• Monetizing a Commerce Site | Monetization Strategies | App Monetization | Udacity
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    Monetizing a Commerce Site | Monetization Strategies | App Monetization | Udacity

    When monetizing an e-commerce site, there are four main principles you should keep in mind. First, let users explore before they commit. Second, let users purchase as guest. Third, make it easy to finish from another device. Four, use existing information to maximize the convenience. Now let’s go deeper on each rule. Requiring a log in or account creation too early in a site experience can be harmful to conversions. Beware of making enemies at registration gates. Don’t require customer account registration up front. We understand that getting access to the customer information and preferences can be integral to your website success. But don’t ask for it too early in…

  • Border States E-commerce App
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    Border States E-commerce App

    when you need access to products anytime, anywhere order states has an app for that our e-commerce app lets you check product availability and pricing search and order products and manage your account using your smartphone or tablet here’s how it works when you select the products feature you can search for products by entering a description keyword brand part number or barcode scan the locations feature lets you find a border states location near you simply choose a state select a branch and then you can map it a call for service can’t find information on a product snap a picture and email it to us using the apps…

  • How to Source Like A Pro For eBay & Amazon Sellers Wholesale Haul Lots 2018
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    How to Source Like A Pro For eBay & Amazon Sellers Wholesale Haul Lots 2018

    thanks for checking out the OEM experts YouTube page today’s video we’re going to show you how to source better for eBay and Amazon it’s a really a competitive platform out there watch the video I’m Bobby from OEM experts your new best friend in the wireless industry you recently signed up on our website oem experts for some tips and tricks on how to source and sell better on eBay and Amazon you obviously are looking for products that will get you high margin and try to minimize your cost as much as possible. in this video we will go ahead and give you exactly that you want ,…

  • Ecommerce Solutions: GoECart Discusses Mobile Commerce With mShopper at IRCE 2012
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    Ecommerce Solutions: GoECart Discusses Mobile Commerce With mShopper at IRCE 2012

    CAROLYN: Good morning. This is Carolyn Conant with GoECart, along with Kathryn from mShopper. KATHRYN: Hi, Carolyn, great to talk to you today. CAROLYN: Thanks for coming. We are at the IRCE 2012 trade show in Chicago. We just have a few quick questions for Kathryn before we get back to the busy crowd. Kathryn, can you tell us a little bit more about mShopper? KATHRYN: mShopper is a software-as-a-service platform that takes merchants mobile. We have the ability to take you mobile literally within an hour. We put you on the mobile freeway and you decide how fast you want to go and what lane you want to be…

  • Custom Mobile App
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    Custom Mobile App

    It’s a fact: mobile usage has never been so high. Smartphones are always with us, always on and always connected. We don’t go online. We are online. Statistics show that the average user spends over 2 hours a day on his or her smartphone… and this trend is continuing to grow! Do you know what makes people spend so much time on their smartphones? Apps. In fact, more than 85% of mobile minutes are spent in apps. So why wouldn’t you take advantage by creating your own? If you think that it’s only for big name brands, you are wrong. More and more small and midsize businesses are building their…

  • Google I/O 2014 – HTTPS Everywhere
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    Google I/O 2014 – HTTPS Everywhere

    PIERRE FAR: My name is Pierre. I work in web search. ILYA GRIGORIK: And I’m Ilya, a developer advocate for the Chrome team. PIERRE FAR: We’re here today to talk to you about why HTTPS matters. And we want to convince you that all communication should be secure by default. I know there may be some skeptics here. We’re going to talk about the motivation to explain to you why that’s the case, we’re going to talk you about some common questions and misconceptions that we’ve seen. And we’re going to give you some hands on tips and best practices about how to go about doing that. ILYA GRIGORIK: So…

  • What is iBeacon?
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    What is iBeacon?

    Hi my name is Parker Crockford, VP of Sales and Marketing here at judo payments. I’m here to talk to you guys about iBeacon. iBeacon is an interesting little piece of kit, starting to become more and more popular, one, with retailers, and two, with app developers. It uses Low Frequency Bluetooth to indicate where a user is located – their proximity to a store, to a counter, or a series of other location depending on how you use it. So what really is iBeacon and how does it work? Well it’s a tiny, little device that works with a small battery that can last up to 2 years and…

  • Impact Measurement and Management – Community Development [Best Practices]
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    Impact Measurement and Management – Community Development [Best Practices]

    Welcome, everyone, my name is pan mash set founder and CEO of so packed we are very excited to present the topic today impact measurement and management in community development investments people are people have a have different understanding of what community development initiatives are more importantly there is a quirk in fusion about how to measure and manage the impact of Community Development programs these programs can go from affordable housing programs to job creations or programs in a developing countries to the develop of businesses and small businesses and opportunities ons nowadays we see many community development funding options under the label of CDFI capacities own play space…

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    Debt Collection 101: Episode 29 – Using Data In Your Collection Strategy with Linda & Marian

    Alex: Hey, everybody! Welcome back to another episode of Debt Collection 101 on Arbeit U. Spencer: Yeah, we have another great episode for the folks at home. I don’t know if they saw our last episode but there is a big event coming up, called Collector Live, on March 20th. They have, I think its 10 speakers, or 10 sessions and its amazing speakers, the best probably in the industry and we are joined today, by two of them. We are joined by Marian Sangalang and Linda Straub Jones, who are talking about using data in a collection strategy so its a perfect topic for both of them. So thank…

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    Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Tips & Tricks | Inventory Management | Ubisoft [NA]

    At the core of The Division 2 is the loot. It’s plentiful, important and being able to manage the incoming piles of gear and weapons is key to a tidy collection in your inventory. As you play through the game you’ll find new pieces of gear that you want to equip. To make sure it’s providing the benefits you want, you can compare it against your current equipped gear by pressing the appropriate button. Once you’re happy with your equipment, you’ll probably want to get rid of the old stuff. You can individually deconstruct your unwanted items to get some crafting materials or sell them to a vendor if you’re…