The Boys Amazon REVIEW
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The Boys Amazon REVIEW

I like this show so much and I’m so
excited to tell you about it and I’m also so nervous that it’s not gonna do
well because the ad campaign does not do the show justice and I’m a little bit
nervous for this review I am so many things to discuss with you
we’re gonna do a spoiler review for sure I think I think the show might blow up
and be really a big deal even though it doesn’t seem that way now
in fact I tweeted it about it the other day and many of you were like I totally
forgot this show even existed what the hell
Amazon support this it deserves it but anyway we’ve a lot to discuss here and I
look forward to hearing your own thoughts about it down below
Lara lots of surprises on this show though please don’t spoil anything in
the comments and if you can’t help yourself at least mark it as a spoiler
comment alright here we go so where I started my note says is that it would be
hard for me to like a piece of entertainment movie or TV show more than
I like the boys although to be fair I am the perfect audience for this show I
even wrote my own comic book deconstructing superheroes so yeah I
think I really would say it’s a perfect show so Amazon was kind enough to give
me the entire first season you know not this halfsies stuff like netflix does
i’ve watched the whole thing eight episodes in advance and i binge them as
fast as one possibly could while also covering comic-con now again
this is a non-spoiler review but I will say and again don’t worry this is non
spoiler but the show the season ends on an incredible cliffhanger like it
actually made me a little upset and that’s why I’m telling you about it up
front I was like what the hell I love the show so much I was like am I ever
gonna find out what happens next and then I found out they are filming the
second season right now which also has not been I think well enough publicize
they should have gotten right out there this is definite to season er so you
know cuz so often we’ve seen shows or movies set up this amazing next chapter
that we never get to see I’m looking at you a leader battle angel
but that we’re gonna get to see the story continue so I just want you to
know that so you’re not as infuriated as I was when I saw the end of episode 8 oh
my god it’s so good I can’t wait for you to see it all right so I would say that
the boys is the Avengers meets Breaking Bad how’s that for a logline
I love it and I think that’s again I’m not overselling it I think it’s totally
accurate you might be like really grace isn’t really that good it is and if
there’s an entertainment god it’ll be a huge hit you know Amazon to Jack Ryan I
thought was pretty darn good but I never totally caught on they swear they’re
making more of it I think this should be like mrs. Maisel big although even that
doesn’t seem to be as big as it should be odd this should be like stranger
things again if there’s an entertainment god but again the reason I’m worried is
that the ad campaign for this show does not do it justice it totally focuses on
the boys where is the actual show is perfectly balanced focusing equally on
the boys but also the 7 the 7 is the magic sauce I’m like why aren’t you
playing this up more and the show structure is actually pretty brilliant
with all due respect to the comic it’s far more sophisticated and wider in
scope I read the comic at least like the first
trade uh and I thought it was solid but it’s nowhere near as good as this show
basically you have two newbies joining each group so you have Jack Quaid’s
Hughie joining a group of people whose law whose lives have been ruined by
superheroes and then there’s Erin Moriarty starlight who is joining said
group of superheroes right and there’s a lot of enter and I don’t wanna give
anything away I oh my god again so well-written incredibly well-crafted and
I’d like to point out that there are also shades here obviously of Justice
League not just from the 7 which is you know there’s a little bit of you know
obviously homeland er is Superman meets Captain America but for the most part it
is a take of a Justice League but that that a mix indie comics the Justice
League is the motor the years has been the most iconic so it’s been the most
again deconstructed by other writers but not only is that
the seven like the Justice League and membership but also the boys are a bit
like Batman a group of Batman right with it without the money vigilantes trying
to figure out how to take down people with superpowers right and as I said
it’s all incredibly sophisticated Eric Kripke
and if supernatural is this good I can see why some of you love it so much and
why it’s been around for so long it’s been a life too long I can’t get into it
it’s too late but I’m on here day one pre day one because I got the episodes
in advance but Kripke has crafted a show that organically cover I love Kripke you
know officer Kripke that’s a great name but anyway it organically covers so much
ground in a very tight eight episodes there’s no lag there’s no episode where
you’re like you could have cut this one instead I’m like give me more episodes
from it covers the business side of superheroes how the government would
actually feel about them celebrity religion and how hard it is to
actually save people oh my god oh my god can’t wait to discuss it with you also
there’s a really interesting mystery really interesting mystery which makes
the whole thing so compelling and again to see the whole thing from both sides
from the top of the seventh hour to the people down below on the ground well
that’s not only interesting but it’s also a lot of fun also Amazon and Sony
the two big companies behind this show have spent the money also kudos to Seth
Rogen this is a real home run here he has a quick cameo which I thought was
very funny talking about the VC you thought is the name of the company that
runs the seven so they make movies too about the seven and so obviously that’s
a take on the MCU I thought that was really clever but anyway they spent like
a lot of money not a movie level of money but the show is smartly written so
there’s never a reason for there to be any huge battles right but there are key
sequences with a surprising amount of VFX and a wide variety of locations that
all brings this superhero world vividly and convincingly to life also they spent
the money on the 7 to make them seem real from their costumes to their
headquarters to their ad I love that I never once had the magic
of the show broken I was never like oh you couldn’t afford that or oh I know
