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How’s it going Austin Mayfield here I hope you’re doing great today for those of you that have not joined up with us at No Limit products whether it be the affiliate program or Starting or transferring your existing drop shipping business You need to check us out guys You can start selling products 100% for free your first 30 days I’ve got linked in the description below for that as well as The affiliate program it’s not just any affiliate program guys. It’s 50% residual Commission every single month So what you’re doing is simply referring vendors to sell their products on the limit products marketplace That will pay after the first three 30 days that will pay either twenty-five dollars a month for the value seller account or fifty dollars a month for the gold seller account and The gold seller account many people compare it to about a $300 a month Shopify store Which is an incredible value Okay, when you sign up for the affiliate program it is a hundred percent free Of course, you will be provided with about a two thousand dollar value free training course Okay take advantage of this training even if you’re Already a member of several Affiliate programs or and can’t really tackle another one sign up and we’ll just we’ll give you the training course for free It’s great. Great free training take advantage of it Let me know of any questions you might have in the comment section I’ve got everything you need get started in the description below this video Any questions, let me know Austin Mayfield take it man into this. It’s free free free. Thanks


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