• 118 WP-Tonic:  All About eCommerce with Scott Buscemi
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    118 WP-Tonic: All About eCommerce with Scott Buscemi

    SB: The second time it turned out really good, so I think if you just say “luminary”, then it turns out all right. JD: Yep, I think you’re right. Hello, folks. Hi there folks, it’s Jonathan Denwood here, from WP-Tonic, it’s episode 118. We’ve got great a guest, I always say that, but we’ve got a very insightful guest that joined us a few weeks ago on our round table discussion. It’s Scott Buscemi, and he’s from the agency, Luminary Web Strategies, based in Los Angeles, and he has extensive experience in ecommerce, so we’re going to be talking about that subject. So Scott, would you like to give some…

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    Esse é quarto vídeo da nossa série. E nesse vídeo iremos falar sobre “Marketing De Seus Produtos On-Line ”. No vídeo passado vimos sobre “CRIAR SUA LOJA ONLINE” Se você ainda não viu os vídeos anteriores, irei deixar os links na descrição e também os cards,é só você clicar. É muito importante que você os veja e entenda ,antes de partir para o próximo passo. Antes de dar inicio, já se inscreve e deixe seu like. As informações citadas aqui são valiosíssimas, e totalmente grátis, então inscreva se e deixe seu like. O meu nome é Daniel Rodrigues, e seja bem-vindo a mais um vídeo onde te ensino o passo…

  • Why choose Smart Send’s shipping solution?
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    Why choose Smart Send’s shipping solution?

    Smart Send offers a complete shipping solution that is tailor-made for the e-commerce industry and directly integrates your webshop with parcel service providers. Shipping and order fulfilment is a critical part of e-commerce. Did you know that 80% of all webshop customers find it crucial to be able to choose the correct shipping method, while more than 25% have completely abandoned checkout, just because their preferred shipping method wasn’t available? With Smart Send’s solution, you only need to work from your own webshop. You can create shipping labels with just one click. Once a shipping label has been generated, your customer will automatically be sent tracking information via email or…

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    Ajudar outras pessoas é uma coisa que sempre gostei de fazer. E pensando nisso, criei este guia para garantir tranquilidade ao seu negócio. Levei anos para aprender tudo. Use as informações citadas aqui, para configurar seu negocio, se proteger legalmente, organizar suas finanças, comercializar e vender seu produto e começar a construir sua loja. Não há nada mais gratificante do que iniciar um negócio do nada e vê-lo crescer. Você o constrói e ninguém pode tirá-lo de você. A não ser que você o venda. O varejo online é um negócio em expansão. Mas já vi muitas empresas de comércio eletrônico lutando para conseguir tração. A administração de uma loja…

  • Shopify vs WooCommerce: What’s the Best Ecommerce Platform in 2019?
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    Shopify vs WooCommerce: What’s the Best Ecommerce Platform in 2019?

    Are you looking to create an online store? Fantastic! Let’s compare the two most popular ecommerce platforms: Shopify and WooCommerce. Welcome to WebsiteToolTester where we review ecommerce website builders all day so you don’t have to! The setup experience between the two is actually very different. With Shopify, you simply sign up for a free trial. Once logged in you are already able to add your first products. ​It’ll only take you a couple of hours to get your store set up. With WooCommerce you definitely score bonus points if you’ve worked with WordPress before. To set it up, you first need to find a hosting provider. SiteGround for example.…

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    Top WooCommerce Plugins to make Order IDs Sequentially

    If you have a WooCommerce store, you might have come across your irregular orders IDs in your WooCommerce orders dashboard. While you may think you are missing out on some orders, you are actually not! WordPress uniquely identifies every element in its system as post IDs. So in a WordPress database, a page, post, image, category, etc, are given a unique post ID. The major reason to do this is that it becomes easier for developers to access these entities. WooCommerce follows the same sequence format, in which its product, category, tag, and attribute values are also uniquely identified with a post ID. Hence when you create WooCommerce orders as…

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    Printful – Push generator Tutorial

    Let’s look at the basic features of Printful’s Push-generator. The push-generator lets you add products from your Printful account to your store more easily. This tool is available for most of ecommerce platforms, for those few exceptions you’ll have to add products manually. We’ll use Shopify for this tutorial, but the basics of how our push generator works – applies for all other integrations that support this feature. You can click the “Add” button here or go in to your Sync settings and hit “add product” at the top. Let’s go ahead and add a product. Here you can see list of all our products, this time we will add…

  • Getting started with Printful
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    Getting started with Printful

    Let’s look at how to get started with Printful! After signing up, you’ll see this window with the first steps you need to take to create a basic store. If you’re not ready for a store yet, you can choose to “order products directly”. If you’re looking for a warehousing & fulfillment service, click here. Since Printful is your drop shipper and production service, you’ll need an actual store. In order to create one, click on the “create a store” button. Stores are usually created on ecommerce platforms, so choose the platform you want to use, register there and follow the instructions. If you ever get lost, go back to…

  • How to Run Your Ecommerce Holiday Sales
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    How to Run Your Ecommerce Holiday Sales

    Hey, it’s Nikki Purvy here, your host of the Ecommerce Success Show, where we talk tips, tricks and news to help you and your ecommerce business grow and today we are recording episode 11, and on this episode we are going to talk about how to get you through this holiday season. Right now we’re in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and how we’re going to keep your energy level high and keep those wheels turning to get you through this season in a nice, even, successful, money filled fashion. We’re also going to talk about – I have a Google Cheat sheet, like a real life cheat sheet from Google.…

  • The Ecommerce Journey – Land of Confusion with Phyllis Khare
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    The Ecommerce Journey – Land of Confusion with Phyllis Khare

    I think this is a magical place that I would very much like to visit… Welcome to episode 12056 or Episode 3 depending on how you look at it. For those of you who are confused about my episode numbers go check out my episode 1 or 12,054 and I explain it all there. I’d like to take you on a little ecommerce journey that I’ve been on for a very long time. I am very frustrated in this ecommerce journey I’m on. I used to make physical products back in the day and then it moved all online to online courses and our School – Social Media Manager School…