The Little Mermaid Fairy Tales And Bedtime Story | The Little Mermaid Song For Kids
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The Little Mermaid Fairy Tales And Bedtime Story | The Little Mermaid Song For Kids

Tia… aren’t you going to your friend’s party? No, Tofu Mummy has asked me to stay home with you tonight because she and Papa will be returning home late Oh, no! I am sorry Tia. Because of me you can’t go to your party Its okay Tofu Sometime, we have to sacrifice things for the ones we love. Just like the Little Mermaid. Little Mermaid? Is it a story? Tell me, Tia! Please! Once upon a time there was a sea kingdom at the bottom of the sea The King of the Seas had six beautiful daughters who were mermaids They were all very beautiful But the youngest of them was the prettiest of them all She had a gentle face, big round eyes and a voice sweeter than anyone else’s in the world When the little mermaid turned 15 years old her grandmother called her to her room. Come, my darling Today you have turned 15. And from now onwards, you can go to the world above Just remember the people above are very different from us They do not have a beautiful fishtail like us, instead they have two legs. Thank you Grandmother I have waited for this day for so long When I return, I will tell you about everything I see above That night the little mermaid went to the surface of the water The sight of the stars and the cool breeze that touched her face, took her breath away She was just getting used to the feeling when she saw a big ship cross in front of her Aboard it were many men and they were celebrating the birthday of the young Prince who had just turned 16 The little mermaid was mesmerized with the handsome looks of the prince She couldn’t take her eyes off him as the ship sailed past her. She was so lost in him that she did not notice the storm build up in the sky and the sea begin to rage The ship had only sailed a little further when the storm shook it up. The sailors tried to steer it to safety but many men including the Prince fell into the sea. The little mermaid rushed to him and saved him from drowning She took him ashore. Don’t worry! You are safe. Open your eyes But the Prince lay unconscious. The mermaid decided to get help When she couldn’t get any, she came back to where the Prince was. She saw him surrounded by many people. A beautiful Princess was kneeling by him as others worked to awaken him. The Prince opened his eyes and the little mermaid was relived that her Prince will be saved now You save my life, thank you The Prince knew nothing about the little mermaid He didn’t even know that it was she who had actually saved his life This broke the mermaid’s heart She went back to her father’s home She told her sisters and grandmother, what had happened. Forget him child Humans and we are very different. To be with him forever you will have to get him to love you more than anything else he loves in the world Even more than his own parents. How will that ever happen? Think about it But the little mermaid could not forget the handsome Prince Every night she visited the spot where she had laid him after saving his life One day she decided to visit the witch in her father’s kingdom Maybe she knew a way that the mermaid could be with the Prince. Yes, there is a way! I can send you to the land above the sea You will lose your fishtail and have legs If, by the second sunset you can get the Prince to love you more than he loves his parents then you can be with him forever Otherwise you will die and become foam in the sea But, in return you must give me your voice. But without my voice, how will I make the Prince fall in love with me? You still have your pretty face and eyes. You will also be the most beautiful dancer any one has ever seen. Now go! In a flash the mermaid found herself on the land Her fishtail turned into human legs It caused her pain but she could not even scream because the witch had taken her voice away Somehow the mermaid made her way to the Prince’s castle There was a big celebration going on there But the guards would not let the mermaid enter because they didn’t know who she was and she couldn’t answer them when they asked her about it. So she was not allowed to enter. Somewhere in the castle, music started playing Remembering what the witch had said about dancing little mermaid started dancing. Oh! I have never seen anyone dance so beautifully Maybe she has come to dance for the Royal family in the celebrations. Oh! She is a dancer, let me take her to the court Once the mermaid reached the royal court she saw that the celebration was for the wedding of the Prince Little mermaid was heart broken She thought the only way of meeting the Prince now would be to dance and draw his attention towards her And so, she performed a beautiful dance for the Royal family When the Prince saw her, he came up to her Hello young lady, I have seen you in my dreams. Who are you? In his heart, the Prince hoped that she would be the one who had saved him from drowning He longed to hear the voice that had saved him when he was dying. But no sound came out when the little mermaid tried to reply. Forgive me. I think I am confused between you and someone else But, please do join us. The Prince led her to the ship on which the wedding was going to take place Many people spoke to her but she could not answer anyone The Princess was especially kind to her and took special care of her. I know you saved the Prince that day Thank you, because of you, I have found the love of my life Please always stay with us The little mermaid saw that the Princess and the Prince loved each other and were very happy together She decided not to pursue the Prince anymore he belonged to another woman Although her heart ached to let him go she happily attended the wedding and all the celebrations that went on throughout the next day Soon it was evening The second sunset was about to happen The little mermaid knew, she would die and become foam on the sea. As she stood there looking at the Prince and his Princess she heard some voices behind her She turned around to see. Her sisters were there in the water But all of them had very short hair now instead of the long flowing locks they used to have earlier. Sisters! What are you doing here? We have come to save you! We went to the witch. In exchange of our hair she gave us this knife. If you stab the Prince through his heart before sunset, you can be saved. Handing the knife to the youngest sister all the other sisters vanished under the water once again The little mermaid stood there, holding the knife to her heart she looked at the newlyweds once again. She knew what she had to do As the sun set, she tossed the knife into the sea Goodbye, my love. And so, for the happiness of her beloved Prince the little mermaid sacrificed her own life and joined the sea as foam. Tia! That is such a beautiful story. It shows how much the little mermaid loved the Prince. Thank you for not going to the party and staying with me That’s because I love you! my little brother I love you too! my darling sister, Tia


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