TUTORIAL: AliDropship Woocommerce Store (Create a Woocommerce Dropshipping Store) UPDATED 2018
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TUTORIAL: AliDropship Woocommerce Store (Create a Woocommerce Dropshipping Store) UPDATED 2018

Hey, guys. It’s me, Sarah, here from Wholesale Ted and
in today’s video, I’m gonna be doing something that has been highly requested. I’m gonna be giving an updated, step-by-step
tutorial on how to create an AliExpress dropshipping store with WooCommerce and AliDropship. So yes, if you are one of those people that
prefers to use WordPress and WooCommerce to build your dropshipping empire, then this
tutorial is for you. This is an updated version of my 2017 WooCommerce
tutorial. In that one, I used WooDropship but these
days, AliDropship is easily the best plugin on the market for AliExpress dropshipping. This is going to be a 17 step tutorial and
for each step, I’m gonna switch over to my computer so that you can see exactly how to
complete each step and follow along with my screen. Here are the 17 steps that we will be following. If you want to skip ahead to a particular
step, then I will have timestamps so that you can jump straight to it in the video description
below. All right, the fun begins. I’m gonna switch over to my computer now and
give you a quick preview of the store that we are about to build. So here is the store that we are going to
build. It features a custom logo and a nice, big
splash image to give the store character and style. Scrolling down, you can see that we’ve created
a simple yet professional design by previewing different products listed in our store. So coming back up, let’s take a look at the
menu. We’ve got a working store menu including a
submenu under the products tab, showing off the different categories of items that we
sell. So here are the coffee mugs we’ve listed in
our store. Let’s open one up so that you can see a product
page. Here is a product page. On the right, we’ve got bullet points promoting
and selling our item, which have been proven by Amazon to be effective for conversions. We’ve also got a working image gallery on
the left and customers can check out the different photos. And this product has multiple variations. Customers can purchase either a black mug,
a blue mug, a green mug, or a red mug. Scrolling down the page, you can see we’ve
got a bigger product description, great for SEO, and related products at the bottom. Scrolling back up, let’s finish this preview
off by taking a look at how customers can purchase items. I’ve added one of these self-stir mugs to
my cart. And here is our nice, simple, yet professional
checkout page. As you can see, we’ve set it up so that customers
can pay for their items with PayPal and we’ve set it so that each item has free shipping. All right. So that is the store that we are going to
build. Let’s get started. Step 1, set up our hosting and domain name
with SiteGround. To set up our hosting and our domain, we are
going to be using a low-cost yet high-quality service called SiteGround and this has gotten
a four out of five-star rating from TechRadar. Now in my 2016 and 2017 tutorials, I recommended
that you used iPage because it was the cheapest form of hosting but now, it no longer is. And the reason for that is because as of February
this year, Google now requires that websites like e-commerce stores that collect data from
customers have what is called an SSL certificate. If you don’t have one, they will flag your
site as being unsafe, massively hurting your sales and conversions. And an SSL certificate is unfortunately not
included with an iPage subscription, however, it is included for free with a SiteGround
subscription. A one-year subscription to SiteGround will
cost you $4.95 a month paid upfront, however, sometimes you can catch it for $3.95 a month
and if you find it for that price, I would recommend that you snap it up fast. Another option is to instead choose to purchase
a one-month trial with SiteGround, however, this is not something I recommend that you
do unless you are really strapped for cash. The reason for that is they will charge you
$4.95 for that one month plus a huge $14.95 fee so just one month is going to cost you
$20. And after that, if you want to keep your site
active, then you’re going to need to purchase at least a one-year subscription plan so it’s
much better to just go ahead and do it upfront. If you would like to follow along with this
tutorial, you will find the link to how you can get a SiteGound subscription in the video
description below. Please be aware, that is an affiliate link. Here at Wholesale Ted, all of our YouTube
tutorial videos are free and affiliate links help us keep our videos free. Come and click on the Web Hosting button in
