The Best Google Home Compatible Products In 2020
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The Best Google Home Compatible Products In 2020

if you’re like me then you own a ton of
Google home smart products and today I’m going to walk through all the best
smart home devices throughout your smart home that integrate and interact really well with
Google home hello Automaters thanks for tuning in
again I’m Brian from automate your life and today I’m going to take the
frustration out of automation by helping you pick all of those products in the
right spots in your smart home now some of this I’ll explain why I’ve made a
certain choice I have and some of this I won’t I’ll just roll through a number of
different products that maybe fit a very specific situation now let’s start with
the smart speakers themselves number one if you are picking a smart speaker than
the top two I’m going to tell you about today are the Google nest hub Max
which is the premier smart display from Google and I think there aren’t enough
features there that I would recommend that you upgrade from one of these
unless you’re finding this at about that $70 price range then I think that’s a
pretty good deal and you can head here to the smaller device otherwise the new
Nest Mini is fantastic and in pairs I must say they are great sounding I have
that in my bedroom right now and just across that bedroom pair is great sound
now once you step outside of the actual Google speakers things get a little more
interesting what I mean by those speakers are the
ones that aren’t branded Google so we’ve seen LG come out with a thinQ WK7 I
don’t really recommend that speaker it doesn’t get enough updates for me the
Lenovo smart display in the Lenovo smart clock we’ve seen those I really love the
Lenovo smart display and that’s my pick over say the JBL smart display as well I
just don’t like the look of that one feels a little cheap versus the Lenovo
smart display and I haven’t found it getting quite as fast of updates as the
Lenovo we did touch on the Lenovo smart clock so I’m going to tell you the
Lenovo smart clock is not quite as good as what you’re going to get with a
Google Nest hub so if you are picking between those two and their close prices
head here one of the best speakers you’re going to have in your smart home
is your TV this is the case for a lot of people now
what’s really great about a device like the chromecast and I’m showing a
chromecast ultra box here is that it can be used in multi-room audio groups or
multi speaker audio groups so that means you can turn your TV into a smart
speaker simply by attaching that chromecast device so you can go all the
way up to this chromecast ultra you can stick around that thirty to thirty five
dollar price range with a chromecast and get a lot out of your TV now let’s say
you wanted to control more than your TV and you wanted to control your TV all
through the Google Voice assistant the way to do that still today is the
harmony hub now I haven’t had the best experience with the Harmony Hub over the
years but it has started to become more and more reliable as things have kind of
evened out and everything has been upgraded on that device as much as they
need now the nice thing about the Harmony hub is it can help you control
through IR all of your different blu-ray players or PVR’s or DVRs whatever you
want to call them your TV itself anything with an IR control can be
turned on basically by that harmony hub it’s very
powerful and you can set up those activities and just ask your Google
assistant to start those activities it will use harmony hub and connect and
then create or execute those commands that you have asked for one of the
biggest choices you’re going to make in your smart home is actually your router
now the ISP might give you a router and you might find that that hits a
limitation pretty quickly in your smart home as you start to get lots of these
devices Wi-Fi devices or other Ethernet connected devices in your home you’re
going to hit a limit very quick and where you won’t hit a limit is with nest
Wi-Fi now there’s really nice integration with nest Wi-Fi into these
into the Google Home application I can manage it all through that application I
don’t have to go anywhere else and I recently did a review on these and I
have to tell you they are fantastic and maintaining connection to just a ton of
smart home devices and that’s what you’ll find with most of the routers
you’re going to get from an ISP or most of those 50 to $100 routers
and the mesh Wi-Fi systems that aren’t really made for the world of IOT so nest
Wi-Fi is definitely that middle ground you’re not going and buying kind of a
prosumer level solution which you can do but I think the nest Wi-Fi is enough for
people for the next three to five years the nest hello is the doorbell you want
and while that might seem pretty obvious when I start to name some of these nest
devices the big difference with the nest hello is its ability to actually
identify people in your smart home or coming up to your smart home ringing
your doorbell you’ll actually get a notification that says who they are if
you’ve put that person’s face into the nest application and put them as part of
that face match that’s very powerful stuff and you can get those
notifications coming up on here with a display of your feed and it’s just that
it’s a different kind of notification but that’s what you can get with that
versus some of the other doorbells out on the market today now you will also
get those notifications on your smart phone from nest but what I’m going to
tell you with a smartphone and I’ve had both iPhones and pixels in the last year
I’m going to tell you in general you’re going to want an Android phone if you’ve
got a lot of Google stuff this makes sense but the pixel three XL I had that
one here for a couple of months I still have the device and I will say it’s
probably that right budget level for a lot of people and I think it kind of
splits the market really well in terms of its performance in terms of its
capability it’s got an amazing camera and really it just does everything you
want and the apps work and look better and you get earlier updates with any of
the pixel devices versus say having an iPhone and then waiting for some of
these Google home or Google Nest updates it might take you a little extra time
now the pixel 4 I’ve also had for a while here and this is the box from that
device and the pixel four is that next level and it might price itself out of
