The Truth About Selling On Amazon FBA & Ebay | The struggle is real
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The Truth About Selling On Amazon FBA & Ebay | The struggle is real

(music) (Gary V) Boom, I sold the $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. You see that? That’s hustle. Reezy Resells, follow the hustle. My god, it’s so hot in here. Hiding out
in my car right now in the shade, waiting for Luna to get
out of dance class. So today, I want to talk about a
subject that is pretty important. I want to talk about the loneliness of
reselling and the depression that can come along with being a
full time entrepreneur or a reseller or someone that
you just do your own thing. And it’s outside of the norm, outside
of 9 to 5 standard that everyone else does and just the stress that can build
up over time of working for yourself, by yourself, maybe your spouse works
with you, maybe they don’t, maybe they have a 9 to 5 as well. But honestly if you come from a life
of 9 to 5 and having those co-workers and having that water-cooler talk, being
a reseller or a full time entrepreneur, it can be kind of depressing like
really depressing and you have to understand how to not get depressed. How to build circles of people around
you that will help bring you up and and really just how to deal with the
stress because I think as we get older, and I don’t know how old like most of
you guys are, YouTube tells me that my audience is like 18 to 55, heavily
in the 25 to 45 year old range. And for me anyways, is like I’m on my
own thing I’m doing my thing I have some friends but I don’t really
hang out with a lot of friends. It’s mostly, I’m doing my own thing, I
got my family, my wife and my kids and that’s it, that’s us. And like that
makes me extremely happy but working like just grinding it out, and I might not be making shipments, I
might be grinding it out on the YouTube grind or whatever but
it’s just lonely guys. There’s not like a lot of YouTubers I
can talk to in town and like I don’t have a lot of people that are on the
same journey that I’m on locally, right. And I see civil engineer on here
saying f… friends but I disagree. Friends are very important but it’s
just certain kind of friends right. Like do you have friends… you should
be able to talk to your friends right like and they should support you and
your vision and your ideas in what you want to do. If you have friends that are just like
energy vampires meaning they just do their own thing and they’re
not about supporting you like those aren’t really friends and you
need to cut those out of your life. Life is too short to be stressed out
by all this dumb stuff and it’s like every one of us has the battle inside
of our own head. I mean I think that’s true for everyone that’s how I am. Inside my head somewhere, I have…
I need a pillow… my neck, I’m doing mad cramps right
now from doing sit-ups. Inside my head I have a little voice
that basically tells me that’s stupid, that’s a bad idea, that’s not going to
work, it’s not going to work Reezy. You know just don’t do
it, just give up right. And I don’t I have to battle that
voice that’s in my head and tell it like no you’re wrong, it will work. I am going to do it and
that’s how I hype myself up, that’s how I get myself amped up. The last thing I need is someone on the
external, reinforcing that negative Nancy that lives inside of
my head somewhere right like I have no time for that. So if you are a negative Nancy
reinforcer, energy vampire, I have no time for you in my life because the
truth is, is I already have enough struggle with myself inside myself. I need people that support me
and believe in what I do and I have to also just cut out all the
negativity as much as possible. And I want you guys to do the same
thing too because, like I said in the beginning being a full time
a reseller, entrepreneur, goal getter person thingy guy, is
stressful, especially when you have no one to talk to on your journey. Like I can talk to my wife and I can
talk to my older kids but aside from that like I don’t want to burden them with
my insecurities or my struggles you know. I need an accountability partner,
you need an accountability partner. And that’s why I really suggest for all
of you to be part of some kind of mastermind group, some kind of group of
people that meet together regularly, accountability group like
just something right. Like even if it’s just someone you can
call to vent to and just to talk about ideas like big picture, small picture. Everyone needs that because we don’t
have those coworkers and I think as we get older, a lot of us don’t
really have time for friends, so the only friends we end up having
are the ones we work with right. Like let me know if that’s true for
you guys right, so pretty much the only friends we have are the
ones we work with. And as a reseller entrepreneur, you
don’t really have a lot of friends that you work with you have like
your Instagram community, right. I would say that as a reseller, your
community is going to be entirely Instagram and Facebook groups. And I recommend you to find a group
or a circle of friends that you can resonate with, that you can share your
ups with, that you can share your downs with because honestly, reselling can be
quite depresseing and I don’t want anyone to be depressed. Like let’s start a community like
resellers against depression (RAD), that’s a sick acronym. But for real guys if you know anyone
that’s feeling down like offer your ear to them and your time to them
and just like console them and just like boost them up because one
of those days you’re going to need a boost right. Like therapy’s great, having a
psychologist is great but like I feel like we should keep it in the family
and we should all you know rely on each other to vent like equally for whatever kind of struggles that
we’re having because it’s just too short of a life to
just live in a depression. Just because you have no one to talk to
right like you might be depressed over something that’s super stupid and as
soon as you get to talk to someone else, you know that can put
you into perspective. And it needs to be someone that works
like for you specifically because everyone’s different right like for me
what I need, what motivates me is someone I respect, looking me dead in the eye and
telling me Reezy quit being a p… Reezy you’re being a b…
right now and then I’ll go, wait oh yeah I am but that
doesn’t work for everybody that might not work for you. That will not work for my wife, that
will not work for my older daughter, it certainly wouldn’t work for Luna. Everyone is different, so find like one,
two, three people that you can like count… like I’m legit serious like
I want every one of you to find someone that you can call and cry to… like literally cry on the phone with
actual tears someone that you can call and cry. Not a text message,
not an Instagram DM, not Skype, not Facebook Messenger, audio. Actual phone number call and
cry if you don’t have someone that you can call and cry to, your life is going to be a lot more
stressful guys like you just you need someone that will take it all in and
it’s helped you overcome it like without putting in their
their opinion right. Like just there to help you out because
honestly the whole, just calling someone and crying and letting it
out thing, that might be enough. That might be what cures you and just
allows you to keep going to the next thing right. Like because it’s just super stressful
and on top of that guys like the the non emotional aspect from having someone
that you can talk to is amazing. You guys can just push each other or a
group of people to keep going, to keep growing. Reezy got a warehouse,
I got to get a warehouse now. Like whatever it is that motivates
and inspires you to keep going, that’s what you need but also someone
that can help you emotionally and I do not advise that to be your
wife or your husband, for many of you. It has to come outside of your
relationship. It has to be someone that can like just literally tell you
when you’re being a piece of sh.. like am I being a piece of sh…? Like what’s wrong with me? Why am I not
doing it right? That’s what you guys need like trust me because it’s…
and it can’t be your relationship. That’s not a true objective opinion you
know. Your wife will always take it easy on you, your husband will
always take it easy on you. You need someone that will be warm to
you when you need it but also be cold as f… and like heartless and
just let you know the cold truth, when you need to know the cold truth
because it’s extremely hard to see these things from inside of ourselves. And I just want you guys to know that
if you’re struggling with depression or loneliness that there is others out
there that would love to talk to you and help bring you up. There might even be people around you,
in the near vicinity that would like to do a meet up with you and talk
shop or maybe not even talk shop, maybe like go get a beer and go bowling
or go to the amusement park or maybe they have kids and you have kids and
now you guys can do like family playdates or whatever like. Just know guys that that life can be
depressing. I suffer from it, everybody suffers from it. If you meet someone
and they say they’re never depressed, I think that’s complete bull… I don’t believe in that but
we can learn from each other and we can help each other grow. I just don’t want you guys to be lonely
and depressed. Seriously, call me, DM me if you need someone
to talk to, DM me. Let me know, press the call
button on Instagram that actually makes my phone ring, I would love to talk to you guys and
just help you get out of a funk because nobody deserves to be in a funk and I understand how lonely
reselling can be guys. So just please resellers against
depression RAD. We ain’t taking that, I love you guys. If you guys
appreciate this message, please hit the like button,
please subscribe to the channel. Leave some comments down below if
this message resonated with you and I’ll see you guys on
the next video. Peace.