the top menu. Click the button under Shared Hosting. Come to the StartUp plan and select Get Started. Now, let’s register our domain name. Type in the domain name that you want. Make sure that you have .com selected. I don’t recommend using any other type of
URL. Then, click the Proceed button and just let
the page load. All right. Now you need to create an account. For this, you’re going to need to choose an
email address to use as your username and a password. Make sure you choose an email address that
you have easy access to and that you don’t mind receiving emails in. I’m gonna be blurring out all of my personal
details in this section to keep them private. And of course, select a strong password as
you will be using this site to make sales and collect customer’s private data so having
a strong password is crucial. All right. Once you’ve created your account, you are
going to need to fill out your personal details. You will need to give your full name, your
address, and your phone number. Other information is optional. After that, fill out your credit card details. This will be the credit card that you will
be using to purchase your hosting and domain name from SiteGround. Again, I’ve blurred out my details for this
video for obvious reasons. If your billing address is different from
the address you gave above, you can deselect this checkbox and fill in the correct details. Under Hosting Services, select the period
that you want. For most, it’ll be either the trial or the
one-year plan. As this is just a tutorial and I don’t plan
on keeping this store, I’m selecting the trial plan. And after that, just scroll down to the end
of the page, click the confirm checkbox, and select the Pay Now button. Then, just let SiteGround load and create
your account. And, done. Now just click the Proceed to Customer Area
button. Now, if you are really strapped for cash,
then you can choose to purchase your domain name through another site like GoDaddy or
NameCheap to save a few dollars but if you do do that, then you are gonna have to go
through the technical process of updating the nameservers and then pointing that domain
name at your store which is why I recommend that most beginners just purchase their domain
name through SiteGround. They will connect your domain name for you,
which means that you will have less technical hurdles to have to overcome, meaning that
you get set up faster and that you can start making money faster. Step 2, install WordPress. WooCommerce is a plugin for the content management
system called WordPress. Before we can install WooCommerce, we need
to install WordPress. Luckily, WordPress is free and SiteGround
makes it super easy for us to install it in just a few clicks. Let me switch over to my computer and show
you just how easy it is to do this. Come to the Members Area inside SiteGround. Make sure you are in My Accounts. Then, come and click the Launch Setup Wizard
button. From the menu, click the Start a new website
checkbox. Once you’ve done that, choose to install WordPress,
not WooCommerce. You will then need to create your WordPress
login details. Choose an email address that you have easy
log-in access to. You will also need to select a username and
a password. Don’t create a weak password. It is very important to keep your account
secure. And once you’ve done that, click the Confirm
button. On the next page, they’re just trying to sell
you unnecessary extras you don’t need, click the Confirm button again. On the next page, tick this checkbox and then
click the Complete Setup button and then wait for the page to load. This may take a few minutes. This is absolutely normal. Don’t exit. Awesome. Now just select the Proceed to Customers Area
button to return to your SiteGround admin area and you are done. Step 3, install WooCommerce. Now that we’ve installed WordPress, we can
now install WooCommerce and that is really easy to do. Let me switch back to my computer and show
you how to complete this step. Once again, start out in your SiteGround account. Make sure that you are in the My Accounts
section of it. Then come and click the Go to Admin Panel
button. Now you’re at the log-in page for your new
WordPress site. Log in using the login details that we created
in step 2. And now you’re in your new WordPress site. On the sidebar menu, click Plugins. Now, click the Add New button. All right. Now we just need to come to the plugins search
bar and type in WooCommerce. Once you’ve typed it in, the WooCommerce plugin
should show up and then you just need to click the Install Now button. It may take a few minutes to install. Don’t click away, just be patient. Awesome. Once it’s installed, just click this button. Now we need to complete our WooCommerce setup. You’ll need to select what country you live
in and fill out your address. I recommend keeping the currency to USD and
selecting that you plan to just sell physical products. Once you’ve done that, click the Let’s go!
