Trying Medical Quackery Sold on Amazon
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Trying Medical Quackery Sold on Amazon

So I feel to get the best out of this, I’m gonna have to turn this light off, so here it goes. Yeah! Do you remember when I used to make
videos looking into scientific papers? Hello there Internet, it’s Myles here. Now a lot of people don’t
know this about me. But I am the rather proud owner of a rather unusual collection of
pseudoscientific products. Now a lot of people in my life including
my close friends and family think ‘I’m just wasting my
money buying this stuff’. But the truth is I get an enormous amount
of enjoyment out of trying to figure out the creator’s point of view. Trying to understand why they believe,
why they believe. Now my collection
includes everything from the bizarre like My kitty Chakra Healing Kit to the flat-out dangerous,
like good two examples here ‘The Case Against Condoms’
written by His Eminence. Now this book blames condoms
for the spread of HIV in the 80s and 90s. I’ve also got this book here
that I picked up in India when I was traveling a few years ago. ‘Control AIDS Thru Homeopathy”. Yeah, there’s no doubt in my mind that people will have died as a result
of reading these books. Anyway, I’m always on the lookout for new
quackery, for new pseudoscience, bollocks to add to my collection And recently I went on a shopping spree and I would like to show you
what I bought from Amazon. So the first thing I picked up
on my little shopping spree were these Acupuncture Seeds. “Tiny beads like these called Ear Seeds are how some people
are fighting stress and pain, they’re placed on the ears by
licensed acupuncturists and fans say
‘they’re an easy and drug-free treatment’.” Now acupuncture, for
those of you who don’t know, is an alternative medicine derived
from traditional Chinese medicine. Now acupuncturists or whatever they’re called believe that all disease is caused by a disruption of the flow of energy
in your body or Qi. And they believe by putting pressure or needles in your flesh at certain points, they can release this energy or this Qi and it can go off and
you can go and be okay. “In its most basic form, Acupuncture is the practice of
inserting fine needles through the skin at specific points — especially to treat
disease or relieve pain. There are Meridians throughout the body, which serve as channels for
the flow of Qi or vital energy. Insertion of needles at defined points along these meridians regulate the
flow of Qi and result in clinical effects. In terms of how pain arises in TCM, it’s thought to arise when there’s
an obstruction of free flow of Qi within the channels or the meridians. And by manipulating specific acupuncture
points you can restore the free flow of Qi.” It’s quackery of the purest kind and people have known
this for hundreds of years. You go back to the
17th, 18th century in China and people knew it was quackery,
people knew it was rubbish. You go to the 19th century in China and you find that acupuncture has been
taken out of all the medical texts. And you go back as far as, or as close as 1929 and this stuff was banned in China along
with a load of other alternative medicine. It wasn’t until a communist government
was installed in 1949 that you see a rise in this stuff again and this could be down to nationalism or the fact that really at the time
there wasn’t any alternative. Now, at the same time we see this kind
of stuff come over to the West, where it dropped a lot of its spirituality and just became about sticking needles and putting pressure on people’s bodies. But yeah anyway, I picked these up. So apparently these ones
are for your ears and they’re made– they’re just
plasters with seeds on them and apparently you put
them in certain places and there you go, that’s the acupuncture. “This is for your shoulder and your neck.” “Licensed acupuncturist Lisa Alvarez tapes tiny pallets called
seeds into Julia’s ears, they apply gentle pressure on
acupuncture points that correspond to areas of the body. This is a Chinese model of the year.” “Well today, because we’re working on
stress, I stimulated points here and here.” So before anyone asks, I did look at the places where
you meant to put these things, and in fact, I was going to buy
like a training ear to go with it but it was a bit too expensive. Yeah, you can buy those
on Amazon as well. But it’s all quackery anyway,
so it doesn’t really matter where I put it. Look you see them, look at them.
There you go. That’s money well spent. But you know what? I wanted to get more, I wanted to get more of these kind of
things something a bit more futuristic. So I got… you ready for this? Magnet therapy quit smoking. “You can quit smoking, that’s right! And if you’ve tried everything to quit
patch, gum, lasers, even injections. Well finally, there’s a device