  • abyxjohnson

    Yo this video couldn’t have come at a better time. Im about to embark on this journey and I’m terrified but I got to take a chance. Thanks for all these videos my man. Best of luck and keep em coming!

  • Sean Gilbert

    i stress more in my employed job compared to working at home. i hope to be fulltime reseller itll be a relieve as no more drama and itll feel freedom to me. im gonna appriciate it more than others by the look of this video



  • MrKofi Haynes

    Man, I don't know how you came up with this video today because if you can remember that I mentioned about my first LOL couple of weeks ago. Well, shipping company kept scheduling but never coming to pickup (5 times). Let's just I was not happy but who do you talk to about something like that. Great topic!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jimmy Pipp

    It's all good bro, the stress of having a boss with that 9-5 and then come home aggravated and watch football or some shit while you take out your frustrations on your family is allot more depressing. keep it pushin bro, you're doing good for your fam and your having a positive impact on everyone that watches your videos. You're a good dude

  • Clementine Creek

    I just want to say thank you for this video. It is a real struggle. No body I know understands what it is that I actually do. It gets very lonely out here. Thanks again.

  • Ruben Cossyleon

    Hey Reezy thanks for this talk, really hits home. Entrepreneurship is a lonely world but well worth it !!!! Keep up the hustle bro !!

  • Jessica LB - SoCal

    This is ? ?. It’s important to get the depression and stress under control now before Q4 really hits and we’re too busy to deal with it properly. Thank you for posting this reminder that we aren’t alone and good luck to everyone in Q4!!

