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The Business Society: eCommerce

– Alright folks. Good afternoon. How are you? Wow, we’ve got a great turnout today. I’m so delighted that you all are here and that you have an
interest in e-commerce. Welcome to the Business Society. Our first meeting for the semester. My name is Professor Kasomenakis, I am the faculty coordinator and I also teach accounting
for the business department. And with me are my
officers, please stand up. This is Eliea, and this is Phillip. They are my former students and they are the officers of the business society. They help me out tremendously,
great resource to have. Before we begin our meeting, I just want to make a
couple of announcements. I wanna let you know
about our next meeting, which will be held in March, March 23rd. So be on the lookout for your Tiger email. Okay, that’s a great source. I know some students use
their personal email, but you should definitely
look into your email, I know sometimes you get cluttered with a lot of information, but if you want to know
about our next meeting, we do send them out by way of email. So the next one is going to be March 23rd and we’re going to have
our own Professor Villani talk to you about
transferability requirements for both Queens College and Baruch. So those of you who after
you graduate from here, that’s the goal right, you might think about going
to any of those colleges and it’s a great way to know what is it that they’re looking for before you decide to go
to any of those colleges. Basically their requirements. So that’s March 23rd, again we’ll send out emails to get specific information,
time, place, etc. And our next meeting
will be, and last one, usually we have one meeting every month. And the last one in April,
which will be April 13, again I’m gonna send out emails, so you are gonna get all the details, and we’re gonna have a speaker from the New York State Department talk about the new health reform bill and how it affects you, students. So if you wanna find out about that, I hope you can attend. Alright, before I introduce
you to our main speaker, I want to tell you, we’re not actually, I’m not actually gonna tell you, but there’s two students here that will talk to you
about a fellowship program called New York Needs You. So I wanna invite on the floor
right now our first student, his name is Lorik and also Lauren. And they’re gonna give you all the details and information about this
particular fellowship program. – Alright guys. My name is Lorik. I’m a business student of
Queensborough Community College, and I’m a New York Needs
You fellow as well. – Hello everybody. My name is Eve. I’m a liberal arts student here at Queensborough Community College, and I’m also a New York Needs You fellow. – Okay, so we’ve kinda
got a little intros in and we got some flyers about
the fellowship in general. What is New York Needs You? NYNY stands for New York Needs You. It’s a two year program. It’s intensive, and it’s especially made for first generation college students. It includes bi-weekly career workshops where we, where the fellows,
the people who attend, the students who attend the fellowship, develop relationship with more than 200 highly accomplished mentor
coaches, volunteers, and community and business leaders. The program in general
has three guidelines. Three main components. Those are life planning,
career development, and community leadership projects. – Life planning. In partnership with your mentor coaches when you join the program, the fellows develop life
plans that articulate a clear path to their personal
and professional goals. And basically what that means is you, you go there, you tell
them what you want to do, for me, I want to be a journalist. I went there, I told them
I want to be a journalist and they helped me. Basically they helped me
solidify what I wanted to do. They made me realize all
the things in journalism, all the different parts of it, and they helped me narrow it down. – You go there and you get
assigned a mentor coach and now hopefully that
mentor coach will be related to the industry you are interested in. If you are undecided,
it’s very interesting to be involved in because
they kind of expose you to a lot of paths you can follow and a lot of industries
that you might like and you didn’t know that existed. You develop personal
connection with a mentor coach. He or she basically becomes your friend and your kind of leader,
the person who you rely on, for your essays, for in personal life, for your resume, for your cover letter, for applying to any job,
internship, or any school. I was very fortunate to have as a mentor the president of the fellowship, I’m interested in finance
and he is the vice president at Goldman Sachs Investment Banking. So that was pretty, a big deal for me. Cause I kind of get exposed
to people with a lot of power and a lot of knowledge. He helps me a lot every
day, an every day basis. The second component is
the career development. So NYNY supports fellows
with career ambitions, with job shadowing, and
internship opportunities, professional attire, extension
training in public speaking, which I kind of had a
lot of experience with, and personal finance,
written communication, relationship management, and interviewing. Each workshop is attended
usually on every other Saturday, so that’s bi-weekly. So two Saturdays a week, a month. The workshops are usually the
whole day were you kind of get this intensive, intensive training, for your resume, or for
your interview, for a job, for an internship, or anything else. You also get, before that,
they tell you kind of what to wear in an interview, how to prepare for an interview, what are the questions most
asked questions in an interview, and how to actually
answer so that you have a better shot of getting
a job and an internship. – They teach you things like
30 second elevator pitches. I know with the career
development aspect of the program, you get to, well you get
to meet, you get to meet over 200 people, professionals there, mentors and professionals, and through the career development part, I was able to meet
countless, countless people from different magazines,
different newspapers, different publishing companies, and it really has helped
me because I didn’t have those connections
before I entered the program. And now that I do, when
I graduate from here, and when I graduate from
