The REAL Reason Why The Media Isn’t Talking About The Amazon Rainforest
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The REAL Reason Why The Media Isn’t Talking About The Amazon Rainforest

Hello my friends and welcome back to InformOverload,
the channel that looks to keep the news fun and entertaining while also informing you
about what’s going on in our wonderful world. I’m your host Jarred Bronstein, and today,
we’re going to be talking about why the mainstream media hasn’t been talking about
what’s happening in the Amazon Rainforest. But before we jump into it, be sure to subscribe
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video where I’ll reply to some of my favourite comments from a previous video. If you guys haven’t seen our other Amazon
Rainforest videos, be sure to check those out so you have a much better understanding
of what’s going on. But in a short summary, the Amazon Rainforest
has been burning for about 3 weeks now. It’s not uncommon for this to happen, but
the rate at which it’s burning has become quite alarming. What’s more, Brazil’s President, Jair
(ZJA EAR) Bolsonaro encouraged the fires in the first place, by allowing farmers to burn
their land to clear it for harvesting and farming. Although this is a normal practice, it’s
technically illegal, and now that the fires have gotten out of hand, it seems not only
has President Bolsonaro has discredited statistics, but he doesn’t seem too concerned. When shown the data that there’s been an
80% increase in fires in the country this year alone, not only did he dismiss it saying
it’s just the time of year that the wildfires happen, but he was also quoted saying  “I
used to be called Captain Chainsaw. Now I am Nero, setting the Amazon aflame.” Although Brazil’s President doesn’t seem
too worried, people all over the world have been tweeting out information and statistics
about the importance of preserving the Amazon Rainforest. These statistics include that 20% of the Earth’s
oxygen comes from it, many different plants and venoms from snakes, which are only found
in the amazon, can be used medicinally, and that the Amazon Rainforest is vital in slowing
down climate change. But if this is really such a catastrophic
event, why isn’t there much mainstream media coverage ? Well, since the hashtags Pray for
Amazonia and Pray For The Amazon have started trending on twitter, the likes of CNN, BBC
and USA Today picked up on the story. 3 weeks late. But why? Well there’s a few reasons, one of them
being President Donald Trump. Now let me clarify something here before I
go any further. I’m not attacking the president, nor do
my political beliefs matter. I’m simply going to state why I think media
hasn’t covered this story, and then give reasoning, supported by facts, to back what
I’m about to say. So President Trump has stated in the past
that he believes “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese
in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” He has, more recently, admitted he’s skeptical
about climate change, but doesn’t seem completely sold on it. So what does this have to do with Brazil and
the wildfires in the Amazon Rainforest? Well, the Amazon Rainforest is considered
the World’s lungs, providing it with 20% of it’s Oxygen. It’s also been reported by the World Wildlife
Fund, or the WWF, that if the Amazon Rainforest were to completely burn down, it would start
emitting carbon instead of being a source of oxygen, which would just increase the rate
at which climate change is happening. To tie it all together, many major news outlets
such as Fox, and The Wall Street Journal haven’t covered the story at all, and as recent as
just a couple days ago, the likes of CNN, Guardian, and BBC covered the story for the
first time. And here’s why, it doesn’t fit with Trump’s
agenda. He’s known to not care much for climate
change, so why would a conservative, pro-Trump outlet, such as Fox News, cover a story that
Trump doesn’t necessarily agree or have an issue with ? Aside from this, Trump has
been trying to strengthen the US’ relationship with Brazil, so why would he want to call
out Brazil’s President ? It would be a bad look. Especially for two conservatively run governments. But then why has it taken so long for other
media outlets, such as CNN, BBC and Guardian to report on the story? Well as sad as it is, I genuinely believe
it’s a matter of if it doesn’t hit home, it’s not of importance. What do I mean by that? Let’s use the example of the California
Wildfires. Any news station you turned on, was covering
it. Celebrities were tweeting out that they had
to evacuate their homes, and fundraisers were made to help the people of California. Of course, when something affects you directly,
you’re going to act immediately. But just because the fires are happening on
the other side of the world, doesn’t mean it won’t affect us in the long run. Truthfully, we should want to help those in
need because that’s human nature. But if that’s not enough, the destruction
of the Amazon Rainforest, as previously mentioned, would just lead to climate change happening
at an accelerated rate. Now I understand why US news outlets wouldn’t
cover local news in Brazil, but when it comes to a catastrophic event, like the Amazon Rainforest
burning at the rate of an entire soccer field and a half, every minute of every day, well
I think it should be covered. Unfortunately, we live in a country where
what the Kardashians are doing, and how much the best athlete in a league is getting paid
is more important than real issues, such as these fires. Another reason it may not be getting much
coverage, is because this is a normal occurrence. There are wildfires every year. But they don’t seem to spread as rapidly
as they’re currently spreading. So maybe that’s why some news outlets are
just now starting to cover the story. They didn’t realize it was going to be as
big of an issue as it’s turned into. But now that it’s gotten to a point of emergency,
I think it’s time for the world to come together, raise awareness and do their part
in helping those in need of help. As always I’d love to hear your thoughts
on this situation in the comments down below. I’m already prepared to be attacked because
of my Trump comments, which is fine. I don’t really see what I said that would
offend someone, but I look forward to having a conversation with you guys in the comment
section down below. Or just having people call me names and not
conversing. Which is fine too. But on a lighter note, let’s respond to
some comments from our updated video on the Amazon Rainforest Candace C said This breaks my heart all those
poor animals losing their homes, dying. Rough said Imagine all the endangered species
that have not been discovered yet just die Dylan Lack said I haven’t really seen it on
aus news. I could be wrong but haven’t seen a peep on
local news. Like/subscribe