why you did that I was it was like it was exactly like reading a really good
indie comic and I think that’s fantastic because I’ve described the best Avengers
movies like what it’s like to read a really good mainstream comic and on that
note it’s very exciting to me that mainstream audiences who sadly don’t
read comics although they’re a little weak these days some of them are still
very good but to see mainstream audiences who have fallen in love with
superhero movies get to discover this side of comics that the rest of us know
where mainstream superheroes are again deconstructed that’s just really
exciting and special to me I love that in addition to the writing a huge part
of what makes this show work is the cast here are my faves right and we’ll go
into more detail for the spoiler review we I can’t talk about everybody here but
in the spoiler review we’ll talk about everybody alright so number one antony
star is homeland ER Wow star turn I can’t believe this guy it doesn’t hurt
that he looks eerily like Chris Evans is Captain America Plus a lot of what he
says here echoes the conversations in civil war even if you’re on Team cap I
might be a little more inclined to see evil Captain America but I think anyone
would love this performance because star creates his own amazing character from
the way he moves his cape to sit down I love that little quirk it’s fantastic –
what through the way he just looks at people I mean Wow still waters run deep
indeed I love I love evil Superman stories as many of you know and stars
home Lander is the perfect evil Superman it’s everything I’ve ever wanted and
unlike a live-action evil Superman story it’s just amazing also so much neat
vision as some of you also know I love Superman’s heat vision and they use it
incredibly well and often here wow again wow wow wow I was like people kind of
watch this show please watch this show next up Elizabeth Shue is Madeline
Stillwell Stillwell manages the seven and that’s all I’ll say here but
Stillwell is given some of the best corporate dialogue I have ever
seen in a movie or TV show this is actually the way that suits speak and as
you can see it’s a weapon as sharp and as deadly as any tangible one shoe
delivers each line perfectly as well as a complex layered performance I think I
really liked and respected I can’t say too much about it but I really respected
her character I thought it was great I understood where she was coming from the
next up Jack Wade as Huey what a summer for the children of famous couples and
while Jack looks mostly like the male version of meg Ryan in so shots when he
smiles it’s like Dennis Quaid is trying to get
out it’s a little unnerving actually I was like whoa like Dennis Quaid just
kind of like pushed through his sons face I was like ah but overall not
counting that Quaid does a fantastic job here as someone walking the very thin
line between good guy and bad guy I really liked his work here and of course
Karl Urban and delightfully mischievious which is when he’s at his best right
he takes a little bit of a backseat sometimes but as the show progresses
especially in the season finale you start to realize that he’s the yang to
home Landers yang don’t worry there are no spoilers here some of you guys try to
infer things from my spoiler from my comments and say oh you spoiled it trust
me if you are inferring anything from that you’re inferring the wrong thing
but anyway you know it’s not so clear-cut
who’s the good one and who’s the evil one right I love that and there is much
alike in some ways as they are different that’s fascinating to me and it really
came together again in the final episode of this season and so I hope to see more
of that in season 2 chase Crawford also has a surprisingly interesting role and
I’m surprised at how far he’s willing to go here throughout the season like his
character is ridiculous and I think the performance could have come across that
way if Crawford hadn’t committed as strongly as he does there’s some me to
stuff with his character and again a lot of Grey’s here they do a really good job
of making situations not seem just clear-cut black and white then there is
Israeli actor Tomer Capone and Karin Fuqua Hara katana right who both make
very strong impression and their supporting roles again I don’t
want to give anything away but everyone’s good the entire cast is good
I loved every single character and I also I loved every single actor playing
them I think they’re all amazingly cast but if I had to be totally honest
Moriarty a starlight and Jesse usher is a train a train are a bit weak and bland
they just didn’t pop at the level of the rest of the cast also a Haley Joel
Osment he’s in the trailer so it’s not a spoiler he has really fun role as well
but those two they just they just weren’t at the level as everyone else so
sometimes I’d be like I wish this was a different actor but their roles are both
so well written their power sets so visually interesting and both are
integral parts of the story and both are good actors they’re not bad actors it
still works I just if I had if I had like if I kind wishes to grant I’d
probably tweak them just a little bit but also shout out to the always fun
Simon Pegg who cameos is Huey’s dad it’s basically a cameo he’s in a couple of
episodes but the 2006 comic drew Huey to look like Pegg and if the show had come
out then Pegg would be playing that role so this was a nice way to still include
him finally warning the show is very adult okay
full frontal male nudity lots of actually but no no female frontal nudity
sure that was interesting but full frontal male nudity lots of extreme
swearing like the top layers of swearing top levels graphic gore and violence and
some sex scenes towards the end like you you watch the show and you’re like god
it’s weird the one thing they don’t have here sex scenes and they kind of make up
for at the end but still not at the level of the other stuff but I have to
say I never felt that it did any of those things for shock value they were
always in service of the story plus I never felt not once they crossed the
line and it’s not anything you wouldn’t find on HBO but I’m just letting you
know particularly when you decide who to watch it with so watch the boys I’m
pretty sure it’s gonna be your new favorite show and then be sure to come
back here for the spoiler review so much to talk about
alright so of course as always share your comments down below I’ll be sure to
hit that subscribe button and you can check out some more videos right now