a four year college, I’ll be able to talk to these people, and call them, and see what kind of, what they have to offer. – So every person that
comes to the workshop is a volunteer who present what they do, or present like a project or Powerpoint or whatever they have to say, and it’s good cause you kind
of make that connection, you exchange business cards,
you exchange information, and after you graduate
or when you are a junior when it’s time to get an internship, or a sophomore, you have that
person to send the resume to, you have a person that you can actually, you have a better shot of
getting your experience. – The next one is the
community leadership projects. Which is applying skills
developed through NYNY, the fellows initiate
community leadership projects that focus on helping first generation community college students
transfer to four year colleges. And so recently we, what we did was, we came up with certain plans to implement in community colleges because there’s a big problem
in community colleges with transfers and graduation. We wanna increase the transfer process, we wanna increase the transfer rate and graduation rate to
a four year college. Because just getting an associate’s degree isn’t gonna cut it in today’s world. You need a bachelor’s,
and maybe even more. So we’re working on putting programs in schools like this and
other community colleges across New York City to make it, make the information easier
to access to graduate. And yeah. – And that’s very, it’s important for us as community college students cause the rate of actually, of
community college students transferring to a four year
college is pretty low now. And they give you better opportunity, better chance of getting
to a better college and financially as well. Which we didn’t mention, they give you a $2,500 dollar grant as well. – Oh yeah, money. $2,500 dollar grant. – And it’s free food. Free bowling. Free suits, free a lot of free stuff. – Yeah you get random free giftcards too. – Yeah. A lot of, if you win
something like a presentation, Money. – [Kasomenakis] Yeah, I think there’s an application involved. – Yes
– Oh yeah. – [Kasomenakis] So Career
Services here at Queensborough will tell you about the application. – If you have any other
questions just let us know. We’re both accomplished and here. – Yeah. – Thank you Lorik and thank you Eve. It’s always great to get
first hand knowledge of, from the fellows themselves. Last year was the inaugural program for the fellowship
program, so I, you know, career services got involved
right from the beginning, and I really didn’t know
what we were getting into, I didn’t really know what
a great program this was until we went through the whole process. It’s a very prestigious program. It’s very competitive
to get into the program, you will, last year they had 50 students, this year they hope to have 100 fellows. This past year they’ve
had many Queenie students, they in fact, favor the Queenie students. It’s not a Queenie program,
it’s a separate agency, not an agency, a separate
non profit that does this. But they also, you’ll also be immersed with students from Columbia,
New York University, there’s even some students that come down from Cornell University. So this is a very prestigious
program, very advantageous, I don’t even think we know
yet all the advantages. That’s gonna come down the pipe after the two years are over and maybe even beyond
as the program grows. So we are very excited in career services and we’re here to help
you apply for the program. You should have the website, if I, we didn’t have enough cards, we ran out, but we have them in our office, in L429 if you wanna stop in and pick one up. Or just go to the website, and if you have any
questions you can come in. We’ve also, there are three
short essays you have to write, to apply for the program, and I’ve arranged with the writing center to you know, you can go in and show them what you’ve written and really get it to the best that it can be. So that’s helpful. We can help you in career
services with your resume, any question that you have. I can’t urge you enough. Last year we had four
fellows that made it. Lorik and Eve are two of
them, we have two others, and I’m hoping that this
year we have even more. So, does anyone have any
questions that I can answer? Yes? (indistinct question). I’m sorry. (indistinct question) Right. Well, you know what
you’re describing is just the kind of person that the program really wants to encourage to apply. They’re not looking for students
that have it all together. That have done great internships, the purpose of this is to take a student who has a lot of potential, that’s why they have gpa
requirement of 3.0 or higher, to take that student and give
them so many opportunities to improve themselves. So you’re really a perfect candidate, you shouldn’t undersell yourself. I can’t guarantee that you’ll make it, but I would encourage
you to apply, strongly. Cause I know the type of
student they’re looking for. Does that answer your question? Okay. Anyone else? No. Yes! Oh there was a question back there? (indistinct question). The question is how does the
application process work? You apply online. You submit, they want your transcript, it doesn’t have to be
an official transcript, three short essays have to be completed, some information about yourself, what else, you need one
letter of recommendation. You can have two, but one is required. That’s the only thing that
gets submitted separately, everything else goes online. Okay? The website. That’s on the paper that you received. Hello, yes? You got it? Yeah, it’s on there. Is that it? Okay. Okay, anyone else? Yes, this young lady again? (indistinct question) Yeah they kind of favor first
generation college students that’s true, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply if you’re not. Because there is, there’s
nothing set in stone about this. They kind of look at you as an individual. What happens is once
you’ve applied they will be calling you in for an interview. I mean, I don’t know
if everyone gets called for an interview, but
many people do get called in for an interview and then
they judge you that way. Okay. – Folks, we’re gonna hold
off on your questions, I mean if you want more information, please go to the career service center because I’d really like
to start the meeting, that’s what we’re here for. – Okay. – So please go to the
career service center, library building, room 429,
