The Best Car Products on Amazon
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The Best Car Products on Amazon

rev up your engines, in my never-ending
quest to find interesting and useful car products for your car there’s some great
products that I’ve discovered it took a long time to test this stuff and as
usual nobody’s paying me to talk about it I got all kinds of products in the garage
I try them out, some people get mad at me cuz their products are junk, some like
these win and they’re probably really happy, it’s called SUV door step and
that’s exactly what it does now I got a tiny SUV here of course you need it more
for a bigger one but this is just demonstration real simple you open the
door then go to the latch then there is, then you need to get to the top of
the SUV like this solid as can be if you got a roof rack you want to polish the
top and wax it you can easily do it with this little cool step not cheaply made
solid metal and you can see it’s got the rubber so it isn’t gonna hurt the paint
I mean really it goes on the inside pay to the door who’s looking in there but
it protects it because it’s all rubber they’re nice and solid, now people always
ask me Scotty what about those little car analytics that plug into your obd
part and then use your phone to get information well i tested a whole bunch
of them out took me a couple of years really these are just some of the ones i
tested out and really by far and above the winner is the blue driver now the
blue driver is 99 bucks but you get your money’s worth
i tried out scores of the cheaper ones they don’t do anywhere near what this
did some of them didn’t even work some of them had some of the worst apps
on the planet that wouldn’t even interface with my phone but not only did
the blue driver work well these canadian guys that design them they keep
upgrading them last year it had hundreds of upgrades and speaking of upgrades i
got an upgraded phone too I tested a bunch of phones out know I’ve got very
little against my samsung that I’ve used for a while this phone
it’s one of these armored 6e’s this thing costs two hundred and eight
dollars brand-new this cost me $800 new and this phone hey that’s what I
use now when I use them on cars cuz it is an armored phone it’s much more
armored than the Samsung I dropped this thing when I was working on a truck fell
down about oh four feet didn’t damage it at all stuck it in a bucket for a couple
hours and that’s a bucket full of water so you have to worry about it getting
what if you’re working on cars it’s got a two lens camera there’s all kinds of
stuff but it’s really good for using analytical software for working on your
car and yeah I try not a lot of these chinese-made phones some of them were
absolute garbage they’d freeze up when I was using it to read data they couldn’t
read the line data this thing works perfectly fine it works just as well if
not better than my samsung it cost like three times with this thing cost watch
this will get the blue driver plug it in and between the sophistication of this
phone and a blue driver all you have to do is scan the VIN number then it
immediately knows what your car is as you can see here it’s red the VIN number
and then we click on it there’s the specifications gives you all the
information about your car and even cooler and check this out it’s got
recalls ice s very few recalls just one two three four and even more interesting
service bulletins shows you all the things that are known about the model
for repairing them look at this look at the list it shows you the list of all
kinds of things now being a professional mechanic of course I have access to all
these technical service bulletins but that’s a service that costs me $1,400 a
year this you pay 99 bucks for the whole thing they updated free forever
and you get that same information and of course it does live dad thoughts all
kinds of the information I mean if you want to get a cheaper one it doesn’t do
that much but if you’re serious about working on your own car this blue driver
is a good app that works on all the car sold in the United States so hey this
thing is useful for a long time I got really cheap when you get something really
for 99 bucks and the same thing with the armored phone hey this thing’s
even set up for people that are really professional when you pull out this
little silver piece here it’s got a slot for two SIM cards so you could have two
separate phone lines on the same phone you could have one for business and one
for pleasure I do that but I have two separate phones for that in the past now
if you’re really serious about working on your own car this is what’s called a
breakout box and this particular one is made by obd2 cables com and yet again I
tried out a whole bunch of these I tried out once it cost three times with this
cost that were over $300 but just one hey it was $90 really solid cable the
cheaper ones I tried out the cables were jump they’d fray they’d break so it’s got a
lot of metal in it’s not plastic junk like any scan till you get to working
in and you plug it into the OBD port there it is and as you can see it’s
workings reading all the data but while you’re doing the data now you can
actually test things at the same time it’s all listed chassis scrounged signal
ground voltage from battery all you need it’s a test light you can test all kinds
of things that way no more cutting wires or piercing them will you get moisture
in that can ruin electricity later these computers hey they don’t use much
voltage and they don’t use much amperage there’s not much power in it the
breakout box you can test to your heart’s content and realize you’re not
gonna damage anything now sure this breakout box it’s a pretty complex thing
and you got a little bit about cars to work on them but if you’re serious about
working on cars do like I did, go on Amazon buy the $90 one don’t buy the $300 one
I’ve been using this thing for quite some time
solid reliable basically just wires anyways it’s not like it’s all that
complex you can actually build one yourself if you wanted to but heck why
bogging when these guys are already done all the work for you like I said solid
metal constructions got two plugs on the thing you don’t need anything better
than this if you’re really serious about finding electrical problems in your
computer system and since this is a mechanic Monday I’m giving away one of
these $99 blue driver to have a chance to win place to clean
not offensive comment I’m the YouTube comments below
and the winner will be chosen randomly by computer to get a great scan tool
that you can use on your smartphone, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell


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