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hey everybody hope you’re all doing well
I wanted to just jump on and show you my latest finds at Tuesday morning I found
some really really nice things I have a lot of stuff this is gonna be a long
haul and let’s see I don’t even know where to start
let’s go ahead and start with these cute binder clips paper clips and let’s
see if I can just focus and a little bit better now
these are I had to get these one because I love the cameras the camera clips are
just super cute and I also love these really big ones because I think I’m
gonna decorate these with either you know like little bows or whatever I have
I think these are great size for that so that’s why I got these and I think I
might even pick up another one if I see it because I don’t know I just think
these are the perfect see how wide they are so I think they’re perfect to
decorate and the good for you know your planner or you know for anything else so
and these were only a dollar ninety-nine and the number two this one is one seven
eight eight seven nine three and then the camera paper collapse the number is
one seven eight eight seven nine four and again these were only a dollar
ninety-nine which i think is a really really good deal and you get in the
cameras you get eight and in the large size paper clips you get nine I picked
up these metal dies by Spellbinders and these are a tag trio and I have not
gotten a metal die cut machine yet but as I’ve said in a previous video I’m
kind of just collecting you know metal dies you know so I can have a nice
collection when I do get my machine and I have not gone to Aliexpress yet I know
that’s a great place to get dyes as well but I don’t know I just thought these
were cute and I think I know I could probably get these cheaper at Aliexpress
but you know these were $4.99 the numbers one eight six one six nine
two but I thought they were really cute so I know I just wanted to get them and
this tank has a heart this one has a nice Sun and this one has like three
banners going along it so I don’t know I thought it was cute so I don’t know what
do you guys think this was $4.99 a good price for these I thought it was a
decent price I thought I didn’t think it was too bad so I went ahead and picked
these up I thought they were really cute you guys know how I feel about marble I
like marble anything so I actually picked these up yesterday and these are
from American crafts and they’re just basically like little zipper pouch for
your planner and it’s a mini a zipper pouch so so I did go ahead and picked up
the three that they had there were a little pricey they’re $2.99 originally
$5.99 but a two-day nine I think would have been better $1 many nice but anyway
I did go ahead and pick these up and look how pretty these are the marble
print is really pretty and then you have the you know the holes to just put them
in your mini binders or honey spoons and this this particular one was Ashley 50%
off at Tuesday mornings so that’s why I wouldn’t you know went ahead and picked
it up to try it this is pomegranate honey remember I said that but
originally $5.99 Tuesday morning priced 399 but it was 50% off so I got this for
two bucks so I didn’t think that was a bad price and you do get I think six
three you know looks like you get five two spins I can’t wait to try it with my
team I went ahead and picked up this envelope punch board and this is
originally 1999 in the stores I have seen this and I think Michaels southies
and I think that the one the one that they sell at Michaels is gray and this
one is obviously like a creamy white I don’t know there’s a difference to it
there is a difference just let me know in the comments but I went ahead
pick this up you know I thought it was kind of a good deal to be able to make
envelope set and probably possibly I saw a video on YouTube but you can actually
make bows with your envelope punch board so I’m kind of excited to open this up
and just kind of play with it and and try different things with it I also
found this paper pad by American crafts as well and look at all the gorgeous
marbled prints guys so pretty so you know I couldn’t pass this up because of
the marble and this was only $2.99 and the number is 1-800-321-8633 dream without fear love without limits I
love that one create are these pretty and this was $0.99 and the numbers one
eight one three eight seven three found these oil tags
which are so pretty by Jillybean these were only 79 cents and you get six of
them the number is 182 eight eight four seven and these are all the ones that
you get you get enjoy love happy hello aren’t these pretty and their foil there
have the gold foil and it looks like it’s like a Bella material and you open
these up really Clark so yeah it’s kind of like the see-through take it down low
material things a couple of things happy love and then you get I guess like
the jute cord whether these pretty lovelies and for 79 cents bonusing eyes
is I also found these clothes the New York clothespins you get eight of them
by Jillybean these for 99 cents the number is 182 eight eight seven zero and
these are basically in just eight different ways to say hello
it says Bonjour howdy hi hello hola hey this is a Xiao Chao probably butchering
that but um I don’t know what language this is
hello hello not sure but really cute I think another normal and you can
embellish these guys you can put likes tickles on them you can put like
something to make them little shiny you can color these and leave the
paperclip just natural or you can color the whole thing you can really do a lot
with this – you know embellish your projects Martha Stewart crafts punches
that I was kind of on the hunt for I’m still looking for the cupcake and the
bow I’m probably I don’t know those are probably all out completely sold out
everywhere but anyway I am still in the hunt for the
Martha Stewart Bo and the cupcake I’m dying to get those two but anyway in my