for additional information. It’s also on the website, I think it’s is it? Yeah, Sorry about that. Because I have some other speakers here, we have some guests here that want to talk to you about the
International Business Society I think it’s called. Do you guys offer pizza like we do? It depends. Mhhhm, okay. – Hi. On Wednesday March 22nd, we are going to bring a guest speaker
that he’s responsible for promoting international trade across 300 world trade
centers which brings business and government together to work in international
trade in 91 countries. So it will be, what I just said, March 1st, March 2nd from 1:10 to 3:00. If you want to join please call. – Just a reminder, again it’s going to be on Wednesday March 2nd
from 1:10 to 3:00pm. It’s gonna be in the science
and math building, room S112. And again the International
Business Club meets every Wednesday from 1:00
to 3:00 in the C building, C212. And if you want to come join, we have many interesting people from around
the world who comes together. – Again you can get additional
information about all our business clubs or business
society international, the mock trial team, we
got a host of organizations in the business society. So if you want to find
out more details on each and every one of them, come on by the business department in room 405 in the administration building. Okay? Alright, now I finally
wanna introduce to you our main speaker, she
has an extensive resume, so I’m gonna try and highlight
as much as possible here. She is a business development specialist for the US Small Business Administration in the New York district office. Which she covers a multitude of counties which include Queens, Duchess county, and the Asian community
in 14 downstate counties. Prior to joining the Small
Business Administration, she was the employment
services representative of the New York State Department
of Labor for 14 years. During her employment
there, she established the Asian job service employee committee. Which helps to educate Asian
businesses and to create a bridge between businesses
and the government. In addition, she founded the
Long Island Families Adopt Children from China, the Chinese Heritage and
the Language Program, and the, excuse me if
I mis-pronounce this, the Chuzi, Chuzi Foundation,
Long Island Chinese School. It’s amazing what you’ve done. I’m very impressed right here. She has also authored numerous books which include The Resume
Writing and Interview Skills, 214 Categories of Chinese Characters, I mean it goes on and on and on. She has two masters degree
from Long Island University, and a bachelor’s degree from
the National Taiwan University. It brings me great pleasure
to introduce to you today and let’s give her a nice
round hand of applause. Mrs. Lin. Thank you so much for taking the time to coming here to speak to our students, we really appreciate it. – Yeah, thank you Vicki
for having me here. And I’m so proud of you because I see many of you here. Vicki really spent a lot to time here, she really want me to
give the best of you. The information for you. First, today so she gave
me the topic is e-commerce. I will like to know how many
of you have business already. Okay, great. You sell on eBay, anybody sell on eBay? Okay, good. And what kind of store, or
you have your own website? (indistinct response) Okay. And what kind of other business, what kind of products you sell? (indistinct response) Okay. Great. You know right now actually,
we have a lot of pressure. You can see people 20 years old they can be billionaires already, right. So actually, it’s you have to start early. So today I have four
PowerPoint presentation, so I hope we can do this. So what is an e-commerce? E-commerce I think everybody know, you go through the internet,
but can be business to business or business to customer. Okay. So you can serve the business, or you can serve the customer directly. I will send you the
PowerPoint so you don’t have to write down all the details. Okay. As long as you give me your email address. Actually this one is in, the data is 2005. Right now it’s all, every
day right now actually is, you have to know that
numbers change, okay. So e-commerce you can see,
most of the biggest category, including computer, computer products, books, music, financial
services, and entertainment. You know that the songs,
and the video tapes, home electronics, and you know clothing, and gifts and flowers, travel services, toys, and tickets, okay. So if you wanna try, you
know, you can go to all this favorites stores, and just
try to see their websites. Very important, and we
will go over the details. Okay. So how do you set up your website? You have to remain the,
things you have to remain, but number one user-friendly. Right now people don’t have patience. If you, if they have to click three times, they will go to other website. So you really have to build
a good website for them. And if you, if somebody click, they have to wait for two seconds, they don’t have patience, okay. So really when you do, when
you design your website or somebody design a website for you, you really have to pay attention to that. And have a good shopping cart okay. And security is very important. Right now most people they are afraid of the security problems. So I think PayPal right
now is the best one. So you can, we can depend on it. Okay, here. Today actually in this files I will talk about eBay and Yahoo. So eBay is that everybody can sell and you don’t have to have money. Most of the traditional
business you need to have space, you need to have inventory, okay, then you can start your business. But now if you want to sell on eBay, you don’t need any capital. The only thing you need to
do is transfer the email. So the eBay store, you can see
there are some examples here. In the beginning actually, you
don’t have to have a store. This is you can build up
your store after that. So why you need a eBay store? In the beginning, you
need to have somebody just do the marketing for you. Especially need time to
build up all your customers, or your market, okay. So eBay is famous and
most of people they go, they know how to go there. So three steps in opening
a store, is you register, then you open a eBay
store, then you just find the suppliers to get the
inventory to get there, but looks like easy, but
you have to be familiar where are your customers, and
what suppliers you should get. PayPal, I think most of you buy, at least have bought things through PayPal so you know the procedure, okay. Right now it is pretty safe