to help you stop smoking. This is Zerosmoke.” Yay! And it’s okay, it’s endorsed by
the American Cancer Organization. Oh wait, no, no sorry, we support
the American Cancer Organization. That is so sneaky! Putting that on your front cover. “A breakthrough in medical technology
that can help you kick the cigarette habit. Zerosmoke’s two 24 karat gold-plated,
bio magnets use aurricular therapy to help free you from
your desire to smoke. This basically is a little magnet that you put in your ear and it stops
you from wanting to smoke. I don’t smoke anyway,
so I’m not sure I could test this. But this thing was quite
expensive for what it is, and it’s just a little magnet. “Zerosmoke uses a auricular therapy
through the accupressure point to help curb your desire to smoke. Auricular therapy causes the release of this same feel-good Endorphins
that smoking does. Over 2 million people worldwide have used
Zerosmoke to help them kick the habit.” So I’ve read the pamphlet
by the way that it came with, and it gives some advice about
what to do after you’ve quit smoking. Some of it, I’ve gotta admit, sounds
pretty legit, sounds cool, just says’ ‘try and keep your
mind off it’ basically. But it never goes into detail about
how this magnet can work but apparently, it’s just acupuncture again. So I’ve got to put the small one
on the inside of my ear and the big one on the outside and done. There we go. What do you think? So now I no longer wanna smoke. “I started smoking about thirty years ago and it just feels so good
to now be a nonsmoker finally.” “I tried gum, patch, cold turkey everything, nothing worked until Zerosmoke.” “Now that I’ve quit smoking with Zerosmoke, I feel like I can accomplish anything.” You know the thing that
really annoys me about this one is the people who it’s targeted towards,
people who want to quit smoking, people who want to better themselves
and become more healthy. Now it’s– I know people who’ve quit smoking and it’s been awful for them. Now there are a few products out
there that can help them, but can you imagine if
someone wants to quit smoking and they buy this, as their one and only
thing to help them, and because it’s pure quackery,
because it’s pure rubbish, it does nothing and
they go back to smoking. It’s so parasitic of them to make this and also it’s kind of boring and dull. I mean like something on my ear. Yeah, that’s pretty dull. I want to turn this up to 11. So I bought myself
an electronic acupuncture wand, which I’ve got turned up to 8,
turned it up to 9. And it’s exactly what you think it is, it’s ticking, that’s ticking,
I don’t if you can hear that. But yeah, instead of putting,
you know, needles in your flesh, this thing– it electrocutes you to be better. I’m gonna do this. I felt that in my arm. So it turns out his thing is quite fun to
crack out, when you’ve got guests over and after you’ve had a
fair few down the pub. So I had some friends
over a couple months ago and I said “I’ve got an acupuncture wand.
Do you wanna try it?” So we had a bit of fun with it. Apologies by the way, I’ve got
a really annoying laugh but here’s the video from the other night. – That really hurt my teeth. – Right yeah, give it to Pete. – Right, Pete, yeah, okay. – Do you have to press anything? – No no no, you just hold it,
you have to hold it. – You have to be the one to hold it. – I’m feeling it on my hands though, like these hands. – I’m feeling it. I am. – Are you? – Yeah, very minor, but there’s a little click. – Like, I get it. I get it in this hand
where it happens. – Okay. – Can I… Right, so… Jab Pete in the neck.Go on, you know you want to. – Mike’s my shield. Things then got a little bit silly. I mean originally I brought this out just to
see if we can electrocute each other and have a bit of fun with it. And then things got – as friends do – a bit malicious as we started jabbing each other
in the neck with it. Yeah, we’re really good to each other. – What is this! – And the camerawomen. Anyway, so I’ve got the manual here. Doesn’t say anything that interesting, but it does tell you
what you can use to cure it. Now first of all, it says ‘I should lube it up’ before… I touch myself, again phrasing. So I’ve got some lube here. Okay. I am gonna see if this is any better. Why am I doing it to my face? Why don’t I just do it to my hand or something. Despite the fact that numerous studies have shown that there’s
nothing to acupuncture and that it’s pure quackery, it’s never been more popular. I did a quick Google search
before recording this and I found that there are 18
acupuncturists in my hometown Middlesbrough alone. There are three within walking
distance of my house. This is pure quackery, yet for some reason, it’s been
accepted into the mainstream. A lot of people think there’s
something behind this, when there’s absolutely not;
