Veteran Ebay Seller – MYSTERY GUEST – Reezy Talks #67
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Veteran Ebay Seller – MYSTERY GUEST – Reezy Talks #67

Oh man that’s some hot coffee.
Welcome to episode number 67 of Reezy Talks. I’m your host Reezy Resells. Today is Veterans Day 2018,
happy Veterans Day to everyone and big shoutout to everyone that’s served
in our country past, present, future, huge props out to all those guys. My brother actually did two tours of duty,
so pretty cool and definitely have mad respect for anybody that’s been in any of that stuff, so shoutout to all the Veterans
Day homies, happy Veterans Day. But today we have a guest who
is a different type of veteran. A veteran in reselling, specifically on eBay
and he goes by the name of Mighty Mushroom, his name is Corey. What’s up Corey? [Corey] How are you doing Reezy? Hello
everybody who’s watching. I’m trying to load up the chat on YouTube right now. Hi everybody, can’t see what you’re
saying right now but I’m trying to get that fixed here shortly. [Reezy] That’s alright.
[Corey] I’m an amateur. [Reezy] It’s all good. I got
that I got the chat on lock. Another thing I think that needs to be
said is RIP Stan Lee, the Godfather of Marvel Comics. Yeah pretty sad loss right there and
when I saw Corey with his green-screen backdrop right here, it just made me think
like he was going to go comic book on us on some Marvel comic stuff. But Corey how long have you been
selling on eBay for? Let’s just get down into the nitty gritty, let me drill you
for a second and then we can talk. [Corey] Absolutely, I believe that I sold
my first item on eBay in 1999, I believe that to be the case. [Reezy] Awesome and if you guys who are
watching live or later have any questions, comment all capital questions and then
we will get your question answered. There will be special giveaways that
I’m doing shoutouts and the thing that you can do to earn them is at any
time in the video that you see or hear a part that is particularly
insightful or helpful to you, comment that and then the timestamp of
that and I will pick one person from the video to be a winner of a shoutout
or some other small giveaway. But back to today’s video, Corey started
selling on eBay in ‘99. How long until you started
taking it seriously? [Corey] I didn’t take selling online
very seriously for a long time but I didn’t take much of life
very seriously so I would actually work some jobs and
you know while I was doing those jobs because they didn’t pay enough,
I would you know find cool stuff or inherit cool stuff or whatever. It was at a very low volume and I really
didn’t understand the capacity I didn’t… I actually never had the thought that
you could do it for a living, even though I kind of was. I don’t
know if that makes any sense? [Reezy] Right, no no it totally does.
It’s really weird once you think about it. Now I think about it the other way, when
I look at people working regular jobs. I’m kind of like how could you do that
but you know whatever big respect to anybody doing their thing,
however they’re going to get it. Next, go ahead I’m sorry, I just kind
of want to get this drill session in and you’re like the first victim I want to
perfect it and get it in on everyone. So you were selling on eBay
primarily how long full-time? [Corey] So I’ve about 8 years of selling
on eBay or selling online full-time and eBay being a part of that,
so about 8 years. [Reezy] Okay cool, I know just from our
interaction that you sold on Amazon back in the day, was that
ever big for you? [Corey] I did a lot of books back in the
day but I don’t like to do a lot of work so… I feel like you have to do so much work
because I’m spoiled by getting in early where you could sell anything
on Amazon very easily, especially books and records like there
wasn’t a lot of competition and the prices were high, much higher than they
are now and the fees were much less. Now I’m just kind of like if
I have to I will. (laughs) [Reezy] Right so what… you have one
eBay store or two or… and it’s mostly eBay for income right now right? [Corey] I have multiple eBay stores
and eBay is my primary source of income though I sell on Poshmark, I sell on
Amazon obviously because I feel like… it’s like how can you be involved in
e-commerce and not selling something on Amazon. [Reezy] Right, you have to, you have to.
The opportunity is too big but so let’s dig into that currently… what are
your monthly gross sales on eBay at? [Corey] My rolling 30 day
right now is about $19,000. [Reezy] Cool yeah and do you know what
your what your profit margin is on that? [Corey] Oh I’m not going to say
but it’s good. [Reezy] Okay cool alright.
[Corey] It’s well worth my capital and time being invested in this pursuit,
sure. [Reezy] Awesome what what is your
preferred style of selling on eBay? Are you going to thrift stores?
What is Corey, Mighty Mushroom do? [Corey] I do… I have relationships
with the estate sales companies and sometimes I can get into estate sale before
they even get published which is awesome. I go wait in line at estate sales, I buy
things after estate sales are over. About 70% of my inventory
comes from estate sales. [Reezy] So estate sales, huge part of
it 70%. What do you… because that’s never been a huge part of my business, at being a bookseller primarily, but
what do you think about that like dynamic right there? There’s a lot of resellers who don’t
do estate sales or… or there’s people that like only do estate sales? [Corey] Yeah…
[Reezy] I guess that’s good for you right? People are like I don’t know estate
sales and you’re over here you’re just bagging it up. [Corey] Yeah I mean I go in and I built…
see what people do, is they’ll walk into an estate sale and they’ll get
kind of skunked because people don’t know them and
there’s a bunch of other people who want to buy and you started to try
to negotiate with people who don’t negotiate with people…
that’s the difference. Like at a garage sale you walk up,
show your butt, whatever you want to say if you say, I’ll give you $5
for this stuff. If they say… you know you can leave and you’ll
never see them again because it’s a garage sale and in an estate sales, I’ve been building these
relationships for years. And also, you know along with that
comes a lot of other things too. Not all the estate sales are priced…
I’m not going to say it’s the best way to source for most people. I’m not going to
say it’s the easiest way because it’s not. I’m not going to say it’s the easiest
way because it’s not. You need a vast knowledge of extended
categories deeply. You cannot go into an estate sale and
start looking up stuff on your phone, people are going to push you out the
way and pick up the stuff in front of you, I mean that’s what’s going to happen. [Reezy] Right, that’s two huge factors
that you pointed out and I guess at least for a short moment
right now we’re going to turn this into like an estate sale
inquisitor affair thing right now. So the one thing that’s really
important that you mentioned was developing relationships. So you’re
going to these estate sales and yes it’s a new house, it’s a new estate of stuff for sale
but the people that are selling it or running it locally to you are people
you’ve developed relationships with and because that you might get little
special deals here or there, or special allowances or
considerations or whatever. [Corey] Definitely get special
considerations for sure. (laughs) [Reezy] Definitely, okay. Well that’s
huge, relationships are everything and like that can make the difference
between you and your competition. In any business, is a certain
relationship goes down then all of a sudden you’re like quietly dying and
you don’t know why and it’s because someone made a better relationship,
where you were just doing business, they you know, they did
business and a relationship. [Corey] Absolutely, absolutely, I mean
part of… I mean business in general… e-comm… e-commerce on the
internet because it’s not… I don’t even like the term e-commerce
but it’s like it’s so easy to mask yourself who you are and what you do
and just sell things and people will never come back again because
there’s so many buyers right. But on the flip side of that, you
really need to understand how those types of situations work. And I mean,
I just try to follow my instincts saying like how can I make this deal
best for everybody in the deal, no matter what it is? And it’s like I need to take into
account my expenses and you know listing the things, travel, all that
kind of stuff so it’s like yeah, it’s a whole different thing. [Reezy] Yeah, it’s hugely beneficial,
definitely lightens your risk in a lot of areas when you know you’re already
making those investments like you mentioned. So let’s go to the other part of it,
where you said you have to know extended things in categories,
you can’t look your phone up because a lot of people don’t have a vast
knowledge in things and I would say… how old are you Corey? [Corey] 39
[Reezy] I would say that you’re still relatively young to… on the younger
side to have like the vast knowledge of different categories of stuff. You know what I mean like does that
make sense to you like a lot of people who you compete with
are older than you? [Corey] Well I mean yeah there’s a ton
of people who just know way more than me about
specific categories but actually, I’ll give just about
anybody a run for their money in like base knowledge. I might not be able to go into like
1900s glassware of specific blah blah blah but I would be like that’s unique and
interesting because I see things all the time that’s… [Reezy] Because you have crazy eyes.
[Corey] Well yeah I mean… [Reezy] (laughs) So well let’s talk about
that, how did you develop that sense? [Corey] It’s through to experience.