the market for a few people but I have to say that the camera is absolutely
spectacular it takes the best photos I have ever taken and I’m starting to
shoot you too videos entirely with that device so it
is an incredible camcorder as well now the processor really ups the game here
on this versus the pixel 3a and really what you do with that is your Google
assistant integration is lightning fast and you can walk through apps walk
through your smart home really just move really quickly throughout your day and
on your phone with a simple squeeze to talk now here’s where we’ll diverge a
little bit from the nest family of products and cameras are something that
a lot of people want to add and I think the nest cameras are still the premier
device and especially something like an IQ version of their nest cams there they
are the premier but they are so expensive and you don’t need to spend
that and I’m here to save you a little bit of money at automate your life when
you go buy these kinds of products so the wise cam is the ultimate budget
choice and they’re working on some cloud service issues that they have but in
general this is the camera you’re going to want it can give you access to a lot
of other great products from wise that have good integration but the nest cams
can be displayed on these Google smart displays as well speaking of saving you
stuff I like saving you time and one of the easiest ways to do that is to get a
smart vacuum and the entire series of iRobot smart vacuums are where you want
a head the reason I say that is the integration is really well done between
Google and Roomba here and our iRobot and so you can have a look at that but
what you can do is you can start and stop and pause cleaning so you can leave
it in the middle of the floor if you want but you can also start and stop and
pause with in any room send it to a specific rumors or a specific space and
then you can also send it home when you’re done with it or you just want it
to stop you need to the home to be quiet or something I do this stuff all the
time with my smart vacuums and iRobot so the Roombas are the best when you head
into the kitchen there are a lot of different appliances now but my favorite
is the instant pot and I use this thing almost on a daily basis at this point we
my favorite things about this is I can check the status with my Google
assistant as to what my instant pot is actually doing I can turn it on and off
so I can kind of preset the cooking mode that I want to have occur and come home
to a cooked meal when I move over to the coffee maker this is a wild thing and
you could go and spend a ton of money but what I would recommend especially if
you have kind of a push button on or off coffee maker which lots of them are at
this point I have my little switch bought device actually attached and this
just brings out a little hand and it pushes the on/off button so I can ask my
Google assistant to turn that on and off now I would recommend that you do have
the the hub that goes with this the switch bought hub and once you have that
it will work all the time you can do that again remotely if you’d like and
there are other uses for those switch BOTS that I’m sure your going to come up
with as soon as you see that device smart lighting is one of the hardest
topics to tackle and it’ll be the most divisive I’m sure on this video but when
you get into this you really want to look for maximum compatibility and it’s
funny because people get on Philips you so badly but what they actually have
done is created the maximum compatibility on the smart home market
here for lighting they have the ability to go into every voice assistant out
there they have the ability to integrate with Samsung smartthings habitat all of
these different hubs very easily and they are they have their own hub now
what also is really interesting about their compatibility is they have smart
light switches and this is actually a ZigBee bulb from area that is a cheaper
version of a color bulb looks every bit as good as some of the philips devices
but is half the price so not only can you go get that hub get a lot of great
integration and automation with your Google Voice assistant and there’s some
specific stuff that you can do like the wake up routines and they go to bed
routines that bring your light on and off over 30 minutes and not only can you
do stuff like that but you can connect these
devices from these other vendors and create all this automation so Philips U
is still the best for my hub perspective definitely the next component of this is
non hub or you know for people who are just going to add a few bulbs I don’t
necessarily think you go you buy Philips you and you spend $50 on that hub you
can go and get great – yeah or smart life that’s the application bulbs out
there and I have some great ones that I will leave links down below
great color bulbs they’re Wi-Fi connected and if you have a good router
or a good mesh Wi-Fi system like the nest Wi-Fi system you’re not going to
have reliability issues with those devices and they integrate really well
with the Google assistant and a lot of people will talk about lifx and I think
if you want that ultimate pretty light you can go get a couple of lifx bulbs
but personally I find their pricing model to be the worst of them all so I
think you want to watch that that’s gonna point more to the smart life side
of things now when you’re heading to light switches and you get a little
deeper on that side what I think I’m going to tell you is you want a smart
home hub and there’s a couple of options number one hub ITAT which is a great
option there habitat elevation is entirely local control as long as you’re
directly connected with a ZigBee or a z-wave product that is entirely
localized control now if you connect something like Philips hue that’s not
necessarily the case anymore but in general the automations run very fast on
habitat but my personal preference is still Samsung smartthings in 2020
this is what you look at and then you can buy all kinds of different z-wave
and ZigBee light switches that are out there today my favorites in the z-wave
side of things is the ge in Brighton series now they are excellent have one
for everyone in your home every situation within your smart home and you
know if you want something kind of more specialized I really like some of the
things I saw from in a Novelli at CES and then zoos as well has a couple
of interesting options with double switches and things like that now once