button. Now again, we just need to let it load. This can take a few minutes. That’s absolutely normal. Don’t click away, just be patient. And that’s it. We’ve successfully installed WooCommerce. Let’s move on to the next step. Step 4, install and activate the AliDropship
plugin. AliDropship is the best AliExpress dropshipping
plugin for WordPress. It is very similar to Oberlo. Not only does it greatly speed up the process
of adding items to our store, but it is going to semi-automate the fulfillment process,
making it much easier to process our customers’ orders. AliDropship costs $89 to purchase. Keep in mind though that this is a one-off
purchase, unlike Oberlo which charges you fees once you sell 50 or more items a month. Once you purchase AliDropship, that is it. I will have a link to where you can get AliDropship
in the video description below. Please be aware, that is an affiliate link. If you would choose it, we would greatly appreciate
it. All right. So to begin with, we need to start out by
purchasing it and installing it. Let me switch over to my computer and show
you how to do this. Come to the AliDropship site. Again, I’ll have the link to it in the video
description below. Click Buy Plugin button. On the next page, click the Buy Now button. On the checkout page, enter your email address. You don’t need to add any comments. Then just scroll down and enter your credit
card details. If you’d prefer, you can choose to buy the
plugin with PayPal instead of a credit card. After that, click the Complete Order button. Now just let the page load. It may take a few minutes, that’s normal. Don’t click away, just be patient. On this page, just click the Continue button. This is an upsell page and we don’t need what
they’re selling us. Awesome. We’ve purchased AliDropship. Scroll down and find the AliDropship WooCommerce
plugin and click the Download button. When you click it, the plugin should download
to your computer. Okay, so what we’re gonna do is switch back
to our WordPress Dashboard while keeping this page open. We’ll need our license key later. On the left menu, click the Plugins button. On the Plugins page, click the Add New button. After that, just click the Upload Plugin button. On the next page, you’ll need to select Choose
File and find the AliDropship file you just downloaded and select it. Then, click Install Now. The installation process make take a few moments
and again, this is absolutely normal. Don’t click away. Awesome. Now just click the Activate Plugin button
and you’ve successfully installed AliDropship. All right. Now that we have purchased AliDropship and
installed it, we need to add our license key to it so that we can activate it. Earlier, when we purchased AliDropship, I
said to keep that purchase page open and the reason for that was because it had our license
key on it. So go back to that page now and I will show
you how to add the license key to your plugin and activate it. Come back to the AliDropship purchase confirmation
page. Find your license key and copy it. And then switch back to your WordPress Admin
area. On the left sidebar menu, click the AliDropship
Woo button. Then come and select the License button. Then all you need to do is paste in your license
key and click the Activate button. After that, it’s time to move on to the next
step. Step 5, install the AliDropship Chrome Extension. Later on in this video, in step 9, we are
going to automatically add AliExpress products to our store using the AliDropship Chrome
Extension. That means if you haven’t already, you are
going to need to get the Chome browser and install it. So if you haven’t done that already, go do
so now. To download the AliDropship Chrome Extension,
you will need to go to the Chrome web store and I will have a link to how you can get
there in the video description below. All right. Let me switch back to my computer and show
you how to do this. Come to the Chrome web store extensions. Again, I’ll have a link to it in the video
description below. Go to the search bar and type in AliDropship. When the extension appears, click the Add
to Chrome button. On the pop-up, click Add Extension. When it successfully installs, you’ll see
this success message in the top right of your browser. Close this message. Then click the AliDropship Chrome button and
type in the URL of your new store and click Add. And then that’s it. You’ve successfully added the AliDropship
Chrome Extension. It’s time to move on to the next step. Step 6, install the AliDropship Theme – Shopper. One of the quirks of working with the AliDropship
plugin is that it is not compatible with many WordPress themes. You need to make sure that you are choosing
a theme that is compatible with AliDropship. There are multiple themes to choose from and
you only need to use one of their free ones. You don’t need to pay for any of their premium
themes. I think that the easiest theme for beginners
to use to create a simple yet professional store is the Shopper theme so that is what
we are going to be using in this tutorial. To download and install it, you will need
to go to the AliDropship Themes page and again, I’ll have a link to that in the video description
below. All right. So let me switch back to my computer and show
you just how simple it is to do this. Start out by coming to the AliDropship Theme
page. Again, I’ll have a link to it in the video
description below. So scroll down until you find the Shopper