Dude, I’ve sold tens of thousands… [Reezy] So would just a hunch that
I have, does a lot of that knowledge come from searching comps on eBay? [Corey] Oh yeah absolutely.
[Reezy] That’s… I swear to God that is one of the largest,
like under utilized resources. Like I don’t understand it, like that
is worth millions of dollars just to have that information like that’s a
whole college degree in any category in reselling,
in you know what I mean? Like people don’t understand it,
like I used to spend, when I had all the free time in the world, you know
I would spend you know 8 hours, 10 hours a day on eBay like just for
like time flies by and you’re like what the
hell am I looking up? You were just looking at this and
then oh God this guy’s painting rocks and selling them. And then you’re like oh
he’s painting all kinds of other stuff and he sells electronics but he paints
the broken stuff and then you like you can go insane like it’s just like,
what like… you’re like used socks are worth like… what in
the hell you know what I mean like? So if you’re listening to this or
watching this and you’re not like infatuated with searching comps on
eBay or yeah I just don’t know, I don’t know am I weird? Or is
everybody like that or what like? [Corey] I don’t know. I really like
the pursuit of knowledge and interesting things so I don’t…
instead of like… somebody might watch you know movies that
they like, I listen to stuff. Then I just go through eBay and I
like I start using keyword combinations we should do it…. Nicole and I were
doing a show on it but she didn’t want to do it anymore but we should do
a show where we just do once a week where we pick… we both pick keywords
and then we go through and show comps on the keywords on the highest things and then go and… it’s really
cool, that’s what I do. I’ll just like basically come up with
keywords things that I feel like are trending, things that
I’m seeing around, things I’m seeing people wearing
or using or whatever. And then I just start looking at the…
and then all of a sudden I walk into a room and
there’s a bakelite. [Reezy] Well it’s too ridiculous that
we had that like even on Amazon, we don’t have that exact information. We know like how frequently something
sells and we know what the different offers were priced that when a sale
occurs but we don’t know which offer a customer purchased, for the
most part it’s like guesswork. But on eBay you have actual and Poshmark,
you have actual completed sales where you can see what it actually
sold for and it’s insane because you don’t have to do guesswork
as a buyer and it’s like… I don’t know if anyone watching or
listening to this ever worked at a retail store or whatever maybe… I used to work at the skate shop and
I wasn’t doing the ordering but I would watch the manager order and it’s like
you’re picking stuff out of a catalogue, you have no idea what’s going to sell.
You’re like here’s the new line of jeans, okay we’ll take you know these and
those and I guess those look cool we’ll take those but with the
information that we have nowadays, we don’t have
to guess like that. You know like we’re buying stuff…
like you have the ability to be like a perfect buyer almost like in a
perfect world pretty… you know not too hard to achieve that meaning
that like everything you buy at least sells, you know and you’re not
losing money or whatever but like it’s just ridiculous you know like… [Corey] Yeah it’s so much, there’s
just so much sales data out there and there’s so many different
ways to put it together and it’s like I want like a heads-up
display where I just look at something and it gives me a graph like… oh a
year ago was selling at this price, now it’s here. [Reezy] Yeah that stuff’s coming,
that stuff’s coming for sure. If you’re watching this, you don’t
understand ‘comps’ is just like slang terminology seller jargon
for completed sales and we use those to see if
something’s worth money. So in a perfect world, you have all
the time in the world, you could look everything up but like Corey said at an
estate sale, people are pushing you, you can’t look stuff up, you need to
know stuff or and then even on a more like on a smaller scale, you know
if you’re at a thrift store, you’re not there all day. You can’t
look everything up, you’re there for an hour you
know or for 40 minutes. So you have to at least curate your
eye enough, not to just grab stuff, but to be able to know what you might
possibly should be looking at you know. And I think as time goes on being a
reseller, selling more stuff doing more completed searches,
seeing other sellers, you start to like just notice like the
shine or like the curl you know that people don’t see you know on
all kinds of random stuff. You know like if you sell a lot of
silver stuff, you could probably like see that a silver spoon in the quarter spoon
bucket you know from like a 100 feet away. You know and I’m and I’m just like
passing it up and there’s like three silver spoons like… because if you
don’t know, you don’t know you know right? But there’s
just so much different stuff. [Corey] I mean…
[Reezy] Do you do precious metals? [Corey] Absolutely
[Reezy] So do you like carry a magnet or you know have all those
little techniques down? [Corey] I don’t carry a magnet
whatever sometimes I’ll have a… or whatever. Like gold is very very
dense and like it has some characteristics that
are hard to pass by. I walked into an estate sale a few
weeks ago, and it was like 8 weeks ago, and there was all this like kind of
elaborate jewelry and it looked kind of old and it was a little bit
strange and it just felt really dense and I was like this is at 10% of probably
its melt value, if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. And I bought it all and it ended up
being… like there’s a post on Instagram about it, but it ended up all
being real unmarked gold so… [Reezy] Wow [Corey] Gold doesn’t smell like a
metal like silver has kind of sweet… If you smell like steel or tin or lead
it smells like it has an acrid kind of smell to it. [Reezy] I wasn’t aware
that gold had a smell. [Corey] It doesn’t, that’s what’s weird
about it. Most metals have like this weird oxidized odour to it and gold
doesn’t and silver has a sweet aroma to it. [Reezy] Sweet silver.
[Corey] Yeah absolutely. I’ll show you the method anyway. I think that it’s easy to walk into a
room or the third day of an estate sale or whatever and be like oh everything’s
gone and walk out and not do anything. Instead of being like you know what
I’m going to find, challenge myself to find the things that
nobody knew about. So on Friday, I slept too late and
I sent the text message to my connection at the estate sale company, too late. You can get on the pre list at a
certain time but it’s a very short amount of time and I spaced it
and I got into the house 40th. Went upstairs pulled around the house
got a few things, got up back up to the front and everybody had come through
and kind of ravages the front cases because that’s what they do and they
left behind a mint condition unshuffled tarot deck from the 1960s, 1968
Tarot Inc. The only other one and they sell for a lot of money.
The only other one for… [Reezy] What’s a lot of money?
[Corey] Like $400-$500 [Reezy] Okay for a stack of cards.
[Corey] Yeah [Reezy] And what did you pay for it?
[Corey] That stuff can go for thousands of dollars.
[Reezy] No, no, no, I feel that because they sell on Amazon brand new still,
for good money for like $30 for a tarot deck with some stupid book and I always find it without the
tarot cards and so I can’t sell it. You damned tarot card books. Comment, comment below if you know
what I’m talking about. You scan it, it’s like it’s worth $60, it’s worth
$40 whatever. And of course you don’t
have the tarot cards. [Corey] Anyways, so that was awesome
like I rolled up and I was like I didn’t find too much and kind of
cringed and then I looked over and I was like you’re joking. Like I instantly knew what it was and
like the house was full of… there were 40 people who are
professional sellers before me, who just didn’t know. Who
would pass that up for $5? Who would like… you weren’t looking
you didn’t know, who’s too cheap to buy something for $5 that sells for $400?
It’s just because they didn’t know. [Reezy] Right, right. What did you
pay for it? $5? Gangster. Smash the like button if you appreciate
that $5 to $500 flip right there. [Corey] I’ll show the flip when I flip
it up. I believe that it’s going to go between $400-$500.
[Reezy] That’s awesome. [Corey] Yeah I’m going to put if it’s
really good.
[Reezy] What is your average eBay sale price? I think I remember
you saying it’s pretty high right? [Corey] Well it was about $45 but I
started to deal a lot more like Nike… this special Nike stuff and you
know it’s really good high quality super rare stuff but I got a lot of it, so I’m selling these hats for like $30
apiece and they’re 100% worth it. If you go to my store, you
should definitely buy one. They’re feather light, they weigh
like 1.5 ounces and they’re extremely well made. [Reezy] What team is that?
[Corey] This is Purdue, the Purdue Boilermakers, I think. [Reezy] What if I don’t like Purdue?
What are you going to Purdue about it? [Corey] Purdue (laughs) I don’t,
I couldn’t tell you, I don’t even know where Purdue is.
I just like the hat. [Reezy] Alright so yeah so go buy a
Purdue hat from Corey’s eBay store. [Corey] Not just Purdue you goofball,
but there’s all kind of stuff. There’s countries, there’s flags, there’s… [Reezy] Okay, okay high end Nike
feather weight hats. [Corey] Yes [Reezy] Alright cool, but what you’re
saying, what are those, those are like $30.
