Top 5 Most profitable Selling Amazon Categories
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Top 5 Most profitable Selling Amazon Categories

what is going on Amazon sellers or
hopefully soon-to-be Amazon sellers my name is Beau Crabill and in this video
I’m gonna be going over the pros and cons of the best-selling categories on
Amazon okay now before we get into this video let me first explain to you about
Who I am my name is beau Crabill and I’ve been selling physical products
online for nearly a decade now yeah that’s right I started my business at
the ripe age of 10 years old now how is it possible that a ten-year-old can have
success by selling products online and the reason is that is I sell products
that people are already shopping for and I buy those same exact products from
suppliers used by companies like Costco Walmart Target and alike and now I
display the products on Amazon used to do it on eBay and then I keep the markup
which is typically between ten and a hundred percent now if a ten-year-old
can do this do you think you have what it takes to make money as man one seller
of course you do and actual over the past year or so I’ve
been coaching people just like yourself my proven methods of making money as an
Amazon seller and my students come from all walks of life
Agis most do the business part-time however some have actually found that
lucre enough to make this their primary source of income and let’s face it
today’s economy everyone can use a little extra cash well am i right and
again in this video today I’m gonna be going over the best selling categories
on Amazon and going over the pros and cons for each one and also my personal
opinions off them so according to various resources online the top five
most revenue producing categories on Amazon are number one and this is an
order one is consumer electronics two is books and movies three is clothing shoes
and jewelry that’s one category four is personal care and beauty five is home
and kitchen now I’m actually gonna scratch out and eat eliminate books
because if you sell on Amazon you understand this but to sell books at
scale Amazon control is basically majority of the book category and they
don’t let third-party sellers win the buy box and if you actually wanna make
money selling books you have to sell it use doing a bunch of hustling which is
not scalable so I’m gonna throw books out the equation and going to replace it
with the sixth most revenue producing category which is toys and
games okay so now let me give this I’m gonna go over the pros and the cons and
the pros and cons are going to be related in regards to sales volume
margins turnover rate accessibility and capital needed for those categories so
the first one let’s get into it consumer electronics so if you’ve watched me on
youtuber and Facebook or Instagram you probably have maybe asked me a question
about how beau do you sell any electronics what’s your opinions on electronic
category and usually every single time I say I personally don’t sell a lot
electronics I have students that make a lot of money electronics and I just
never really dabble into it I don’t say that I don’t say it’s good I just never
really focused too hard electronics for some reasons however I don’t think
electronics is the best category for beginners and that’s kind of sometimes
why I don’t recommend it it don’t talk about it too much but let me go into the
pros and cons so one obvious Pro is the sales volume electronics probably by far
has the biggest sales volume on the products in Amazon okay what I mean by
that is you might have one product that’s selling a couple hundred units a
month thousands units mark for example I have a student who is doing over two and
fifty thousand dollars by literally only name-brand high-end electronics and I
believe he has less than 30 products in his store and actually might be less
than 25 might be less than 20 but he doesn’t have a lot of products in his
store because I know Amazon sellers who are producing about 20,000 a month
they’re doing drop shipping the new an arbitrage they have hundreds even
thousands of listings in their store have a student do 250 grand a month and
he has less than 30 and the reason is that because if you’re selling a product
for 30 40 50 60 bucks and it sells a thousand units a month you don’t need
that many products okay no with electronics it’s very easy to find
electronics are moving at least at a minimum a few hundred units a month and
sometimes even thousands units per month okay so that’s one Pro another Pro is
simply the turnover rate so don’t get these two confused sales ball imma turn
over it but turnover rate is when you purchase a set amount of units and the
time it takes to sell out so some characters are more some are less filled
with electronics you can for sure easily find some products where you can flip
that over in a month’s time two weeks time three weeks time very
easy to find for electronics okay now I’m going to the next part is the cons
of electronics so one big con of electronics is capital needed so with a
trunks it’s typically higher-end products you’re not really gonna be
selling items for fifteen bucks ten bucks
eight bucks that electronics usually me selling stuff at the minimum 50 bucks
100 bucks so let’s say the mlq of a product is $50 which is a low amount of
units but if it cost 100 bucks right there on a minimum of five grand and
that’s pretty typical for electronics supplier so you’re gonna have to have a
lot of capital for electronics so another con for electronics is the
margins so don’t expect to be making a huge margin on electronics like you can
kind of throw up fifty sixty seventy five percent now I do have electronic
products in my store that I’m making forty percent return on investment
however it’s more realistic to be making ten fifteen percent but if you’re moving