theme. We’ll be using this one so click it. On the Theme page, click the Download button. When you do this, it will start downloading
to your computer. When it’s finished downloading, switch back
to your WordPress dashboard. On the side menu, put your mouse over the
Appearance button and click the Themes button from the submenu. On the Themes page, come and click the Add
New button. Then on the Add Themes page, click the Upload
Theme button. Click the Choose File button then find the
Shopper theme file that we downloaded to your computer earlier and open it. And then just click the Install Now button
and wait for it to install. Awesome. All that is left for you to do is to click
the Activate button and you are done. It is time to move on to the next step. Step 7, edit the AliDropship settings. In this step, we’re gonna be doing a couple
of things. Firstly, we’re gonna be setting it so that
AliDropship will override the customer’s phone number with our phone number on the checkout
page. That means the supplier, if they need to get
in contact with us, will use our phone number and not the customer’s. Secondly, we’re gonna be adding in an automatic
note to each order that will tell the AliExpress suppliers to not include any invoices or marketing
materials with our order. This is called “blind dropshipping” and it
means that the customer will not find out how much that we originally paid for the item. We’re also gonna be setting it so that AliDropship
will check if any of our suppliers have run out of stock and if they have, it’s gonna
set our inventory to zero. So I’m gonna switch back now and show you
how to edit AliDropship settings. Come to your WordPress Dashboard and click
the AliDropship Woo button on the left menu. When the page loads, come and click on Settings
in the left menu. Now we’re gonna update the Checkout settings. First we’re gonna set it so that when customers
order an item, the AliExpress supplier will be given our phone number not the customer’s. So come to the Default phone number and type
in your phone number. Don’t worry, the customer won’t see this. Then click this button so that your phone
number will override the customer’s number. And after that, type in this custom note. This will mean that no promo materials or
invoices will be included in the package. In this industry, we call that blind dropshipping. Then just click Save Changes. All right. Now we’re gonna change the Order Update settings. Come to the left menu and click the Updates
button. Now, come to this button and click it. Change it so that when a variation disappears
or is out of stock, that the quantity for it will automatically set to zero. Keep the rest of the settings like they are. You can change these if you like though. It’s entirely up to you. Now just come to Auto Update and click the
Enable button. Keep it set to update once daily and then
just click Save Changes. Step 8, add a custom logo and update our store’s
color scheme. Adding a custom logo and giving it a custom
color scheme is gonna help give our store a brand and a unique feel. Now, you can create a logo for free using
a logo maker and I will have a link to one in the video description below. For most of you though, you’re probably gonna
get a much better logo made if you just head on over to Fiverr and get a graphic designer
to make one for you and it’s gonna cost you just $5 plus a $0.50 transaction fee. And something that you will want to do before
you go ahead to complete this step is to pick a color that matches your store’s niche. For me, I’m selling coffee accessories,
so I’m going to choose the colour brown since coffee beans are brown. So once you’ve gone ahead and chosen your
colour, follow along with me on my computer. Start out on the Dashboard. On the left sidebar, click the Appearance
button. Now click the Customize button after putting
your mouse over the Shopper Theme. Okay. Start out by clicking Site Identity. Then, click Select logo. Click the Select Files button. Now, find where you saved your logo on your
computer and open it. Once loaded, click Select. On the next page, you’ll have an option to
crop the image. I don’t need to crop my image so I’m just
gonna click Open Image. Fantastic. We’ve now added a custom logo to our store. Let’s modify the color scheme. Come and click the back button. Now, select the Color button in the left menu. Come to the Link color and click Select Color. Choose the color that you’ve already chosen
for your store. Because I’m selling coffee accessories, I’m
gonna be selecting a brown. All right. So when you’ve chosen your color, come and
click the Publish button to save it. Next, click the back button. On the left side menu, select Buttons. Now come to Background color and choose the
same color that you chose before. Almost there. Now just click Publish. And that’s it. We’ve added a custom logo and color theme
to our store. Step 9, add products to your store. For this step, we’re gonna be going over to
AliExpress and then importing products directly in using the AliDropship Chrome Extension. So, of course, that means that to complete
this step, you’re going to need to open up your Chrome browser. So go ahead and do that now and then head
on over to AliExpress. Come to AliExpress and do a search for the
product that you want to add. Let the results load up. Once the results have loaded, scroll through
the list and find the product that you want to add. Put your mouse over it and click the AliDropship