[Corey] $30 and I’m selling tons of them. [Reezy] So you’re at…
[Corey] …at $35 but I’m making really good money.
[Reezy] Okay cool so it came down a little bit. It’s good.
[Corey] Yeah my average buy price dropped significantly.
[Reezy] Shoutout Coupon Code for the live viewers.
[Corey] No coupons, this stuff’s awesome.
Buy it if you’re smart. [Reezy] (laughs) Go buy it. Corey’s
making a lot of money, he’s not giving you a coupon.
Sorry guys, I tried. [Corey] You could actually buy from
my shop. And if you’re willing to wait and market it a little bit better, you
could actually make money. I promise you. [Reezy] Do that. If anyone does that I’ll
make you a guest on my show. (laughs) So let’s continue with that, what is
your eBay operation consist of? So besides what you already said,
which was you buying at estate sales and I’m assuming that’s just you. You don’t have buyers,
you do all the buying. [Corey] I do all the buying and I
don’t just buy from estate sales. I have private sales that gets set up.
I do all kinds of… [Reezy] And you have a pterodactyl
in your background. [Corey] Ptero-daughter (laughs)
she wanted to come down. [Reezy] I’m just kidding,
how old is your daughter? [Corey] Four [Reezy] Four, awesome.
[Corey] Yeah she’s watching… [Reezy] So let’s go to the back to the
eBay operation, how does that work? How is it structured and what are
you able to accomplish with that? [Corey] I decided that I really liked
doing this and I was going to see if I could. So I rented an apartment
that had a basement that was like this footprint of the entire building. I did that so I could run the bit in
my basement and figure out whether I could do it, if I could fly or not?
So I worked on another project called Delivery Dudes. You can look it up,
it’s a food delivery service, kind of like Uber Eats. And I started
here in Portland and it just wasn’t profitable enough.
You need… there’s so much competition that it was…
that’s a whole other show. But I was like, I got to do something
and this is what I like and this is what I’m good at, so let’s give
this a shot. Let’s invest every dollar that we can back into the company
and let’s actually grow a company. So I did that for 2 years down here
and then during that time I was looking for a building that was between
$1,500 and $2,000, preferably $1,500. One came up that was $3,000 and it’s
in the middle of Sellwood in Portland, it’s the main shopping area. I only
use it commercially on the back end. I don’t let the public come in yet
but that’s part of the buying plan that I had when I rented it and you know
probably come spring, I’ll have that done. But I wanted stuff to be able to come
to me, so the guy wanted $3,000. I offered $2,000, paying 6 months
up front and I totally thought he would say no because it’s over 30% off. Well he said yes and I was like oh shit. (laughs) Seriously, I looked in the
mirror… I had the money, I didn’t try to make the deal without being able to
make it and then I was like oh my God, I’m going to have to give this dude
like 15 grand right now, shit. So I did and I moved into this
commercial space and I believe that business should be modular. You should
be able to say, this is this thing and it connects to this thing
and it connects to this thing and at the end you know the customer
experience is complete or the transaction is
complete or whatever. So I have two like main warehouse rooms.
An intake room where people can come in, bring their stuff in or there are
people who want to come in and buy because everything is locally available.
I have lots of local customers who come in and come into the
shop and get stuff from me. They buy it on eBay first though or
on OfferUp or whatever so I have a place for people to come
chill. Now, I want to convert that… [Reezy] How much of, let me interrupt
you real quick, how much of your business is selling
on local marketplaces? [Corey] 5%
[Reezy] Okay, so not very much but how much of it is local pickup eBay?
[Corey] 1 in 50 orders, something like that. [Reezy] Okay cool not much.
[Corey] Not enough, but it’s still cool. [Reezy] Right yeah, yeah. Do you have
a little bell at the front counter where they can ring and then
you have to go over there? [Corey] I have a really unique location
and it’s got an iron gate and I have like these like kabuki fighter
dudes in the window like a like an old Japanese like entranceway. There’s a button then you can
ring, it’s like Willy Wonka. You can ring the bell then you go down
this crazy hallway and I have this Victorian house that I’ve converted
into like this e-commerce situation. It’s pretty cool yeah I could do a
tour for everybody at some point. [Reezy] Well, if it’s as cool as you
make it sound which I’m a highly suspect of, you should
definitely make a video. [Corey] It’s really cool. It’s extremely,
extremely cool. So I have some space downstairs too but I
have like 1,500 square feet above ground and then I have a huge back patio and I
have a hot tub out there which is clutch. [Reezy] Nice, so let’s get to the
details. How many people do you have working for you and then what are
they doing and what do you do besides just buying? [Corey] Okay, so along with that so
I have a shipping department, where I can plug somebody in and
I have like a like a listing department where I can plug somebody in. Right now, I’m the guy who does all
of the the drafts that are made. I turn those into listings that have
prices and all the… I take the draft to completed. [Reezy] Okay, so you have a worker
who’s photographing stuff and come making drafts. [Corey] They’re creating the
unpriced draft, so they take like 7 to 12 pictures and then put the
description and they cut the description, excuse me. They put the title and cut the
description and that’s all we do. Unless there’s something very
specific we need to point out, we just take really good pictures and we
identify exactly what the product is. [Reezy] Right, okay and how many
pictures? How many listings do they do per hour, usually? [Corey] I pay $2 per listing and I
used contractors. I have two, one doesn’t work very much right now,
he’s kind of like taking a break and then the other one comes in and
usually does 60 per day, so they do 60. [Reezy] Nice
[Corey] They do 60 and whatever time they want to do, sometimes they come
in at 9.00, sometimes they can come in at 4.00 o’clock in the
morning it doesn’t matter. They come in whenever they want and
use the equipment whenever they want, multiple phones, tablets, different
size like cubes, everything’s organised on shelves.
You just start grabbing bins, taking pictures and then what they do
is they assign the pic location and put it on the shelf. So for me, all I have to do is price
it and then when it sells… I just go pick orders. I do same day
shipping until 2 p.m. Pacific time so any orders that come in, usually if
I don’t have to pick up my daughter… [Reezy] So why do you do the shipping
yourself instead of hiring someone? [Corey] Because I can.
[Reezy] Okay, just to save money or what? [Corey] It’s not really to save money.
It’s like my sales volume might sound high to a lot of people but if my expenses are really high
and I actually have to work at a position in my company still. This
company is only about 3 years old. I started it with like $300 and
now I have, you know, I did $200,000 all this year. I did
$250,000 in sales and I have $200,000 on board and inventory. [Reezy] Congratulations
[Corey] Yeah, so I worked really hard to not go broke again and reinvest
the money in stuff so when I have to tighten my belt… Earlier this year, I had a full
staff okay. It just didn’t make me happy. One guy was taking advantage of me,
the other person he just wasn’t as smart as I thought they were and
I just didn’t want to deal with them and so I was like you know I’m
just going to retract, sorry. [Reezy] Yeah I think that’s one of
the huge, one of the huge struggles with small business owners and like the
difference between like a small business and a big business and like
entrepreneurship goes through those struggles as well as
like the hiring thing. Because I struggle with it too like
I literally almost fired someone today like a few hours ago because of just a
bunch of different stuff that I looked up and we had to have like a meeting or
whatever you know and it’s like it’s so… it’s like Jesus well it’s not difficult
to do the job, you know what I mean but it’s like it’s difficult to find
good help or people that care and I think some people are like
experts at hiring and that’s really like how you grow into like a
really big business is to have you know someone who deals with you
know the human aspect of the business of the hiring, the management, all
that stuff because it’s difficult. It’s not easy right? [Corey] No I set up a whole
accountability and management system that was really good but I was looking for
people who wanted to make their bonuses, grow the business and move forward
and that’s not what I found. And I’m not the guy who’s just
going to let it keep going. It’s like your first 90 days,
if you’re not impressing me after 90 days you don’t belong
here sorry you know. I’d rather do it on my own so I’ve
been doing that part of it myself and when you do this kind of business
you become capital restricted. So right now, it’s like I actually am
more capital restricted than I have been very recently so I need to kind
of pull the reins back sometimes, so you know you don’t want to lose your
business because of a silly mistake. [Reezy] Yeah, no I feel you it’s all
buffer, extra money. [Corey] Exactly
[Reezy] And more control over your business, especially in the last touch
point right there with the product. [Corey] Yeah, yeah, I go… we cut
off at two but if you order up to four and I can do it. Somebody
ordered at 5.35 on like Friday and I was literally headed out the
door and I usually don’t leave until 6.00 and I didn’t
need to leave until 6.00. I was just leaving so I stopped,
went back, printed it out, got their order, did the ship and then
still got to the post office on time. That’s just how I like to do things. [Reezy] Awesome, big shoutout to the
Lucid Dreamer who just did a $10 super chat that says happy v-day Reezy and
that means it’s all for me and it’s not for you Corey.
