thrifting in my HOMETOWN! *thank god*
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thrifting in my HOMETOWN! *thank god*

– This video has actually
taken me by surprise, because I am so very excited to film it, and it kind of confuses me. If you guys didn’t know, I live in L.A. now for the time being, however, I am from Arizona, and I’m back here in Arizona
for a week for Thanksgiving. And this is where like
all the good thrifting is. And I’m supposed to be taking
this week off of YouTube. I have like pre-scheduled content. I’m supposed to be resting. However, like, there’s good
thrifting to be done out here. That’s what I’m gonna do today. I woke up this morning and I was like yeah I don’t make the rules, I’m in the land of good
thrifting and I have to go. So, off I go! I am at my favorite Savers right now. It is Saturday. I’ve never been to this
Savers on a Saturday, but there’s like hardly anyone here, so I’m really excited. I’m also gonna keep an eye out for potential thrifted Christmas gifts. Like maybe for my
friends, maybe for my mom. Like I’m gonna look for
sustainable gift ideas for friends or family. So I’m literally so excited,
I can’t wait any longer. Let’s go inside and do
some good thrifting today. Hallelujah. (calm, peaceful music) So I had to start in the
home decor section because this place has the best. I get a lot of questions for
like my main filming area, the little DIY basket wall that I did, thrifted all of those. There’s always just so many cute baskets! I know I have a problem. It’s fine if you’re aware of it, right? Right? So cute! Oh, she’s back! They also have a really, really
poppin’ Christmas section right now so I might have to start by looking at some Christmas stuff. (mellow music) Okay, no joke, this is
the best selection of Christmas sweaters I’ve ever seen. Ugly Christmas sweaters,
cute Christmas sweaters, like there’s so many good ones. I’m even thinking about like
picking up a few because the thrift girls and I,
Jessica, Leah and Alexa, are talking about maybe having like a Christmas sweater party, and so I’m thinking about
maybe like snagging a few of these cute ones. Is this turning into a
Christmastime thrift with me? If so, I’m okay with it. (mellow music) I literally just found possibly
one of the biggest gems I’ve ever seen. It’s a slip dress that has Christmastime Looney
Tunes characters on it. What!? It’s a size small so it’s
obviously not gonna fit me, but oh my God, this is a
gem, someone come get this. You guys, no joke, I think I’ve picked up like ten sweaters to look through. There are so many freaking gems. I think I might have to
give everyone in my life a Christmas sweater. These are just so cute! This one has a freaking
turtleneck underneath it. The lady just came over
the intercom and said that the 50% off tags for today are orange, green, blue and silver. So those are something to consider, but there are just so many good gems here, like this was a great way to start it. I honestly could have done an entire video in the Christmas section, but it’s like how many Christmas sweaters does one actually need, you know? She says, when there are ten in her cart. That’s besides the point. So next, naturally, I had to
come to the men’s section, and I came over to where
the blazers are because you guys know I’m always on the
hunt for the perfect blazer. Still haven’t found it yet. But look at this selection. Oh my gosh. All these prints! Yes, please! Like, are you kidding? I would take any of these. There are so many good ones. Wow! Maybe the one I’ve been
looking for is right here. We’ll see. (mellow music) Just taking my usually browse, you know I go through the
men’s section first always and I’ve already been
here like over an hour. Haven’t even made it into
women’s clothing yet. I just went Christmas and then
I went straight into men’s. I’m not gonna detail every little bit of the men’s t-shirt section because every single one of my
thrifting videos has done that, but I did manage to
find this Arizona shirt, which I thought was pretty cool. Or pretty lame depending
on how you look at it, because I am currently in Arizona, but I don’t live here right now, so you know what, I’m allowed
to wear an Arizona shirt. (mellow music) (record scratch) Probably, definitely shouldn’t
have just put that on my head but, oh well. Next I’m going to make my
way through women’s dresses, which hopefully won’t be
as much of a shit show as it has been in the past. I’ve gotta say today
has been awesome so far. Like there have been more
gems that I found today than I have in a long long time, so Arizona, you’re doing me good. Now let us do our best to sort
our way through all of this. (mellow music) You know I have to add as well, that I have seen a really good amount, like I’m happy with the amount, of plus sizes that I’ve seen today. I’ve seen sizes 26, 3X, 2X. Pretty much this entire
side of the dress aisle is plus sizes, which I love. A lot more here obviously than L.A. Which is weird ’cause
that’s not something, I don’t know I thought L.A. was gonna have all sorts of cool, funky things, but like it makes sense, it makes sense. So I definitely think a
lot of that is regional, but it feels really good
to be here and know that there are many more size options available at this store. (mellow music) Now when I’m talking gems today you guys, now I’m in the women’s jacket section, like gems, gems! Like this bad boy right here. This windbreaker, this like
80’s style windbreaker. So I’m finishing this off in
the women’s sweater section and I’m actually so overwhelmed because there are so many good things that I don’t know what to do with myself. Like there’s so much stuff
I like literally just had to (deep breath) I wish I needed more sweaters than I do, but I’m so full up on sweaters, but like oh my god. Do I buy them? Maybe. (mellow music) Okay made it into the fitting room. I think I have six or
seven things to try on, so. I’m really hoping that