button. Wait a few moments while the product is being
added to your store. When you get the tick, it means it was successfully
added. Okay. So I’m just gonna scroll through the listings
and add one randomly. All right. So let’s choose this one. I’m gonna click the AliDropship button and
give it a few moments to add it to my store. Success. Now I’m gonna switch back to my WordPress
Dashboard to show you it’s been added. I’m gonna come and click on the Products button
and look, there are the products that we selected. So go through now and add each of the products
you plan to sell from AliExpress. Step 10, how to add product categories. Come to the left sidebar menu and hover your
mouse over the Products button and select Categories from the submenu. All right. So I’m gonna add in one item category, coffee
mugs. So I’m gonna come to name and type in coffee
mugs. Next, I’m gonna add in a Slug. If you don’t know what this means then don’t
worry about it. It is optional. Now I’m just gonna scroll down the page and
click the Add new category button. And then that’s it. Coming here, we can see that my coffee mug
category has been successfully added. I’m now gonna pause in the video and add in
two extra categories. Done. I’ve gone and added two new categories, coffee
spoons and travel mugs. So go on and add your product categories now. Step 11, how to create an About Us page. On the left WordPress menu, click the Pages
button. Then come and click the Add New button. Come and enter a title. A simple title like About Us works great. Now you just need to enter your content. I’ve already written up some filler content
for this video. I’m also going to use an image as part of
my About Us page. I’m going to set it so that the picture is
on the left side of the page with the text I’ve prepared in advance written around it. Don’t stress too much over your About Us page. It’s important to have one as it creates trust
and legitimizes your store but a simple page with three to four paragraphs is plenty in
the beginning. I find that a lot of beginners overthink things
like the About Us page and put too much emphasis on it. You can make a better page later, once you
are making sales. Once you’ve finished adding content, click
the Publish button. And then that’s it. We’ve successfully created our About Us page. You can preview it by clicking the Preview
Changes button. It’s time to move on to the next step. Step 12, how to add a Contact Us page. On the left sidebar, click the Plugins button. Now, click Add New. In the search bar, type contact form. Click Install Now next to Contact Form 7 and
let it install. Once install, click the Activate button. Come back and click the button titled Plugins. Click the Settings button under Contact Form
7. Come and copy the shortcode on this page. Then click Pages. Click Add New. Type in a title. Contact Us works great. Now paste in the shortcode that we copied
earlier. Then just click Publish and you are done. You’ve successfully created a contact form. Messages from it will be sent to the email
address you created with your WordPress account. Step 13, how to add free shipping. For this tutorial, I’m gonna keep it nice
and simple. I’m gonna set up one shipping option and that
is free shipping. It means that all of the products in your
store will be eligible for free shipping. This means that you’re going to need to be
keeping this in mind when you’re pricing your products since you need to absorb the cost
of the shipping into the price that you are charging. Luckily though, shipping costs on AliExpress
are very, very cheap. Something else that is very important to note
is that for this tutorial, I didn’t specify any particular countries so my shipping was
applied worldwide but I don’t suggest this for most people. As I explained in my video “10 Things to DO
BEFORE Dropshipping,” I recommend that beginners stick to countries that have fast, efficient
shipping options. And the absolute easiest country to begin
with is dropshipping to the USA. I recommend that beginners just start out
focusing on the USA market because they have a very fast, efficient shipping option called
ePacket. All right. Let me switch over to my computer and show
you just how easy it is to do this. On the left menu, hover your mouse over WooCommerce
and then click the Settings button. Then come and click on the Shipping tab. Now come and click Add shipping zone. Name it Free Shipping. You can also select which countries you want
to ship to in the Zone regions. If you don’t select any countries, it will
be a worldwide shipping option. Once you’ve done that, click Add shipping
method. A pop-up box will appear. From the dropdown menu, select Free shipping
and then click Add shipping method. And then that is it. Something important is that if you selected
particular countries, this shipping option will only apply to those countries and people
from other countries won’t be able to order from you unless you create a shipping option
for them. This is a good way to limit which countries
you ship to. Step 14, how to set up PayPal. To keep this tutorial and accessible for people
worldwide, I’m gonna show you how to set up your checkout with PayPal. To accept payments, you’re going to need a
business PayPal account. Luckily, turning your personal PayPal account
into a business one is free. Another good payment option is Stripe. Now, if you are eligible to use Stripe while
