them because they’re funny and hilarious Self proclaimed don’t you…

  • How to Find a VPAT on a Product’s Website?
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    How to Find a VPAT on a Product’s Website?

    [music] Anne: VPAT stands for Voluntary Product Accessibility Template. It provides vendors a method of communicating detailed information about the accessibility of their products. Completing this form requires specific details about whether or not their product meets Section 508 standards; thus, VPATs are more useful than vague accessibility or Section 508 statements. If a product has a VPAT it is usually available on the product’s website; however, it may not be easy to find. Some websites provide an Accessibility link in their webpage footer directing you to their accessibility statement and their VPAT, if available. I am going to demonstrate how I find a VPAT for a product; in this…

  • Price of related products and demand | Microeconomics | Khan Academy
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    Price of related products and demand | Microeconomics | Khan Academy

    We’ve talked a little bit about the law of demand which tells us all else equal, if we raise the price of a product, then the quantity demanded for that product will go down. Common sense. If we lower the price, than the quantity demanded will go up, and we’ll see a few special cases for this. But what I want to do in this video is focus on these other things that we’ve been holding equal, the things that allow us to make this statement, that allow us to move along this curve, and think about if we were to change one of those things, that we were otherwise…

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    Do you smell that? exhaust of motor vehicles? raw fish? A sweet fruit? Pork roasted in charcoal from a distance? Cebu. Once you’re in… …it doesn’t let you go. When you begin to love it… …you will love it forever. I’ve been coming here since 2007 the first time I arrived here I worked here too. and since then… there is this special place in my heart and my imagination. I keep coming back I have to. Much has changed since then. Cebu changes every minute. But there are things that still remain to this day. Some important things. Like this one. It is my first breakfast in cebu. This…

  • 10 MTB Product Reviews | for better or worse
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    10 MTB Product Reviews | for better or worse

    It seems like these days, product review videos are more for entertainment than for information. A lot of us really like gear and products. If that’s not you, come back next week and we’ll be talking about something else, but today we’ll be taking a look at 10 products for mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Let’s get started. This is my Osprey Raptor 14 3 liter hydration pack. I ordered this last September because I needed a big pack to carry all my camera stuff in Moab. This one even fits my drone. When traveling, I can also stick my knee pads in the front and strap my helmet to…

  • ABH Riviera Palette… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?
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    ABH Riviera Palette… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?

    what’s up everybody? welcome back to my channel! hi how are ya? now in today’s video first of all let’s take a quick pause look at this ****ing girl! this is stunning! I’m gonna do a quick little announcement before we dive in today’s review.. on March 8th next Friday I am doing a big restock of the blood sugar pallet on my website and I’m launching this beautiful new pink chrome mirror I’m obsessed with it.. had to do this color the rest of the mirrors will be restocked soon but this will be launching now also I have a brand new makeup bag launching it is a big…

  • Ionic 4 Tutorial: How To Create Mobile Apps Quickly  + Source Code
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    Ionic 4 Tutorial: How To Create Mobile Apps Quickly + Source Code

    Hi everyone, I am Didin J. the author of Djamware.com and now I will show you the Ionic 4 Tutorial on how to Create Mobile Apps Quickly. In this Ionic 4 tutorial, we will show you how to create mobile apps quickly using Ionic 4, Angular 8, and Cordova. In other words, this tutorial is the starting point to learn Ionic Framework, Angular, and Cordova. What you will get is not just create and running Ionic-Angular apps, but a little bit meaningful by displaying data in the Ionic list or grid, details, and Google maps. Also, you will learn the basic routing for Ionic Tabs that included the parameters. For…