Says happy v-day Reezy so… (laughs) Going to have to take that one for
the team sorry bro. [Corey] $2!!!
(laughs) [Reezy] Yeah I don’t even know,
I have no idea what like cut YouTube takes, I’m sure it’s
brutal, it’s not nice. So someone asked they wanted to know,
what percentage of your business is Amazon? [Corey] I don’t know 5 right now. So I
have a professional account and I am ungated in so many things and people
would be drooling to have my accounts but I scaled it up really big and I
started to experience some peculiar things that startled me and I needed
to figure out what those things were, why they were happening and how I
could avoid them. Like 20% return rates for basically same products I’m selling
on eBay and getting 3% return rates. [Reezy] Right, yeah the customer, the
Amazon customer is like much more entitled. What happened? Lauren, oh so let’s uh oh
Jesus Christ the money’s just flown in. Thank you Lauren, appreciate it big
time that goes into the coffee/beer fund, it depends on how I’m
feeling at the time and some and I guess I’ll owe Corey
a beer next time I see him… so [Corey] How about pickled egg? [Reezy] How many items do
you have listed currently? [Corey] Like 3,500
[Reezy] 3,500 that is a decent amount. [Corey] Yeah I’m trying to get that to
10,000, it’s freaking hard. It’s like leaky bucket man.
[Reezy] Are you the new 10k on the ‘bay? [Corey] No, no, no, it’s really…
[Reezy] 10k Mushroom ‘bay. [Corey] It’s really funny, before I did…
I have watched that guys videos before… not really for me I don’t… I’m not
going to say any more than that. But the… I did see his videos and I
was like interesting, that’s interesting. That might help you get to 10,000. You know that might help you get to
10,000. It’s really hard, you want good inventory, you don’t want to… [Reezy] What do you mean to social
pressure yourself into it? [Corey] Or to like to compromise
the quality of your inventory. [Reezy] Right yeah, well I think that’s
hard like once like how are you going to sell 10,000 items? Like I feel like your
average selling price will be like $10, if you’re selling 10,000 listings like
how you going to have 10,000 things? That’s just a lot of… what? [Corey] It just takes longer. It’s
like… willing to… if you’re a slow dime kind of guy you can easily get you get
to 40,000 listings probably, you know what I’m saying. Because of the vastness of your
inventory as it grows, you’re just going to sell things. People, I know
it sounds crazy but people do still buy everything on eBay like they buy all kinds
of rate, crazy weird stuff that you could… [Reezy] Right, yeah and I actually
wanted to talk about that too. I think a lot of people like to give
up way too early on everything but eBay takes like the
sword brunt of it. A lot of times people say eBay’s this
and eBay’s that and like yeah they’re growing, things are changing but like
it’s still good and it’s like still true
like the number one. What’s the best tip, how do you sell
more stuff on eBay? Make more listings. You know I mean like… wow. [Corey] I tried everything Reezy.
I tried to have better stuff, cheaper stuff, more expensive stuff. And I’ve done so many experiments and
I’m a scientist like I have a botany degree which is biology, if you
don’t know what botany is. And I have a lot of
statistical background. I know how to do split testing, look
at data like subjectively and figure things out. And the only thing I
figured worked is to grow your inventory. If you want to be successful on eBay,
what I think if you’re selling post consumer products like I am,
you need large inventories. [Reezy] I mean obviously having quality
helps but volume of inventory is probably more
important than quality. [Corey] …because you’re going to
have to offer free shipping on a lot of stuff because people just
won’t buy without free shipping. People buy stuff just because it has
free shipping, they’ve done all kinds of studies and stuff and it’s like free
shipping is a huge, huge, huge factor but yeah you want to sell at prices
that can… you don’t want to… If you lose money on your inventory
whether you know it or not you’re still losing money. You
don’t have to know it. [Reezy] Right so here’s a question from
my mastermind group, Ryan wants to know, what is the 80/20 of… what’s the
most fun of the business for you? I guess it’s two questions, what’s the
most fun of the business and all right now, it’s kind of confusing…
80/20 applied to the fun of the business like what’s the most… what
do you like the most in the business that like produces the most results
for you? It’s got to be buying right? [Corey] Yeah I like… and it’s not
like buying individual items. I like to discover these opportunities that other
people just don’t even, it’s not even on their radar. It’s like
an asteroid out in space and you’re like BAM you just catch that
asteroid, you’re like I’m going to… I’m about to mine this asteroid. Like I’m
mining the sickest asteroid right now. It has to do with Pendleton,
it’s pretty good. [Reezy] Yeah, no, no, no, I feel you
on that. That’s awesome. Let’s go to the chat and see if we
have any questions in the chat. I don’t know what happened to
my chat, it’s all grayed out. [Corey] “I’m going to jack up the price
and offer free shipping?” Yes, just look at… I mean things… when
things sell, they sell for a price. If you can see what like the trending
shipping is going to be, if you know it’s going to be like $10 to ship it and
you’re looking at other things that have sold and you got to kind of factor that in
whether you’re going to make money anyway. You’re not going to sell it for more
than it’s worth unless you get lucky and I have like I sold $10
things for $100 somehow. [Reezy] Hold the phone, hold the phone.
Steve Raiken himself, aka Raiken Profit himself, the godfather,
just blessed us with a $2 super chat. [Corey] $2!!! (laughs) [Corey] I want my $2!!! [Reezy] No disrespect but that was just
the most funniest thing ever and I thought about how funny would that be to just
berate people who super chat you. (laughs) Oh you super chat me, it’s only $2,
I can’t believe you. The gall this guy super chatted me $2. [Corey] Oh Steve, I met Steve
at eBay Open, it’s really fun. [Reezy] Steve’s a great
guy, love Steve. [Corey] I was sitting in a bean bag
chair like in the middle of the day, in eBay Open like peached whale.
(laughs) And Steve walks up… [Reezy] Someone in that ‘Brian the Oak
Brook Pricker’ is out here, laughing emojis, calling Steve a big
spender. (laughs) I’m sorry Steve, I didn’t mean to disrespect you. You’re generous $2 super chat, I’m sorry. Hold on, this is, this is the most
legit I’ve ever laughed on a live (laughs) on a live YouTube.
Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry Steve you had to bear that
one, we love you Steve. (laughs) Steve Raiken the man, [Corey] I saw that Steve was out of…
I think I saw on his Instagram that he was out with Tony Robbins stuff. [Reezy] Oh yeah, Steve is big into the
motivation, inspirational talks stuff Tony Robbins and I’m a huge
proponent of that myself. I need to go to a Tony Robbins event
but I do want to let people know because I’m bet there’s plenty of people that
are watching this that are like where I used to be. I fully used
to think all of that stuff was a scam and all those guys were like con artists,
snake oil salesmen and it wasn’t that long ago. It might
have been only like 5 years ago or less when I started to realise
you know the secret scarce… scarcity… not having a scarcity mindset. You know what I mean like all those
things and like and just like how you can program yourself and brainwash
yourself and get what you want out of life etc like all these
good things, exercise. [Corey] Guys you have power to
your existence that you can guide. [Reezy] Yeah, yeah, exactly. [Corey] It took me a long time to
figure that out. I love being with my family, focusing energy on that. I
love focusing energy on my business. I like focussing my energy on helping
other people. I like all those things and I like to crush it and make money
and be like this this is easy like let’s keep going this is easy.
And then sometimes I’m like oh my God somebody offered… did a $350 refund today. [Reezy] Yeah, yeah Steve says right now,
“Everytime I go to a Tony Robbins event, I come back and crush life, so I keep
going.” And I think that’s really all that matters. It makes sense,
like even if like, let’s say it’s all hogwash right like whatever it is like not even talking about
Tony Robbins specifically. But if you come out of it and you’re
like high energy, high vibes and you’re killing it and like crushing it
like who cares like you know what I mean? [Corey] …teach people how to do that
because maybe you take the power back… [Reezy] It’s like Space Jam, are you
familiar with the American film classic Space Jam?
