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Tayloe/Gray – eCommerce

Working with Tayloe/Gray as your partner
leads to a successful e-commerce website. What sets us apart is we don’t just
build an e-commerce site for our clients. We really look at a holistic approach at
every aspect that goes into making that product. It’s more than putting the
products online, it’s helping a company create that foundation that is necessary
in order to create a successful business, and e-commerce is just a part of that so
it’s very important to start with a strong framework that will allow your
brand to grow over time. Customers expect a lot out of your ecommerce sites today.
I think it’s super important to showcase your product the best that you can. The
best photography the best features and really dial in the customer testimonials.
Once the websites built you really have to drive traffic and that could be with
traditional marketing, it could be with digital advertising. It’s important to
stay up-to-date with technology and new trends. building content that really
talks about how people use the product and really help the customer see
themself using your product. We want to make sure that our customers focus on
what they do best and so they use us as a partner in order to make smart
marketing decisions.

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