search my hunt for those two I came across these two so I went ahead and
picked these up because I love hearts and I love the sand dollars so I went
ahead and picked these up and this one it’s interesting like how Tuesday
morning prices there are things because this one is $4.99 and this one is 399
you would think that they would both be the same price but they’re not so the
heart was 399 and the number is 184 8 9 49 and the sand dollar is again $4.99
and the number is 184 eight nine three eight so I’m glad to add these to my
collection I also came across these die cuts by my road these were $0.99 the
numbers one 7-8-1-2-2-7 and these are I see these because I have not seen these
they’re basically like typewriter like different types of typewriters like look
how cute that one is and it’s just the craft white on craft and look at that
one with like a sheet of paper sticking out so you get a few of each print and I
think this is about the same no that’s different this is a different type
writer also with the paper sticking out and then you also get this one and
they’re all kind of I guess like vintage you know typewriters aren’t these cute
guys I love these because I love like doing vintage style project it says take
life with a pinch of salt a wedge of lime and a shot of tequila
so yeah I’m all for that love that and I just didn’t have a sticker on it I think
it was like 399 something like that but I thought it was cute I liked it picked
up this metal die it’s this little yellow bicycle and these were $2.99 so I
thought this was a good deal like a dollar each and
these say love laugh and smile aren’t these cute and did I say the number I
remember the number is 180 zero three eight zero and again these are 299 I
found these cute little sequins bows and these were a dollar forty nine and the
number is 181 five 774 and aren’t these pretty these look like bows but they’re
really I guess the butterfly it’s a really butterflies nothing’s pretty I
think these things do have a little sticky back let’s see yeah they do have
like the little circle sticky dots so you can kinda just to come you know
whatever look at this cute little milk and cookies stamper by imagine s and
this was only 49 cents the number is 181 five five three nine and I know that
Doodlebug right now has a collection that’s called cookies and cream
I think it’s called cookies and cream something like that or milk and cookies
something I don’t know something like that but if you guys have that
collection this this would go with that really really well
this little Stamper yeah of course guys I got more die-cuts cuz you guys know I
love my die cuts and these are by canvas Corp and these are just adorable this
one is like black on white and this was $0.99 one eight one three eight seven
six and these are all the ones that you got says with love relax dream imagined
design create it’s really pretty I love anything black and white and this one is
more of a like food theme which I love that as well this was as eat drink and
be merry deliciously made for you Bon Appetit nothing’s ready I love this one
ninety-nine cents the number is love little cameras there’s a few
cameras the little fox is so cute I love the hello look at the little lion so
really pretty by shamil love it $1 49 number is 181 5-7 6-3 I picked up
a washi tape that I thought was really pretty I love anything glittery and look
at the screen with like silver um looks like a little little silver squares is
not actually circles but isn’t this beautiful guys only 99 cents by Tate
works the number is 185 686 5 and this is the only one I saw on my Tuesday
morning the only color so I guess probably maybe somebody else could have
snatched up different colors but I love the green and silver I think it’s
gorgeous I went ahead and picked up some small scissors because I don’t have any
small scissors I just have like the big you know the big clumpy ones so I mean I
don’t need four but I thought it was a decent deal for good quality scissors
and these were these are by American crafts and there are 99 guys I know a
little pricey but you do get 4 scissors the number is 1 7 8 9 9 3 1 and these
say craft scissors so I guess look if you want a fussy cut something I think
this would be good for that yeah and this is kind of random but I mean
Christmas stuff is kind of starting to come out so I picked up these senticles
and these you can kind of these are actually for your car but you can really
I guess put them anywhere they hang so I Mimi these are probably smaller for the
car because I do have the senticles for my Christmas tree and they’re pretty
long the probably just as long as this container you know I don’t know how long
these are because I haven’t open them but let’s see let’s take a quick look yeah I mean I think I think they’re kind
of the same as the ones for the tree but anyway I’m glad I cook you this is the
little red ribbon for to hang them really cute and they smell
amazing they’ll make your poor and your Christmas tree just smell good
especially if you have like you know the fake trees which actually guys I bought
last year I bought a Christmas tree 50% off so I can use it this year so I think
this year I don’t think I’ve ever had a fake Christmas tree for I always get a
fresh one so but this year we’re gonna try a fake Christmas tree so I’m kind of
excited we’ll see how that goes I also pick these up guys I heard that these
were really really good these are the Revlon file and peel six and one it says
just peel it so I’m not exactly sure I guess there’s like six in here and then
you just peel it as they wear off I guess you kind of like just to peel it
from here so I don’t know I I wanted to go ahead and give these a try these are
by Revlon there were done $9.99 originally $5.99 so I want to go ahead
and try these cuz my feet get kind of funky I know TMI in South Florida I’m
