The NEW Amazon Alexa Alarm Clock…
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The NEW Amazon Alexa Alarm Clock…

So you guys know I’ve been in two different smart home stuff all year I picked up an Amazon echo in a Google home earlier in the year. I just grabbed the brand-new IHome IAvs 16 and what’s cool about this is it’s an alarm clock with Alexa built-in Let’s jump on it if you guys want to check it out. I’ll leave it linked down below and big Thanks to iHome for actually sponsoring this video so right now There’s not really any other alarm clocks with Alexa or voice assistance built-in so on the unit here We actually got a ton of stuff. We got this kind of hybrid of analog meets digital That’s how I’m explaining it since it’s an alarm clock It’s also got some smart features, so we got our screen here and what I like about This is you can just wake up in the morning and just quickly glance and find out the time versus some of these other smart Home devices where you got to ask it what time it is you don’t need to on this one and also There is this fat speaker wrapped all the way around The alarm clock unit so we’re gonna try that out in a second because from what I’ve heard It’s actually louder than the actual Amazon echo, that’s insane. And then at the bottom We got this light strip, which is customizable not only within the app But it can sync and change to your music so when you wake up in the morning (ESKETIT) Not only are you getting your favorite song? But it’s going along and vibe into the color you pick so at the top here This is where things get really funky We got our mute button just in case the person you’re with happens to be named, Alexa (Who Even Has That Name?) And you don’t want that trigger (TRIGGERED) And you know that would just be the worst that would really be the worst You got your Alexa call button so you can just hit that and she’ll trigger Volume up volume down next track rewind Bluetooth call I mean all the stuffs really self-explanatory play pause and then my favorite feature okay My second favorite feature is this light button here, so say you got the lights going up all night And you want to turn them off cuz it’s annoying and you need to get some sleep BAM my favorite feature is these two programmable buttons right here Which I’ll show you how that all goes down in the app in a second But what’s really sweet on this and something that some of the other Smart Home competitors don’t have is a built-in USB port in the back (OMG) I can’t tell you guys how convenient this is having it set up on my nightstand and getting the new iPhone 13 (Lol) They just set your boy this it’s just as simple as plugging it in your phone’s charging And if you’re a student like me sometimes not all the power outlets actually work. You’d be surprised half the time They don’t even work So it’s good to know you got your alarm clock and your phone charging one of my favorite features on the I home is just being able to set new alarms with your voice I Don’t know about you guys but when I try to like Set alarms on my iPhone there are Hundreds of them here so when it goes off in the morning instead of having to like check my iPhone and possibly like Getting distracted and not getting that extra 10 minutes of sleep that I need I’m seeing emails I’m seeing text all pop-up, and I’m not gonna get that extra sleep so when the alarm goes off I’m gonna take a quick like 1 minute nap here 3 Hours Later. Geez it’s already that time so when the alarm goes off instead of having to reach over to your nightstand And hit the snooze button its 2017 we live in the day and technology (And Trump) I can just be like Alexa snooze Snoozing (Robotic Voice) and just like that Go back to back to bed. I told you guys about those programmable buttons earlier, and how there’s actually an app So let’s jump on into this thing here the first thing is you can actually turn Alexa on and off so if you just want To use this as a standard alarm clock you’re chilling you can do that I mean who we can you’re gonna wanna have her on she’s a part of your life now You can also listen to music so I Heart Radio Apple music and Spotify I got PMB rocks new album all queued up Let’s see how this thing sounds and if it’s actually louder than the echo This is the half volume (Me When I Have To Go To School) That’ll wake you up in the morning if that doesn’t wake you up I don’t know what to tell you your music will definitely be bumping and it’ll be enough to get you up in the morning Trust me on that Kyle’s ears. Just got blasted so to set one of these programmable buttons up You’re just gonna hit the Settings button at the bottom go into smart buttons here triangle button or square equal opportunity over here (#SquareLivesMatter) And then you’re gonna go into audio when it Spotify that’s just my media source now. What’s sweet is I can go back and actually set color modes so this light bar at the bottom You can customize it so I want to kind of go into one color I just like one color in the morning when I wake up. I’m feeling blue (If I Was Green I Would Die) gotta get hype so when I hit the triangle button Just like that baby right business One of the other features on here is when you play music you can actually customize this in the programmable buttons like this thing is Super customizable, we go to caller mode fast change one color or pulse to music look at it the lights are changing to the music It’s pretty sweet and unlike some of these other smart home devices This is pretty sweet because not only can you play your own music and it’s a smarter alarm clock? But you can also listen to like white noise or the ocean waves if that helps you go to sleep so it’s and tones Right here, I’m gonna go to ocean SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Lake Michigan is lit Wow gee this right here is definitely the world’s smartest alarm clock That’s pretty sure for this video make sure you get subscribed With Notifications to turned on and comment down below if you’re just joining the notification squad make sure following us on Instagram And don’t miss the insta story because that’s where the crews hanging out. I’m gonna go back to bed now bye (Sleep Well)


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