this thing is still ticking by the way. I don’t know if you can hear though. That’s really worrying. I’m gonna take the battery out of this, before I electrocute myself again. Right, moving on. Shall we? “I wanted to show you a quick tip
for helping you with blocking EMF. Okay. Do you know what that is? EMF radiation. It is electromagnetic frequencies and
today it is all around us, everywhere we go. Almost every square inch of our
airspace is taken up by radiation. Radiation from– Mostly cellphone radiation, we have
obviously computers Wi-Fi.” In our modern life, we are bombarded by, and by the way this is all
a quote, bombarded by electronic and magnetic fields. Sometimes referred to as radiation. Now this radiation is harmful to us and according to the website non-toxic
living, can cause various cancers, various birth defects,
reproductive abnormalities, can cause a low and low quality
sperm count; all these horrible things. So you’re probably asking yourself, “Is there something I can buy to protect
myself?” and Amazon says “Yes, there is.” So there’s a lot of things
you can buy on Amazon, starting with a sticker that you can put on the back
of your phone to protect yourself from all the radiation that leaks from it. “If you think about it, when
you have a cell phone and you hold it up here to your head and those… okay, all of the antenna and the signal and the cells are coming
into the phone being received into it, so you can actually talk. Meanwhile, while you’re
having your conversation, all of these cells are going
directly into your brain. Okay? What happens is,
these cells become damaged.” Now this sticker– either
according to the description, reflects or absorbs all this radiation, yet somehow still manages
to let the phone work. “What you do is, you put this on the back your phone ears
to where you would receive the signal and it helps to absorb
the negative energies.” I wasn’t convinced by that one. I quite like having my phone working, so I didn’t wanna buy that one. Next, I looked into how I can
protect myself against my Wi-Fi. Now, it turns out you can buy a Wi-Fi Faraday cage, which is quite expensive by the way, and this will shield up to 90% of the dangerous radiation
coming from your Wi-Fi router. Now, I was gonna buy this but then I read the comments beneath it, and it turns out, it’s got
a massive design flaw. So it turns out the hole which
lets all the wires in and out, isn’t big enough for
what you need at home. So most people have had to leave it ajar, meaning that all this dangerous
Wi-Fi is just leaking out everywhere. My goodness! And then I thought to myself,
wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy a switch and Ethernet cables. So I’ll probably go with that option
rather than the the Wi-Fi route. So anyway, what next? I thought you know what,
I still want my EMF protection but I also want to look fabulous doing so. So I decided to buy myself
a EMF protecting pendant, which is charged by the Sun naturally, to help me and to absorb
all the nasty radiation that I am exposed to
in my daily life. Yeah! Now, this one I actually
got imported from China and it comes with a fake credit card of– for some reason, with this quantum
pendant, Japanese technology and “this is to certify that this
quantum pendant has been placed in the highest quality standards
of the manufacturing process.” So it’s CGMP Pendulum! Solar energy FIR card. Whatever! And let’s have a look at this. Quantum science. Can you see that? Probably no, it’s out of focus,
quantum science! So is it or is it not a pendant
or is it both at the same time? I’ve got a big head. Can I put this on? There we go. What do you think? Good look, protect me from all that radiation! Yeah! This is a good look and it’s quite cheap. It’s only a couple of quid as well. And now, I don’t have
to worry about radiation. The only thing I regret though,
is not knowing about this before I went to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. If only, if only. Hello Internet. Do you
wanna see where I am? I am in Pripyat. How awesome is this? Very awesome is the answer. The next thing I bought, I actually have
been looking at for a fair few years. Now some of my old timey wimey
subscribers will remember, back in the day, I used to try quackery to cure my
increasingly painful hangovers as I was getting older. Yeah. And they never ended very well. And I always had a hangover at the end
and sometimes it was made even worse, like when I tried incense to
make myself feel better and the smell, I remember was just awful and it just pushed it into
a full-blown migraine. Anyway, some of the stuff I was looking
into and some of the stuff I wanted to try, but it was a little bit out of my
price range was magnet therapy. Now, the idea with magnet therapy is that you’ve got iron in your blood and
this will be attracted towards a magnet. So you can use a magnet to
help with the flow of blood, which will somehow help you all together. It’s absolutely baloney, I mean