[Corey] I’m not. [Reezy] Oh my God, well in the end of
Space Jam, they’re losing to the monster team and then they
drink like the special water and it like gives them all their powers
back because the monster had their powers right and they drink the special
water and they get their powers back and then they win but there was no
special water it was regular water. They just thought it was special water
and then that gave them their power back. And it’s just like the symbolism to
know that like your power is within yourself and that like if you can do
that then like you can become more skilled at that and like training
yourself to brainwash yourself, to believe and to get what you want out
of any certain situation so like it’s super powerful. [Corey] Yeah, yeah, yes I like to
make money too because that’s nice. [Reezy] Yeah, yeah, no, no, no,
I’m fully… I’m like I’m not like oh money is everything but you need money
to live and it makes life more comfortable so like I’m more, I’m more
in between like if I was ever to get like a Lambo, I would have to be
balling out of control so hard that that would be like an afterthought.
Like because there’s so many other things I would do if I had that kind
of money, before I got there that like the Lambo would be like… I
would have 10 times more money than most people that would buy a Lambo
because that would be like an afterthought for me. [Corey] Yeah, if I was going to buy a
Lamborghini, I would need to easily buy a hundred, like easily. I’m not a frugal like I’m not super
frugal but I’m also not extravagant like… [Reezy] Right, no, no, no, I’m the same
way but I was at a conference a few months back and there was a guy
and he had a good insight and I’m not going to like break it down
everything but basically he said like both of these two schools of thought
are right and both of them are wrong. One being like the entrepreneur that’s
like you got to hustle, hustle, hustle, make that money you know be
successful take advantage of life. We have it, get what you want but
then there’s like the Buddhists or like the spiritual person that is like
well you’re not living in the moment, you’re not experiencing life, you’re
not even truly happy and like you see a lot of people that have a lot of
stuff and have a lot of success and they’re not very happy. And you
see a lot of people that have nothing that are extremely happy and I know
myself, I’ve been pretty happy with almost nothing you know
what I mean so it’s like. But you know they need to meet in the
middle somewhere because like how can this guy be right like you know he’s
so successful, such a good businessman but like he has a terrible relationship
with everyone around him and he’s like he’s just out
of touch with the world. But then like this guy he’s super in
touch and he’s the best and everyone loves him but like yet he needs to
sleep on your couch because he doesn’t have
any worldly possessions. You know what I mean,
that’s not a good balance. [Corey] You don’t want to be on either
side of that spectrum. I mean I’m in the middle, yeah,
I could learn to work harder. [Reezy] Awesome, awesome, smash the
like button. We’re going to go into some detailed
nitty gritty stuff right now. [Corey] You should tell people what my
eBay selling limit is, so you give people hope that it does get better
if you’re just starting out. [Reezy] Can you hold it up to this…
oh your phone is the screen so we can’t do that right? [Corey] Yeah I can’t do it right now. [Reezy] Corey, Corey, you know what,
I can hold up the picture you send me. Send it to me on text
or was it on Instagram? [Corey] I think it was on text. [Reezy] Let’s see real quick. Let me
check my phone, two seconds guys, thank you to Apple technology… Okay I got it, I got it here it is,
for the people. Two more seconds sorry guys, I’m not like Joe Rogan I
don’t have like an assistant to like bring it up and like show you on like
the third screen but this is Corey’s eBay selling limits.
Let me see boom. Is that backwards to you guys or was
that forwards? Is that good can you guys see that? Hopefully that’s… it’s
a lot of nines, it’s a lot of nines. It’s just long enough to where you
don’t want to count it. It’s at least a million…it’s a it’s at
least like 999 million something like that. [Corey] It’s greater than 999 million. [Reezy] Yeah you don’t look at it.
That’s the type of number where you don’t need to look at it anymore, you’re
like yeah it’s big enough. It’s 999 million. [Corey] Uh let’s see, okay we have some
questions, “Funko Pops sell well?” [Reezy] Do you know that Corey, the
metal sniffer, also would like to let us know
if Funko Pops smell well. [Corey] Shush, you know what that
question, is like a question that you shouldn’t be asking. The question
you should be asking is, how do I tell how things
sell well on eBay? [Reezy] Right you look up completed
sales just like me and Corey do, right. [Corey] Exactly… [Reezy] Especially if Funko’s in itself
is like a thing like you could dedicate, you could be a Funko expert and that
could be your entire niche like all you sell is Funko’s. You’re the Funko gangster and like
you know you just trap Funko’s all day, right so it’s pretty vast
but you got to look it up. Like I don’t have the time to… and
I actually you know what, I don’t know Corey you can give your
input on this after me, but I feel like, it’s better… and I say like be a thrift
Army knife like know about a lot of stuff. [Corey] Know how to find about it. [Reezy] Right, but also know a lot of
stuff too because like you’re going to be going to places to get things and
a lot of these things can be found in similar places and if you’re already
there, the more you know the more well rounded you are, the less likely
you are going to be coming up empty handed when you’re investing
your time to go source stuff. [Corey] Yeah, exactly, let’s say you’re
looking at estate sale pictures and you see that there’s a Vitamix and
there’s a $50 price tag on it, you better be there early to get it and
be at the place where it is because somebody isn’t going to get
it because they saw that too. But better is that, you say okay if
I see that I’m going to get it but also like let’s figure out
what else is going on. Let’s not go in with a preconceived
notion about what’s going to happen. [Reezy] (whispering) Hey guys, if
you’re watching the show I’d like to thank you for showing up,
please smash the like button. [Corey] Yeah thanks for showing up. (laughs) [Reezy] What does that sound like when
I whisper on the microphone? I’ve never done that before. (whispering)
I’ve always wanted to whisper guys. (laughs) So hey let’s talk about some stuff
someone had some technical questions on eBay they said, is it better to do
30 days fixed listing versus ‘good till cancelled’?
What is your… [Corey] Okay this is what…
[Reezy] What is your facto medical opinion? [Corey] I’m going to tell you what I do
and why I do it and it’s based on split testing is based on actual
research, not what somebody actually
said or anything like that. This is research I’ve done myself and
it’s looking at conversion rate. So what I did is, I had basically two
sets of things that are very similar in price and said ‘this is good
till cancelled’, this is 30 days and my conversion rate was almost 70%
higher on similar items when they were at 30 days, so
that said everything for me. [Reezy] And is that including the same
time span or like you know a 6 month period in this item was listed for 6
times and this one stayed listed? [Corey] Yep [Reezy] Okay so because at least my
input on why that is better is because you get two boosts. Every time you list an item, you get
the newly listed boost and then in the end you get the ending soon
boost, you know for people that are looking at stuff
that’s ending soon. And then you’re doing that more times. [Corey] Yeah, yeah so what I do is I
have an anchor store and I have the usually 3,000-4,000 items and I needed it to be way more than
that so the anchor store makes more sense financially. But whatever you get some other
benefits that I won’t talk about right now but you can look into… [Reezy] What about the new feature
offers to watchers, have you used it? [Corey] Let’s talk about that after I
tell… I say this is what works for me and is based on actual research. You want
to list your items for 30 days okay. If they do not sell, you need to sell
similar and then delete the other ones. Look about how to do that. When you
sell it creates a new listing… now this is going to change slightly
because of this whole offer to watchers thing now. Watchers
have a totally different deal so this is going to change the strategy
a little bit but if there aren’t a ton of watchers and you
have similar keywords. You can just jumble the pictures around
and you can throw it back up and it makes it more relevant because
newer listings are more relevant. [Reezy] That makes sense.
[Corey] So I can’t tell you why that is but… [Reezy] It makes sense because I’m
guaranteeing it’s because some you know people list new stuff and
sometimes people list it… you know it’s going to
sell really quickly. The price is like really good and eBay
makes commissions like that so they’re going to promote… you know to
give everything at least a little whack to see if it’s that quick
sell, you know what I mean? [Corey] Yeah on the new dashboard on
eBay… you know a lot of people have been saying why don’t we… like
you have these watchers that are interested in products but you’re not
letting us interact with them or do anything to promote sales.