so people have no problem with pay with the PayPal. So if you don’t know the details, you can go to eBay, they
have all the sections to tell you the details, okay. Just wanna give you, and how about Yahoo? Yahoo store actually you have
to pay from the beginning. So you can see the different prices. The Shopping Cart. You need to have, people can really, when they want to buy it,
they can buy it easily. So you need to have this. And all eBay and Yahoo,
they already have that, so you don’t have to worry about that. Security is people are
concerned about, okay. This one you don’t have secure. Marketing, now actually, marketing is most important thing when
you have the now store. When you do the e-commerce
this is the most important. How do you attract people? Attract people to your website? Or they find your website, but do they want to
return to your website? Or when they want to buy something where they go to your website, and you attract people to your website and they have to buy something, okay. You don’t want people
just view your website and then to go to other stores. But I think many of you,
actually, technically, you know better than our generation, okay. Right now actually you are the star for the future business, okay. Everybody know computer, and for you, it’s easy and you know
where to find resources. That’s very important. So the goal, okay. You have to find out who is viewing, who come to your website. It’s not, I saw a lot
of people for example, they want to open a store, a bakery store. They said because I bake, I can bake cake. People like my cake. I said that’s not the reason you are supposed to have a bakery. When you want to go to do the business you have to think about the profit. You’ve spent time, you’ve spent
energy, you’ve spent money, okay to do the business. It’s not just for fun. You have to have a goal, okay. Can you make profit? So you have to think about the visitors who come to your site,
and most of the time, you have to figure out
who are your customers? One of my students she
bought cosmetic products during the Thanksgiving
season, very low price, so she tried to sell on eBay, okay, when she wasn’t working. So every Friday, Saturday,
she just spent time to answer the questions, to
build up customers relationship, and after a while, she really
can find her target customers. Then she quit her job. So she told me, she said usually
in the evening or at night, after midnight, most are
students, young teenagers. In the morning are housewives, so she know that when to deal, how to deal, with her customers. So when you do the business same thing. You have to find out who are interested in your website and listen to them. Later I have a another, some
social media marketing skills, we will talk about that. So this is very important,
you want to make money, so you need customers, okay. Here, okay you have to, this is just some
examples like Then you pay $10 dollars
of the book’s list price, you pay commission, okay. So there are so many
right now, so I think, I think each one of you
have experience buying something on a website. So you can compare,
like the website design or the procedure that you buy something or when you want to return
something, the customer service, you can have different
experience, different companies, what’s good in this company,
what you can improve if you have that kind of store. That’s how you learn it. So it’s good thing that
right now, you know, you are so young, you have time. Don’t spend too much
time on Facebook only. I know, I spend a lot of time there. But sometimes I just feel
I don’t want to read those, you know, not meaningful,
not important information. Because you can use that time to build up your good relationship for your future. That’s very important right now. Okay. This just tell you what kind
of marketing you can have. Word of mouth, actually
experience #1 marketing strategy. Email, don’t forget email. A lot of people right now they go to the social media marketing strategy, but they forgot actually
email people feel like person to person so they
like that interactive. And magazines if you can put commercial. And newspapers. This is all for the local ad. Even you do the e-commerce
in the internet, you can reach out to the whole world. I think some of the products
you are going to sell actually useful cause on
your local community too. So some of them are
good for the community, don’t forget those basic
customers that you can get. Later I will show you where eBay trainer, that she has eBay
business and she told me, I saw many people and they disbelieved before they start their own business. They say, I just put
something on the website. And people really send me the checks. And people really just
from over the world, some countries that I never heard about, they send me the checks,
they buy my stuff. So actually it isn’t, it’s a
fun activity for you to try. But don’t forget those traditional commercial marketing skills. Blogs. How many of you have blogs? Okay, a few. Yeah, I suggest you, I have my own blog. I find now it’s very interesting. Right now a lot of people
say oh this is old fashioned. But that’s how you learn
how to respond to people, and how to design your
website in the future. So anything, for example,
right now I come here today, I will put up information
on the, on my blog. And when you are respond to
me, or give me suggestions, it’s a very good learning experience. So right now it’s free. Okay, the best things right now, so many things are free. So you just spend your time, and you can build up your skills. A lot of skills you need to do it, okay. If you just listen to
somebody talk about e-commerce and always just somebody
else’s experience, you have to have your own experience. So you need to spend
time to do that, okay. So blogs is a very good
way to start it, okay. I encourage everybody should go to, this is just one blog sample, right now there are just so many. And MySpace have one. I think that in time,
FaceBook is not so famous yet. How to find suppliers? Of you course you can go
through the internet too. You have to find a good price, and good quality products
for your customers. So you need to spend
some time to research, research those wholesalers. Right now it’s good things, you can, even you can get supplies from China. I just went to China
in last year’s October, I was, I really feel amazed. I went to a city, right now it’s a international wholesale center. Before I went over there,
I search on the website, they just say they have