  • Daizn

    why did i get an email from youtube saying in september 18th you will no longer be able to comment. i’m from England but i wonder if anyone had got this same email

  • HPgeekgirl

    I'm definitely not against you with trump. I personally hate him and hope he isn't voted for president next year. he's the type of person who will completely deny something that's obviously killing us all and ruining the world, even if it's happening horribly infront of his face.

  • i will boop you, bitch

    goddamn it this is how we're going to die, from climate change. we're going to die in 30 years anyways so might aswell end it before that happens

  • TheDukSystem Qwakers

    I think the fact that even people in Brazil hadn't heard of it, maybe other countries as well as news outlets hadn't heard either
    Thus very little news coverage

    I can't find any news in the UK about this posted before your first video


  • H4ckerman 420

    Trump has always been an idiot, and people are afraid to call him out on it because of his extremely passionate supporters. A man who ignores science when it suits him is a man who should not be leading a country. Donald Trump is not a good man.

  • Alien X

    All it would take from them KARTRASHIANS is 1 tweet about this and loads of people would see and talk about it…but then again they only want money..imagine just 1 tweet from talentless Kylie and the world would listen but nah their ALL too money hungry talentless airheads……

  • My Taekook Romance

    Isn't this weird? Last year we had huge wildfires in California around this time as well. And now it's the Amazon? It's very weird and seems fishy, especially since the climate there isn't right for fires to spread this much, or even start naturally at all.

  • Darren Byrne

    We are nothing but a bunch of a***wipes when it comes to the mother earth. We treat it like crap hole. Won't be long until she bites back. It's all about the money and the power it gets you and f**k everything and everyone. Trump and people like him are never gonna give a second thought for the planet. Just the way it is. And we wanna colonise over planets . We can't even look after this one. All the time we've got people like the president of Brazil looking after the earth(not) we are doomed. There is only so much mother earth can take. She is gonna give us a kick in the nuts and when that happens….well need I say more. We are D**KS it's our nature.

  • just a human

    A tree or anything should be put on fire near all those sleeping people once they suffer from the smoke and face other problems they might wake up and at least the leader of such a country should pay attention to it and the term global warming was not created by any country and someone just tell the president of Brazil about all those events to protect environment in Brazil

  • Micah G. Jennings De Leon

    So here is an update Fox News just ran the story for 30 minitues only the wall Street journal is not on the story.

  • Cookie Monster

    That's bullshit!!! Best I take my ass back to Guyana since the USA president doesn't care about something that would affect everybody, I can't believe most people care about what a celebrity does than something like this.
    Funny that I'm 15 and I have more commonsense than most people)

  • JiaYi Lei

    Come on this is an emergency. Like he said it will keep spreading and eventually it will come and attack the whole earth. Now in this generation everybody is only caring about the media tools money and such people dk that mother nature wildlife animals earth are all suffering because of us humans how ashamed. Everyone pls play a part and save the earth & animals. 🌱🌱🌱

  • D29civicLx


  • Into The Ether

  • TheAnimatedGamer

    Are you guys just milking this dry?