It’s completely ridiculous. You guys are living in 1994,
like eBay is so 1994 still. It can be exceptionally annoying,
so many glitches, so much ridiculous stuff but so they
rolled out this offer to watchers and you can basically say, hey all watchers buy it today it’s
20% off. Buy it today, it’s 30% off. [Reezy] It goes to every
watcher or can you choose? [Corey] All watchers, I mean you don’t
know who the watchers are so it doesn’t matter just
goes to all watchers. [Reezy] I guess that makes
sense, that makes sense. [Corey] I mean…
[Reezy] That seems like a killer thing to me. I mean as long as it’s not someone
like me or you I don’t know how much social media traffic you get
but I get a lot of people that watch stuff in there,
they’re not going to buy, they’re like my followers that are
messing up my conversion rate. [Corey] (responding to live chat question)
Pendleton jacket, yes I’m wearing it now. [Reezy] Yeah, yeah, someone called it
out that is super fly, did you source that yourself?
[Corey] I did [Reezy] I’m guessing you didn’t
pay full price, did you? [Corey] No, I don’t pay
full price for anything. [Reezy] Could we… I want to do like…
can we do like a once a week expose, where we blast any reseller that
paid full price for anything? Like this weekend, Corey was spotted paying
full price, dun-dun-dun reseller jail. [Corey] At lunch when I’m sitting there
eating lunch, I pull up Poshmark and I just start low
balling everything I want like I’m just like I offer people 20%
of what they’re asking and like 1 out of 20 people will say
yes. It works out good. (laughs) [Reezy] You’re evil. It’s a numbers game,
just like we were saying before it’s all quantity. It’s a numbers game. [Corey] Yeah, so eBay has some new
features… [Reezy] Have you used it successfully?
[Corey] I haven’t gotten a sale that I can see but I don’t know how you
see whether it worked or not. [Reezy] Is it automated or do you
manually send the offers to the watchers? [Corey] You manually do it, yeah. I
mean I’m sure they’re will be automation in the future. [Reezy] Too bad it can’t be in… yeah
because then that way it would kind of be like a force
feed best offer. [Corey] Yeah it would be cool if it
was like offset a little bit like 5 minutes later they…
[Reezy] Buy it right now, pay this much! [Corey] Hey if you like this, if you
get it within the next 24 hours you can have $20 off or whatever.
I love that. [Reezy] Yeah, no it’s killer, why not.
[Corey] They should be doing that. I just got a counter offer on
Poshmark just now. (laughs) [Reezy] They’re coming back at you.
You’re trying to buy a Pendleton jacket for $2, what do you expect? [Corey] That’s basically what I do but
whatever. (laughs)
If you’re willing to accept it, whatever. Fair offer, I have the money. [Reezy] Do you use any software to
list on eBay? This is a good question that we can dig into, like let’s detail
your listing process a little bit. How do your lister’s do it? [Corey] We use the eBay app, so they
just take the eBay app, take pictures, type in the description yada yada…
they use image search if they have to, they can scan barcodes, they
can look up other similar… [Reezy] Making all the drafts
entirely on the phone. [Corey] Yes so we pull… I would say
99% of the the listings are cloned ‘sold listings’ so we’re looking for the
listings that sold for the highest price that are closest because those key
words obviously influenced that, so we pull the words yeah. [Reezy] Like real quick let me rewind
that, if you don’t understand that, you need to understand that. We just
go over that so fast, me and Cory, because it’s like everybody knows that
like it, it’s like common sense right but like I don’t think a
lot of people know that. Like when you research completed items,
you should I mean you don’t just do this, there’s more research though. One of the things you should do is,
sort it by highest price plus shipping and try and understand why certain items
sold for so much more than others. If there’s 30 different comparable
condition items and half of them or 25% of them sold for so much more,
you need to understand why. Likely, it’s the pictures, maybe it’s
the shipping options, maybe it’s the keywords, most likely
it’s the keywords and you need to be doing sell similar. It’s just simple logic, these ones sold
for more so let me duplicate their title and maybe modify it like the slightest bit
right so… very important to know guys. Like when you’re replicating completed
sales for like your own items, you want to strive to make your own
completed sales similar to those that you’ve seen in the past that
attained higher value for comparable quality of the items that you have. The other thing you need to know is
just because something’s listed for a price doesn’t mean it’s going to
sell and I hate it so much when people do that. People are trying to sell you stuff
and you know they give you a price it’s way too high and they’re like I
looked it up on eBay, it’s going for $90. And you’re like, no actually lady,
it’s sold for $30 pretty frequently and this one person you’re looking at
that has it listed for $90 is never going to sell
it, maybe once a year. So what about auction, do you use
auction at all in your business model? [Corey] Either I’m terrible at auctions
or auctions are just generally bad for the types of things that I sell… [Reezy] Okay, well you sell a lot of
weird stuff right? [Corey] It sells better not at auction. [Reezy] No, I mean I agree that like ‘buy it now’ is more
important for everything. Big shoutout to my boy HenryTube
over here, with the $10 super chat. Go check out Henry’s YouTube channel,
he gots a couple videos up on there, but what were we saying before Henry so
rudely interrupted me with the $10 super chat? I’m just kidding Henry, I really
appreciate it. It’s a heck of a lot better
than Steve’s $2 super chat. (laughs) I had to call back to the… I’m just
kidding, we love you Steve. Steve’s totally going to
retract his $2 super chat now. [Corey] He’s going to do a chargeback. (laughs) [Reezy] Oh my god, I totally forgot
where we were… so okay back to auctions, I remembered we
were at auctions. Hold on Mr Potato Head… [Corey]… they say it stimulates
certain things so I always have them… [Reezy] Your store. [Corey] Yeah I always have some
auctions running, they’re just like dollar
auctions and stuff. [Reezy] Right, so I see in the chat we
got a knowledgeable comment over here by Prodbyhtwo, just listing different
software’s you can use to list on eBay: ​Inkfrog, Sellbrite, ChannelAdvisor,
Auctiva eBay Tools, Kyozou for eBay, Solid Commerce, Vendio, Listing Tools. I didn’t know Vendio was operational,
is Vendio operational? I’ve used Inkfrog and Auctiva back in the
day to make all my templates for eBay. And I think both of those are great
services back in the day, Auctiva was better than Inkfrog, in
my opinion but was a little behind. But the great thing about that is that
you can manage and list to your eBay account through those tools without
having to give like your VA, your eBay password. So like you link that to your eBay
account and then you can give you know your employees or your virtual assistants
your Inkfrog or your Auctiva password and they can access that to manage your
eBay account which is super duper cool. But back to the auction side of things
and I actually just talking to my boy Big Mike right now. He was listing
stuff at auction and he’s selling really well, he sold like bunch of
medical supplies and like a combo DVD thing for like $150
recently all at auction and he’s like well I started it at like $60 and it
went for like $150 like this combo player or whatever auction and
I was like yeah it probably would have went for a good amount
more ‘buy it now’. And I was trying to explain it to him
the psychology of ‘buy it now’ and I was like me
personally as a consumer I don’t buy stuff at auction unless
I’m trying to like snipe an auction to flip something you know like
I want it and I want it now, like blame Amazon, like I’m not going
to wait you know and then like feel like I got it because I made a bid and
then I don’t got it and then I should have
bought it all along because now it’s only $3 saved
like you know what I mean? So I don’t think a lot of people that
want stuff right now, and I think that’s the consumer nowadays,
are buying auctions so I mean… [Corey] I made over $400 this week on
sniped items. [Reezy] That you bought? Is it stuff
that you have saved searches for? [Corey] Yeah [Reezy] Nice, so you get the emails,
you check them out boom. That’s another big pro tip guys, pro tip
someone comment the time stamp right now. This is a pro tip if you don’t know
what ‘saved searches’ on eBay are, you can search for certain items. Let’s say you’re searching for this
Mr. Potato Head coffee cup and let’s say this one’s rare
and it normally goes for a $100 but occasionally someone lists it for
$20 and it sells and you’ve seen it. So you have alerts that you make a
search, you search for this item but you know only if the price is
under $30 and it’s ‘buy it now’ and then you save that search and eBay
will email you when those items come up. And I don’t personally use it as a
regular way to buy stuff but I’ve used it to find you know high dollar you
know somewhat rare personal items that I wanted to buy, you know
like a rare turntable that I purchased or whatever. Just like stuff that like if you want
it right now, you have to pay way too much that you have to
wait till it comes around because you pay like 60%-70% less and
it’s like you know couple thousand bucks or whatever. [Corey] There’s a lot of like rare
perfumes and clothing items, things like that.
