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ThredUP Unboxing | Mystery Fun Box | 2 BOXES | Life of a Reseller | TheScottCottage

hello everyone welcome to my channel if
you all are new here my name is Rachel and I am a full-time reseller over on
the Poshmark app I also do sell a little bit on eBay I’m just kind of getting my
feet wet with eBay but Poshmark is my main source of reselling and today I’m
doing a thread up in boxing those of you that are not new to my channel you know
that I love to do unboxings from thredUP I’ve done quite a few I will link them
at the end of this video for you all to watch and today I’m doing the fun box so
I’ve done the fun box quite a few times this isn’t my first box this is probably
my third but I actually have two boxes here so I thought I would just do both
of them all in one video instead of doing two short videos just put on one
so as you read in the description this is gonna be a third up unboxing this is
their fun box I’m doing – like I said I make over at my label so they come in
these size of boxes they don’t always come in this size I’ve gotten smaller
but both of these are the same size they’re both the larger ones sometimes
they send the bigger boxes when there is a hat in there does the Hat does take up
a lot of space so I’m curious to see what’s in here these boxes rent 18
dollars plus shipping the shipping is $5.99 I will tell you I ordered these
and I mmm immediately the next day I got an email for free shipping couldn’t use
it because I’d already um I had already purchased the box but just so you know
if you go on there and just sign up for their emails you get free shipping a lot
of times and you can use those on the rescue boxes so just a little helpful
hint for you guys I was really bummed that I couldn’t use that because I had
already ordered my box but I did use it on a denim box those of you that have
watched my videos you know that I have done the denim box quite a few times um
and I did order that so be looking for that video grabs okay sorry about that
I got open this box I found um so look for that video for you guys I love
putting these videos on YouTube for people that are resellers like me so
that you kind of understand what you’re getting the
our mystery boxes you do not know what’s coming in them ahead of time but I think
that makes it just more fun you never know what you’re gonna get um usually
the things that are in these are I almost always get sunglasses I get a
phone case either a scarf or a belt are usually in these jewelry I always get
some type of jewelry in here and usually it’s more than one thing like they do
advertise that there’s ten items in here but almost always more than ten so just
little heads-up um wallets I’ve gotten wallets before okay so this is just my
invoice telling me it’s a one size 18 dollars one size it doesn’t have the
ship game but the shipping is $5.99 okay so they did include this this was in
some of my other videos these are just some stickers but these are really cute
for packaging and shipping your items just to make them a little bit more fun
and personal so I do like getting those I would do actually use those okay so
I’m going to show you how the Box looks they always package everything so nicely
so I know a lot of resellers like to save the tissue paper but I honestly rip
it so I can’t ever really keep it I try but I just it just always gets ripped so
I’m like I’m gonna attempt all right but I did get this those of you there
resellers I love using this bubble to help fill like a bundled box where it
needs a little bit of help and there’s a lot so thanks for that
okay I’m gonna show you what I’m seeing everything is just always presented so
nicely I’ll grab this belt first ooh that’s cute okay this is what it is it’s
honest I hope it’s picking up on camera it’s
almost a coral color and it has these gold like studs along it or accent uh
let’s see so this does not have a brand now you’re gonna get that a lot I’ve
gotten quite a few that is unbranded and that’s okay these I do a lot with gifts
with purchase sometimes I don’t list these because there is no brand or I’ll
list it for maybe five dollars and people can add it to
a bundle so that’s typically what I do with these items these items usually
aren’t worth more than ten to fifteen dollars unless you’re really lucky and
so they make really great add-on items or bundled items I know when I’m
shopping on Poshmark and I find something I like say I find a blouse and
it’s $10 well I can’t justify paying 650 and shipping and only getting one item
so I go to that person’s closet and I look and see if there’s other things
that I’m interested in and then I add them to a bundle and that way I’m only
paying shipping one time but I’m getting more than one item so I think the
majority of people will shock that same way so these make great just add-on buy
items for people it helps your sales as well so it’s a win-win and honestly it
doesn’t take long to photograph a simple belt so that’s pretty cute I’ll put that
up here over here on my mannequin uh let’s go that I’m assuming this is
probably jewelry they do put their jewelry in a nice little box which you
can reuse so really like that eat drink and be thrifty it says okay so we have a
bracelet this is pretty cute all right so it’s like a bangle cute um
once again this is unbranded but this is pretty cute um I don’t know if I will I
might list this instead of a gift with purchase I do a lot of gifts with
purchase I just think that that is a great surprise I know I like getting
surprises when I order things and so things like this just make a really
great gift you know if someone spends over $50 and I had a lady purchased two
really cute black dresses for probably New Year’s this would make a great
add-on or a great gift with purchase for her because she’s spent $85 so um that
would make just a really great add-on or a gift with purchase so that is very
cute I’m hoping I can keep a track of how many items so that’s two so at the
end I can tell you maybe what the price per good per item is so if there is ten
items in here and I paid eighteen plus five money on shipping
that means each item cost $2 and 40 cents I always factor in shipping
any amount that you spent you do want to factor into the cost per good Sarah so
next to sunglasses like I said every time I’ve got in the box there has
always been sunglasses and I think there’s always been a belt or a scarf
oh I can already tell so what thinks is usually the sunglasses does don’t have
the case but that’s okay okay these are definitely they’re new
these are on trend for sure I’m gonna maybe just a smidge okay so these are