always in sandals and my feet get really dry so I figured I’d give these a try
but numbers one eight zero five nine three three let me know if you guys have
tried these and if you think these are any good I did go ahead and buy two of
them just to I don’t know to give them a try also I picked up these soaps olive
oil so spite Albin and I’ve tried these well I haven’t tried the olive oil
specifically but I’ve tried like the goat milk the goat milk one and it’s
amazing I love it really creamy lather zlote the scent lingers really pretty so
I wanted to go ahead and try the olive oil cream soap and you get three bars
for $4.99 and the numbers one eight three zero one three zero and assists
here made with pure virgin oil rich creamy lather gentle enough to use every
day paraben and phosphate free so I’m excited to try these I think I’ve tried
every single one that Albin makes now at Tuesday morning and I I love the my
favorite so far or at the goat milk because I’ve tried to censor
goat milk and I also tried their exfoliating not that crazy about that
one but um so far like I said the goat mill is my favorite and I feel I’m
probably like this one as well cuz I’d like anything with olive oil in it so
I’m excited this humongous journal box set you get two hundred two hundred and
forty double-sided cars for five and ninety nine I thought that was an
amazing deal for two hundred forty cards so I couldn’t pass this up
the number is 185 eight five zero seven and I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do
with these yeah I mean and you got three different sizes as well which is really
awesome you get three by four four by six and
six by eight app I end up doing like maybe flip books things like that which
I’ve never done before but I’m kind of excited to try so I went ahead and
picked look how many you got it’s crazy you get a lot of cards you know like I
said I’ve never done like flip books I did pick up this martha stewart book
binding kit I’ve not opened this up no idea what it’s you know all about but it
does say it makes three books so that’s kind of exciting for $4.99 you get three
bucks that’s a really good deal I think this is originally $19.99 I got it for
$4.99 the number is 1/8 six five seven six four three flip books I think that
is a very good deal to put out there Christmas stuff so I got this one this
little one with like the red car with the tree kind of you know hanging out of
the car the gifts and the penguin and I love that season greetings is in silver
and glittery so cute are these guys $4.99 the numbers 184 to 537 and inside
it just says wishing you a happy holiday season
and then I had to get these with the cupcakes because I just like anything
food related and this one says wishing you a sweet Christmas
these were $5.99 number is 1 8 4 2 and just look at these gorgeous cupcakes
with like the glitter I have a little candy gingerbread man a tree a deer and
a snowman and then the back just says and the best New Year ever these pretty
I love them more cards because I just know I’m obsessed with cars look how
gorgeous these are this is a teen themed one and this was $4.99 the number is 185
five zero one eight and I will you know obviously use these s cards but I think
this gorgeous teapot would be amazing on like maybe a flip book or even a card
this is so gorgeous I love like the gold foiling on the edges so pretty and then
I also picked up this iPhone Tower one again it’s got the gorgeous gold foiling
and the colors and this one are like blue primarily like blue and yellow and
this was also $4.99 the number is one 8050 the envelope for this one but
that’s not all look how gorgeous it is inside I have to show you the inside
because I already looked look at the flop with the flower and look at the
teapot in side is this not stunning oh my gosh I just fell in love let me see
what the I can’t remember how Diablo it it is for this one also has gorgeous
flowers and look at the Eiffel Tower inside oh it’s this stunning guys and
just even the prints on the envelope it’s just so gorgeous
I need more cards like I need a hole in my head but honestly I just couldn’t
that out it’s just too gorgeous and talking about cards I have more cards
yeah look how beautiful these are and I did kind of go through these already cuz
so pretty I had to get this light look at this guy’s look at that he’s eating
like donuts and cookies and candy and they’re just blank inside so you can
obviously do you know but whatever you want inside and then look at this
crocodile look at the little hearts coming out and then let’s see I think
there is you are the best ha cute and look at the little fox on a
bicycle gorgeous and look at this one saying hello I love this one to you I
think they’re so pretty honestly that’s why I had to pick it out
buzz cuz it’s so pretty hurray for today and I think that’s it and the even the
envelopes are cute look at the envelopes I love with means minty green color with
the black flop with the polka dot hey guys bye Echo Park and this is called
for the for the record too but look how pretty business guys I love the colors
look at the look at the camera look at the doily um I just don’t know look at
the gorgeous colors of the tape runner this was $5.99 then our number is 186 7
6 5 3 and then you get these gorgeous stickers and get the bird I love that a
little birds nest again the vintage camera the doily I just I don’t know I
just thought this is absolutely gorgeous look at the doily right here so yeah
guys that is it for my haul this was a pretty big haul I know but I hope that
you guys enjoyed it and got some good ideas and just
you know so you guys can see what’s new at Tuesday morning and I’m gonna have
fun playing with all these things so thank you guys so much for watching and
if you like this video please give it a thumbs up I would appreciate it and I
will see you guys in my next video have a great week bye


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