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    Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my vlog-ika. So, I’m leaving for Quebec tomorrow, and honestly, I don’t have very many videos planned for then. So I honestly just think I’m gonna take a break. I’ll be back on the 28th. And it’s the 21st right now, but I’m leaving on the 22nd. But I just want to pack with you guys, maybe. I thought that that would be cool. I’ll vlog when I’m in Quebec, and then when I get back, I’ll do a Christmas haul, and you know, whatever. My brother’s girlfriend loves cleaning, and she cleaned my room, and I’m nutting. But there are just a few…

  • BE CAREFUL buying Nike HyperAdapt on EBAY!!
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    BE CAREFUL buying Nike HyperAdapt on EBAY!!

    – This is a weird one, I just made it from my house to the airport in like 20 minutes. I’ve gotta be the last one on the plane. Heading to New York, I’ll fill you in in a minute. What a crazy day. (techno music) Alright I’m on the plane. Fun fact, we’re flying directly over our house right now, it is right down there, pretty much. You can’t pick it out but trust me, it’s down there. But isn’t it gorgeous? So I’ll fill you in later on what we’re doing but it’s gonna be a crazy crazy, not even 24 hours, so anyway, checking out. (techno music)…

  • Learn FRUITS & ANIMALS with FROZEN Series Projector Table | #Kids #FunLearning #ToyStars
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    Learn FRUITS & ANIMALS with FROZEN Series Projector Table | #Kids #FunLearning #ToyStars

    Aww… didi its our study time… Anu.. I think didi is waiting for us both of you are late today so lets start with our studies don’t want to study…. does you siblings too getting bored with their studies so lets make this study a bit interesting with this Frozen series Projector Learning Table Please show it but why should I show it…. wait first let us take 50,000 Likes and also do SUBSCRIBE to our channel ToyStar but how we study with it?? this is the switch through which projector light gets on.. and what is this di… these are three different light and slides fruits in first one…

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    Manaus is the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazon. It is located at the mouth of the Rio Negro in the Rio Solimões. From there the river is called Amazonas. Impressive is the width of the river 1,500 km of air line from the mouth to the ocean. Manaus is a large city in the Amazon, but a lovely and friendly city that invites you to an impressive river landscape. The main attractions are the theater from the great times of the rubber barons, the market with everything the Amazon offers, and the atmosphere at the port, were people and goods spread to all directions.

  • Tour the Amazon with Street View
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    Tour the Amazon with Street View

    This project originated about two years ago with this amazing idea to bring Street View technology to the Amazon as a way to bring people who are online all over the world to the Amazon to see the beauty of the forests and the beauty of the river for themselves. We’ve decided to start at the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve. Where we’ll collect images from the river, and then, collect images from the community and its surrounding area. We intend to get images from some tracks in the forest, to represent a bit of the community’s daily life. The Street View Trike is a vehicle developed by Google that…

  • Five trends that matter in Big Data for travel –  John Carney
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    Five trends that matter in Big Data for travel – John Carney

    So it’s great to be here today and really looking forward to meeting you all in person over the next couple of days. And it’s been about, I think, around 15 months since our last conference in Dublin. And it was around that time as well when my journey at open door started. And so I thought maybe a good place to start today really is, you know, to look at some of the trends that I’m seeing in the data space and the data science base that I think are particularly relevant to travel retailers so let’s get started. So really this is the first trend I’m seeing this…

  • Tripping on Hallucinogenic Frogs (Part 1/3)
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    Tripping on Hallucinogenic Frogs (Part 1/3)

    [MUSIC PLAYING] [SOUNDS OF AMAZON] HAMILTON MORRIS: Hello. I’m Hamilton Morris. We’re currently boating through flooded forests on our way to meet the Mayoruna Indians, a formerly cannibalistic tribe who use a strange frog derived drug they call sapo. They use it to give themselves energy before hunting. They use it to abort pregnancies by rubbing these womens’ vaginas with it. This venom contains an opioid peptide that’s 100 times stronger than morphine. And some people say that it’s psychedelic. It doesn’t activity any of the psychedelic receptors are far as I know. But there’s also a lot about the venom we don’t know. The venom produces some kind of…

  • Understanding the Hong Kong Market
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    Understanding the Hong Kong Market

    – [Tim] The China, Hong Kong free trade agreement gives local companies special access to China with all goods exported to the mainland tariff-free. In fact, almost a third of China’s trade goes through Hong Kong ports. Hong Kong is a free port and doesn’t charge duties on imports and exports except tobacco and alcohol. Hong Kong is known as one of the world’s shopping hot spots. According to Australia Post, it’s not just in malls. A whopping 70% of the population shop online. – Hong Kong consumers spend about two and a half billion online each year. It is a small territory, only about seven million people, but they…

  • Future Impact of eCommerce on Hotel Industry – Futurist Keynote Speaker for hospitality industry
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    Future Impact of eCommerce on Hotel Industry – Futurist Keynote Speaker for hospitality industry

    I’m here in Ireland with the Irish Hotels Federation and we’ve been looking at all kinds of global trends which will impact the hotel industry and of course online is so huge. And by online I really mean mobile because if we look at say, what’s happening in the UK, 12% of all sales in the UK are already conducted online but over half of them are now on mobile devices. So it is true to say that the online world for making research or for making decisions is now mainly mobile in the UK as of 2014 and will be even more so in 2015, 2016, 2017, add this…

  • Alaska Airlines makes shopping easier with Azure and microservices
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    Alaska Airlines makes shopping easier with Azure and microservices

    Alaska Airlines is the fifth largest airline in the United States [Troy Kaser] [Managing Director of E-Commerce Alaska Airlines] and our goal is to be the premier airline for people in the west coast. The e-commerce organization at Alaska Airlines has really two big goals. One is to continue to drive guest satisfaction. The other big goal is for us to be able to test and learn. We believe that any code that isn’t in production is waste. [Patrick Boudreaux] [Software Development Management Alaska Airlines] The shopping experience was originally a traditional web application hosted in our own data center in a collection of physical machines. Some of the challenges…