you can put yourself in a MRI, which is way way way way powerful and you won’t find yourself… exploding and sticking to the outsides. “Well, there’s a couple of
different theories around how magnetic therapy works. One of which is that it
increases circulation in the body. So they’ve done what’s
called far infrared imaging, to people who are using magnets
on certain parts of their body and what they see is an
increase in blood flow.” Hi there, it’s future Myles here, who’s currently editing the video
you’re watching right now. Very matter, I know. Anyway, when I make a video, I like to find other examples that back up
my well– my videos and my points; and I often troll the internet
to find these people and this is an example of someone
who wasn’t meant to be in the video, someone who’s been added after the script but what she’s saying is so weird,
I wanted to pay attention to it. Now she’s saying that– What was it far-infrared malarkey,
you know– Through imaging, we can see that magnets
can have an effect. No, that’s all bollocks, she
just made that up on the fly. So I’ve looked into this today. And it’s just an amalgamation of things that she’s just put together. Essentially, she’s getting mixed up with
heat mats that sometimes give off a bit of a magnetic field; and that warm people with some
kind of out there little bit therapy that says like heating the muscles
through IR radiation can help a little bit to magnets vibrating with certain
radiations, it’s all just come together. And also there are certain people who
believe in magnetic therapy, who think that far infrared is
a color that we humans can see. She’s talking gibberish but that’s nothing compared to
what she’s about to say next. “The other theory involved here is that because of our modern structures
that we’ve created on this world, in terms of– on this earth, I guess, in terms of buildings
and what-not concrete, we’re blocking our body’s experience
of the Earth’s natural magnetic. I guess you wanna say– I mean the Earth
has a certain magnetic propensity for it and we’re blocking it
with these structures. So in a sense, magnetic therapy
would ground us and bring us back into the presence
of that particular aspect of the Earth. Did that make any sense to
any of you watching this? At all? She just made that up on the spot and this woman is giving out
medical advice. She just made that up. You know I hate when I go to
a big city Manchester, London, Toronto, what have you, and my compass stops
working. I hate it when that happens. And It’s all because of these
concrete buildings, that prevent me being exposed
to the Earth’s magnetic field. She’s just making it up. She’s making it up on the spot. She’s giving out a medical advice. Oh my god! All right,
anyway sorry about that. Let’s get back on with the
regular scheduled video. It’s all rubbish! But anyway, I bought some stuff
I bought a fair bit here. So first of all, I wanted to try this, which is a anti migraine helmet– band thing. Let’s have a look, let’s open it up. So… It’s got some magnets on
the inside. Very good. And the idea here is that– You just get rid of your
headache by doing that. I look a bit like Solid Snake. Feel it working already. Yeah, so… this will attract the blood to my brain, which will cure my migraine apparently. So, what about the problems with my neck? Well, I can– I’ve got one of these as well. So. Yeah again, magnets in here. What am I doing with my life? I… Why do people buy this junk? And I’ve also got these as well, which is a mixture between magnets and bloody – what do they call it –
acupuncture. So it’s the same as
those little seed things, only now, they’re bigger
and they’re with magnets and they don’t come off. Oh my god, design flaw! The– I found a design
flaw in your product. So it just peels the thing off. Load of rubbish. There we go. See you get these and it’s just… It’s just the same. And these were again not cheap for
what they are worth. Rubbish! “And you might wonder exactly
how it is that a magnet therapy works. And a lot of times in the comments, I will see people put something on there
about ‘Well, if you read on Wikipedia or if you read this…’ You gotta be so careful of
your sources of information, especially regarding natural health because the government, unfortunately
doesn’t like a lot of these remedies, they don’t make them a lot of money.” You can buy all this stuff. You can buy all this stuff on Amazon. You would have thought that, like the Trades Description Act
would stop these people, or would get Amazon worried that
this kind of crap is being sold there, because all this stuff claims in the
description that, you know, it will help with your blood flow, that it
will help with your migraines, that will help with all sorts. I can’t look down to see the manual. What a load of rubbish. I’m taking this off because I look