[Reezy] Dude, there’s all kinds of stuff that I do that can make you so much
money for example like sniping complete DVD
sets you know, even sealed. For example, this will make someone,
someone will listen to this and this will make them a lot of money,
just looking up complete sealed DVD or blu-ray or new ‘buy it now’ set maybe
plus or minus the word season or whatever, at certain prices and you wake up every
day and you check those 100 emails that it sent you while you were asleep. I guarantee you will find opportunities
to make money every single day. [Corey] I shouldn’t even say this,
because this is such an interesting… so people misspell things right? [Reezy] Oh yeah, people will
misspell the word misspell. [Corey] There’s something that you
like to sell and that you’re very good at, do ‘save
searches’ for all the other keywords that are close to it
that you might misspell because that’s how I get some of
these crazy things for nothing. The person doesn’t know
how to spell something and they have no idea what the price… [Reezy] And if you guys are unsure
if something is like actually being searched on eBay besides
obviously doing a completed search and seeing like oh people have listed
and sold items that they misspelled or whatever.
You can actually, while you’re on eBay, you want to use
an incognito browser on eBay and then go into the search bar and
search for stuff and there’s autocomplete in the
eBay search algorithm. Whatever eBay is suggesting, you know
that’s going to finish your sentences or whatever like when you
type like Canon or whatever, there’s going to be misspellings in
there, if those things show up, those are you know those
are keyword phrases. Those are what people are searching for
and there’s going to be a lot less traffic for something that’s misspelled
but a lot of people are going to… because no one is going to see it,
you’re going to have a higher opportunity of preying on that person you know that
they listed their camera at an auction and they started it at $20 and it’s a
$400 camera again… there’s only like… [Corey] You’re not preying on anybody.
You’re saying if this means… I want to buy it. [Reezy] I feel like that’s… I mean I
don’t mean it in a bad way but I feel like you’re… I definitely feel like that’s an
accurate description, you’re preying on someone’s
literacy challenges. [Corey] No
[Reezy] No? You’re taking advantage of the situation. I mean they’re not
personally being preyed upon but you know what I mean. [Corey] Yeah, you’re making your buying
decision. I’ve made a buying decision before they even posted it basically. And
then they list it and then I buy it. [Reezy] Yeah I mean that’s basically
how it works right? [Corey] Best deals on eBay
at auction in my experience. [Reezy] No definitely, if you can wait
for it but the opposite side of the coin is true that as a
seller that’s how you’re going to attain generally the least
amount of profit for your sell. Unless, what I found the only time
auctions are good for selling items is when you’re selling something that
is in such demand that you could price it at a penny and
it’s going to end up going for market value or like the sky’s the limit. You know if you have some kind of
one-of-a-kind museum-quality type stuff or whatever and you get the
opportunity to you know you don’t risk the chance of
underselling yourself on a’ buy it now’ on a rare or high demand item.
You know what I mean like? [Corey] You don’t have to get maximum
value for everything you buy and sell. Like you know that and I know that. [Reezy] What is the pursuit of trying
to attain that lead to? Hoarding? Stale inventory? [Corey] That’s silly. You’re in this
business to turn your money over. Take that 40 turn to 80, turn
it to 160, turn it to 320, to grow your business
and you can’t do that if you’re sitting on top of stuff
forever. It’s just not going to happen. [Reezy] Yeah you can’t, it’s pointless.
So that brings up another position where I think auctions are
very helpful on eBay is, stimulating your store positioning by
sending stale stuff that you know if you have 500 items in your store and
you know 200 of them are over 6 months. You’re 6 months old to a year, maybe
consider taking those part portion of them and sending them to auction. I mean at least maybe send them to
auction and start them out what you paid for it you know that
way they at least sell, you get your space back and
you get your money back. Like you can’t just hold on to
everything forever, you know and I think
that’s really important. I didn’t learn that for long time
because I sold just books and they’re super cheap so it doesn’t
matter you know like I don’t care if it
takes 5 years to sell. You know it’s a book, you can put on
a shelf they store easily you know but it’s like it doesn’t work out in the
long run with most business models. [Corey] I mean when somebody assigns
value to something and you know you buy the market gap, I don’t
see a lot of problem with that. There’s certain situations like you
walk into this grandma’s house and there was a Picasso on the wall and
she didn’t know and she wanted a dollar for it. I
don’t know maybe you should give her the dollar then but you sell it for
$250,000 at auction and come back and be like
here’s your $125,000. [Reezy] Right if you’re a kind soul but
I mean let’s be real, some people aren’t going to give you know the $5
back to the guy Burger King that gave them too much change. Yeah so like they’re definitely not
bringing the grannie the 120 stacks. [Corey] I’m not looking to
scrape anybody in general. [Reezy] Right, I do the same thing too.
I mean it’s not like it’s not a Picasso, but when I’m doing retail arbitrage
and I’ve like cleared the shelf and I have of course all of the hottest
toy in my cart or two or three carts that I have and like up and you can
literally hear children going oh like I wanted that,
like he’s got it all, like I always give the kids or the
parents one or two or like what I’m like you guys
want one like here you go. Like I’m not losing actual money,
it’s potential profit but like it’s the joy of a freakin child guys.
It’s the sacred joy of a child. [Corey] We got a really tangential here,
it’s yeah I mean if you want to be more successful in eBay go beyond
what you should normally do. Don’t wait to ship people’s stuff,
have the supplies you need on hand, get good things, don’t list garbage
people are giving you or you’re finding in the garbage. [Reezy] I mean that that can be good,
it’s just not going to be that good. [Corey] Maybe good inventory.
[Reezy] Yeah but I mean but one man’s trash is
another man’s treasure. [Corey] Most people don’t understand that
you’re just some person in your basement. They think your eBay,
they think you’re this… [Reezy] I bought it from eBay, like
eBay the logo wrapped itself and sends it to you. [Corey] It comes from an
eBay box, an eBay tape and an eBay sticker and eBay bag. [Reezy] That’s how they want the
customer to feel. [Corey] Great, awesome. [Reezy] Let’s talk about pictures real
because I think that’s like a really important thing but… I want
to come at it from a strange angle like obviously really good
pictures are really good duh. Right like the most megapixel camera
your pictures are like so zoomable I could print it out and wallpaper my
house with it right like that’s obviously that’s
obviously the best. But like a lot of iPhone cameras like
what you’re saying take perfectly good photos, it’s fine. [Corey] This is the Nokia 7 which has
a 12 megapixel front and rear-facing. 12 megapixel awesome optics on these.
The battery lasts forever these. [Reezy] What do those cost?
[Corey] $200… they used to be $200. It’s got a huge screen on it. [Reezy] Right and you don’t need a,
you know a light box is cool I like a light box, but
you don’t need it. You can literally just have like a
piece of white a piece of white poster board and
some crappy lights… [Corey] Making investments in your
business, in the infrastructure of your business that are reasonable, makes you
do better I promise you that though. Like if you have the opportunity to buy
the light cube, do it because it will make your life easier not having
to roll a sheet of paper out. [Reezy] Yeah, yeah but like literally,
in its heart… it’s like okay like I just want to see
what you say to this, what’s the only thing worse than
terrible pictures on your eBay listing? [Corey] There’s nothing worse than that.