4,000 stores there. But when I was there,
they were laughing at me. They say, one building have 4,000 stores. So they have like 20,000 stores there. So each floor, each floor 4,000
stores only sell one item. You know, one floor they only sell socks. And a second floor they
only sell umbrellas. So it’s really amazing. And right now they are looking
for the foreign products. So they ask me can you get some American or Euro products can sell there. So right now don’t think about your suppliers just only here. Especially in America there are
not too many factories here. So if you want to get expensive products, you have to go search there. And the good thing is that right now a lot of websites, even in China, maybe the main website
for them, are in Chinese, but you can translate to English one. So it’s really, I encourage everybody should go explore those
interesting websites. And if you need, if you
need that information, you can contact me. So here, they’re talking
about drop shipping. Cause shipping after somebody
order something from you, a lot of people they think about shipping, they don’t want to do it. But right now actually,
you don’t have to anything. Like I said right now,
you only design a website, you post a products, and somebody order, place an order from you,
then you just transfer, you just forward the
email to the supplier. The suppliers they will just ship for you. And PayPal will collect money for you. So actually for you, you
just forward the email. So isn’t that easy enough, right? So actually after my speech, I hope everybody try right
now spring is coming, clean your house or go
to your parents house, find something that you
don’t need that anymore. Even the records, the
tapes, anything, the toys. Some people just say they post something, and you never know. Somebody in the world, somebody in the other side of the
world, they just like that. They don’t know why, but
surprising, anything, okay. You can sell anything. I will give you some examples later. So this one, they would,
I won’t go to the details, so this one now, they would
just drop shipping for you, and then it would charge to you. But most of the time actually, you will get 50% profit,
half of the price. So this one you don’t need that. But sometimes if you want to do the packing and shipping by yourself, right now UPS and FedEx
they have that service. They even provide you the free box, okay. You can just order, they will send to you, and they come to your house to pick up. So if you have cleaned and find something at home start from there, okay. UPS you can contact them. This too you can compare
who you like better, who you like best. Springtime, not only clean your house, they say New York is the best place to sell things on eBay. You can find so many shops in the street. Some of them are antique, you never know what will
happen with those products. It’s really fun. I saw, I really saw a lot of people, they sell things on eBay, okay. They make money. Here, just to give you management. Of course you need to, you
need to manage your business. In the beginning, maybe when you try, you don’t have to worry about that. But after a while, you
really have your customer, you should build up your business. In the beginning you don’t
have to register as a company. But for example, like
Facebook, you never know you will be the next Bill Gates. So you should, after you
really make some money, try to register your company. Why do you need that? You have your people trust you
if you have a company’s name. So you don’t have to pay a lot of money. The registration fee is cheap, and you don’t have to pay
the tax in the beginning. You just have to tell
them how much you make, but that doesn’t mean that
you have to pay the tax. So actually it’s good, so you
build up your company’s name, the brand, and people will trust you, and you will get more business. A lot of people they
just want to sell things, and they don’t want to pay the tax. Actually I encourage them
to have the company’s name. The business actually
will double or triple. And be creative. In the beginning, of course,
maybe you will feel frustrated, you haven’t found your target customers. But you need time. You have to listen to them,
and understand what they need. That is very important. People right now, you can make friends, or you can talk to a lot
of people at the same time. So that’s a good way that
you can interact with them. And finance. Right now actually, you
don’t have to finance. After a while if you have a
store, you need an inventory, you really want to expand your business, then you can think about
to borrow money, okay. I work for SBA, actually SBA is a famous for our guarantee loan. But I think in the beginning,
I just want to try. Actually maybe two years ago, I won’t encourage a
student to do business. Right now actually, according to our data, 50% of the high school students and college students have a business. So because it is safe, okay. You don’t have to invest money. You don’t have to take too much risk. So I encourage you to try that. And SBA will help you in the future when you really have your business, you can borrow the money,
you can expand your business. And also, SBA have trainings. Today I just give you some information, but we have, on our website
we have counselors there, you can check with them. Every day actually, we
have to learn something. Like I said before, you
have the computer skills. So don’t be afraid to try something new. I want to go to business plan,
I want to talk about that. Just tell you that it would be
good when we finish this one. And next one I want to talk about, there is one, eBay. This is Jennifer, she spoke
at many of my seminars, but she cannot be here
so I will say it for her. Okay. She was laid off. Then she tried to clean her house, like I said, really start from there. And find something that’s neat. So she started to sell on eBay. You can see, eBay, this is
2009 is the information. 50,000 thousand categories. You know what the number
one popular item to sell? (indistinct answer) Right. And automobiles. People buy cars through eBay. That is really amazing. I think, I believe the number
is even higher right now. Okay there are two ways
you can list your product. One if for auction, I believe, who haven’t gone to eBay
and bid for anything yet? You haven’t tried yet? You can set up from one to 10 days, and you give the price and
people can bid for the higher, you sell to the highest bidding person. And the other one is the fixed price. Like you just set up
