THE RAREST TOY IN THE WORLD! $10,000 Minecraft Ebay Mystery Box Toy
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THE RAREST TOY IN THE WORLD! $10,000 Minecraft Ebay Mystery Box Toy

how do I look guys do I look like
minecraft Steve alright guys I’ve saved the best for last
another item that I did not know existed but this is probably the coolest
minecraft toy in existence hey yo what’s going on everyone it’s Bob take your
property with me and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are
doing another Mystery Box challenge that’s right guys we have the mind crap
Mystery Box challenge right here and today we’re gonna be opening up in this
video and checking out all the cool Minecraft goodies we have inside now you
guys have been so awesome with our recent mystery box challenges and every
single one we’ve crushed our Lakeville up 25,000 likes and if you guys wants to
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here but without further ado guys we need to open this up and we need to get
inside cuz there are some great minecraft goodies in here and maybe even
a chance to win big mine so let’s open it up Logan
hand me my cutting tool okay this is not a cutting tool this is a nerf gun how am
I supposed to cut this box open with a nerf gun it bounces off the box Oh Logan I need
my cutting tool please okay this is not a cutting tool welcome this is a
Nintendo switch this is very expensive console you do not use this as a cutting
tool alright no no I need okay I take that back Logan you were
right Lin Tendo switch works is a cutting toy work we cut into it so now
it is time to open this up and see all of our Minecraft goodies let’s see what
we got we’ll do there’s lots of stuff in here this is a heavy box it is that’s
actually really big which is great for us with these lots of goodies alright
let’s open up all the sides here and then I’m gonna put my hand in as this
tradition feel around and find something I can grab for our first okay there’s
something right here I’m gonna grab it right off the bat we have oh it’s a bow
and arrow fires up to 20 feet oh it’s like a Minecraft bone really do that is
sweet let’s open this up and test this thing out this looks awesome
alright check this out we got the microphone alright good actually let’s
do that smarter on but you don’t have you got t-shirts alright let’s just
pretend there’s a creeper coming at me ready he’s coming his friend he’s trying
to break into our house and I go no mr. creeper stop I just want to point out
right off the bat that was not 20 feet that was like it made like 5 feet and
then it just stopped alright so this did not launch 20 feet
at all Logan what do you what would you give that like 5 feet the 10 feet all
the way back here they kind of angle it 20 feet I don’t think this thing could
take on a chicken I mean it’s cool like it looks cool and it like it’s cool a
goes in here like this and you’ve got like the boat here and it looks exactly
like a Minecraft Botero really everything about it looks really cool
but it but any fire it’s like let’s go into the next item oh dude I’m excited
let’s see what’s in here hands going in feeling around 3 2 1 yo we got my grub
hanger bags he’s like my favorite thing in the world dude yo these work don’t
all right so you open this up guys and you’ll have a chance to get one of these
dudes on the back yard one in every 48 packs you can get a chase figure chase
figures are worth real big money so we’re gonna open these up and see what’s
inside place your bets in the comments guys who
do you think we’re gonna get we’re gonna get the witch the horse diamond Alex
iron golem any of these guys here I’m gonna say this dude
if we get Diamond Alex I’ll be sweet the horsey would be pretty cool too
I’ll take the horsey diamond Alex and maybe like the slime all right three two
one we have oh that’s actually not bad that’s sick
look at that guys we got the the crafting table that is pretty sweet I
don’t know if there’s any more in here but we have a third one here I’ll put my
hand back in after but this might be our last one so let’s open this up here come
on time and Alex time and Alex it’s another bunny I don’t want two bunnies
this one has to be Diamond Alex or chase finger three two one it is yo high-five diamond Alex that is so
sweet all right what we got diamond Alex guys
that means I’m satisfied with these packs and we got two bunnies which are
pretty cool so let’s put our hand back in and see what the next item is cuz
there is a lot of stuff in here alright guys hands going back in let’s
do we got here oh I feel I feel two things I can’t really want to look but I
think I know what they are what dude check it out let’s open this
up let’s see what these look like look actually if you think about it my
mine’s better than yours you know why this is with the sword you could only
fight with a pink build I could like mine this and get rock and then build a
huge fortress and you’re gonna sit there with your sword and be like I wish I had
