Top 4 Ecommerce A/B Testing Ideas to Grow Your Conversion Rate by 50% (or More)
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Top 4 Ecommerce A/B Testing Ideas to Grow Your Conversion Rate by 50% (or More)

Today, I ran through the list of all the experiments
that we have conducted for our clients and came up with the list of 4 ecommerce A/B testing
ideas that according to our data work most often and yield the best results. Let’s dive in! Hi everyone! My name is Pawel Ogonowski and I’m the Ecommerce
Optimization Guy. I’m not a huge fan of running A/B tests
which follow the line that what worked for the others, will work for me. You should always start by understanding your
users, their needs and problems. Start solving them and your conversion rate
will skyrocket. Having said that, if you’re starting a conversion
rate optimization program, you want to deliver good results pretty fast to gain buy in. That’s why today, I’m going to share with
you the list of 4 testing ideas that from our experience work extremely well. Idea number one: Add a site-wide USP bar in
the header „Why should I buy from you rather than somebody
else?” That’s the question your users ask themselves
when they are about to buy something from you. You need to take care of two things: 1. Give users a compelling reason to buy from
you 2. Make that compelling reason stand out Look how Mr. Gugu & Miss Go do it — they
show right here under the bar that they have got free shipping on orders over 70 EUR, 100
days return policy and worldwide shipping. Similarly Greats shows off their USP with
free shipping and free returns on all orders right over here. Of course, you don’t have to rely only on
shipping and returns when creating your USP. You can add something unique like TOMS does
with they „One for One” approach where for every product you purchase, TOMS helps
a person in need. I would just try adding that statement to
the header so that it was more prominent and visible on every single page. Crutchfield has even a bigger number of compelling
reasons for you to buy from them. The most prominent is „Free Shipping with
delivery in 3 days or less” but you can also click here and learn about 9 other unique
things like „Free lifetime tech support” or „60-day returns”. So first, if you don’t have USP — come
up with one. If you have one, try placing it as a site-wide
bar in the header. Idea number two: ask for email on the first
checkout step Cart abandonment rate hovers around 70%. That means 7 our of 10 users do not place
an order even though they’ve put something into their shopping carts. If you got these users that far, you must
do everything you can not to lose these sales. You can be sure that you won’t create a
bullet proof checkout that everyone will finish. This will not happen. But you can curb cart abandonment with emails
directed at users who didn’t place an order. Of course, the first thing you need to do
it — is email addresses of these users. So do your best to collect them as soon as
possible. You may do that as Spring does. As soon as you enter the checkout, the only
thing that you’re asked for is your email address. Thanks to this solution, if only a user leaves
their checkout, they can send him some nice reminder about items he has just left. That’s an example of such email from Tobi. As I said, it’s wise to collect email address
as soon as possible so why don’t you also try testing a popup that would collect email
addresses upon users entry? Idea number three: Get rid of the full header
in checkout Frankly speaking I have no idea why some online
stores still have the full menu in their checkouts. If users decided to checkout, you must do
everything there is to close these sales. It’s not a good moment for any distraction. Do not distract your users with full menu
just like L.L. Bean does — you go to their checkout and bam, full menu. Be like footlocker with their minimalistic
header design. Be like Northern. Just unlike them try minimising the footer
too. I’ll just highlight that I like their trust
building seals in the bottom there! Additional tip here! Many, many times I get a question whether
the menu should be simplified in the shopping cart too. And in 99 cases out of a hundred, my answer
is no, it shouldn’t! So what is this 1% when it makes sense to
test it? When typically your users buy just a single
SKU in an order. For example, this happens with tires! You buy 4 tires of the same type and that’s
usually it. In this situation you may test whether dropping
the menu in cart will grow your conversion rate without deteriorating average order value. Idea number four: Implement nudges to create
urgency Creating urgency is one of the easiest ways
to boost conversion rate. As humans, we’re wired to take action if
we feel the fear of missing out on something. You can build nudges to create the sense of
urgency in a variety of ways. I’ve even got like 3 episodes that go into
different tactics to create urgency so just a quick recap here: You can show how many users are also looking
at a particular product or offer just like Booking does. You can show that there are only a few items
left in stock just like Wolf & Badger does. Or you can add some super strong messaging
to this nudges just like American Apparel does. There are many, many more examples on how
to create urgency but I won’t get into details here. Watch other episodes of Bite-size Ecommerce
Optimization where I dwell on this topics. Summing it up — here are my 4 ecommerce
A/B testing ideas: One: Add a site-wide USP bar in the header Two: Ask for email on the first checkout step Three: Get rid of the full header in checkout Four: Implement nudges to create urgency Test them and they will grow your conversion
rate by 50% or more Ok, folks, that’s all for today! Remember to subscribe to Bite-size Ecommerce
Optimization Channel and don’t forget to like this video! Have a great day and see you in the next episode of Bite-size Ecommerce Optimization! Ta-ta! Bummer! It was the first episode that I recorded while
being slightly ill. Hope the audio quality is ok!

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