• 10 of the World’s Smallest Working Products!
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    10 of the World’s Smallest Working Products!

    it’s just there’s tiny little wind gusts in here you know what’s going on guys I am Matthias and we are bringing you a brand new video and this video is called ten of the smallest working things in the world where tanner tried to find ten of the smallest little things he could find that actually work I’m holding it right here I guess this is your dignity I don’t let you know if they’re micro or no-go obviously micro is good first product world’s smallest blower perfect for desks at home work or on-the-go on the go why would I use it you’re like walking down as many…

  • Giant Amazon Model Dwarfs Men For A Living
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    Giant Amazon Model Dwarfs Men For A Living

    SERGIO: There you are! COMM: At six foot three inches, Amazon Amanda makes a living out of making men feel small. COMM: The model has an army of admirers who are happy to pay to spend time with her. AMANDA: I basically get paid using my natural abilities, my natural god gifted assets, I do everything from height size comparisons, lifting, carrying, smothering, wrestling and just walking in public with people. WOMAN: Oh, is she holding a midget? COMM: While today professional Amazon model Amanda is worshipped by fans all over the world for her generous proportions, growing up in small town America wasn’t easy. AMANDA: I didn’t know how…