super cute um they don’t feel I mean it’s okay um cashton is what this says
on the inside I mean give her this email all right
cashton I hope that’s picking up and then it says something Los Angeles on
the other side so I’m not sure what Brandis is I’m gonna have to look that
I’ve never really heard of that brand but it is new it does still have the
sticker over here I don’t know if you guys can see that it still does have the
sticker oh these are cute not really my style but those are on
trend the kind of vintage looking sunglasses so I’ll probably list those
those are pretty cute I don’t see any flaws I think they’re new without tag I
don’t see any scratches or anything like that so that was a good I mean I’m not
even gonna try to say how much they’re worth because I don’t know that brand
but I do see a Vera Bradley in here and I actually really like your Bradley it
doesn’t have the greatest resale value but considering it was 240 I’m okay with
that okay so we have some choice this is what I mean about usually you get more
than just one or two pieces of jewelry they usually put quite a bit in there
but it is usually unbranded so you can’t really expect to get anything name-brand
well this is cool okay so it says law Sofia
I think on back so it is branded this is really
unique unique items do really well for me on Poshmark and it is new with applet
AG it has the barbed still on there that’s really really nice so if you all
know any of these brands that I don’t please limiting them below because I
need all the help I can get I’ll put this that’s why I put my mannequin here
I can kind of put stuff up there so that is really cute and this is darling okay
a necklace these feel like real glass beads I don’t know like a pendant that
is beautiful like crystals it of course is unbranded but this is super super
cute and I’ll probably list this even though it’s unbranded because of the the
style that this is that is very very beautiful oh how pretty
okay there’s my next item um sorry googles and they’re talking I’m not sure
keychain this is so cute who has a key literally a key for a keychain
it does say my heart so I don’t know if that means anything to anyone sorry I
don’t look at my fingernails they look awful um but if that is something you
know about please comment below like I said I don’t know what that is but this
is really cute I might keep this myself because that is so cute okay so there
was three items in that so one two three four five six so I’m up to six or seven
six three one two three four or six six items so far and there’s still more in
here so I think definitely gonna be at least ten alright so this other part of
it is packaged all together so let’s check it out
Oh fuzzy socks I do like fuzzy socks okay so these are new because they still
have this attached so this is a perfect example of an add-on item so I’m
purchasing a sweater I would totally buy these especially if I have them listed
for $5 or something those are so nice they’ve got a little peace sign of
course they’re unbranded but those are a perfect add-on item if I don’t keep them
cuz those are really cute there are seven items so this is different
cool so new with tags if I did the Amazon Fulfillment this would be awesome
but this you know I don’t know that this is gonna sell but this is great gel heel
liners new a tag dr. Scholl’s that’s nice so we’re at eight okay I do get
some of this kind of stuff this okay this was a return
there’s the little tag um two pair one size
silk reflections knee-highs okay so these are knee-highs new a tag see stuff
like this I don’t know what to do with I’m sure it’d make a great gift with
purchase a little bit kind of weird to get that um retails for five dollars so
you know Poshmark takes 20% which is anything under fifteen is three dollars
that they take out so I’m just not gonna make any profit so this would have to be
maybe I could bundle some of I got another pair of these maybe I can bundle
them together and Sarah sell them together possibly but they do throw
those in sometimes for free cuz there’s still some more stuff Oh cute okay it is
always wine o’clock well this is perfect I should just keep this because I love
wine um my name is Pamela barks he barked sky Clark Scott and I made it
just for you has a little logo once again I don’t know I’m still learning so
don’t hate on me because I don’t know this but it’s a cosmetic case just a
canvas material that is adorable this makes a great gift with purchase or out
on item as well if I don’t keep it I feel like I’m keeping everything out of
this but that is adorable alright sir
one two three four five six seven eight nine ten okay so we’re at the tin and
there’s still something else in here I am so excited
I actually just sold a bag I actually sold it to my mom but I had a huge like
weekender bag that was the exact same pattern as this and it is adorable it’s
pretty bright I don’t know that I would keep it but um
that’s amazing I have to tell her um so it looks like a really nice cosmetic
case like travel cosmetic case um it’s got the zipper up here okay it
definitely needs to be cleaned and I don’t think I don’t know if you all can
see there’s like something in there but the good thing with Vera Bradley is you
can clean them as they’re fabric so it has been used for sure but that is a
okay by me I can clean it this isn’t oh this is great so I got
essentially 11 items so I did probably get the sheer pantyhose for free and but
honestly this by itself to me is worth the 18 like I would almost pay 18 for
this by itself because this is so convenient to take places when you’re
traveling and it ties here I’ll show you it ties and then it has handles you can
carry it really easily so that’s really really cute I love that okay so like I
said I got 11 items I paid you know so less than 240 per items I don’t know
what that I’m not gonna do math right now but to me I feel like that was a
great box they’re hit or miss sometimes sometimes you just don’t get great stuff
but okay next box sorry I’m trying to rush I hate when videos are forever long
and people just chitchat and Here I am doing it so here we go box number two
also if you see something you really really like I plan on posting this stuff
probably tomorrow um let me just make sure this is still recording okay if you
see something you please comment below what item you like
in your Poshmark closet if you have one and I can tag you in the item after I
post it so you all can get first dibs on it okay it moist we already know about
that stickers already know about that oh this
has something else how to refresh your hall summer excuse me some TLC here’s
