The Hunt – 18 DAYS
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The Hunt – 18 DAYS

Alright, both of you! That’s enough! No! I’m not done with him yet!! Let go of me! Maybe we should just let them settle this. Probably
the only real fight we’ll see tonight anyway. Bhima!! Okay, okay. Get off of me. I’m done. Enough, okay? Do you guys hear that? It’s the Rakshasa! Move!! RAAAAWRRRR!!!!!! My leg! I’m pinned! Duryodhana – grab the sword! Aaaaahhhhh! I…I… (Offscreen) You have to do it, Duryodhana. Quickly, kill the beast! No…no – I…I can’t. RUN!! No!! Help me…please…! No! No! No no no!! You want him? You’ll have to go through me first, demon! Come on!!! EEEEEeeeeeee May you have a better life in the next one. Master Drona – I’m sorry… It’s Duryodhana who should be sorry. You can steal a man’s sword, boy, but you
can’t steal the courage to wield it. That has to be earned. You may keep my sword Vinashak, Arjuna. A warrior who protects the weak even when facing certain
death brings honor to our code of super warriors. Tomorrow, I shall start to teach you how to actually fight with the sword. Time passes. But I know his hatred for me has not. It fuels him. And I fear it will undo us all.


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