that many units that quickly over a month period and getting ten percent of
your money that’s amazing okay however if you go find an Apple iPhone and
you’re profiting a hundred fifty bucks on it there’s a pretty good chance that
it’s fake okay for example I had someone who posted my Facebook group who said
there they easily found a Happel supplier where they’re profiting like
175 bucks on an iPhone I was like okay they’re definitely fake but if you ever
see like dr. dre beats where you’re making $70 on unit on there’s a hundred
and ten percent chance they’re fake okay and actually kind of leads to the last
con work Electronics is not that accessible so it’s that is what would be
a conflict chronics is that if you know how to find suppliers and i make there’s
a lot easier in my course but if you don’t how to find supplies
you’re gonna have a very hard time simply getting access to those
electronic suppliers and products okay so now that’s we’re done for electronics
again there’s benefits to it I have students making a lot of money
electronics but I don’t think it’s the best for beginners now we’re actually
going to go to another category that’s maybe can be the opposite and that’s
clothing shoes and jewelry so one huge pro about clothing is you can get
started with very low you don’t need a lot of capital for clothing it’s very
easy go find purchase orders while you’re
making $200 where you’re ordering $200 worth of clothing 250 up to $500 you can
find out stuff all day long people don’t really make large purchase orders of
clothing simply because if you go into like a brick-and-mortar store you go to
like Macy’s they don’t have 20 pairs of the specific size of a jean they used to
have like 5 here 3-year to here and it kind of correlates the same online so
that is one Pro you can get started with very low in clothing a second Pro is
typically high margins for example I’m selling some slippers right now there’s
some slippers in my store my cost of seven dollars my profit 7 bucks so the
1% are light typically with clothing you can simply find pretty high margins and
it’s cool that you’re starting with low so it can be a good category for people
starting out and also I’d say the last Pro is the longevity of some products so
there’s always some counter parts and counter examples for these pros and cons
especially for all of them but with clothing you can find a pair of jeans a
jacket where it might be seasonal but you might be selling that north based
jacket for the next five winters or you might be selling these of regular jeans
4x like 3 years in a row so there’s a lot of clothing products where it’s very
evergreen you can be selling all the time so now when we get into the cons of
clothing and probably the only kind of clothing is probably a big one is the
sales volume so your ROI might be great you may be to start with low capital but
you’re not gonna move a crazy amount of units per month now there is counter
examples to that I have sold some ear muffs during the winter what are they’re
flying off the shelves but for longevity products right and
they’re not selling a crazy amount for example those slippers I’m selling where
my cost is 7 profit 7 I’m selling one a day I also have some electronic products
where I’m profiting 7 bucks but my cost is over 20 dollars and I’m selling 25 a
day so with clothing yes high margins low entry start but typically the sales
volume isn’t there but it can still be decent again there’s counter examples to
it but it is a good category to start for beginners so now when I go over is
personal care and beauty so if you ever hear me talk before ask me some
questions about what I think the best category is I usually say Beauty and
there’s some good reasons for that some pretty obvious pros for the beauty
and personal carry category is the high margins it’s pretty simple to go find
beauty products where you’re making 50% 75% over 100 percent ROI on products
okay and also another pro to it is that the
sales volume is there too so it’s kinda actually hard to find products where the
sales volume is great and the ROI is there but with beauty products I mean
there’s stuff that’s selling all the time it’s selling very fast and also
another Pro about is the longevity of products so an example I’m gonna give
you here is like Old Spice the order I’ve sold a lot of Old Spice deodorant
before and that stuff has been selling for the past three years and probably be
selling for the next three years now the manufacturer might create a different
logo for to create a different packaging so you might have to go order different
ones but there’s a lot of deodorant products beauty and personal care
toothpaste right toothbrushes fragrances perfumes creams that have high margins
selling hundreds even thousands units per month everybody doing that for two
years three years four or five years okay beauty’s pretty good and personal
care for that so now I wanna go over the cons of personal care and beauty so one
con of beauty and personal care is the turnover rate so yes you might be having
75% ROI 80 50 60 high margins okay you might be selling thousands of units per
month hundreds of units per month okay and you might be selling that for very
long time but the turnover rate might be three four months okay maybe five months
maybe six months but if you make fifty percent ROI and a six month period
that’s great that’s you can flip that around do that one percent a year so
that is one con is the turnover rate is typically a long time and that kind of
goes on the next con is where you do need a good amount of capital to get
into the beauty and personal care category because since they’re selling
so many units per month and that the turnover rates not the greatest and the
margins are high typically you need a lot of capital for it and the reason why
