Take Perfect Product Pictures & Add White Background with this Free App
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Take Perfect Product Pictures & Add White Background with this Free App

what’s going on guys so I actually just
got done listing a lot of new items from a liquidation pallet that I just bought
recently and I stumbled upon this app that is a complete game changer for
resellers okay so basically there’s two ways that you can realistics when you’re
reselling okay you can either take the stock images from you know a listing the
tarty online right whether that’s amazon ebay Poshmark Macari or from google or
wherever which isn’t always recommended but can be a good idea if it’s like an
Amazon listing and you’re getting a cashback product off of Amazon okay now
the second is you take your own product pictures but the issue with that is it’s
tough to you know build a studio or get good lighting or get good product
pictures with a white background and that becomes challenging especially for
a lot of new resellers right because it can add up pretty quickly you’re talking
about like a photo studio you need like either a good lightbox which can be like
100 or to buck 100 or 200 bucks excuse me you can’t you’re also talking about
like a potential good camera or at least your phone camera with good lighting and
you know a good backdrop with like photography paper at the very least okay
but all that is solved with this app because it’s app literally late lets you
take pictures of your your item whatever it is and this is you know prevalent and
good for you know people that are going to you know retail arbitrage stores or
maybe you’re going to thrift stores and getting good items or if you’re somebody
like me that’s getting liquidation pallets super super cheap but those
always don’t have you know Amazon listings where you can take the actual
product pictures and the description from the Amazon listing right so then
the challenge becomes taking the good product pictures because the product
picture regardless of where you’re selling it on is going to be the number
one thing that sells your item right it’s not the description that helps it’s
not the title that helps it’s not all the specs that certainly helps it is the
product picture and the quality of those product pictures so this app literally
lets you take a picture of the item regardless of the background and the
lighting the lighting does play a part you want decent lighting so maybe by a
window but you can take it with like a million different things in the
background or just like on your carpet right and it literally lets you take the
picture of that item and wipe the background out of it and just makes it
white backdrop perfectly like a high – eBay listing okay so let’s hop over to
my phone and I’ll show you the actual listing process and me utilizing this
app it’s a complete game changer so let’s say you have liquidation and I’ll
open up my camera here in a second to show you exactly what I’m talking about
right so this really goes for eBay Poshmark and Macari but especially for
like Macari where you need to use stock photos now you probably should use stock
photos and once you see the quality of these stock photos with this actual app
that I’m about to show you you will understand just how valuable it is but I
recommend using an apple like this because a it’s free at least in my
experience I haven’t had to update upgrade to the
the premium version yet and be because it’s gonna take high-quality stock
photos of the actual items that you have therefore it becomes a lot easier to
list both used items and obviously new items and get high quality pictures you
don’t need a lightbox you don’t need special foot you know photography paper
you don’t need a studio to take pictures this app is a complete game changer so
let me scroll over and I’ll show you what it is it’s called a photo room you
see it there at the bottom literally photo room so let’s open it up
and you can see I’ve been using this to take pictures it takes great picture so
you’ll see that you can upgrade the pro I like I said haven’t found a need to
upgrade to pro yet but that might hit me eventually if I maybe there’s like a
limit to it so I just started using this but it has completely changed the game
for me so let’s open up start photo and we’re gonna hit camera okay now you’re
gonna see here we are literally where I usually film you know behind me where
all the boxes are right so I got these shoes right here these boots from a
liquidation palette I think I bought like I think I spent like 500 bucks got
a bunch of different shoes and they ended up costing me I think like 3 or
maybe like 250 a pair so usually you need either a white box to take a
picture like this if you’re gonna whisk them on like eBay posh market Macari to
get a good picture or you’re going to need a high quality photography paper
and a good camera or you know good lighting ok so literally I don’t have
anything changed I’m just gonna take a picture of these boom so now we have a
picture but that doesn’t look right right it’s not staged it’s not you know
in an in a background with white you know photography paper behind it it’s
not in a light box studio literally you can see that it doesn’t even it’s not
even like staged well on like a bed we’re like with a good background right
but this app completely changes the game because it’s literally gonna scan it in
and take the background out boom white background high-quality picture let’s
save it to our photos right now we go back we’re gonna take you know a picture
of the the bottom shreds to show just how brand-new they are right because you
want to take multiple different photos especially if you’re you know selling on
eBay and you’re selling like clothing items so boom and that picture looks hot
well that’s a little unfocused let’s take another one boom and you might want
to wipe off also on focus doing a horrible job right here there we
go that’s a little bit better so that picture looks you know not that great
obviously you might want to clean off the bottoms of the shoes just kind of
like wipe them down right there cuz there’s some dust on them but just give
you an example let’s use these for this photo right here it’s gonna show high
quality picture of the treads it’s literally gonna wipe the white
background or wipe the background away and make it white complete a game
changer the app does everything for you so now if we go into Macari right here
and you see the listings inactive because I haven’t actually updated it
with stock photos so let’s edit it and we’ll add those pictures in there so you
can see all the the photos that I actually grabbed from the actual listing
but hypothetically let’s say that you didn’t actually have you know any photos
or any good stock photos cuz that happens fairly frequently not so much
with cashback items because you’re stealing them from the private label
listing on Amazon but if you’re buying high quality products from liquidation
sites or anything like that maybe going into thrift stores or doing like retail
arbitrage right you’re gonna need to take your own high-quality pictures
yourself and that’s where these come in so you’re gonna go to library and then
boom we’re gonna add those two in there and now we have high quality stock
photos I’m gonna Center that so we’re gonna edit this one real fast maybe
Center that down a little bit open though you can’t so boom there you go
and high-quality stock photos literally takes the background away and makes it
white for you so you don’t need to invest any you know money into stock
photography paper excuse me photography paper any money
into like a high quality camera any money into a waiting or anything like
that highly recommend that you download this app book photo rune right here you
can download it for free in the app store and it will change your
selling game so you can see the value of just listing from an app like that it’s
a hundred percent free I highly recommend that you download it I really
hope that it helps ya


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