• Getting started with Sendcloud | Product Demo
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    Getting started with Sendcloud | Product Demo

    Welcome to Sendcloud, the all-in-one shipping software for e-commerce. In this demo we will show you how easy it is to get up and running and explore some… amazing features that will revolutionize your shipping process forever. Let’s get started! First up: connect your online shop to all the best carriers. In the Sendcloud environment, go to Settings, then Integrations. Select your shop system and click Connect. We’re using Shopify, so we’re being taken to the Shopify app store where we click Add app… to integrate Sendcloud with our Shopify store. Now, let’s connect some carriers, so you can start shipping. In Settings, go to Carriers & Pricing. Some carriers…

  • How to make an AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE 2017 – With WordPress, Woocommerce and Woozone.
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    How to make an AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE 2017 – With WordPress, Woocommerce and Woozone.

    – In this video I’m going to be showing you how to make an Amazon affiliate website using WordPress and ?. The site we’re gonna be building looks just like this. And I’m gonna take you through absolutely everything step by step from setting up the hosting through to installing Wordpress, adding products and basically ending up with a fantastic looking website. As you can see I’ve created a site all around boots, but you can do it in which ever market you like. The site is really easy to customise, so don’t worry too much about the colour scheme that I’ve chosen. You’ll be able to use your own…

  • Ecwid’s Free Website Builder Update!
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    Ecwid’s Free Website Builder Update!

    hey this is Daniella from the Daniella.io and this channel is where we talk about Ecwid ecommerce tips tricks and tutorials so hit the subscribe button if you’re interested in learning more about Ecwid ecommerce now in this video we’re gonna be talking about a brand new and awesome feature it is the ecwid starter site that has been brought to a whole new level so if you’re currently using Ecwid commerce the starter site stay tuned this video is specifically for you if you’re currently looking at Ecwid commerce as a potential solution this video is also for you the reason for that is that if you do not…

  • Ecwid Free eCommerce [NEW Webinar]
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    Ecwid Free eCommerce [NEW Webinar]

    hi i’m Daniella from Daniella.io and i’m an Ecwid ecommerce expert now i didn’t give myself that title i’m actually listed as one of the Ecwid commerce experts on Ecwid website and i gained that title because i’ve made over 150 Ecwid ecommerce stores and i’ve made over a hundred youtube videos about Ecwid commerce on this channel and if you haven’t guessed it yet i am a huge fan of this product I think that Ecwid commerce is an incredible ecommerce solution that is just sadly not very well known I worked with clients worldwide and I can’t tell you the number of times that they’ve said to me…

  • 10 Best eCommerce WordPress Themes [2019]
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    10 Best eCommerce WordPress Themes [2019]

    What if I told you you could build a custom, stylish eCommerce site with no coding knowledge? That’s right folks, today’s list looks at 10 WordPress themes that you can drag and drop to ecommerce website perfection. All items featured today are available with a subscription to Envato Elements. Find the link in the description below. Adiva by joommasters offers 10 different homepage layouts to choose from, with bold slider options to greet visitors to your store. Wishlist and shopping cart notification badges and subtle hover animations help complete the package. Trendify by KL-Webmedia is a fashion-forward theme with six homepage options that are perfect for a clothing or accessory…

  • Transactional Accounting for Ecommerce Masterclass
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    Transactional Accounting for Ecommerce Masterclass

    Hi, thanks for joining us today. My name is Lauren and I work on the marketing team here at webgility and we are going to walk through transactional accounting for e-commerce with some of our experts So to kick things off. We’re going to talk about some housekeeping Agenda items we’re gonna record today’s webinar and we are going to make that available to you within 24 hours Broadcast and we’ll send you slides the full recording the whole shebang So keep an eye on your inbox because we’ll be sending them up soon if you have a question and want to get our attention On social use hashtag unify…

  • Getting started with Amazon: Printful
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    Getting started with Amazon: Printful

    First thing’s first, to connect, you need a Printful account and an Amazon Professional Seller account. You can register for Amazon’s Professional Seller account over in this page here. There’s a link to it in the description below. Note that it might take Amazon up to two weeks to approve your account. Now, once you’ve done that, head over to your Printful account and, in your dashboard, go to stores and scrolling down here select the option “connect to an ecommerce platform”. Next choose “connect” under Amazon. This opens up the integration set up page. There’s an important step to note here – to connect with Printful you’ll need a…