these pros and cons premiums get made up is how the online sales correlate with
brick-and-mortar okay for example in the electronic category right you might find
a little weird like Apple cable or Apple earpods or
just some weird electronics that sell crazy online and if you go to Best Buy
Best Buy like your local Best Buy might sell less of them right
overall Best Buy sells more iPhones than Apple but one specific Best Buy store
definitely less than on an Amazon listing mind I might not be an Apple
iPhone but any other type of ektron ik and that’s why we electronics you can
get a quick overturn over eight with Beauty I’m gonna tell you right now your
local Walmart is selling a lot more Old Spice deodorants than on Amazon listing
okay and that’s why that’s the long-term turnover rate for online just because you
have these brick-and-mortar retailers buying huge amounts inventory and
they’re turning their inventory in a month time okay and then the
distributors kind of expect you to do the same so that’s why the turnover is
kind of a long period so now I want to get into the home and kitchen category
and to be very honest with you with this category I think this is one of the best
categories for beginners and I’m gonna say this is the most well-rounded
category of all Amazon categories okay it’s not gonna be extreme ten on
something or a two on one area I’m gonna say it’s an overall seven on everything
with longevity capital needed ROI margins sales volume okay just overall
it’s a well rounded category and now let me kind of go in the pros and cons with
this so I would say one Pro is the accessibility of getting home and
kitchen products right electronics it’s more of a mystery get
into now obviously my course makes it a lot easier for even get access to these
deals but with home and kitchen it’s quite accessible for the average person
getting involved also the capital needed is not a huge amount but it’s not like
as low as clothing but I’d say it’s decent you can definitely make orders of
a thousand bucks fifteen hundred dollars with home and kitchen for sure sales
volume is good it’s not great it’s not close to electronics but it’s decent
okay then also kind of leads to the next point of the turnover rate so with home
in kitchen I would say the average turnover rate is two months about you
might sometimes get three months turnover rate sometimes in one month but
probably the average is two months which is pretty good and the margins are
decent as well with home and kitchen so you might you could definitely see
yourself making thirty five percent forty fifty sixty percent
high-end 70 percent with home and kitchen and if you move that in a
two-month period that’s pretty good any person and if you can start with the low
amount of capital that’s great as well and honestly I would say the only con
for home and kitchen would possibly be the longevity of the products especially
with as seen on tv products and products that go into Bed Bath and Beyond because
most of the home and kitchen products that I sell and a lot of my students
sell are also in Bed Bath and Beyond and if you go to Bed Bath & Beyond today and
go there four months from now they’re gonna have 20 different products and
that’s because the home and kitchen is always popping up with new fads you get
all these as seen on TV products where the product might not be that grey and
it’s just kind of a one-time shot now again there’s counter examples to it all
but typically with home and kitchen products you can say the longevity of a
product might be eight months and it has its peak at eight months and then kind
of dies down but again there’s proximate selling for a less amount of time and
some for even more okay so now let me get into the last category which
actually is not going to last category therein go over toys and games but I’m
gonna break it down into two categories so we’re gonna go over toys and then
video games because according to the sources video games was actually
including the toys and games and there was gonna be the last two categories we
go over okay so my personal opinion with toys is I
think it is the best category for beginners home and kitchen one of the
best toys the best category especially if you’re trying to make purchase orders
of less than a thousand dollars okay and here’s why with toys it’s kind of
interesting online so with toys if you’re selling the new models and the
new stuff that’s coming out toys your are wise not gonna be that great but
selling new toys that come out this year and this holiday season it’s not the
best to sell online because when people are selling stuff that’s gonna come out
this holiday season during the holidays they’re having to guess so much if it’s
actually gonna sell when I sell toys and I think the best way to sell toys online
is selling the last year’s models or two years ago or three years ago toys and
the reason why is because for some reason they still sell online and I
think as a combination there’s always these
movies coming out these movies getting played on on-demand Netflix HBO there’s
TV shows and cartoons that kids are watching they go watch them and like oh
that’s an awesome whatever figure when we go buy a product the toy like that
online and just with the new stuff I mean you could go find new toys from
Entertainment Earth and you’re not going to make any money to our wise low but
with the old stuff where it’s not selling anymore in brick-and-mortar your
ROI can actually be fairly high for example I have some products currently
in my store where I’m profiting or my ROI is 200 percent and 100 cent chance
they’re toys so with toys if you’re some of the last
your models which sell better and there’s less riskier better margins some
of those online that’s the way to go okay so now that was one pro right there
some play the ROI is great and then the second part I would say is simply the