how to keep them looking new okay so it just has some different information on
refreshing your items there’s some information there we’ve got big news I don’t know I will tell you those of you
they’re resellers and are looking for wholesale items they do sell things
wholesale now they’re pretty expensive I did email a lady about it I can’t I
don’t remember how much everything was but you can’t email them and ask about
wholesale the problem when you purchase things wholesale is the shipping charges
so depending on where you live it could cost quite a bit to ship but that’s an
option I see a phone case like I said there’s
always a phone case but hey my last phone case I sold for $8 minus the fees
of three so I did make them like a $2 $3 profit but you know what a profit is a
profit and if it brings people to your closet it’s worth it so don’t open this
first thing it’s a bag oh it’s Victoria’s Secret it’s new a tag oh my
god I’m so excited right now okay this is this okay it’s a bag I
thought it was a fanny pack fanny packs are coming back in I watched a big thing
on new years about fanny packs and I just giggled because what this is
adorable it is a bag it comes with a koozie and it’s new a tag and it
retailed for 3295 okay so this by itself will probably pay for my box just
throwing it out there pink is huge I always do really well selling pink on
Poshmark there just a high mmm there’s a lot of people
looking for pink okay specifically not Victoria’s Secret
per se but pink so this is awesome so it’s a tote like a thermal tote thing
like for your lunch or drinks something whatever um that is awesome I’m super
stoked about this guys okay new a tags I’m so excited that will go fast
so there’s item number one oh my goodness
okay a lot of bling and shimmer okay Blue Mermaid okay I don’t pick this
stuff up in the store because they’re like I don’t see anything missing on
these but there’s always missing ones but this one looks new so that’s always
good cute so it’s green black I did see some kind of label here we go style
style lab girl calm Oh style lab I have heard of that I don’t know anything
about it style lab cosmetic case this will probably be listed because of the
uniqueness you know anything that’s unique like this does really well so
item number two that’s really cute looks like we have a big scarf of some sort
okay it’s a big like infinity ivory colored
little okay it’s um Target brand that’s okay I will I don’t know if I’ll list it
I probably will oh this is a cute look at how cute this is very cozy I’ll have
to double check and make sure there’s not you know makeup stains with it being
the color that it is but that is really cute very heavy acrylic has 100% acrylic
item number three looks like the rest of the items are smaller I did get some
more sunglasses sort of like I said always get sunglasses which I’m okay
with I always need sunglasses oh these are
really cute very on-trend and you’ll see look at
these oh I think they call these cat eye sunglasses I could be wrong correct me
if I’m wrong um I don’t see a brand and there is Oh wha
it’s definitely scratched so maybe keeping it hopefully it shows it on this
lens here honestly these aren’t really my style but they are really cute
what do you guys think keep them seldom I don’t know they feel great they feel
ok here we go there is like a number just as China it has a number but I
don’t see any brand so I’ll have to look at it those are so cute
there’s just you know flaws aren’t gonna sell as well all right item number 1 2 3
4 item number 4 really that pink one she
counts to I because it has the koozie see what this little bundle is dabney
Lee I have heard of this please comment below I don’t know anything about it but
I have heard it’s cute it’s got little cheeseburgers so it’s a wallet um it’s
just a tag this is cute so has a couple slots for
some credit cards a little flat for your money and then a little flap here so
Dabney Lee I don’t know that’s five items here is a phone case wow this is
heavy-duty I think this is too big for my phone it looks like it’s probably for
the X or something I’ve got just a 7 but it’s rose gold new and packaging well
comes out super cute it’s been Tobin in Tobin Brian so once again comment below
yeah this is definitely not for my phone so
I think I have a seven so it must be floor of the bigger ones but like I said
they do sell and they’re really great add-on items Oh what number was that one
two three four five six and then some jewelry wow that’s heavy all right so we
have another bracelet it is a bangle just kind of a gold classic oh it looks
like a Greek goddess for sure no no Bree and on this I could probably
bundle it with the other bundle and or the other bangle and just sew them
together seven it’s at seven eight nine ten okay so we definitely got TN this is
cool okay so they actually put them in um a little paper I don’t think that
makes it new with tag I don’t know if that would list this as a new with tag
or not they do look new but um just really cute kind of interesting little
dangly earrings oh boy a brooch it’s not missing any oh yeah it is missing see
that’s the thing there’s some things that you just can’t this is missing a
jewel you could give it away but I don’t know I might just give it to someone
that might can use it it is very beautiful but like I said it’s missing a
little jewel okay so the next ooh no this is really cute um
bracelet there is no brand but that is very very pretty that’ll probably do
pretty well because of the style very pretty alright looks like there’s one
set of earrings you know what the piece that is missing out of the brooch is
actually in the box uh you’re not gonna be able to see it’s
a little tiny so I could actually put that back in there
but you know it’s unbranded so alright last but not least we have some dangly
earrings these are just costumes for sure they’re nothing too too special but
those are really cute these would make a great gift with purchase probably won’t
list them but um those are really great okay so this one did have 10 if I
counted right 10 items so 248 piece like I said though that pink bag is gonna
sell really quickly and because it is new a tag and it retailed for 33 I’ll
probably list it for 25 or so maybe 27 25 something like that and I do think
that that will sell pretty quickly because of the brand and its new attack
so that’s in the video I hope that this was enjoyable and helpful for everyone
watching please comment below if you can help me with any of these brands or if
you’re interested in purchasing any of these items that I would love to give
you a good discount for all of my youtube subscribers thank you so much
and have a great day