a cool base the diamond sword – that is awesome guys alright well we definitely
have to use these let’s put these aside and see what else we got in here but
those are really cool I like that alright guys hands going back in let’s
see what the next item on the list is and it is Greek – what whoa what is it
what is it a spawn egg with a Minecraft figure inside that sounds pretty cool
alright let’s open this up and see what this is okay so I don’t really know how
this works it’s like a ball which supposed to be
like a spawn egg and then pull this up whoa
who’s really a beard what does happen or do you like you know oh dude look at
that inside we have but it’s it it’s like a little villager oh that’s a baby
zombie yeah that’s actually really cool chica I think I feel another 100 – check
it out a second spawn egg okay y’all at least now we know how these work all
right let me open this alright dude I’ll let you do the honors pull down on it oh
let’s see what you got dude here you pull the other half already three two
one oh there are little babies which is awesome which I mean I guess make sense
because this is a spawn egg but this is pretty cool so I don’t really know what
you would do with it I guess you could like put them on here and just like have
a like this in your room but it’s kind of cool to have them inside the spawn
egg I think it’s a really neat kind of features so alright we got your back boo
mystery box here we got some more items inside and it looks like there’s a lot
of goodies in here some of my hand in how do I go for the small stuff first I
wanna save the big stuff Oh what’s this well this fuel whoa dude it’s like a
solid pickaxe made of plastic minecraft transforming diamond sword slash pickaxe
one it’s both a sword and a pickaxe dude check this out so look guys it’s a
pickaxe you know I’m going along pickaxe and my stuff like mining for wood and
all that kind of cool stuff but then if a zombie comes along just quickly go mmm
she oh look at that transforms into a sword now you do wheel with this sword
here which is awesome you got the two diamond swords or let’s just say you
need a pickaxe all you do is you press down on this boom just like that have
this they should make this in the game that’d be cool it’s actually really
awesome and it’s like solid plastic but alright guys we have a lot of really
cool Minecraft items here but there’s still more inside here so let’s keep
going dude so I think I know where this theme is
going that’s why they gave us all these minecraft items because they want to be
minecraft people in real life check it out I don’t I don’t know this also looks
like it might be for children so we might have bought the child’s mystery
box but Lenny wait let’s try it out 5 min eaten a dam definitely is for
children I’m literally rippy I feel like The Incredible Hulk in this okay and
then I know this hat works this is fancy it’s a fancy helmet how do I look guys
do I look like minecraft Steve alright yeah alright way I’ve got training sword
mode ready to fight zombies we did take out the ender dragon if I could fit in
this which I don’t you got they got to make this armor a little bit bigger and
this hat is kind of hurting me maybe we don’t we don’t wear this costume this is
a bit of a child’s costume and I don’t getting out of this all right guys next
up in the box I see another costume piece here oh this
one I might actually be aware oh it’s my grab Steve out of cardboard that’s so
cool wait wait wait I just had a good idea I feel like we have to do a
Minecraft box for it oh dude that’d be sweet like a Minecraft themed box for it
guys we could even do like Minecraft versus fortnight that would be sick argh
as if you think we should do that if you think that’s a good idea
smack the like button down below and put a hashtag minecraft in the comments and
we’ll know you guys wants to do a Minecraft box for it let me super
quickly on boxes it’s to looks like I feel cool feel like my crap alright my
hands going inside the box we have a creeper alright I’m gonna put on the creeper
costume back okay I think this was meant for a six-year-old Jake yeah I think
that’s I think a lot of the cost she was in this mystery box slash I mean I make
sense the mystery box would be for children so all the costumes are kit
sizes which we probably should have thought of but either way there’s some
kind of fun and like do we this is awesome alright well now we have both
our costumes we’ve got the armored Steve as well as the armored creeper and a
bunch of really cool Minecraft items we got a continue on here cuz it looks like
there’s some really cool stuff in here alright guys next up is what is it it’s
a little pup puppy no it’s as my craft Steve cool
I’ll open this up really quickly and check it out alright well there you go
it’s kind of like a little mini pop bigger um more of an action figure I
guess you could say he doesn’t really do anything but it looks cool so I don’t
