Top WooCommerce Plugins to make Order IDs Sequentially

If you have a WooCommerce store, you
might have come across your irregular orders IDs in your WooCommerce orders
dashboard. While you may think you are missing out on some orders,
you are actually not! WordPress uniquely identifies every
element in its system as post IDs. So in a WordPress database, a page, post, image,
category, etc, are given a unique post ID. The major reason to do this is that it
becomes easier for developers to access these entities. WooCommerce follows the
same sequence format, in which its product, category, tag, and attribute
values are also uniquely identified with a post ID. Hence when you create
WooCommerce orders as well as other WordPress entities like a page, the order
IDs become non-sequential in WooCommerce orders dashboard. So how to make
WooCommerce Order ID sequentially? The solution to this problem is Plugins. There are various free and premium plugins available in the market that you
can make use to customize the WooCommerce Order IDs. Let’s explore some
of the top plugins to solve this problem. Number one in the list is the Sequential
Order Numbers Pro by WooCommerce. With this plugin, you can set custom
WooCommerce order numbers, order number length, custom prefix and suffix as well.
You can also set a starting number even if you do not have existing orders. In case you have some existing orders, the order ID sequence will start from the
current highest order number. In addition to this, you can also include the current
day, month, year, and time in the order ID. This will help in categorizing old
orders from the new ones. One exciting feature in this plugin is
that it allows you to skip specifying order number for orders only with free
products. You can also specify a custom prefix for free products. Number two:
Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce plugin. This plugin allows you to specify
not just sequential numbers, but random numbers as well. One unique feature of
this plugin is the ability to remunerate existing orders IDs, which means you can
start the order IDs from one even if you have a lot of existing orders. You can also set custom prefix, suffix, order number with template and dates in the order IDs. Another exciting feature is the Admin tracking feature, that allows
store admins to track the order with the new custom order IDs. Also, you can set a reset counter to
change the order IDs automatically. The third plugin in the list is the
YITH WooCommerce Sequential Order Number. This plugin is another good alternative.
Just like the previous plugin, this plugin allows you to specify a starting number
for progressive numeration of orders and add prefix and suffix for order IDs as
well as free products. One additional feature is that it allows you to handle
free products in a slightly different way. You can choose to consider all the products in the order total with zero
amount as free products or choose each product that has
zero value as a free product. Number Four: Booster Plus for WooCommerce plugin. While this plugin serves as an all-in-one plugin for WooCommerce, one of
its modules allow you to set custom order numbers. In addition to setting up
custom order numbers, prefix and suffix with alphanumeric and date values, order
number width, the plugin allows you to track the orders with the custom order
numbers. It also has an option for using MySQL transaction to be enabled when you
have a lot of simultaneous orders in your WooCommerce store The fifth entrant in the list is a free plugin called Sequential Order Number for WooCommerce by WebToffee. This free plugin makes your order management easy by taking the next highest order number
and start a new sequence of order numbers. If you have no orders in your store,
it will start from order number 1. Since the order IDs reflect other
plugins as well, this plugin offers customization to make it compatible. Number sixth is another free option
called Sequential Order Numbers for WooCommerce by Berocket. This free plugin is new on the block but allows you to set custom prefix, suffix,
start number for orders as well as free orders. You can also include the date and
time in the order number. One additional feature this plugin offers is the option
to set custom prefix and suffix for each order payment method. Therefore, these are the Top Six
WooCommerce Plugins to make Order ID Sequentially. Hence, in this way you can
make WooCommerce order ID sequentially. You can also read the video transcript.
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