a price for that item. This one you can set up
three to 30 days, okay. Otherwise some people they don’t want to, for people to bid because
maybe they cost more. But Jennifer taught me, usually she put something for bidding, like for 99 cents, you see on eBay a lot of
items just sell for 99 cents. But her purpose is not to sell
that ninety-nine cents item, it’s to attract to go to her store, okay. So she has store, and she
has some items for auction. So there are a lot of ways that you can attract
people to your stores. Who sells on eBay? Okay you can see a lot
retailers they sell there. Right now actually I think
most of big companies, small companies, they all on
eBay, or they on Facebook. The social media marketing right now, I think actually is adopted
by most of the business. This one, she just show us that maybe you don’t think you can
sell this, but she did. So she want to show you
some books that at home, this is why I say go home
and clean your house. You can be rich. And magazines. Cause you never know. Something will attract some people that are really interested in collecting. This is old programs. This one is sell $152 dollars, okay. And this one too, the old cassette. And even this one. Okay, some people, right. And this one actually. How much? $300 dollars. And this one. $2,000 dollars, alright. So this is why I say
clean your house today. Your mom will be happy and
you can make some money too. So don’t throw out anything, just sell everything on eBay. But some advice for you, let me go back. Start small, okay. That’s why I say start from
something that in your house. You don’t have to spend any money, okay, and make everybody happy. And something you’re familiar with. Because you need to write
down the description. And the description is very important when you sell anything. The more details, when you are familiar with something you can
write better description. So that is very important
for your customer. Okay. And you need to practice a lot of skills. Like for example, when you take photos, when you take photos
to post on the website, you need to practice what’s the angle that will be the better
or the lights, okay. And when you sell to the customers, what most of the time,
what kind of complaint they were have and how you deal with that. Or of course, sometimes you
will have some bad customers. They maybe they use that,
and then return to you. I know some people they do, they did that. Even the shoes, okay. They wore the shoes and
then sent back to you. So you have to set up your policy. What kind of policy will you have? This decided by yourself. You want to get just customer satisfied, or you just keep your principle that you don’t want to have
people taking advantage of you. And specialize. If you are good at something, especially nobody else, better can, can sell better that
kind of products menu, then you should go there. For example, Vicki mentioned
that I have a school for the American parents that
adopt children from China. There was a lady, a Chinese lady. Actually, I think that’s 15 years ago. She just came to America. She only had $2,000 dollars in her bank. So she asked me, she said, you know you, because I was the board
member of the adoptive family, so she really can get a lot
of products for those kids, of course for those parents too. But you know, so she saw the
website, called China Sprouts. She only sell the things for those for those very specific customers. But do you know how many girls
right now adopted in America? 70,000 thousand. Okay, so. And those parents they are so interested in those items, even books, tapes, toys, that relate to their children,
the adopted children. So she has very specific customer. And specific products. I just feel amazed. She charged $30 dollars. When if you send her your English name, she will translate to Chinese name. And of course print out
on a very beautiful paper, and she charged $30 dollars. Only that she can make a lot of money. So this creative, okay. So anything, okay. I think right now, especially you. Young, as young as you, you
have a lot of good ideas, just be creative. Think about, just think about
if you were those customers, what would be interesting
things for you to buy. Or need. Actually nobody need anything, but they like to buy things they like. So you have to think
about, listen to them. PayPal I already talk about that. Right now most you don’t
have to worry about that. And packing and shipping there is a, if you go to their shipping
center, or packing center, they will tell you different kinds of company that can do that for you. So you don’t have to worry about that. Even they can print out a shipping labels, they can track the package for you. So this is all advantage of
go through those big company. And there’re, of course I believe
there are others actually, other companies right now,
that are competitive with UPS. So you can find some
companies that you trust and maybe the price even better. That’s very important. And third party services. You can work with other
companies can help you to do the marketing, or inventory, or any details that you think
you are not good at them. Or in the beginning if you have money, you can use their services
and you’ll learn from them. For example, like your inventory, you take photos, maybe you’re
not good in taking photos, you can learn from them, and
then you can do it by yourself. So this is, you can not just
try everything by yourself. Right now when you go online, you can discuss with a lot of people. So this is a very good, practical business for
you to do right now. Jennifer also lists some mistakes that she hope that can
give everybody advice. The title, okay, the title
when you sell something or your store’s name, your title
is very important directly, and so people can find
you, that’s very important, or find your production is very important. And description, like I said. You have to, sometimes
when you sell something, maybe you pick an industry, you have to write down some good and bad. If there are some problems there, as long as you are honest
that you put everything there, then there is no problem. If those people there want
to buy that in that way, so you won’t get sued or
problems in the future. So description is very important, okay. And spelling errors, okay. And the price of course is very important. Photo is very important. You had better take photos
from different angles and of course show if