capital needed so there’s a lot of toys suppliers where I make purchase orders
of less than 1500 bucks a thousand dollars now there’s some I make more but
less than 1500 bucks less than thousand bucks you can make some purchase orders
with toys but also with toys too it’s a very accessible category so I mean the
new toys are a little less accessible but older toys people are trying to sell
them out and the manufacturer trying to get rid of it makes them pretty
accessible for sure and then I would say the last point I want to make which is
not a pro or con I would say the longevity of the products are decent now
there are for sure some evergreen toys out there there’s some toys that are
just fads but for some reason a lot of toys that are like on the TV I expire
man action figures all the good stuff for some reason they sell for a decent
amount of time ok and I mean they’ll sell like crazy during the holiday
season it might tell it a thousand units a month and during the holiday season
then they might sell fifty hundred seventy five consistently throughout the
year so longevity is decent and I would honestly say with toys I can’t think of
a con for them honestly they’re great for beginners toys just typically always
sell right I mean it’s pretty hard not to sell some Barbie dolls you can go up
to any daughter or son and now for the cons of toys and to be honest I can’t
think of any cons for toys simply I mean the good thing about toys is they
typically always sell it’s pretty easy to
go find a buyer for a hot wheels for paw Patrol for Barbie someone’s always me
behind toys okay so now let’s get into the last category thank you so much for
getting to end this video so now let’s get into the last category and that’s
the video game category so just be very blunt with you right now video games
have the lowest margins and it’s very ironic because they’re definitely the
cheapest to manufacture but I kind of understand because a lot of video games
they started 60 bucks and they go down down down down and the distributors and
manufacturers keep up with that going down down down to have to make sure
they’re profitable but like I understand that there’s a lot of money put into
video games but then after that you’re just printing off so many CDs and copies
of it but for some reason the margins are very low so you can expect be making
10 percent ROI 5 to 15% on video games but now let me kind of get into some
pros about video games so one pro with video games is the turnover rate is
tremendous video games probably has the best turnover rate where you can find
video games where you sell out in a week’s time a month time it’s pretty
hard and you wouldn’t really want to go for video games or making a purchase
order where you’re selling out in longer than two months ok I basically never go
over 30 days with video games so that’s definitely pro another pro as well is
capital needed is quite low so you can easily make purchase orders and I do it
all the time of $500 thousand dollars $1,250 of video games and I’d say the
last pro is the accessibility so video games are pretty easy to get involved
with it’s not a lot of requirements you got to be going through a lot of Hoops
to jump through it’s a pretty simple category to get involved in them so now
I want to go over some cons of this now I would say the number one con for video
games is not a very broad category for example video games if you have a
bestsellers rank of greater than 10,000 you promenade cuz so many units I mean
if it’s under 12,000 you might get like one unit a month one sale a month but
that’s not a lot I mean if you’re you really don’t want to be under 5,000 for
video games but the interesting of the thing is once you get under like 500
they’re sound like crazy but again it’s a very like most of the sales are
happening under the rank of like 1500 mm depends on the time of the year but it’s
not a very broad category for example if you’re selling a toy with
a rank of a hundred thousand you’re probably to get ten or so sales per
month in the video game category if you’re selling a rank of ten thousand
you might get one a month so not a very broad category again when I stated
earlier low margins one of the lowest margins you can expect to be making a
couple dollars on each unit maybe ten percent ROI but if you can get ten
percent ROI every two weeks that’s great that’s where a lot of people do with
video games maybe ten percent in a month’s time but typically low margins
so thank you so much for watching this video we’ve come to the end and what I
want to kind of give you a last kind of my opinions on all of this because I get
a lot of questions on what categories should I be selling and really at the
end of the day all of these categories I mentioned the pros and the cons maybe
you liked some of the pros and maybe you hated some of the cons and you want to
say what stay away from those categories to be very honest there’s money to be
made in every category at Amazon okay again I don’t sell a lot of electronics
have a student making $250,000 a month of electronics so in sales revenue okay
I have students for just selling video games just beauty and personal care some
that want to sell clothing I mean anthem today there’s money to be
made but thank you so much for watching this video if you want to get any more
other content from me feel free to follow me on Instagram on Twitter and
Facebook all at beaucrabill will b e a u c r a b i l l make sure to subscribe to
the channel also make sure turn on that little bellow so you can notified for my
videos because youtube doesn’t really notify people for videos and also i’ll
be hosting a webinar on thursday you can feel free to go join that webinar
personal ink will be in the description and just have a great day


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