pretty sweet addition to the Minecraft mystery box tons of awesome microphones
especially if you’re a big minecraft fan like myself
you’d love all this stuff but there is some more cool stuff in here so I’m
gonna put my hand back in see what we got next time I can see something runs
bad dude I’m gonna go it’s another one of those things that’s just kind of for
looking at but check it out we got a minecraft Xbox controller
it’s the piggy which I don’t have yet so this is perfect dude check it oh that is
actually so cool this little piggy you know the backs gonna get a like that’s
are you going well it’s a really cool microcontroller I’ve seen these around
so it’s actually pretty sweet to have it in person now and I really like the back
feature you guys remember in a previous mystery box we got the creeper one which
was also just as cool so definitely a cool addition to the collection but we
got more in here guys so let’s put the hand back in I’m trying to go for the
small stuff because I see two big things and I want to save those for last so
this is our last kind of small thing see what it is three two one
almost at the camera it is minecraft light up diamond or what check it out
its actual orb for Minecraft that lights up as diamond that’s sweet oh we gotta
test this out guys looks so cool it’s like a Minecraft nightlight that
actually lights up like in the game alright guys so check it out here is the
minecraft nightlight / light up or and the way it works now it doesn’t really
make much sense for diamond or but it’s just like redstone and it would make a
lot more sense but check this out so you know you get the ore here and let’s say
you go mine it with your with your pickaxe you hit it it lights up how cool
is that and you can actually hit it a few times and it lights up even brighter
alright guys next up on the list and second-last in this mystery box I’m
saving the best for last because I can already see it now because the whole box
is open but check this out I have no idea this even existed in the Minecraft
world dude it’s minecraft Hot Wheels dude this is it’s a big mineshaft I’ve
not really seen Hot Wheels look like this before but yeah it’s like a big
block and it looks like it’s spinning or something and you use the minecarts
actually we all drive in so I think we’re gonna open this up and check it
out cuz this looks really sweet and I had no idea this existed alright guys so
check it out this is the Hot Wheels Minecraft track now it’s not really like
a regular Hot Wheels I’ve never really seen this before but from the
instructions it looks like you have your mine card here which is really cool it
goes all around like this super fast minecart and then you put your little
dude in here like so so he just kind of fits in there and then he’s just all
ready to ride around and then if you put him in the side here he’s gonna go out
the side which is pretty cool it looks like to get the full experience you need
to buy a bunch of these become did a quick google search and it looks like to
get the most fun out of it well there’s like multiple ones of these that you use
these connectors for so they’ll actually like connect together so we can go from
like this section to I it was like an icy one as well but I do kind of like
the one that we found out here where you just kind of goes through the side door
and pops out the other side which is pretty sweet so definitely a cool
addition to the Minecraft mystery box and I never
see this before so definitely a neat new toy that I didn’t even know about
existed but all right guys let’s go back to the mystery box because we have one
last item the biggest the greatest item out of them all let’s go check it out
here it is it is an RC gas how cool is this so this actually flies just like a
really in the game and look this controller dude look how cool that is
it’s like an actual mind controller with like little sticks like Minecraft and
skål these cool buttons on it as well so I’m gonna go ahead and launch this thing
let’s see how it flies we should go out back really quick and
see what it does outside here we go guys three two one dick I think I may have to take this
thing out with my bow and arrow take it out man all right we’re in the
nether you gotta get it do you need good psychic is another man we’re taking this
thing out but this is so cool it’s exactly like in the game this is
definitely a sweet addition to our RC arsenal and guys if we do that minecraft
box for it which by the way don’t forget to like the video if you want that this
will definitely be needed in it cuz this is a cool enemy to take out especially
since we have the bow and arrow we get at long-range this pretty much wraps up
or minecraft mystery box this was a super-sweet mystery box and as a huge
minecraft man I absolutely love this thing and if you guys did too
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see all of you guys next time for another awesome video


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