    EDIT: Also! Fox news is much better than CNN, CNN can be talking about something good that Trump did then say stuff of how bad he is. That’s all the news they talk about, it’s always trump trump trump he’s so bad! (Not exactly what they say, duh, but it’s kinda what they say)

  • Tyler Jordan

    Just because this isn’t happening in our country doesn’t mean it’s less important. This could ruin half the world. Shame on those who think that this problem is an important. We should raise awareness and figure out how we can be the helping hand to stop the fires. This could create an ally within Brazil for us. Who cares what Trump thinks. He’s one person out of millions of others. Just because he’s president doesn’t make his opinion any more important than anyone else’s.

  • daisy Krispy wants RuBux UwU

    We're going to die if this doesn't change so I mean I'm sorry ppl that are want to live their future but ppl just don't care about this and it's just really sad and the fire is affecting animals

  • Geometry Dash Arcticat

    Where’s Sombra when you need her…

    Literally, we need to hack the planet and bring it back to what it should be!


  • Mordechai Housman

    Maybe the conservative news has the same reason as the liberal news for not reporting it. Why assume the worst for the conservatives and the best for the liberals?

  • Zara Basantez

    It's not only a problem in the United States I'm from South America and my family and friends learned about the fires 2 days ago.

  • Kyle Rogers

    The climate crisis is getting out of hand. Even within the last few months it's exhilarated at such an alarming rate. We need to fix the crisis. It's our only hope for human life to survive another generation.

  • Hanten Fox

    Just say it like it is. No one cares about the earth. Nothing will ever get done about this because they get more money by doing nothing and continuing to destroy the earth than they do not doing so.

  • crash byt3

    Ok, so everybody in this comment section is like,"this is giving me anxiety" why can't rich people help" ect. Why not instead of telling others to stop the fire, buy yourself a plane ticket to Brazil and actually help the Amazon. I know I am.

  • Jake Fletcher

    This fire is gonna kill us all. All the medicine and palm oil comes from there. All the poor wild life will die. Where all fucked

  • ღPeachyxHoney ღ

    I cried all night my blood was pretty high like damn…i was frikin mad its like i want to stab one of. Those dum ass people it ain't you guys but the ones who started the wild fire

  • mel Iniguez

    So The Notre Dame Can raise 1$ billion in 2 days yet the Amazon has been burning for 3 weeks and still hasn’t reached that amount? Safe to say we are all going to die.

  • Trisha Mae channel

    For the president of Brazil
    You don't deserve to be a president, you does'nt care for our mother Earth💔💔💔

  • Tiffany mayumii

    people be sayin shit like oh dont use plastic pick up trash but then dont actually care. They also dont care about climate change

  • Kira ʔ•̫͡•ʕ

    And CNN didn’t even do that good of a job at covering it. They didn’t even properly explain that the soy being grow mostly goes to the cows, which are killed for beef, and sold around the world as burgers, steaks, etc. Like not eating beef lowers the demand, so the Brazilian cattle farmers would find it less profitable to have more land to grow soy for cows, if they’re getting less income from it.

  • John Brightleaf

    Wait….theres 80% more fires….but less burning total than last year? Sounds like multiple smaller farm fires… clearing several land tracks? Who knows what to think

  • Devonne Marcove

    I saw PILES of dead, scorched animals in the Amazon that died a horrible, painful death.. Five baby Jaguar Cubs lieing together.. Just DEVASTATING! Helpless, life giving trees, blackened.. All in the name of oil, beef and soy exportation and GREED. That tropical trump Brazilian president should be arrested and burned at the stake.. I want to watch.

  • Alex Woodley

    This is B'S. Your telling me that all of the world's oxygen made on land is made in the Amazon. 80% of the world's oxygen is from plankton in the oceans.

  • Ricardo Vazquez

    Don’t say what you don’t know !!!
    I’m Brazilian and every year (August /September) we get fire 🔥 in our land, this is normal. That’s the season without rains.
    Amazon is not burning……bullshit.
    Terrible video…..saying liars about the president of Brazil and about Amazônia. 👎👎👎👎👎

  • janer crasher

    I should have slap this president a million times, stupid amazon people, nearby, should have been included in the fire.

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