Testing The Cheapest Survival Knife On AMAZON
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Testing The Cheapest Survival Knife On AMAZON

Oh, there we go So welcome back everyone. Today We will be doing a comprehensive review on the cheapest survival knife on Amazon. So here’s the criteria What I’m looking for is I was looking for the cheapest fixed blade knife And it had to have a couple things. Four star rating or better and at least ten reviews so you might say well I found cheaper knives or I can find cheaper knives than this Actually not within those criteria not at the time of this filming so Let’s take a look, let’s take a look. What’s it say on the box here? So I know there were some directions. Oh here we go. There was a warning. “This knife has extreme sharp edges use caution when” well We will see, we will see. It would be nice that it is very nice that they Put a nice sharp edge on it for us so we don’t have to go to the trouble Now I must say I was a bit over- underwhelmed. I was expecting it to be a lot bigger This is actually a small knife it. It looked like a big knife I thought was going to be kind of like they remember the old buck navy seal knife well, let’s get into it so we got a Stainless Steel knife with Pretty much your garden-variety black plastic or Cordura sheath Belt loop, it’s fine. No big deal and kind of that classic design We’ve got some serrations on there always wondered what those were for some people say they’re for sawing I’ve never found them to be very useful for sawing and then some serrations here as well Not very effective as for it being sharp. Let’s see well The paper doesn’t Lie. Let’s see You know what it’s actually Not it’s not razor-sharp But it’s not I’ve seen worse. It’s not bad So one thing that surprised me. I guess I didn’t realize when I’d ordered it was of course It’s got a it’s got a hollow handle Oh, it’s got a compass in it is it going to compass, does it work ? I always am a little bit suspicious of compasses that are set in metal bezels I don’t know how that works, so if you well you I can tell you north. What’s this? There’s a capsule inside of there. Did it came out of there ? Thats also a nice surprise. I wonder what’s in there. So North is this direction. I can tell you because I know it so let’s see Come on. Sometimes they hang up there a little bit. It’s pointing this direction so compass Wouldn’t wouldn’t put a whole lot of faith in that hopefully there’s something better in this little capsule Something interesting I had no idea that was in there All right, well just keeps getting better doesn’t it? Get through our tabletop review here We’ll take it out and put it through its paces and see how it stands up in the in the real world and the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest so We have here we have a mini survival kit You’re very tiny survival kit. What have they given us here in this Little plastic bag So we have some fishing line. We have some probably I would guess 15 pound test fishing line, we have a striker for our matches We have a fish hook Look at that. Is it barbed it is we have a barbed fish hook. We have a needle and thread so first needle I’ve ever Does we have a point on it. There’s two They’re just they’re they’re just switched we have a needle and thread with a little bit of card cardboard And that’s it Interesting well that will certainly be handy when we go out and try to survive with this knife next It hasn’t had all of that. We can sew on a button if need be We could even catch a trout Think we can catch a trout with that We’ll see all right one fish hook. Don’t lose it. Don’t Lose that fish hook okay, so inside. I was thinking this was going to be more of a full tang knife But if I look inside there can we see nope you can’t see I can see that It’s held on with a small nut so there is a small threaded Rod that goes on here in here, and then is tightened down with a nut of course the capsule goes back inside the useless Compass and That completes the whole package bill fit and finish. Let me see here. I’m a little bit suspicious of this this Connection point There is a little bit of movement right there. Can you hear it? maybe not No, you gotta Hmm We’ll see you never really know we’ll take it out and chop on it and see what happens there But overall the fit and finish looks pretty good. We’ve got a knurled handle here. We’ve got a rubber o-ring I’m sure the intent of that is to keep our survival kit our matches our three Matches nice, and dry So we don’t get into trouble But there you have it all right? Well, I don’t think there’s a whole lot more to cover on the tabletop I think it’s time to take it up into the field and see What it can do? So it’s time to move on to our field test portion of the cheapest survival knife on Amazon I brought my faithful russian L count heart racer here to look after things while we’re doing our test Make sure nothing slips up on me So before we get to the Batani let’s check out The compass as the compass may be decided to start working for us North of course is towards you guys and It actually says that it’s South so Unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to rely upon the compass But we do have our survival kit Which one thing that I failed to mention in the tabletop review is that I found was there’s a lead sinker There’s a lead sinker with our fishhook That will come in handy It’s easy to catch fish with a fish hook and a little piece of leader alright, so we have three Matches We have three tries where they say third time’s the charm We have three tries to get a fire lit now unfortunately I don’t have any dryer lip with me here today but usually if I search hard enough in the bottom front pocket of the tin pants there’s always some sort of Organic material of some sort so I don’t know if we can get that to light, but we’ll give it a shot here So we have three tries Boy, can you imagine? You imagine the anxiety if you were really lost, and it was all down to this let’s see try number one. Oh there we go and of course Tin pants are always ready for a survival situation look at that right there That’s that is organic material from inside my pocket so the tin pant litter didn’t take all that well Let’s try with a little bit of leaf litter this unfortunate that match doesn’t look too good All right, so let’s say that we needed to start a fire day 2 Just as I suspected that was not a good looking match last one. Oh No, well, that’s unfortunate Especially it would be very unfortunate If you found yourself relying upon it Vitani is the ultimate test for the survival knife mainly a survival knife have not passed this test I’ve broken Knives many knives doing this from quality manufacturers K-Bar Gerber Kershaw just to name a few All right, so batana if you don’t know is the process of using your survival knife to split wood All right, so we’ll put it up on here We’ve got a piece of hard cherry about two inches in diameter very dry a tough test for a survival knife It’s a hard one. It’s a hard one a lot of vibration from the handle Will it make it? boy, that’s a hard one a It’s a little small Okay Okay, let’s keep going here Starting to show some signs of weakness. I’m afraid Okay, test wouldn’t be complete unless. We did it did four quarters here, right? Sorry to hear it jingle jangle there. What’s that all about? Oh? Who the blade is hot hot to the touch from all that friction? That doesn’t look good Now for our final test a knife throat now a good survival knife should have the the perfect balance of blade and handle So that it slips free from the hand and can be used as a defensive weapon balanced on the Survivor knife Not so good Did I reach? Stainless steel us a custom-designed hand forged in China hand forged is it number one It’s a surprisingly good throwing knife at three and five paces So some final thoughts you know what’s the ratings on this knife the Amazon ratings at Over one hundred over five four stars four stars or so I had high expectations But as we can see from our thorough testing. This is not a survival knife at all This is garbage however. I was surprised How good how well the balance was for throwing I almost couldn’t not get it to stick into a tree So that was kind of fun, but what use is that when it completely falls apart? So I guess what have we learned what we’ve learned is at seven dollars you cannot get a Survival knife at least on Amazon anyway, all right. We’ll keep trying with our budget survival gear series and next time I have something very exciting and Hopefully we have better results. Don’t miss my previous video on testing the cheapest axe on Amazon and The cheapest survival shovel there’s a few surprises in a survival shovel you may not expect it Thanks for watching don’t forget to take a moment click the thumbs up and we’ll see you guys on the next video


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