• Ecwid Tutorial | Build Your eCommerce in 10 Minutes | Small Business & Startups
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    Ecwid Tutorial | Build Your eCommerce in 10 Minutes | Small Business & Startups

    Now, let’s have a look at how to create and setup your account. So let’s begin with creating your account. Start by opening an account following the link in the description. Click on Sign Up. And then enter in your information. Then add a password. So the first thing Ecwid is going to do is ask you for some more information. You can either skip this form or fill it out. I do recommend that you fill it out because it will tailor your experience in Ecwid for the future. Once your account is open you will wind up in your Control Panel. This is the onboarding module. It can…

  • How To Create An AdWords Compliant Landing Page For YouTube Ads
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    How To Create An AdWords Compliant Landing Page For YouTube Ads

    Hi this video is about how to create an adwords compliant landing page for your youtube ads Are you struggling to create a landing page for your youtube ads that Google will accept? Has creating an adwords compliant landing page prevented you from using YouTube Ads to promote your business? Your landing is the page a visitor sees when they click on the in-stream ad that plays before they watch a YouTube Video. This could a a stand-alone page or a page on your own website The purpose of your page is to generate leads, build a list or make sales. Herman Drost DrostDesigns.com Here are the 7 ingredients to…

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    Top Amazon Products you can buy for less than $30

    what in the world among is there this is completely and utterly awesome no way that is super cool like Mike I do now was it up on the top without going to drink money mom doesn’t get the money luck give the thumbs-up what if it was simple to use a regular pen and paper notebook while saving everything in the cloud perfectly organized the way you want and what if after you saved your notes in the cloud and filled your paper notebook you could just erase it with the push of a button and use it again that’s not magic that’s the rocket book wave notebook with…

  • eBay for Business | How to set up an ad campaign | Promote your listings | Sell on eBay UK
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    eBay for Business | How to set up an ad campaign | Promote your listings | Sell on eBay UK

    Getting found on eBay is the key to making a sale but what if you’re launching a new product or you’ve got lots of competition how do you stand out from the crowd? There’s a great way to do this it’s our advertising service called Promote your listings it can help you boost the visibility and impact of your listings and the best bit is you only pay for the service when it leads to a sale. To use this feature you need to have an active eBay shop subscription. Here’s how to set it up. Go to Seller Hub and click Marketing. Select Promote your listings followed by Create…

  • eCommerce SEO Checklist
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    eCommerce SEO Checklist

    My name is Luke Wester I’m the Digital Marketing Analysts here at Miva and we are going to go over the ultimate checklist for SEO e-commerce we’re gonna start with keyword research first thing we want to look for with keyword research is the difficulty of the keywords. How competitive are the keywords that you’re going after and can you rank them? The second thing you want to look for in your keywords is intent. Are people actually using that term the way that you think they’re using it? Maybe, maybe not. Check it out. Number two it is implementing technical SEO. You’re gonna need a tool something like screaming…

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    Google Ads Tutorials: How to value your store visits

    [light music] Measuring and tracking the online and offline impact of your Google Ads campaigns is important for understanding your true return on investment from Google Ads. In this video, we’ll cover how to measure the value of a store visit so you’ll be able to optimize your campaigns based on the full impact of your digital advertising. If you sell products online and in-store, and want to assess the full impact of your Google Ads, you must already be tracking store visits and online conversions, like online purchases, phone calls, or app installs. Store visits conversions provide insight into the number of customers who have visited your store. They’re…

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    Google Ads Tutorials: Mobile site UX best practices

    [light music] Google Ads helps drive potential customers to your website. But what happens when they get there? Customers expect efficient digital experiences. They wanna quickly pay bills on finance sites, get rapid results when researching best hotels, and view an article immediately when they click through. We’ve all been there: a slow mobile website can cause you to simply abandon it and move on. In fact the average mobile web page takes 15.3 seconds to load. Feels like an eternity, doesn’t it? That’s far too slow when you consider that 53% of mobile site visitors leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. As people’s expectations…

  • Ad customizers
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    Ad customizers

    [MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER: If you’re an advertiser who offers thousands of different products, services, or promotions, you’d have to spend hours creating ads to highlight each of your offerings, sales, and timing for your promotions. With ad customizers, there’s an easier way to reach your customers with highly relevant text ads in real time. For you to get started, you’d simply provide business details like your product keywords, the discount you’re offering, and the timing for your promotions through a spreadsheet. Then you’d create an ad template with customizers that tell us the product, discount, and timing for promotions we should dynamically insert into the ad text whenever customers are…