some of these work out. But, I’ve really been like
flexing my control muscles here today because I
could buy so much stuff. But I’m just really
trying to be mindful of how much I’m actually buying
at these thrift stores while I’m shopping et cetera, et cetera. So, I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve narrowed it down to seven items and usually I have like 12 to 15 plus. We’re gonna see how these items work out. Let’s do this in a timely manner. (mellow music) All right, I’ve made my decisions. It’s time to buy this stuff and we will meet back up in the car for a good old fashioned
haul, just like the old days. Okay, we’re back in the car, and my grand total that I spent today was 26 dollars and 31 cents. My original total was going to be I think like 30 dollars and some change, but ’cause I’m a Savers
member I got 20% off the remaining non-sale items. I did save eight dollars
on the 50% off items ’cause a few of the tags,
like I said, were half off. So, I’ll start from the top
here, from the beginning. I did end up getting
three Christmas sweaters, or Christmas style sweatshirts for the girls for Christmas. Even if they don’t end up wearing them like the night we have our party, I just thought they’d be fun to have. So I picked a sweater that I felt like, from the selection I had,
matched each girl the best. So this first one is
like a Santa mock neck. It’s oversized. It’d be so cute tucked into
some jeans with a belt, and this just screamed Alexa to me. Obviously it’s black. It has little Santas all over it. I just think she would
look so so cute in this, so I picked this one for her. And this one was only $2.99,
so a really good deal. The next one is like a really kind of vintage looking Christmas sweater. It’s by the brand Blair. Never heard of it. It’s this really soft
like vintage sweatshirt and it says peace, joy and love. I love that and also
Leah’s middle name is Joy, so I thought that would be a good fit. It’s got cute little
like angels and Santa. Maybe that’s Mr. and Mrs. Claus. I don’t know. And a reindeer. So cute. And she’s really into like vintage style, so I thought this would
be a good fit for her. And this one was $7.99,
so a little more pricey, but they’re learning, they’re learning what’s trendy and they’re charging accordingly. And the last one I got is for Jessica. This just felt like a
really Jessica sweater. She’s just bright. I feel like I always see her wearing lighter colored sweatshirts, too. So I thought this would be good. It’s got like the
poinsettia, point-settia, I don’t know how to say it. I feel like Arizona
pronounces everything weird. But they’re just these really
pretty Christmas-y flowers. And it’s just such a cute sweatshirt. Like I just love it, so
hopefully she will too. And this one was $4.99, but it was on sale for half off ’cause it was a gray tag, silver tag, so it was two dollars and 50 cents. Not bad. Then for my own personal
stash I only got three things. The first thing was this blazer. Is it the one? I don’t know. Does the one exist or does
it just exist in my mind? We’ll find out. But I think this is gonna be the one that I’m going to start styling with like band tees and mom jeans
and stuff like that. So this was half off as well. It was a blue tag. It’s a men’s size medium,
but it fit me really well. This blazer is super like shoulder padded, but I’m kind of getting over that. Like I used to have such
an aversion against it, and now I’m just like whatever, let my shoulders point out, I don’t care. I feel like I can style
it a bunch of ways. So, yeah, like I said, it was a blue tag, so it was half off, originally 11 dollars, so what does that make this? Like $5.50. So, pretty good deal. Next I picked up a cozy
sweater because I love just lounging around in cozy sweaters, especially after the
video that I did where Leah and I thrifted items
for each other for a week. She thrifted me a sweater
that I lounged around in. It was just kind of a
basic knit men’s sweater and I was kind of like wait,
why haven’t I done this before? So I picked up this one,
it’s by the brand Hanes. I didn’t even know Hanes made sweaters, but it’s like an old
school tag which I love. And it’s just this v-neck kind of almost Henley type
sweater I guess you could say. Very pretty maroon color. I love these type of jewel
tones matched up with my hair. So, it was $4.49. I could’ve asked for less because it actually does have a
little hole in the side here, but sometimes I just don’t wanna do that. So I just paid for it and moved on. And then the very last
item is this Arizona shirt, which you guys saw in the fitting room. Accidentally dragged it
across the floor in the cart so it does have a stain
on the bottom of it now. It’s like this black dust stain, but I’m sure I’ll be able
to get that out in the wash. After I sanitize it and
all that good stuff, I might cut this up. I say that about every single
thrifted shirt I ever buy. I just always have a vision for that. I don’t know. It may end up just being a
lounge around the house shirt, but I love it. It was four dollars and 99 cents. Oversized, can wear it with bike shorts, can wear it with leggings, can wear it on it’s own if you
feel like not wearing pants. So that is it, that is my like “Home for
the Holidays” thrift haul. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Definitely let me know if
you wanna see this again when I come back for Christmas. And this trip today just definitely like, I needed this boost in confidence
as far as thrifting went, because L.A. is a lot more
difficult for a mid-size body, and that’s just being real, that’s not blaming anyone,
any store, any thing, it’s literally just me existing in my body and hoping that I find my size and I had a lot more luck today. So hopefully this video made you guys a fraction as happy as it made me. I love you guys so so much and I will see you in the next one. Bye. (funky music)


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