you have that Smart Home Hub you’re going to run a lot of the automations
directly off of there but the control interface between Samsung and Google is
really powerful you can actually pick which devices from Samsung smartthings
get integrated into here and this is a really important thing for managing when
you have multiple smart home hubs or when you have multiple solutions
connected together because again you could connect Philips hue into Samsung
smartthings you can connect things like tp-link or casa into smart things switch
bought which we talked about a ton can go into here so you can end up with
duplicate devices but Samsung makes that easy and they’re automations with all of
these different products are the best right now and the best way to get home
automation done and then you can run some of those scenes with Google
assistance smart plugs and smart outlets are really the same deal as lots of the
smart lighting you can go a lot of different ways but my favorite is the
smart things Wi-Fi plug I keep telling people this it integrates into this hub
but you also don’t need the hub to put that in and you get energy monitoring
because it is a Wi-Fi device that’s my favorite and you can also again look
into that smart life application I have a bunch of smart plugs again in my home
for that and I actually have a smart power bar that I have recently purchased
that goes within that app and you can control the individual outlets and you
can also power on and off the USB ports on that one so the smart life there’s a
couple of links I’ll leave again down below you can have a look at that and
they are very reliable when you have good Wi-Fi when you head outside and you
want to get a smart plug out there there are some specifics that you need to
think about there so you don’t want to get water in and so there’s a lot of
good connected plugs I’m gonna go back to the smart life platform there are
cheap versions out there I don’t like any of the iHome or the I devices and I
find most of the smart plugs out there in the 40 to 50 dollar range when there
door rated so I think you can look into this smart life thing and also these
kinds of things might be something that disappear when you leave them outdoors
so I think you go cheap here and if it’s not going to get wet there is no reason
you can’t use any of the regular smart plugs that I’ve already talked to you
about here I have put a lot of these outside I put them in extreme weather
conditions you can go ahead and do it as long as they’re not going to get wet
one exception here is if you want to look at something that integrates with
smart things if you’re kind of in that direction there is a great GE in
Brighton so we’re back to those guys outdoor z-wave switch let’s get back to
a couple of those bigger devices now the August smartlock pro and they now have
any smaller version is the one that I’m going to recommend and there’s two
reasons for it because you can see how hard I’m pushing you within the Google
Assistant you want kind of these two things in 2020 this doesn’t do a lot of
the automation that this can but the August smartlock pro integrates really
well with both of these devices so that’s very powerful for you in that new
version it’s smaller I think it looks a little nicer I was very impressed with
it in terms of a thermostat it becomes really easy again you could go with
ecobee and I’ve seen that actually in Allen’s home who works with us here on
automate your life on our website Allen has the Eco being a number of those
temperature sensors it integrates really well but really you don’t need a lot of
integration with a voice assistant when it comes to those really smart
thermostats but what I do like about the newer nest thermostats is the ability to
actually diagnose HVAC issues now this is a recent feature that Google has
added and I think it puts them kind of that step above because they can
actually tell you before your HVAC system is going to have a problem so
you’re not left in the cold I think that’s really important and a really
smart ad or addition to the nest thermostat when you get into the garage
you can look right at the mic you hub to add to almost every garage door opener
that’s out there it’s it has really great integration but the
funny thing is if you’re a little bit older it’s not going to work now that
hub is going to work for a lot of people just check that your device is capable
of that because I tried to set it up in a couple it did not work and then I had
to find a specific opener that did but what I’ve done instead is and again this
goes to that same little trick I used with the coffee maker and actually one
of my patrons actually reached out and showed me how they did this little 3d
printer made this implementation really good but they just took a garage door
opener one of their little remotes that they have and usually people have an
extra one of those stuck a switch bought on and press the button and this gives
you full voice control as you come up to your home you can ask the Google
assistant especially if you have a phone with Google assistant that’s listening
you can just ask the Google assistant there to open your garage door and
that’s a really great point because in the car you’re probably going to want
your Google assistant but the right way to do this still today they have some of
these other Google assistant connected devices but to be honest they have not
been very good I have not enjoyed them use an Android smartphone if you have an
old one you can go ahead and get that connected into a Wi-Fi hotspot when you
come into the car or just use an existing Android phone to use the Google
assistant that’s my opinion it gives you access to Android auto like features in
a lot of cases now there are a number of situations we didn’t deal with within
your smart home so go ahead and leave those questions down below guys I would
love to enter what I think is the right solution for your smart home and I
answer these questions all the time now what I will tell you is I answer just a
ton of questions from Automator zon our latest series which is just about
Automator x’ answered so it’s all your questions that you’ve had on the channel
I take them I break them down and I give you those quick solutions here on a
channel so go watch that otherwise guys check all the links down below and of
course thanks for watching and don’t hate automate


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