  • Ursula Maurer

    Lia Sophia is a good quality jewelry brand that used to be sold only at in-home parties. There is a lot available on Poshmark.

  • Ursula Maurer

    You got some great items. Well worth the $$$. The sunglasses I got were scratched, too ?. The burger thing could be a passport holder. The bracelets are cuffs, not bangles. I’m ready to order another box myself. My Poshmark closet is: @ursibet

  • Meghan Waters

    That keychain is darling and that scarf looks so cozy! My closet is mewmew1343. I’m the one that snagged that MK bag from your thrift haul!

  • Joanne H

    You got 2 great boxes. The best I have seen ever. I also love VeraBradley I am a sucker for purses. Love your videos ❤️

  • TejasGingerBelle

    I don’t “know” know La Sophia brand jewelry but I’ve heard Texas Gal Treasures talk about the brand, saying they’re really great and awesome resell value! You can always contact her and ask her about it? ??

  • Amanda Williams

    I'm a Posher too. Loving all these thred up box videos, fun to watch. I tell all my friends and family, Keep their packing stuff —esp orders from Amazon are great for those air bubbles things. Where are you from, you have a great accent. Great coral belt … Im seeing everywhere that Coral will be a huge spring/summer color. I bet you could sell that for $12

  • H&H closet

    You had some good boxes, We usually get the same thing as well…a theme,(scarves or belt ,glasses,jewelry,some kind of tote bag or wallet,something Betsy Johnson,slippers or socks,
    Our distribution is Illinois , the last box that we recieved was so disappointing 7 items were ( literally bubblegum machine jewelry can not even give as free gift).will visit your closet. Me and my daughter have started reselling on posh as well. she has done 2 of these videos but this last one she stopped and didn’t post it was so bad but trying to encourage her to go on and post

  • PickyChick

    Hi Rachael. I enjoyed your video!! The necklace with the black braided cord and blue pendant is "Lia Sophia". It should sell for $10-$15 on Poshmark.

  • TheScottCottage

    Thinking about trying thredUP rescue boxes??? Want a discount? ?? use code “ship2me” and receive free shipping on any of the boxes!! This is RARE!!!!

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    I just did 2 ThredUp videos. It is interesting to see what everyone else is getting in these mystery rescue boxes! ??Maria

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    I just came across your channel…ive been dying to try thred up boxes! Thanks for sharing the blue stone necklace you put on the mannequin and the key key ring! Im going to check out your posh closet mine is @sharonhosford99

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