  • Eidolus Gad

    For a comic cook adaptation, I thought it was on par with The Umbrella Academy. And Homelander, wow. Y'all know what I mean.

  • Jordan Stewart

    SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Even though the spoiler has to do with the comics that I just found out about and you know what, not sure if it’s in the show since I haven’t seen it yet but, out of respect for you @BeyondTheTrailer I figured I’d do this out of respect for what you asked at the beginning of the video.

    I can’t wait to check this out! I will definitely be checking this show, tomorrow @BeyondTheTrailer I love superhero comics and I like deconstructing genre and you know what? This doesn’t sound like your run of the mill goody two shoes superheroes where superheroes are kind of narcissistic assholes to say the least. It looks interesting, where they basically put on a show and in the background the seven are killing people in cold blood and in the comics Homelander rapes the leader of the boy’s wife and her baby busts out or her chest disemboweling her.

  • HickoryDickory86

    But let's be honest… does Amazon really advertise and support any of their shows well? I only know any of them exist because I have Amazon Prime and see them there. Amazon is terrible at marketing.

  • roblex63

    The Amazon " Ratings card " at the beginning of each episode is very, very misleading .. Yep language, and gore but that's about it….. Amazon are still playing it safe and PC…..

  • Tony Young

    Hey Grace,
    Thought I'd share a little story with you. If you've ever met the late Noel Neill, you'll notice she never says "heat vision" because it never existed in her day. It was "heat of his x-ray vision," and it's a trip hearing it from her. Just thought I'd share.

  • Rachael Focht

    After binge watching this I felt like I had been punched in the gut twice during 2 different but equally traumatic scenes..I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so please upload your spoiler video. Also I didn’t really enjoy all the stereotypical Islamic terrorism scenes but I have to agree this show was amazing I’m just wondering if it will become big, Prime is not great as far as advertising goes.

  • Just A Common Fan

    So happy I watched this show. Homelander is scary and amazing all at the same time. It's like if DC's Crime Syndicate existed in the real world. Love it.

  • Lisa S

    We finished watching it the other day and I'm upset that there isn't a season 2. lol It was SOOOO damn good. I love how… real it all is. It shows the Supes as the actual humans they are. They're not perfect. They're flawed as shit along with everyone else. Loved it. LOVED IT

  • richard scales

    Urban and Peggs accents are a bit odd at times , at least to an English ear. That's the only wobble in the show though.

  • Al Taylor

    Just finished. This may be my favorite superhero related live-action show. Can't wait to see your spoiler review and season 2.

  • mattman875

    It seemed to me that Homelander was loosely based on George W. Bush. His lines at the crisis points, how he kept proclaiming mission accomplished, and even his name sounds like it came from the creation of Homeland Security.