a bit too much like Bo’ Selecta. Okay, so thank you for staying this long. The best is last. Now this one was quite expensive. So have a look at this. ‘Comfort LED Beauty Mask’. So… Oh my god! That is the
thing of nightmares. So this is Color Proton light therapy,
whatever you want to call it. So the idea here is that you change
the colors in this mask and it will do various things. So red… cures your skin. White gets rid of your freckles, which
I have, which I’m interested to try but let’s try this out. Shall we? Oh my god! Oh that is terrifying. It’s got a thing though. So that’s… Micro electro– Oh my god. It does electrocute you. No! Oh my god! Oh no! Oh, oh red. I have a red mask. Color 1, color 2, Ay green, blue, green again, oh
yellow, cyan, purple, wow! So I feel to get the best out of this, I’m gonna have to turn this light off. So here it goes. Yeah. Do you remember when
I used to make videos looking at the scientific papers? Hi there internet, it’s me again
future Myles. Once again, interrupting
this video. Sorry about that. But I found something mighty interesting
while I was trying to find footage for this video, and that was there are
so many people out there, who are trying to pass off
this cheap piece of tat, as a legitimate piece of hardware for their
spa, for their beauticiany malarkey place. “LED light therapy mask is a great add-on to any medical service here
at Orchid Spa and Wellness. It could be added to microdermabrasion, any peels, facials, micro needling and then we customize
it per the client’s needs. There is red light, blue light and pink light.” And the only thing that makes
their mask different to mine is that it’s got a fancy logo on the bottom. So with that said, I’d like
to introduce you to the “Myles Power Patent-pending Light Mask” that will cure all sorts,
that will make you younger, that will make you look like a silly sod. So you’d be happy to know
after about 20 minutes, half an hour of playing around with this, I can’t get it to electrocute myself, which I am fairly happy about. Now, this whole color thing
reminds me of this book here, which you can’t see, so I’m
gonna turn this light back on. Now this is color healing. Let’s take this off. And I picked this up when I was traveling
around Thailand a few years ago. And it contradicts everything that
this mask says it can do. For example this mask says you can get rid of freckles by putting
white light onto it, which this book says is a load of baloney. This mask says you can get rid of
your acne by putting red light on it. This book says green light. You would have thought it would have– You would have thought there
would have been cohesion here but there’s nothing. These people are just making it up. And this book is actually really scary
when you read it. For example, it goes into various things,
towards the end, that can be cured using light therapy. I’m going to take this off… And they’re not things like a slight cold,
the sniffles, anything like that. It says things like purple light can help
you with all mental disorders. It says if you’re having an asthma
attack, you should try orange light– If it wasn’t so stupid,
it would be worrying. And that really brings me on to
what I wanna make my final point, about this quackery. Now this kind of stuff, it’s funny. I mean can you imagine someone
wearing this for hours at a time, trying to get rid of their freckles. By the way freckles are awesome,
I love my freckles. Yeah! But there’s– this darker undertone,
that’s always attached to stuff like this. I mean quackery is quackery and it’s unfortunate that
nowadays with the internet, more and more people are being
conned by this kind of stuff, into buying this kind of crap,
into buying dangerous stuff, into buying false hope. I mean look at that really
stupid acupuncture pen, I showed you the beginning of the video. Yeah that was really fun
to play with my mates, but it also says it can help you
if you suffer from bipolar disorder. There is a serious darker
undertone to all of this, and the fact that this stuff is so easy to
get with sites like Amazon and eBay, and the fact that no one
really monitors these things… So people can put up this kind of junk and say “Hey it will cure you
of your cancer or what have you,” and no one bats an eyelid. And desperate people will find it, they will waste their money and
it could even make them much worse, in the case of stuff like
black salve and MMS. So… Really I just wanna end by saying… if you ever see anyone delving into this kind of stuff, online buying quackery, you know just warn them
that it’s all rubbish. There’s nothing to it. These people are parasites
and they’re after your money and they don’t care about you whatsoever. So all right, I’m gonna go. I’ll see you later, Internet. Goodbye. Okay, before I go, I’d hate myself
if I didn’t do this. Thanks guys. Hello Clarice.