having your currency set to USD, I highly recommend that you add this to your store. But for this video, we’re just gonna be adding
in PayPal. Let me switch back to my computer and show
you just how easy it is to do this. On the left menu, hover your mouse over WooCommerce
and then click the Settings button. On the Settings page, click the Checkout tab
at the top of the page. Now just scroll all the way down to the bottom
of this page. At the bottom, click the PayPal button. All righty. So enabling it is simple. Just click the Enable checkbox. This will enable PayPal. Then, add your PayPal email address in the
PayPal email box. After that, just scroll down to the end of
the page and click the Save changes button. And once you’ve clicked that, you are done. Now customers will be able to pay for their
items using PayPal. There are other options on the Checkout settings
like Direct bank transfer and Cash on delivery but because we haven’t checked to enable them,
they won’t show up for the customer. Step 15, how to customize your homepage. It’s a myth that you need a super fancy store
design to make sales. Having a simple, clean design with a bit of
a unique feel is all you need for a profitable store. So we’re gonna keep this tutorial nice and
easy. We’re gonna, first of all, add a big splash
image to our homepage and then we’re gonna set it so that we’ve got a title and a subtitle
overlaid on top of it. And next, we’re gonna set it up so that we’ve
got different products that we’re selling in our store previewed on our homepage. It’s a really nice, easy way to keep our store
looking professional. Okay, come to the left menu and click on the
Pages button. Then come and click on the Add New button. All right. So what we need to do is create some headline
text for our page and some subtext that will go under the headline. The headline text should be typed into the
Title box and the subtext should be placed in the big text box. I prepared some text in advance. Just a quick note. While I’m writing worldwide free shipping,
that is a more advanced tactic. I recommend beginners start out by just dropshipping
to the USA. Once you’ve added some text, come to Page
Attributes. From the dropdown menu, select Homepage. Next, we need to add a splash image. This image should be at least 1080 pixels
long and 500 pixels high. A good place to find a splash image for your
site is Google Images. Be sure to search for images that are free
to use and edit, even for commercial purposes. If you don’t use images that have a license
that lets you do this, then you will risk being sued. For more information, watch my video, “How
to Not Get Sued When Dropshipping,” which I will include a link to in the video description
below. Being sued may sound scary but don’t worry. It’s very easy to avoid this happening to
you as long as you follow my advice. Once the image has finished loading, click
the Set featured image button. Awesome. We have now added our homepage splash image. Now we just need to click the Publish button. Now we’ve got to go and set this page as our
homepage so on the left menu, come and hover your mouse over the Settings button and then
click the Reading button. Next, to your homepage displays, click the
static page checkbox. And then from the dropdown menu, select the
page we just created. After that, click Save Changes. Almost done. Now just come and click on the Appearance
button in the left menu. Then click on this Customize button. Now click on Home Page. Here, we can choose which product categories
we will preview on our store homepage. If you have all of these showing, the page
will get cluttered. Remove two different previews and remove the
product categories and blog preview from the homepage. And that’s it. We have successfully customized and updated
our homepage design. As you can see, it’s got different product
previews that we chose to keep and we no longer have the categories or blog posts listed on
the homepage. To finish, just click the Publish button. Fantastic. I’m now gonna open up the homepage on my full
screen so that you can take a better look at the design. All right. So here is the homepage. As you can see, our splash image is at the
top and it has the title text that we wrote and the subtest that we created is on here
too. And, of course, scrolling down, we can see
the product previews we chose are here as well. We’ve created a nice, simple, clean homepage
design. It’s time to move on to the next step. Step 16, update the product pages. For this step, I’m gonna be editing two different
products. I’m gonna be editing the self-stir mug, which
comes in multiple color variations. The second product that I’m going to be updating
is this camera lens travel mug and it comes in a single variation and that is black. I’ll also show you how to set a product on
sale using the self-stir mug and I’m gonna show you how to set a product to not be on
sale using the camera lens travel mug. Now, this part is easily going to be the most
time-consuming part of setting up your store. Creating unique product descriptions can certainly
be quite time-consuming but it’s well worth it. So let’s go ahead and edit our product pages. All right. So come to the left menu and click on the
Products button. So the first product that we’re going to edit
is the self-stir mug. It’s a product with multiple variations so
I’ll show you how to delete the ones you don’t want and edit the ones you want to keep. First things first though. Delete the product title and enter your own. Next, delete the description and enter your
