“the carrie diaries” makeup hair & outfits | carrie & dorrit bradshaw
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“the carrie diaries” makeup hair & outfits | carrie & dorrit bradshaw

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel for today’s video I’m so excited because I’m taking inspiration from one
of my favorite shows the Carrie Diaries and I’ll be recreating and not only
Carrie’s look but also Dorrit’s because I love Dorrit and plus I thought it was
really cool in the show whenever they had sister scenes how much their styles
differed from one another and because I’m using lots of makeup to get each
look I have partnered with the Revlon as part of the #Revlontourage and I love
working with Revlon because they always let me know about really cool trends so
this winter it’s about the mythical night trend and I’ll showcase how to get
it even if you’re more girly like Carrie or a more edgy like Dorrit, this trend is
super wearable and easy to achieve you just want to add a touch of ethereal
into an everyday glam look by bringing in shine using holographic highlighters
high shine gloss and metallic shadows and I’m using some really cool products
from Revlon like the Revlon Colorstay foundation this is great it leaves a
very smooth a perfected base and feels lightweight plus there is a formula for
normal to dry skin like I’m using or there also is an oily to Combo skin so
that’s really nice to have and the final products are for each look is the Revlon
cushion lip tint and this is really fun to apply it with the cushion the applicator
so I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you do make sure you give it a thumbs
up and subscribe for more beauty videos I love pop culture and just TV and film
so if you love that be sure to stick around and let’s get started
I’m starting off this Carrie look with the Revlon Jade Roller I’ve always
wanted to try one of these and Jade rollers reduce inflammation and
puffiness to the skin and lessen the appearance of circles under the eyes
especially if the roller is cold and it feels so nice
and then prepping the skin with the Revlon Photoready Rose Glow hydrating and
illuminating primer this boosts skin’s radiance and leaves a dewy finish plus I
love girly packaging so any pink sign me and for foundation and let’s use the
Revlon Colorstay foundation in the shade buff this is such a great foundation
pick because it’s comfortable lightweight and as I mentioned before
there are two different formulas one for normal to dry skin and another for combo
and oily so you can find a perfect shade and formula for your skin type and I’m
applying with a foundation brush building up in areas that I need a bit
more coverage and there we have it a perfected smooth base that that will
last adding a light shade of the Revlon Photoready concealer in fair to the high
points of my face to help accentuate Carrie’s point to your chin around the
nose to shorten it a bit high cheekbones and then she does have a taller nose
bridge than I do for some glow all over I love the Revlon insta blushes you guys
have seen these a lot on my channel and this is in the shade of berry kiss I
kind of blended it underneath the cheekbone and then blended upwards for
more color and dimension and of course Annasophia Robb has really nice
cheekbones so this will help grab attention to the cheeks and I like to
add touches of the berry kiss shade throughout the skin by patting tiny
amounts of the color through the nose forehead and chin so the color looks
harmonious all over like our skin naturally does when we blush and then
set in place with the Revlon Photoready translucent finisher and then the Revlon
Photoready powder in a darker powder shade
to warm up the skin and add depth and dimension apply this to the cheekbones
at jawline and down the neck and I’d like to add a little bit all over
because I felt I needed a bit of color to look good in this wig in character
recreations I like to add a bit of contouring so I’m using the Revlon
Photoready insta sculpt palette and sometimes I’ll add just the shadow
espresso on a tiny brush to create more of a dramatic nose divot shape similar
to Carrie for transformations but the photo ready insta sculpt palette is a
safer bet for a daily contour product this is just a fun step I like to do
that’s totally optional to help look a little bit more like the character just
to break it down I went with a thinner nose bridge deeper eye sockets and more
of a structured Square nose tip rather than rounded like mine and then next up
a Carrie has awesome full looking brows I’m trying out the new Revlon Colorstay
brow creator and I’m taking the smaller tip and adding in hair like strokes Plus
this is a multitasking brow tool with five Beauty benefits in one so you can
fill to find sculpt shape and diffuse really cool how you just twist and you
have some powder her brows are always brushed up and I
love the look of that they’re super full at the head and then slightly rounded
through the arch and this product is perfect for filling them in and my favorite time to apply some
shadows I love the color stay looks book palette in the shade insider these looks
book palettes are really cool and they are products that’s only online so I
will have an Amazon link down below this palette has gorgeous shades for every
day and then a pop of purple in here as well I think it’s a really great palette
for Valentine’s Day coming up I used the two shades up on screen to
add depth to the crease and then the deeper shade on the outer and inner
portion of the lid for more of a rounded effect the shadows have a smooth soft
feel to them and while I did use the shades quite minimally just to create a
bit of shadowing in depth the shades that do have intense color and are easy
to blend and finally let’s bring in the mythical light trend to get the ultra
glossy lips and shadow highlight started we’re gonna use a pop of the Revlon