  • g. riel

    Coincidence? RAD DAD. He was wearing the shirt, RAD (Resellers Against Depression) shirt…cohort for the Dads. lol, jk. Great vid as always. thanks.

  • HenryTube

    Wow spot on. Man this video really helped me out. I’ve been super lonely reselling and and have been in a funk this whole month. You dropped this video at the right time. Thanks brother ✊?

  • Sr Merrill

    Thank you for addressing this sensitive topic. Plus, you are enlightened and intelligent about this. Wow. I am seriously impressed.

  • Anthony Kenny

    How are you still able to resell your stuff, when Amazon asks everyone for manufacture invoices? NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS ON THE INTERNET and yet we still have people on youtube showing "How Easy it is to Resell" from Marshalls Ross, walmarts, etc. Amazon will suspend your account ASAP… I need an answer about this and everyone wants to know how you are still selling

  • Rhonda W.

    Honest and raw, thank you Reezy. The oneness is balanced by the highs of the deal! Of the big markups! We all have lonely days.

  • Jax Andree

    Fighting depression is a painful battle. Currently dealing with tons of it and stress. Trying so hard to hold on to hope… Thanks for making this video.

  • Rob Fusco

    Soo true Reezy!. I recently broke up with my girl of 4 yrs and was in funk but I have great friends that I was able to talk to. They listened and encouraged me to focus on rebuilding myself. I also have that one friend who tells me the truth and doesn’t sugar coat anything and that is so valuable. Thanks for sharing Brotha!

  • Max profit

    Hey brother . Great video. I came to USA when I was 20 years old no friends no nothing. I know what is to be homeless and not having Friends because they think that you nobody. I know what is to have snakes in your life. I do not have a friends here in Chicago and thanks to you I was able to quit my job, and because people like you I decided I’m gonna create my YouTube channel as well so maybe I can have some friends . There’s some really dark days in my life and then I go to YouTube and watching you guys because you are my friends and you don’t even know that. So thank you brother that you are my friend ??? God bless you and your family as well

  • Illinois Picker

    NO time for negativity I know that's right. I'm a single dad of 2 elementary schoolers, I work a regular full-time job and work multiple e-commerce platforms on side-hustles. I was up until 2 this morning listing. The hustle is REAL. The Struggle is REAL. I also don't have time for people that say it can't be done because it can. The only question is how bad do you want it. It definitely gets lonely but I don't care. Friends are pretty scarce for me these days. I hear you bro. 4 SURE.

  • FinaleEnt

    You just need 3 friends.
    A friend that leads.
    A friend that makes you laugh.
    A friend you can lean on.

    Once you have that, those become your accountability pillars.

  • Darryl Garcia

    I'm from the bay and feel you. I've got a 9-5 and my only friends are from the 9-5. Otherwise, my resell hustle is just me. My therapist friend started a "biz bestie" movement that pretty much sums up what you are talking about.

  • Allure Salter

    I wish there was a ❤️ button because I would have hit that 1. I had met a friend like that when I joined my 1st fb group. Since having Amazon issues she pushed other avenues and now I'm back to just me. I pop in my FB groups when I feel I need encouragement. I read and sometimes comment to help others. I myself don't ask as much questions in the FB groups as I used to because some people can comment some really messed up stuff. When you're new and hit a bump negative comments can deliver some real blows. I prefer to read comments because sometimes I find the answers I'm looking for there. Alot of ppl are generally good natured ppl but the negative Nancies and Debby downers be on as well. This video really hit home for me, thanks for keeping it real Reezy!

  • Marcy Kennedy

    I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one with the negative voice in my head!
    Thank you for sharing ?
    Marcy @NonaSnoopShop on Poshmark

  • Alrachid

    This is some real shit… I long for a buddy or my wife to come with me. I have so much fun and doing it with someone would me so much more fun. I notice these 2 ladies at the bins always buddy buddy and I bet their day just flies by. They sit and talk while they dig and they help to motivate eachother. One interesting thing about being alone is that you only do what you hold your self accountable to. I've got some goals, first 500 listed on ebay then 1000 listed and I want it done by December first. Its a long lonely road but it will be worth it in the end, and about a week after its over with I will have forgotten the pain that I went through and I will be looking into the future.

  • Mattyice Perkins Longshore

    So true man. Nothing truly glorious about the lifestyle I'm a one man show on all major platforms full time never complain about the freedoms to do what I want when I want too but the downsides are exactly as you describe.

  • Stickee Bee Garden

    I would trade my job and co-workers in a hot second for loneliness. ? i love the grind. I am one of those people who doesn't need to be around people. I am just fine taking a beach trip by myself. Especially in a fast car!