own. I’m gonna be pasting in a description I have
prepared in advance. Now scroll down the page until you come to
the short description box. In this box, write some bullet points that
promote and sell the item. I’m gonna be pasting in the ones that I’ve
prepared in advance. Okay. So next we need to edit the product data. Don’t worry about changing any of this in
the Inventory tab and you don’t need to change anything in the Shipping tab either. And you can optionally choose to link products
for upsells and cross-sells. Something we do want to edit though is the
Attributes. For the Color Attribute, I’m deleting the
colors I plan to remove, the sky blue mug and the yellow mug. And then after I’ve done this, I’m going to
be going through and hiding some attributes that I think look clunky and unprofessional
to include. I’m gonna be hiding these because they’ll
show up on our product page. This data has been pulled directly from AliExpress
and a lot of suppliers on there have awkward English, which leads to these clunky attributes. And in addition to hiding them, you can permanently
remove them or you can even edit them. But all of these are optional. You may disagree with me and want to include
some attributes but hide others and that is absolutely okay. These attributes won’t be in the main section
of your product description. They’ll be in their own separate tab. Once I’ve finished editing this self-stir
mug, I’ll show you where they appear. And I’ll be honest, setting up product listings
is one of my least favorite things to do but you need to make sure that you don’t take
shortcuts. It’s important that you edit them to make
them look professional and engaging and it’s at this point that a lot of people get bored
and they give up. Don’t be one of those people. Dropshipping requires more than just throwing
money at ads. We need to do our best to convince the customer
that not only should they buy this item, but that they should trust us as well. And having professional-looking product pages
helps to go a long way in getting them to trust us. Fantastic. We’ve updated our attributes. Now we’re gonna click on the Variations tab. This sky blue mug is a variation that I don’t
want so I’m going to remove it. Cool. It’s been successfully removed. I’ll now show you how you can update the prices
of the variations that you do want to keep. I’m gonna be putting this mug on sale from
$19.99 down to $14.99. All right. So as this is quite a long process to watch,
I’m now gonna pause this video and remove the variations of the mug that I don’t want
and update the prices on the variants that I want to keep. Done. Okay, after you’ve edited the variants, click
the Advanced tab. Untick Enable reviews and then that is it. We don’t need to update the Supplier info
or the Review tab. Then come and click the category that the
item fits into. And then just click Publish. Perfect, we’ve updated a product with variations. I’m gonna preview this page now so you can
see what it looks like. So on the left is the image gallery and on
the right are the bullet points from our short product description. Down here, you can see the main description
that I added. And if we click on Additional Information,
you’ll see the product attributes that we chose to have are visible. All right. So let’s switch back and update the camera
lens travel mug. On the left menu, come back to the Products
button and click it. Now, I’m just going to find the camera lens
travel mug and open it. This item will be different to edit as it
has no variations. Again, the first thing we want to do is delete
the title and put our own one in. Next, just like before, we want to delete
the description and write our own. And then come to the Product short description
box and write some bullet points promoting the item. Coming back to Product data, just like before,
we don’t need to make any changes to the Inventory or Shipping tabs but you can optionally add
upsells or cross-sells if you’d liked to in the Linked Products tab. Once again though, we need to go through the
attributes and hide or remove any that we don’t want. While I’m doing this, I want to take the opportunity
to talk a little bit about my product description. I wrote that product description as an example
of one that is optimized for search engine optimization traffic, that is why the description
is very long. However, if you’re planning on running paid
ads to it, then don’t feel you need a long product description. A short two to three paragraph description
along with stuff like a shipping disclaimer and trust lines like Secure Checkout with
Mastercard and Visa should be more than enough. That product description was just filler. Don’t copy it. I just wrote some text to help people visualize
what theirs could look like. Once you’ve updated the product attributes,
click Save attributes. Now, if we come to the Variations tab, you’ll
see that it looks very different because there are not multiple variations of it but we still
need to come to this page to update the item price. I’m not going to put this mug on sale so that
you can see what an item looks like when it’s not on sale. All right. And just like before, we’re gonna come to
the Advanced tab and turn reviews off. And we don’t need to make changes to the Supplier
info or Review tabs. Tick the correct category for the item. I accidentally ticked coffee mug instead of