there is some problems of the products or the items,
you should show that too. Or the shipping fee. Right now people are spoiled. A lot of items they shipping free. So if you charge them shipping fee too much then they won’t buy that. And reply to questions is very important. People want to, they don’t know you. So you have to build up
the relationship with them. When they have question,
they ask question, if you don’t reply to them within one day, or even two hours, they just don’t know. They don’t trust you. They just say maybe this person is not existing or something. So that’s very important
that you make sure that you reply all the questions. And in a very good manners. And shipping promptly of
course is very important. So this is all, this is all some mistakes
that people made, so it is very practical
for you to avoid those. I appreciate Jennifer
putting those for us. So 10 tips for new eBay sellers. I hope that this weekend you can try to find something at home and try that. Do your homework. Go to eBay. Try to read their regulations, okay. The fee, how to register
for the PayPals, everything. And find something. Start from home, okay. So you don’t have to
get supplier right now. But I hope that you can be
familiar with different kind of, like Alibaba right now is very famous too. Just go to different kind of website to see how they design their website so you have an idea, comparison. The comparison is very important. And how fast they can go to the next page or they can reply to your questions. And start with what you know. Don’t try to sell
something that you don’t, you’re not familiar with because you have to answer the question. And choose the eBay item wisely. It means you have the name, okay. And complete description and sale terms. So you need to go to
similar, go to other website to find similar items and
see how people describe, you know to put in the description there. And their price, of course. You have to set up a
reasonable price, okay. And to learn about PayPal and ship. And keep good records. This is very important. You should have a system
to keep all your customers, and how you think would be easy for you to find your customers, your item, you have to know who and
what they like you know. You be familiar with them, you have to be friend of them. So maybe when they
complain about something, you can find their record,
and say this person, you know his or her taste, okay, and you can suggest her or him
that maybe similar products. Or give her advice about
how to maintain those items. And customer service. That’s very important in
any, even when you look for jobs or you make friends, you have to keep good
relationship to them. And build up your reputation,
that’s very important. And be business like. You have to learn how to
present yourself as a business, not just on Facebook. Start from Facebook
actually, Facebook right now a lot of people they do
with friends and family, but actually you can see
right now, Facebook you can, a lot of business they
do advertisements there. So go to those web, those page, and try to learn from them. What kind of language
you should put on there. Okay, keep learning, okay. Right now you really, you don’t
what will happen next year. One of my, there’s one
consultant in my office, she went to China, (microphone buzzes) she went to China, and she
visited a cooking school there. And she talked to the
school managers saying, how about we get some students for you from other country? So they say, okay, okay. There’s no contract, anything. So she just try. When she came back,
this is just last year, she came back she told me
she just set up a website and try to say, you know,
if you are interested to go to China to learn the cooking. And she told me after I think one month, she say really people send me the check from different countries. So she got 12 students within two months, and then she took them to China. And now she become the business there. Like every three months and
she have a group of students from all over the world
to just go to China. I just want to encourage
you don’t be afraid or don’t just spend your
time in those things that you cannot make money. Right now you should
learn how to make money with your talents and your time. Next one, I would like to talk about social media marketing. Cause right now is very important. Anybody use this one? Quora. Quora? Anybody know this one? Okay. Yeah I just learned this recently. So maybe you can go like other than the Facebook those already famous there. Here is anybody can ask question and anybody can answer the question. I find this very interesting too. So I just think we should be general. Generally you can
contribute your knowledge or experience in there. It’s very interesting website. Okay, this is too. You build up your reputation, okay. So when you see a question
and you think you can answer, you should show off there. The best way is to show
your knowledge there. And give credit to others too. So if, don’t steal somebody’s
answer and post there. And comment wisely. We are in a world that really dangerous. Anything you say or you write on those comments can
stay there maybe forever. And you never know how far they go, okay. So anything will come back to you. I always believe if
you say something good, it will come back to you good. If you say something bad, it
will come back to you bad. So just be careful that all
those things that you put. Informational not promotional. A lot of people they put on those website, or even Facebook, so many
friends that I just unfriend them because they just talk about
the same thing every day. So it’s waste, I feel
that it wastes my time. So a lot, of course if you’re a business, you want to promote your
products or your company, but don’t repeatedly. Or you need to give them a break. And if you get something,
get something bad, a reaction from your, from outside, don’t be discouraged. There are different kind of people, the problem is them, it’s not you. So you have to keep optimism. Stay professional. This one we already talk about. No matter where, you have
