• George Zimmerman Sells “Painting” On EBay
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    George Zimmerman Sells “Painting” On EBay

    charges against george Zimmerman made by his girlfriend have been dropped you decided not to pursue charges against him in it is messed it violence dispute up and now since he’s a free man again he is able to sell some of his artwork Road his armored a little ironic and we’ll tell you why just a second apparently I he has it created a piece of art he says that the painting I don’t know doesn’t really look like a painting to me but it says God one nation with Liberty and justice for all mmm you know what good are you about that you see the clever thing…

  • Man Uses Sexy ‘Daughter’ To Sell Car on Ebay
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    Man Uses Sexy ‘Daughter’ To Sell Car on Ebay

    cc rolled can really want to sell his nineteen seventy seven dot said and c somebody using an interesting model into photography okay now this was found on you day let’s take a quick look let’s talk soon beauty i’m going to come up into the car most flattering so i’d like you know i know some dozens of that yet though that you know me i i i don’t like this it’s so and actually got what they were sent with the way you like the jeans below where she’s a sticking her ass out at the camera and interestingly this like a at least i mean there’s something…