Terapeak Review 2013 – How To Sell On eBay. eBay Market Research
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Terapeak Review 2013 – How To Sell On eBay. eBay Market Research

Terapeak is an eBay research tool, and if
this doesn’t tell you much, it is a tool that help you sell products more profitable, easily
discover top selling products, uncover your competitors bestselling strategies, determine
how much an item is worth and how well it will sell. Let’s take a closer look at each
of the strategies and see how to use Terapeak to maximize you profits.
How to find top selling products using Terapeak Category Research
There are several ways to find top selling products using Terapek. If you have general
idea of what products you want to sell or have access to; let’s say you have found a
supplier with great prices on home improvement equipment and furniture and want to know should
you sell “CD & Video Racks” or “Heating & Cooling Equipment”, one of the ways is to check Terapeak
“Category Research” and see how well your category is doing in terms of sales.
From “Category Research” I can see that “Heating, Cooling & Air” have relatively high volume
of sales and “CD & Video Racks” is category with relatively low volume of sales. If I
drill down further and take a look at category trend over the last 90 days I can see that
“CD & Video Racks” category is doing on average around $15K a week in sales and “Heating,
Cooling & Air” is doing on average about $2M dollars a week in sales. Now that I know that
there are more buyers shopping in “Heating, Cooling & Air” category, I can drill down
to exact brands and models that are selling the best in this category by switching to
“best selling titles” tab. “Hot Research”
Another option to uncover top selling products is by using “Hot Research”. If you don’t
have particular category for selling in mind and you don’t feel like researching different
brands and models, you can get ideas for profitable products to sell from Terapeak “Hot Research”
module. Hot Categories
“Hot Categories” is a good way to identify categories which have recently experienced
a significant rise in demand, which means that people are actively spending money there
right now. By browsing through “Hot Categories” list it is easy to discover highly profitable
niches with very little competition. As you can see “Programmable Thermostats” is
listed as “very hot” category with high success rate which means that majority of listings
in this category are successful. If we go look at the sales trend for this category,
we can see that weekly sales are about 60K during winter season and by researching top
sellers we can see that there are about 30 sellers that are selling on a regular basis
right now. By finding categories with relatively high volume of sales and low number of sellers
you’re uncovering potential lucrative niches where you can claim good piece of a pie with
the right selling strategy. This translates into money making opportunity when our research
shows us that demand is high while supply is low.
Hot Products “Hot products” tab lists groups of similar
listings which have been selling at a high success rate recently; it is another way to
discover hot selling products but when looking at hot products list I would suggest narrow
you search down to a category, because if you search across all categories, products
that are listed at the top are hard to find at wholesale price as you can see items listed
at the top are mostly consumer electronics and computers. But, if you drill down to less
competitive category, it is much easier to find dropshiper or wholesaler that will be
glad to supply you with products to sell. Hot Titles
“Hot Titles” tab lists the products that have been sold most successfully on the eBay
marketplace within selected period. Again, it makes sense to drill down to a less competitive
category because it is easier to find wholesale suppliers for those products.
Top Sellers It is much easier and lucrative to follow
lead of success then to invent failure. Terapeak makes it easy to research and reverse-engineer
sales strategy of the most successful sellers in any niche or category. By researching top
sellers in your category you could easily discover most profitable products to sell
or find ideas for new products to sell that you haven’t thought of before. Now, instead
of blindly buying a truckload of random stuff, you know exactly which products are going
to bring you a profit. Right now we’re looking at “Top Sellers”
for “Patio & Garden Furniture Sets” category. Researching particular seller you have 3 options:
• Research items for this seller from this category – this option is good for observing
their overall sales strategy in particular category
• Research all items for this seller – good for discovering new products to sell
• Research this seller’s top titles – grab their most successful titles (they have done
all the hard work of testing the marketplace for you), now you can pick the most profitable
ones Top sellers report gives you a lot of insights
on what to sell, when and how. You can piggyback of their hard work and simply model their
winning strategy, if you see a seller in your category who is clearly doing much better
that that the rest, research, model and improve their sales strategy, as they obviously doing
something right. By researching top sellers in your category
you can also measure potential competition and estimate your chances to compete. It might
be easy to take the top seller spot in the category if all you have to compete with is
a couple casual sellers and it might be not so easy if you have to deal with hordes of
competitors selling hundreds of thousands worth of inventory.
Determine true price of an item Aside from researching brand-new profitable
products to sell Terapeak is also great for determining true value of an item like collectibles,
art and vintage items. Let’s say you found one of them old comic books in your garage
like this one, and you have no idea how much it may worth. You may list it on eBay and
be happy to sell it for $50 or $100 but if you would go to Terapeak and type in “action
comics issue 1 1938” you can see that average price is $1395 and one that you have recently
sold for $6900. So if you sold it for $50 without research, you just missed the fortune.
Significant part of sales on eBay are coming from used, vintage and collectible items so
if have things in your garage or closet that you no longer need – determine their value
using Terapeak and then sell them on eBay. “One man trash another man’s treasure” is
especially true for eBay. Importance of market research
If you want to sell profitably you need a market research, because you need to be in
control of your eBay auctions. You need to know how much profit you can make from a product
before you sell it, how to be better than your competitor, how to make more money from
every listing. And that is what Terapeak is all about. This eBay market research tool
will help you to develop solid sale strategy, discover products trends, top sellers you
have to compete with, hot products and categories and at the end of the day will help you make
more money on every listing.


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  • dodo dip

    it is especially good if you're selling collectibles, used or vintage items because you might be thinking that it is garbage and then boom it is worth 100 times more that you thought, happened to me several times

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  • Jonathan Nelson

    most helpful video ive ever seen. sooo true, research is key. never sell something that is of no value to someone else. knowing what ppl want is the basis to our economy. the more you know about your prospect, the better you can pair their needs. 10 thumbs up!!!!!

  • Jonathan Nelson

    youre an idiot. just listen to the video. dropshipping all the way. whats not better than selling without inventory? nothing…. youre promoting GARBABE TOMMY!

  • Angela Ava Thurston

    Has anyone else noticed that Terapeaks website doesn't indicate that you will be billed in GBP?

    I was anticipating $29 to come out and it was double that because its in pounds ($55 came out)! That is a significant difference in pricing.

    Their website should at the very least indicate when signing up for the trial the currency or list it in USD.

    I am posting this in case anyone else is about to sign up for their trial or is thinking about subscribing.

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