True Nobility – 18 DAYS
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True Nobility – 18 DAYS

Very well. Let us… No! No, please stop! Do not do it, Karna! Put your sword down. You have proven your skill here, in front of everyone. What more do you need? He has challenged me. I cannot back down now, father. – This man is your father? – What of it? A tournament is a contest between equals. This man is a peasant. And so are you. You have no right to stand within this arena, Karna. I am the equal to any man here If you have any doubt then stand aside and I’ll write my proof in your brother’s blood. Leave this arena. You are not worthy. Worthy? You don’t know the meaning of the word, Yudish. The man is no noble, Duryodhana. He is not permitted here. Noble? What is nobility unless it is courage, honour and skill? Or do you have to be born in a palace to be noble? The man has no lineage. He has not family. He has no name. My name is Karna, prince. You would do well to remember it. Every action, every feat you have performed today has bathed you in honour and proven your nobility beyond all doubt. Such extraordinary skill deserved reward. Ask anything of me, and I will give it to you. I wish nothing, my lord… … but to fight him. Hey! Like this video? Then why dont you hit the subscribe button? Leave comment, too. There may be other shows you might like here.


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