to think about people look at you as a business not a personal. Get in early. Means when you want to answer a question, you should get in early. Respect the community. No matter what kind of reaction you get, what kind of criticism you get. And expand your interests. When somebody has other questions, you can learn from them too. This one I got seven ways to target your social media activities. Do your homework. We already know that. There are so many right now. So you have to find your customers. Make sure you have conversation. You have to listen too. And don’t forget your local people. And don’t forget your blogs. Like we said before, everybody, I think that you will see a lot of the experts they repeat the same thing. Video, before we say photo, video is very important too right now. Especially a lot of how to do something, or people want to buy something. They don’t know how to put it on or they don’t know how to use it. If you have the video
then making it clear. Okay. And here, you don’t have to,
you can promote everything. Don’t forget that your whole community, and all your products. And monitor, you have to monitor too. This is another media marketing fails. It tells you why, why they make mistakes. Okay. Is it networking? So you have to remember like you talking to a real person there,
to real people there. You don’t just sell things to them. A lot of business they
just want to sell things. That’s the not correct marketing way. And you introduce yourself too. You don’t just talk about business. You have to let them feel that you are, you serve them, you are serving them, you try to help them, to
make their lives better. And take a break like I said. Give them a break. So you don’t have to post there
the same thing all the time. They know you are there. If they need you, they
will come back to you. And conversation. You have to listen to them. You have to find out what they want. This one too. You have to share. Holding back. Don’t be too serious. Sometimes put something
fun, a comic, a video. Okay, this is very
interesting article too. He said his dog, he took
his dog to the hospital to help the people, and he actually find that his dog help him, how to commute with people, how to make people like to, close to him. So it’s very interesting. So first one, like people afraid. So you have to make them feel comfortable. He mention that the dog actually, the dog feel that you don’t like him, he won’t stare at your
face or close to you, he will turn back and
sit down there quietly until you try to close to him. So that’s very interesting. That guy said you have your website there, people know you are there and when they need you,
they will come to you. That’s very important. And this one too. Just have to have patience,
don’t push to much. And have fun, okay. And this one of course you will get, sometimes you get some
criticism or bad reply, reaction to you, but you just think about that is their
problem not your problem. Okay. And email marketing, that I said before, don’t forget email. You send email to people they will hear that you are friendly to them. You still their friends. So start now. Okay. Like today I came here,
you have my email address, or I have your email address, I will send you the email. From my experience, normally about 10% of the attendees will reply to me. Okay, so actually for you right now, you have to think about what
do you want in your life. What kind of people you want
to connect in for your future? Like you listened to your
class, a lot of mentors, this is a good chance for
you because you are young and everybody try to help you. Not compete with you. When you really go to
the real world, nope. People is not so nice to you. Because you are compete with them. So right now is the best
time that you really learn from those success from people. And so start now. You make, you need time to make, to learn. Again everybody will make
mistakes in the beginning. So you need some experience, you have time to make some mistakes
so you can correct them. And this is Twitter. Anybody, how many of you are on Twitter? Not too many? Okay. This is an interesting, I saw
this article recently too. So Twitter they have some
tools can help your business. So I just think right now we are, we are in a world we really have to learn every day the new stuffs. But you also have to
something in your mind, you have your own idea how to
use those new technology tools to help you to make your dream come true. That’s really important, okay. So the search engine too. I think that all the details, like I mentioned before I
will send you the PowerPoint, so you don’t have to know. Just give you a concept. Encourage you to try it, okay. So how many of you will
try it this weekend? Okay, let me tell you a story. A lot of people they listen to my speech, but I really see a few of them, they become very successful
because they do it right away. They do what I say. So right now you have so many teachers, friends, everybody give
you a lot of information. But you have to do it. That’s very important. To do business actually the best way to learn is to do it, okay. Any questions? Oh it’s over. Any questions? No? Yes. – [Student] How do we
know what prices to set? Right that’s why I say you have to go to other websites to compare,
you know, to find out what, setting price is very important. Even if you go to the stores, you can see the price
setting is very important. That’s why so many stuffs
have something ninety-nine, five ninety-nine, seven ninety-nine, because psychologically
people will think it’s cheap. – [Student] What about old stuff? For example an old video game? How do you know what price to set? – Okay, I suggest that you start from, because right now you
actually don’t know the price, so you start from the cost. Like you spend maybe $10 dollars, and you say oh I spend
my time go to the store and set up this, at least
I want to make $5 dollars. So you can start from $15. Or like I said, people like
to bid from ninety-nine cents. So a lot of items on eBay
they are ninety-nine cents. And people bid up, okay. And you sell to the highest. But you can limit, say, I
won’t sell if this price, if the highest price is not $15 dollars. Okay you can start from ninety-nine cents, but you set up the maximum, yeah. Say if not up to $15
dollars then you won’t sell. – [Second Student] When will
you email us the PowerPoint? – Uhhh, let me see. Today is Wednesday, I think Friday probably. Friday, okay. – [Kasomenakis] Is there anybody else that wants to sign this sheet? – Oh right, please make sure
you have your email address. Neatly. I have a, several, right
right the same thing. An for SBA like I said,
we help you with the loan, with technical assistance,
we have a lot of courses, free online courses on our
website, so I will send you that information. Yes.

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