travel mug, whoops. And then click the Update button. And that’s it. We’ve updated the page. I’m gonna preview the product listing now
so you can see what it looks like. So we’ve got the image gallery and the bullet
points at the top and there is no sale price this time. And scrolling down, you can see that the description
I added in is here along with related products at the bottom. And if we click the Additional Information
tab, the attributes we chose are visible. Looking at these closer now, I think that
I would edit some of these since the values in them are wrong but luckily, as I’ve shown
in this section of the tutorial, updating them is easy. So go on, edit your product pages and we can
then move on to the next step. There are a couple of things that I want to
note. Firstly, I accidentally said that my items
would arrive within one to two weeks. If you are doing AliExpress dropshipping with
ePacket as your shipping option, I would recommend telling the customer that it’s gonna take
two to four weeks to arrive. And again, I really don’t recommend that beginners
start out by dropshipping worldwide. If you are new to this, then I recommend just
focusing on USA and only selling items that have ePacket as a shipping option. I also forgot to show you how to edit images
in the image gallery. It’s pretty simple though. You can delete images and reorder them in
this gallery section here. All right. We are almost done. Congratulations on making it this far. Just one final step to go. Step 17, create a store menu. All right. Now we just need to create our store menu
and on it, it’s gonna have a link to our homepage, our About Us page, our Contact Us page, and
a link to all of our products. And we will also be creating a submenu that
contains links to our different product categories. All right. So let’s switch over to my computer and complete
this final step. On our left menu, hover your mouse on Appearance
and then click the Menus button. We’re only gonna be creating one menu, the
main menu. Come and type in a name for it. The name Primary Menu works well. After that, just click Create Menu. Awesome. When the page loads, click Primary Menu as
the display location. After that, click the Save Menu button. All right. Now come and tick the pages that I am. The first page on the list should be your
homepage. Don’t worry, we will be changing the name
of it for our menu. Once you’ve selected all of these, click to
Add to Menu. Perfect. Let’s change the funny name of our homepage
to to say Home. I’m typing in caps because as part of the
theme design, all menu items get capitalized anyway. I also like changing Shop to the name Products
since I think it’s more descriptive. People will know that if they click it, they’ll
see a list of our products. After that, it’s time to add in categories. Unfortunately, we have to add to add these
URLs in manually so in another window, open up your Product Categories page. Now you’ve got two options. You can either right-click the View button
under the category you want to add and click the Copy Link Address button to get the URL
or you can open up the page and you can copy the URL in the browser screen. Some people might find that easier to do. Once you’ve got the URL, come back to your
Menu page, under Custom Links, paste in the URL. And then in Link Text, type in the name of
your category. Then just click Add to Menu. Perfect. Now come and click the category and drag it
so that it is both under the Products tab and indented like I’ve done here. This turns it into a submenu item for that
Products button. Okay. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pause this
video and then add in my two other categories. Awesome. So you can see, I’ve added in my two other
categories to create the submenu. So what I’m gonna do is show you a preview
of the site so that you can see how the submenu looks. All right. So if we come to the Home button, you can
see it takes us to the homepage. And if we hover over the Products button,
you can see that our submenu pops up. And by clicking on the different items in
the submenu, we can go to their respective categories. And if we click About Us, you can see that
that works. And finally, if we click Contact Us, it takes
to that page as well. Well, everyone, that’s it. We’ve completed the final step. Congratulations, you’ve completed your very
own AliExpress dropshipping store using WooCommerce and AliDropship. And that is it. We are done. Congratulations on creating your new store. Now there are still several things that you
can add to it to make it even better. For example, I recommend that you add links
to your different social media accounts in the footer and I also recommend adding a refund
policy page. And I would highly recommend going in and
updating the metadata of your store, in particular, the title. But for now, if you follow this tutorial,
you can set up a nice, basic, semi-automated dropshipping store that works. Now, if you would like to get even more free
dropshipping training, then be sure to subscribe to Wholesale Ted and click that little notification
bell next to it so that you can be notified anytime that we post a new video. And we’ve actually got another freebie for
you. Here at Wholesale Ted, we have a free eBook,
“How to Make $10,000 a Month Online with Dropshipping.” You can find a link on how to download this
eBook in the video description below.


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