  • svgftw

    with my background and where i grew up starlight is a great character imo and i totally understand whats going on with her

  • RustyRages, Talkin Rangers Podcast

    I honestly suggest you watch the first 5 seasons of Supernatural. It's pretty much self contained and that's when Kripke left the show as the Show runner

  • OceanLoader

    The show needs MUCH better advertising but what an excellent show it is. Butcher is someone you can route for while Homelander is terrifying; his power and brutality truly resonate. More Deep and Noir in S2 please!

    And what do you mean you've seen Supernatural Grace?! Sheez.

  • Jesse McClintock

    This show is MY NEW #1!!! Holy shit is YOUR review SPOT ON! Not only is BrBa my all-time favorite show, but the MCU has birthed some of my all-time favorite movies! Your comparison of those 2 with 'The Boys' really hits home with me! I'm telling everyone I know about this show! After binging the whole season with my best friend of 21 years, seeing the final scene….I told him "WE NEED 11 seasons and a Movie Trilogy!

  • Ronaldo Indama

    This show is basically what Bruce was afraid it would happen in BVS but since some of you are slow it took you 4 years and tv series to understand what people like this could do in real life.

  • Luke Busby

    I find the title misleading to be honest… I was scratching my head as to who these boys were when the show has a lot of strong female leads… but then I wasn’t aware of the comics!

    It really is THAT GOOD! Sort it out Amazon!!

  • Jhon D

    Bro starlight was the worst part…whenever i see her and hughie I cringe and got bored so much I skipped…HOW CAN YOU show such cliche when u have someone else homelander???

  • Jhon D

    Bro starlight was the worst part…whenever i see her and hughie I cringe and got bored so much I skipped…HOW CAN YOU show such cliche when u have someone else homelander???

  • Srinjoy Kar

    I really didn't liked the episode 8(Season finale) ……. the last part where the Rapist Superhero Homelander didn't faced any consequences for brutally raping snd msking her pregnant ….. rather he even humiliated Becca , the victims' husband Billy by saying "slut cummed thrice " and in the end it was like he was saying his Rape baby "I am your father we are family "?????? I mean it's as humiliating and crazy and gross as Monica Bellucci getting raped in Irreversible

  • Daniel

    I love deconstructed superhero pieces – the reality of superheroes. I'd say this is the TV Show version of (my favorite superhero film) The Incredibles. [We deserved better from Incredibles 2 😒; here's hoping we get a better 'The Incr3dibles']

  • Dr Thuganomics

    They really tonned it down ,and after the season ending i'm 100% sure they will go their own way cause they changed A LOT . like they jumped all the arcs .

  • jayakrishnan r

    Hughie and Starlight are my least favorite characters here. They both take up a lot of screen time and are utterly uninteresting. The first two episodes dragged because the story was told from their POV. I really started enjoying it when Karl Urban had a better presence in the series, ie after the first few episodes.

  • Garrett P

    It was a good show, It threw me off because of the level of violence on episode one. I got scared for a second because I never heard about the comic or how the show was going to be like. Trust me on this one, this show is not for kids at all.

  • Brandon Lee

    Honestly just by telling us that the show ends on a cliffhanger is kind of a spoiler I was expecting a watch this review with no and info on what to expect. Now I can expect any type of cliffhanger to be the end of the season appreciate it…

  • jetman189

    Antony Starr(Homelander) is perfect for Sentry/The Void, a hero who constantly battles the demon within him everytime he uses his powers, he's so perfect for that role.

  • Will R

    First show I’ve binged since jack ryan. Love it. Ending was wtf level. Can’t wait and I love watching your reviews after I finally watch whatever it is. Like a bonus viewing

  • Kogia simas

    Saw you talk about this a while ago, but just watching it now, so awesome! Thank you for bringing it to my attention, having just the best time with a TV show!

    The cast and characters are a wonderful mix of likeable and thoroughly less so, it's tense, I have no idea how, or where it's going to go and we're laughing a lot. Great mix.

  • Kartik Punna

    I wanted to like this show, but the fact that they KILLED my childhood (The Tick) is stopping me from liking it. Bad Amazon!

  • Cory Drummond

    I JUST finished watching The Boys! Mannnnnnnnnnnn this was soooooooooo good! It had shades of The Watchmen, but sooo much better than the movie.

  • WhatAlsaid!

    I also really liked the show and want a second season. But the thing that I could've gone without is the Karl Urban character. He's basically every (Insert thing here) Killed my wife! Now I'm angry and I hate (Insert thing here) Homelander, on the other hand, is a pretty awesome character!

  • CH ii

    not sure if its because of the lack of sleep i had while watching this but i felt some episode kinda felt slow. the latter part tho.

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