Colorstay cream eyeshadow in cherry blossom and vanilla layered over top of
each other to catch the light I love the built-in
brush here these are a very mess free and the shadows are waterproof as well
giving super long wear for intensity I am using my finger with the shade
vanilla and am making sure to really get that pop in the middle using the palette again I am taking the
deepest shadow as a liner along the lashes and you can also tight line your eyes
with some black liner for extra full looking lashes I’ve applied some
fluttery falsies from Revlon off-camera Carrie has the longest lashes and they
really do open up her big green blue eyes and once we’ve added those just
blend in with the Revlon volumizing mascara this step really makes the
lashes look like they’re my own and I love how long in my natural bottom
lashes look here to add to the mythical light Revlon
Photoready highlighting palette in galaxy dream these shades are perfect to
add some light to the cheekbones nose and one more time I did add this to the
top of my lid I went with the pinky shade and I love the baby pink shift
this has it’s a super fun palette to have in your collection for a prismatic
glow and the powder is easy to blend and you can really choose the glow intensity
Carrie often rocked a very natural matte lip and many of her daytime looks so if
you want to keep the mythical light more minimal just pat on the matte is
everything by Super Lustrous a lipstick by Revlon this is the shade dare to be
nude for more of a glam cute pink pout this is the Revlon kiss cushion Lip tint
in the shade pink in real life, this baby pink shade is such a match to one of my
favorite looks from the show and while I’m not over lining here the Revlon a
cushion lip tints do make the lips appear fuller and feel super conditioned
infused with coconut oil to keep the lips moisturize in the winter especially
and last product to complement the shadow highlight the Revlon Super
Lustrous lip gloss in snow pink to the center of
the lips I love Revlon lipsticks and lip glosses so let me know what you think of
this trend I love the gloss and shimmery shadow
version but both are awesome daytime looks whether you’re a student or an
intern at a hot fashion magazine and I’m back to brown hair and this time
I’ve applied the Revlon Colorstay full cover foundation
this one has a matte finish and door it of course has tons of cute freckles so
I’m using the Revlon Colorstay brow pencil as my freckle maker this might
take a while so let’s speed it up out a couple specs at once and then blend in
with your finger just tap on top and this creates a very realistic looking
freckles to match the deeper lips we’re gonna add later on the Revlon powder
blush in ravishing Rose where the skin would naturally flesh through the bottom
of the cheeks towards brows are very natural and more
farther apart than mine I’m leaving my brows a little bit more full because I
am trying to grow them out and for shadows let’s blend the Revlon Colorstay
looks book eyeshadow palette in the shade player this is such a fun palette
with the bright blues and greens plus neutrals to create a balanced eye so
start with the lightest shade and bring forward the brow bone and also brighten
up the center of the lid I mixed a warmer brown shade and the golden shade
to the outer portion of the eye and then start to create depth with the color say
a cream eyeshadow in espresso this is again what I use sometimes for the nose
contour as well finally a little more darkness to the eyes with the color stay
at 2 and 1 angled Kajal liner in onyx I love blending from lightest to darkest
it does take a little longer but I feel like this makes sure the look is easy to
achieve and we want a metallic eye for the metallic eye and modern lip stain
version of the mythical light trend so with the same looks book palette use the
teal and fade from the tear duct through the upper lash line and slightly under
the bottom lashes pour liner that smoked out I love adding the deeper blue for a
multi-dimensional look on the outer corners also use a black liner to deepen
up right before using the Revlon volumizing mascara again I’m doing a
couple coats here on my natural lashes and let’s complete the look with the
Revlon kiss cushion Lipton in the shade not emos this modern lip stain and gives
a juicy tint with a bomb like finish and then it does dry to a natural blotted
lip look and then to match at the exact shade of Dorrit’s lips I decided to add
the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in the shade laughs Jerry this is a deep
wine shade with a cream finish so I’m mostly adding this to the top lip and on
the outer corners at the bottom I’m dabbing this lipstick so I have more of
a similar texture to the cushion Lip tint and Dorrit is my favorite character she
comes across very fiery but we know she’s sweet and her style was awesome I
recreated her long curls to complete the look and on screen you can see that I
added to the metallic look by adding a metallic polish as well and there you
have my Carrie Diaries inspired looks using the mythical light trend I had so
much fun with this and I want to know in the comments if you are more of a Carrie
or more of a Dorrit I feel like I’m both I just suppress my inner door it more
and also if you decide to try out this look please tag me because I love to see
ur faces and feature you in my videos so here are a couple of my new fave
recreation photos and I’ve loved working with Revlon over the past couple of
years I always am inspired when they send me a new trend and then I just kind
of find a way to bring some pop culture into it so here are a couple of my other
videos if you’ve missed them I feel like the door look reminds me of the Effy
Stonem look I also did for the graphic liner challenge threatenin so be sure to
check that out if you missed it and again thanks for all your support on
these videos and I’ll see you in my next one


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