THE FROG PRINCE – Bedtime Story For Kids | Full Story – Fairy Tale
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THE FROG PRINCE – Bedtime Story For Kids | Full Story – Fairy Tale

Tia, yesterday in our class my friend, Ben forgot to bring one of his text book and Ted offered to share his text book with him Ben promised Ted to help him in learning football after school but after school when Ted asked Ben to help as promised instead of helping Ben left for his home That’s Bad, One should always stand by their promises. But Tia, today again Ben forgot his text book and when he asked Ted to help Ted refused Tofu! We should be sensitive towards every human being You know we should always help people around Come, I’ll tell you a story! Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess in the kingdom of a very humble King The Princess was so pampered by her father that she turned out to be a little proud of the fact that she is a Princess Many a times the king asked her to be more humble towards the people around her because that the way a princess should be I know my little princess that you are my pampered child but you should be a little more empathetic towards other people Every body is same, its just that some are fortunate, some are not! But the princess just ignored what her father had to say and went out to play with the golden ball that her father had gifted her on her birthday She loved the ball but no sooner had she started playing that her ball bounced and went into a pond. Oh God! My favorite golden ball I would give anything to get back my favorite ball. ANYTHING! Hearing the princess cry out loudly a frog leaped up and sat on a lotus leaf and said Princess, I just saw what happened I will get the golden ball back for you but you have to promise me something. how in the world did this slimy frog talk The princess only wanted her ball back so she hurriedly said “Yes” What is it that you want in return? I want you to take me back to your palace and pamper me I would eat with you, play with you and sleep in bed with you. The princess was horrified at the very idea and had no intention of doing any such thing She agreed to the condition as she thought the frog would not be able to reach the palace on his own and she had no intention of taking him along with her She told him to hurry and get the ball back and waited with bated breath for her golden ball The frog jumped into the pond and in no time at all came back with the golden ball She took the ball from him and ran back to her palace as fast as she could Princess Come back. You promised to take me with you You can’t break your promise. But the princess ignored to his calling and ran as fast as she could She was relieved when she reached her room and soon forgot all about the frog At night while she was having dinner with her father there was a loud knock on the door Open the door , oh Princess! It’s me the frog from the pond You promised to keep me with you Being a true princess you should keep up to your promise now Who is that and what does he want? The princess, being a little scared of her father told him about the afternoon incidence and how she broke her promise. You are a true Princess my love and you should keep up to your promise, no matter what Feeling helpless, the princess opened the door and let the frog enter He hopped on to the seat next to her and asked her to let him eat from her plate The frog ate, till his tummy was full. But the princess couldn’t eat a single bite thinking about the slimy frog eating from her plate Then the frog asked her to carry him to her bedroom and let him sleep in her bed Unwillingly, she picked him up in her hands and went upstairs The frog jumped on her bed and snuggled cozily in her huge soft bed The next morning the princess got up to find the frog missing from her bed Happily she hopped from her bed, thinking that the ordeal was is over But as the night fell, the knock again happened and again the frog ate from her plate and slept in her bed. Feeling sad about sharing her food and bed she went to her father and asked him if she could stop now The king again told her that a promise was a promise and can not be broken It was the third night, when the frog came in again to eat and sleep in her bed But the next morning the princess was astonished to see that the frog was not in her bed and a handsome young prince was standing next to her bed. What? Who are you ? where is the slimy frog? Dear Princess it’s me the frog A witch cast a spell on me that could be broken only if a Princess would let me eat in her plate and sleep in her bed for three nights You broke that spell by keeping your promise and here I am standing in front of you I am the prince from the Neighbouring country. Would you like to be my wife? Not able to resist the handsome prince she said yes, but had something more to say Oh! prince, i would love to be your wife but how could you forgive me for being so rude to you? She was guilty like hell but the Prince was a humble man Oh! My dear princess i can understand your reasons and am ready to forgive you but you have to promise me that in future You won’t judge anybody by the way one looks or the job one does every one is equal. and thats have they should be treated equally Saying this the prince took her in his arms and decided to take her to his kingdom where they lived happily ever after. Oh! Tia, you are right we should always keep our promises and help people in need Thanks for the lovely moral story. Come Tofu let’s go and play some games now


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