  • Sandreelz

    Super strong video bro! Ur right tho. My closest friends at this time n my life is my coworkers. Great thing about that tho is I got most of them reselling so it works out! Thanks to ur content I’m able to pay it forward. Stay blessed Yung Reezy ?

  • David Browning

    This is a great perspective. I think this is a very important thing to talk about, and I like your approach.

    I’m the guy who extends your demographic to 55, and I’m also a beginner at this. I have to admit that I’m an introvert and the isolation sort of appeals to me. OK, really appeals to me. At the same time, as I’m tying the beginning of a new hustler/entrepreneur lifestyle with the completion of a 500-mile move, I’m also building a new life in my new city that gets me out of my own head sometimes. I’m not a good one for finding balance, but I know from experience I need to establish it now before the winter blues set in.

    I look forward to more posts about this. I’m also a member of your FB group, so I will also participate more there

  • Michelle Martin

    Hey Reezy I was wondering if you can help me please… I can not remember the video you mentioned it on but you told us about a website? or app that you use that tracks or gives you information on things that have sold on Ebay past the 60 to 90 days that we can track. Can you please tell me what it is it will help me so much while listing. Much appreciation … have watched nearly all of your vids the last few months… excellent content

  • Gerald Landeros

    Great video – I get what you are saying. All you need is that voice inside that makes you get up and do the grind every morning regardless if you have your own business or a 9 to 5. The people I look up to are the ones I called self made. What I mean by self made is the one carving out a successful life without help of parents or siblings. All I can say it is a personal journey and everyone has one. I appreciate you sharing. This is why I want to get into Amazon FBA and do the hustle.

  • Woodworking Blues

    You sir are wise beyond your years. I am lucky that I have a great support system but many do not. It is imperative that those who experience these major low periods in their lives have someone to turn to.
    Keep up the great work. You rock!
    Respectfully, Jay

  • Robert Caputo

    Hey brother, just found you through recommended. This is some real talk right here! I am a CAD entrepreneur with a fam and some other projects. Check out Dan Pena & London Real videos!

  • Alexis Smith-Frady

    Totally get the mood swings! Amazon deactivated my account because I set it up a year ago and never used it. Not they are saying I’m not authorized. Have you see deactivation from non-use?

  • Dominick Oquin

    I like the authenticity of you. Very real, and understandable. I wonder if you have a video on what motivates you the most?

  • April Pitzer

    Ur a cool dude! RAD! Establishing meaningful friendships is harder in the crazy hustle of this stage of life. It takes a ton of dedicated effort to look for options & cultivate a friendship. This video is an excellent reminder to take some time to do that. They say socializing is as important as nutrition & exercise to be healthy. Hang in there! Thanks for all the great content! Take care & God bless!

  • Daniel Groh

    Hey Reezy, thanks for giving solid advise. Because of you I started reselling free books that I found on the street and made a couple of hundred euros with it. Thank you! So far I've only used the camera function of the amazonseller app which is amazing. But oftentimes I can't use it when I have no signal. I was wondering.. do you recommend every of the common scanners for outside the US? I live in Germany.


    I agree with everything you are saying, I am doing my own thing, more now then ever, selnloe, central cali shit flipper

  • Johnny SwaG

    52 here I'm too busy to have friends, I have a job and i hustle for Amazon and Ebay, Craigslist, FB . It does get lonely, but you gotta do what ya gotta do to make that green.

  • Pat Del

    it is just because this world and you are very selfish and think only about money. Money is crap and you are obsess with it. You will never find friends if you stay in that state of mind.

  • Sharon Segovia

    oooh I thought I was the only one. Not a lot of people talks about the voice inside your head, most just talk about hustling and keep going and not open up about what they feel. Thanks for the honesty good video!!

  • Chaun D

    I’ve been in you exact same position Reezy. Everyday can present new challenges or accomplishments that you want to celebrate. TIP (that worked for me)…why not recreate your FBGroup to be fuelled by likeminded individuals that are on this similar entrepreneurial journey. What I mean is that instead of it only being focused on a ‘resellers FAQ support’ group. Invite members to talk about their struggles, accomplishments, or use it as outlet to vent about an issue they are experiencing. Then encourage other members to share their advice from their own experiences.

    Have a slightly better intake process into the group so that you are including dedicated entrepreneurs and not people that are just trying to get rich quick. Anyways, just a thought. The private marketing group I have been part of the last 3 years literally saved by business and kept me in the right mindset.

  • uk7769

    Oh yeah, the solitude, peace, clarity of purpose, independence, ability to use your own clean bathroom is horrible. I hated having my own business. I much prefer having a boss that fucks me over every week, and back stabbing gossiping co-workers. Do not ever start your own business!! Freedom and financial independence is a life of horror and torture. lol

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