• Women Try Amazon Swimsuits At The Beach
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    Women Try Amazon Swimsuits At The Beach

    (screaming) (upbeat music) – So, today, we’re gonna test Amazon swimsuits – That are under 30 bucks. – Which wasn’t that hard. – No. – I feel like the swimsuits that I wear all the time I’ve gotten from online stores like Swimsuits For All. – I usually get my swimsuits from Forever 21, honestly, ’cause they’re like 20 bucks. – I’ve gotten them, sometimes, in department stores because I like to try them on, and also, department stores usually have a better selection for people with bigger chests. – My thing is I have to mix my top and my bottoms. – Yup, that’s me too. – Because I…

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    Women Try Amazon Swimsuits Under $8

    – Oh no. – Uh oh. – [Sheridan] Oh, we started off so good. (upbeat music) – I have recently found out that swimsuits are actually real expensive. – Very. – Because I always order from like, eBay. (laughing) – I always am looking for the next swimsuit to buy. – I don’t wear them so much that I need like really expensive ones. – Swimsuits under eight bucks, I’m like, okay. But I didn’t get to go pick, review, and find these. – Yeah. – The fact that these are under eight dollars worries me. – I just don’t think they’re gonna be cute. – I think they’ll be…

  • We Bought Shorts From Amazon • Ladylike
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    We Bought Shorts From Amazon • Ladylike

    – It has been really cute to look around and just see so many thighs. – Okay, the shorts are here! ♪ They’re here, they arrived. ♪ I ordered two pairs. – The shorts are in! And you know what else is in? My (bleep). – Yeah, not yet. That was stupid. I’m sorry. – I got two shorts, because Kristin loves me. I got two pairs of shorts– – You love me. Why do you have to take it back? – I ended up ordering some pretty basic shorts. I think I just got some light-wash, high-waisted denim, vintage-style shorts. I think there’s a cuff at the bottom. –…

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    We Tried Bras From Amazon • Ladylike

    – Clothes shopping on Amazon can lead to some incredible fashion successes. – Or cratering, disappointing failures. – But can Amazon stand up to one of the biggest clothes shopping challenges of all? Bra shopping. – Suspenseful noises. (screaming ) – It’s Ladylike and we’re gonna buy and try some Amazon bras. – I love Amazon. I probably shop on Amazon once a week. – Am I an online shopper? I am, I am an online shopper. – I have a pretty good track record of success in terms of buying things from Amazon. – Because there is a $50 price limit, which I imposed, I don’t really know what…

  • I Tried Under-$100 Wedding Dresses From Amazon
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    I Tried Under-$100 Wedding Dresses From Amazon

    – It got a little bit heated. We are not on the same page. – This is my favorite. – It makes me crazy. – Weddings bring out the worst in people. (yelling) – Hi, I’m Chrissy, I’m getting married very soon to a man named Josh who I’ve known for 11 freaking years. So today, I’m going to try on some Amazon wedding dresses with all my friends, but I’m putting a little twist on it. Can they guess how much it is? Hi! – [Group] Hi! – For my little bridal party I’ve invited Jasmine, Kristen, and Sheridan. Here’s the thing, okay, Kristen is very sweet. She’s not…