Ten On Ten – Journey With Flipkart
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Ten On Ten – Journey With Flipkart

Hi, I’m Saumya Gupta. I’m the owner of an
apparel brand named Ten on Ten that retails online. So Ten on Ten story goes back about
five years ago when I completed my commercial pilot’s licence. I was a very young person
back then. I was just about 18 and a half years old. And recession had just set into
the country. Aviation was not booming as it was supposed to. I was lost for one year,
I had nowhere to go, no jobs in the market, and you know parents were pressurizing to
then figure out where I wanted to be in life. So with all that pressure, call centre was
my only way out. I joined a call centre and that was again not a very happy feeling to
be up all night and sleep all day and with all that education and the money my parents
put in, I don’t think I wanted to be there. So I then got my thinking cap on and people
loved the clothes I wore on a regular basis and just dawned upon me why not just sell
clothes. So of course setting up a shop was not an immediate option because I did not
have the money to do that and neither did my parents. So gathered up about 30 garments
and I started selling them from the garage where my parents parked their car. So the
primary customers I had were the friends who really liked what I wore and they started
coming home and started buying those clothes. But then with time the friends remained the
same, but I needed to venture out further. And that’s when online was my only way out.
So we’ve been selling online all these years and today we have made the move in to an office
from that garage. The business on flipkart has only defined growth and it takes two hands
to clap, and flipkart has supported us in a lot of ways to define growth for us. Firstly,
they provide us with great logistics services. The person comes to our doorstep, collects
the items from us, and ensures perfect delivery to the customer. Apart from that they have
been involving us in a lot of promotional activities where opportunity is equal. You
don’t have to be a really big brand to get there. So with equal opportunity and the fair
trade system, I think flipkart was my only way out to move from the garage into an office
and cater not just to a city but to an entire country. The ongoing process with flipkart,
where you know we started with 30 styles and today we are doing about more than 3000 styles.
I feel that sky is the limit. Flipkart has been the highest revenue generator for us.
About 70% of our sales are coming only from Flipkart. Keeping this in mind we have launched
an exclusive catalogue, it’s available only on flipkart and the sales have been great
in this entire planning. We planned to take our brand from a 3 crore brand to a 120 crore
brand. That’s the vision where we see ourselves. With this opportunity to sell on flipkart
I think I can get my brand Ten on Ten to be known by every Indian.

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