• eBay | Paul Todd, Senior Vice President – eBay Connect 2016
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    eBay | Paul Todd, Senior Vice President – eBay Connect 2016

    [Applause] [Music] Buon Giorno for journal and selfie so there we go get with ya okay three two okay okay so Twitter green season 11 the neighbours tweet eBay Connect IT your life and what did so good morning everybody any reactions to that 30-second video that we just saw the nfinity Modi the yesterday you Nietzsche did you like it yeah yeah and that’s good because that’s a TV ad that’s going to go live on all channels across Italy tomorrow and so hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of that video over the next few weeks as we start to tell people why they should come and…

  • $81,978/month eCommerce System [Step-By-Step Explanation]
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    $81,978/month eCommerce System [Step-By-Step Explanation]

    this is my 81 thousand dollar-a-month EECOM system and i’m gonna show you exactly how to do it step by step I’m even going to go so far as to give you the entire blueprint it’s a free download I’ll put a link to it down in the description below now I pulled up a couple of screenshots this is from August 19th this is just two days ago that I took this screenshot and at that point we had done twelve hundred and eighty four dollars twenty-five hundred dollars almost the day before and thirty three hundred and change that day last week also for the month this is…

  • Top 5 Tools To Find Top Selling Items On eBay
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    Top 5 Tools To Find Top Selling Items On eBay

    Hi guys, this is Neil Waterhouse. Here are the top 5 tools that we’ve tested to find the top selling items on eBay. As I’m sure you’re aware there’s a gazillion tools out there. It really comes down first to nutting out exactly what data you require from tool. Many tools have a zillion features, however our favorite tool, you only need to know five functions and the more on them shortly. Now first of all, 99% of everything we saw on eBay is brand new so any reference I make to any products is all about just brand new items. And as a side note, of 85% of all…

  • How To Sell on Ebay For Beginners
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    How To Sell on Ebay For Beginners

    – But welcome everyone to tonight, to about how to sell on eBay. Who here on this room has not sold anything on eBay in their whole entire life? Quite a few. Alright. So who here’s got over, say, 1000 feedback? – [Audience Member] Nearly. – Okay, alright, good stuff, okay. So, the people who’ve got experience, I do ask, if you could take a little bit of time, after tonight, if anyone asks you questions, please give a little bit of time, we all start off at the beginning, and I do believe, truly, in the law of abundance, I believe there is enough to go around for everybody.…

  • What to sell on eBay!
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    What to sell on eBay!

    Hi, this is Neil Waterhouse What to sell on eBay is normally the first question which comes up for most people who are looking at building an eBay business from scratch. The first step for deciding which of the best products for “you” to sell on eBay, is to first to narrow down which eBay methodology suits “you” the best. Do you want to sell used products? New products? Or do you want import? Or do wanna purchase products locally? Do you want drop-ship products? For those who don’t know what drop-shipping is, drop-shipping is when you list an item on eBay which you don’t have on your possession. Every…

  • Google Ads Agency Tips #4 – How To Work Together?
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    Google Ads Agency Tips #4 – How To Work Together?

    When you’re choosing which Google Ads agency to work with an important question to ask is: how often will they review your campaign and what updates will they make to improve the performance? Because Google Ads is not set and forget and that’s more than likely why you’re looking for an agency to work with, and in our opinion the best performance comes by monitoring the campaign, learning about it over a period of time, and making a lot of small updates regularly. So the updates might be things like: reviewing which keywords are working and which ones aren’t and optimizing for the best one, and also monitoring what’s called…

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    How to Advertise on Google For Beginners | Complete Google AdWords Tutorial for 2018!

    Today I’m going to make my second extremely bold claim my first bold claim Was that I could take you from a complete beginner to expert in facebook Advertising in at just one video that video went viral I proved that I did it I’ve had thousands of comments and messages on that video thanking me for It we’re gonna do it again and I’m gonna make my second bold claim when I tell You that even if you are a complete beginner you’ve never advertised on Google in your entire life in just this one video I’m going to take you from a complete beginner to a Google advertising…

  • 13 Email Marketing Trends You MUST know 2019 (Free Money)
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    13 Email Marketing Trends You MUST know 2019 (Free Money)

    the first thing that you need to know about email marketing is that email marketing is dead now I know you’ve seen all these trending articles that say email marketing is dead but you need to first consider the source of these articles as of right now August 23rd 2019 email marketing is not dead not at all not by a long shot and if you just do a quick google search you’ll see the results speak for themselves and now for my 13 must know trending topics about email marketing before I jump into my list I’d like to thank all of you that tap the like button down…

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    Best Dropshipping Suppliers 2019: Top 11

    best drop shipping suppliers for 2019 if you’re just starting out with an e-commerce store or you’re just looking to add the right suppliers and products to your store then this is the place for you my list of 11 is just what you need and that’s coming up right now before we begin go ahead and subscribe to the channel so that you can stay up on the latest in EECOM now I’ve been involved with e-commerce and drop shipping easily for the last decade and was involved with a group that put together a course that has taught over 10,000 students how to do drop shipping we started…

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    Which Products are Best Sellers on Ebay and Amazon In a Recession?

    – Hi guys, Neil Waterhouse. There’s been a lot in the media lately about a possible upcoming recession, because of that I thought I’d share with you what were our bestsellers on eBay and Amazon in the last recession. If you have an eBay or Amazon business, or both, in a recession, sales in various niches actually increase, as I’ll show you in this video. In fact Amazon in the last recession grew by 29%. Now first of all, just so we’re on the same wavelength, the definition of a recession, in most countries, is typically recognized as two consecutive quarters, of economic decline. The last recession in the USA…