  • mcslave3

    Hey i love the fact you're playing Kona park in the background for part of your video
    You should credit Jinsang! He makes good music

  • Amazingly Awkward

    EMF is harmless. How do I know? Because wide area networks, WANs, would never be a thing if EMF actually had the same effects as, say, gamma radiation.

  • Anthony PC

    Just noticed that a former girlfriend of mine used nearly every one of these products / alt-med beliefs.

    …. her dad was an acupuncturist before loosing his license for malpractice.
    Also pleaded with me to not get my flu vaccination. I felt sorry for how worried I made her by using “Western” science-based medicine. (AKA proven medicine.)

  • Anthony PC

    EMF radiation… as in SUN LIGHT, star light, camp fires and candle light…

    Radio waves used for communication are all lower frequency than the radiation that’s visible to our eyes as light.
    Maybe we should use some taxes to fund a program to provide basic education and scientific literacy to the public, preferably in the early years of our lives.
    We could call it School!

  • Anthony PC

    These are the people who can’t/won’t distinguish between facts and imaginative speculation.

    If you spend much time in the communities where they cluster to indiscriminately validate each other’s notions, you’ll hear a lot about their extra special “intuitions.”

    I’m in California and it’s rare to meet someone who’s Not an “empath” or “psychic” of some sort. Basically they take the most non-cognitive method of assuming beliefs based on what feels intuitive, and they revere that lazy human default to be the pinnacle of spiritual wisdom, in their world.
    Intuition is the source of all confidence in their undoubtable inner knowledge, like which ritual will cure a loved one’s cancer.

    I guess New Agers use intuition pretty much the same as Christians’ use Faith. For any and everything.

  • Anthony PC

    25:10 can I imagine someone wearing that LED mask for hours trying to improve their skin ?
    I don’t have to. I can just remember my ex waisting her time and money getting ALL of these treatments.
    But skepticism just pisses them off and pushes them away from their more rational friends.

  • Ken Williams

    The device at 7:19 looks to be a home version of something my dad used to use when he was doing anesthesia (He is a retired Nurse Anesthetists), it's called a Peripheral Nerve Stimulator. He would use it on nerve bundles to see if the nerves had been blocked or not by the medicine, or as us kids would do, to shock each other. And yes, it would also make an audible clicking sound as well.

  • NateJGardner

    "The cells flow into your cellphone then directly into your brain."

    That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works!

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