[Reezy] No, nothing? [Corey] No, there’s nothing you could
do worse than taking… [Reezy] Okay, what about taking
no pictures than not listing it? [Corey] That’s not doing
something, that’s doing nothing. [Reezy] Right, but you know what I mean
right? Like I just have like I tell people that I wanted to see if you
would say it but like the only thing better than like… worse than you know bad pictures is no
pictures at all like literally there’s people that have things
they could list and sell and they’re fretting over the pictures
and it doesn’t really matter. Literally, lay down, like clean up an
area of the floor in your house photograph it on your
carpet, on your wood floor, on you know on the sidewalk like as
long as there’s not like oil stain. Or here’s what I like to do a lot in a
hurry grab a cardboard box, photograph it flat lay
on the cardboard box and it’s like you know you can’t see
anything else and also feel like it creates the sense to the customer like
hey we’re about to put it in this box you know what I mean. The mentality is just take the damn
picture and list the thing because you know you could be
trying to get it perfect and like you don’t even make any
different amount of money, you make the same money. [Corey] That’s a whoooole different
thing though. That’s like… that was kind of a pointed
question I think because yeah… if this is a hobby for you and your
hobby was climbing mountains, you would try to climb the mountain. If this is your business, you can’t
just have inventory laying around that’s money that represents money and
you’re just basically taking money and putting it in a pile but it’s not a
currency that you can use because nobody’s going to be trading you for that
stuff, if they don’t know how to get it. And that’s all this thing is we’re just
trading. I trade junk for money and then I trade that money again for more junk and then I trade that junk for more money,
just go back and forth. That’s what I do. [Reezy] Yeah, wait till they figure out
what we’re doing. I get more money how did that work? But
yeah but it’s important, I think a lot of people and it’s like
that’s not even just about selling stuff like that’s like a
life tip in general right. Like if you don’t swing the bat, you’re never
going to hit the ball you know what I mean. [Corey] Babe Ruth had like the most
strikeouts but the most home runs too or something. [Reezy] Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised
no one remembers… you know what I mean like
and I forget who said this someone else said this just came to
mind real quick but like, how many points did Kobe
Bryant score in his last game? Like people remember that number but
they don’t remember you know how many shots he missed, you know what I mean. Or his accuracy percentage you know
what I mean and it’s like he knew that you know what I mean and you want to go
out on a high note you know what I mean. Like that’s not what you do long term
in your career because your percentage is going to be out of whack,
you know what I mean. [Corey] Yeah
[Reezy] So it’s all about going hard. I don’t even know how we
got into that tangent. [Corey] Dude I like it though. [Reezy] No, no, I definitely did.
So let’s go over a couple things. Obviously most important for people
that want to be successful on eBay is like literally just make more
listings, list more stuff. And like there’s a whole like…
there’s like a 10 chapter course inside of that but like you could wrap
it up in that, list more stuff. Buy more stuff, list more stuff. [Corey] Make sure people can buy your
things even though you don’t make money on them, if you’re a new
seller in eBay the more you sell, the more they’ll like you and the more
they’ll promote you. That’s how it works like, they
promote sellers who do better, so if you don’t do very
well and you don’t and you continue to not do very
well, they’re going to like… just the algorithm loses interest in
presenting your things to customers if you… [Reezy] Right, it’s a waste of time.
There’s literally a dollar value assigned with every spot of the screen that a
customer looks at at any given moment when they’re conducting searches which
are potential sales and eBay sells ads on the side also while they’re
perusing the site, so it’s like… [Corey] Be prepared…
[Reezy] They want to roll their best dice, you know what I mean and you
might not be their best dice if your stores not
performing very well. [Corey] You’re absolutely right.
The next thing is like be prepared if you know you’re going to
have to ship something on the medium flat rate box,
have a medium flat rate box. Have as many as you can
fit where you need to be. If you’re really serious about this
and you really want to do it and you are like this is what I
make, I don’t like what I do… [Reezy] You need to be fully prepared
like here’s a quick example of how I was not prepared. I’m liquidating a bunch of large
oversized nerf guns in my eBay store right now. They’re like the largest nerf gun you
can buy their returns from my Amazon store they didn’t sell
last Christmas or whatever. So they’re like $65 I think right now
and the shipping is like $20-$50, depending on where you live. Some poor guy in Puerto Rico ordered
one, but the thing is is they’re so big I don’t have a box for them and
they’re like not packaged in a way that you can wrap them in paper and send them like that you know. Or
definitely not in its own box by itself, so I had to make a box. I’m telling you this is like almost four
foot long box, you know what I mean. And it’s like five inches thick you
know and like 14 inches wide whatever, anyways it’s a nightmare. You have to like take four boxes flatten
them, wrap it around it like a dress and like become like a cardboard
seamstress to like make it fit. Anyways, long story short, I wasn’t
prepared and we started selling them and it takes way too long
and I finally was like and I’m paying my employee to like
dress this cardboard seamstress act and I’m just like you know what? Screw this, we’re buying boxes for these
things, I don’t care what they cost. They cost $7 apiece like after shipping
from Uline for us to get the amount that we needed and that like is a lot, but it’s like screw that I’m not going to
be not prepared, you know what I mean. That’s not efficient for us to
spend our time screwing around with this one oversized item. We need to
just get them out of there, you know. It’s a bad decision making our money
back like you got to be prepared man. [Corey] Yeah so we were talking about
things to get better on like eBay or e-commerce or whatever and
I’ll continue on that line. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
and don’t trust what other people say on the Internet as some
kind of truth okay like if you want to learn about something,
learn about it, figure out how to do it, do it yourself. Don’t assume
that somebody else is… There’s a group of people online, I
don’t know if they’re associated with each other, they make YouTube videos…
but I’m like oh my God. It’s like a lot of them are about like
trying to cheat the systems and doing this and doing that. The
best way to do anything is to be honest with your customers,
honest with yourself and do things the best that you can and continuously
learn how to do things better and you will get better. You’re going to struggle like
you are going to struggle. It doesn’t even matter how much money
you have in this business, at some point you are going
to struggle in any business, so don’t have the illusion or delusion
that because you see other people that are smiling somewhere who are
doing this or that that that is the reality of things.
This is a difficult business. It’s not… you’re not going to get
rich quick doing this even if you’re the smartest person on earth,
even if you get extremely lucky. It’s still going to take tons of work,
lots of marketing power, lots of understanding, lots of building
relationships, infrastructure, figuring things out, making mistakes
and not saying ‘I made a mistake and I’m going to quit’. Stop
feeling sorry for yourself. Stop making excuses and say you know
what I said I was going to do this today. The customer ordered it and I said I
would do it today so I’m going to do it. And that doesn’t mean you can’t make
mistakes because I do, we all do. [Reezy] Right well that’s…
you have to make mistakes. That’s literally how you move forward. [Corey] You’re not working if
you’re not making mistakes. [Reezy] Right if you’re not making
mistakes, you’re not working. [Corey] But doing things
in a half assed way and making mistakes isn’t cool like…
[Reezy] Right, right for sure. [Corey] You’ll get kicked off eBay or
Amazon or anywhere else. No one wants to hear your bullshit. [Reezy] You know what’s funny? I think
it’s funny when you see in Facebook groups or anywhere where
people are complaining where they got kicked off of X Y Z platform. The story is always hollow
and like halfway there, like you never get the whole story.
You know it’s always like they kicked me off and I didn’t do anything. Like
that’s literally what the story is and you know every single time
that’s never the truth, they’re like selling fake jerseys,
they’re were dropshipping and you’re not allowed to dropship. Like
I don’t know why they kicked me off. [Corey] From Korea
[Reezy] I have no idea why they just kicked me off of the platform I was just
following the rules and everything. [Corey] The 19th time, I relisted
Rosetta Stone even though they told me every single time that they would
kick me off if I relisted it. I just did that anyway, they kicked
me off and it’s just not my fault. [Reezy] I don’t understand why,
you know. It’s like dude come on. Like every time…I don’t understand
why people don’t understand the long term value like okay. And
I’d liked to clarify, and I don’t know about you Corey,
but before I was a reseller… I mean I guess I sold like candy at
school and I sold like weed when I was a kid or whatever. But before
I was like selling online, I was… I lost my train of thought right there…
what we were just saying I’m sorry? [Corey] Before you were selling online,
you were flipping burgers I don’t know… [Reezy] Yeah anyways, it’s not
important. Let’s get back to the… [Corey] You said before you were
selling you were doing something else? [Reezy] Yeah I don’t know, I
completely lost my tangent. I don’t know how I did that.
[Corey] It’s okay buddy. [Reezy] It’s ridiculous. Hazel Heart’s
Vintage is in the chat, shoutout Hazel Hearts. We’ve
got a question from Gustavo, he says book question: can a good
textbook during offseason show up as a ‘rejected’ on ScoutIQ? You need to
understand how the game works a little bit better but I think what you’re
saying, the answer would be yes but you need to understand like look at
the e-score like when you scan a textbook. You should always look at the e-score
or the sales rank if you use Scoutly… and or the sales counter whatever…
and just like try to understand how often it sells. Okay is this
textbook very popular? Then go and look at the history of the rank in price.
So like almost every single time I scan a textbook and it says it’s not
worth money, I always look to see if it is worth money because those are the
same type of books that you’re buying you know on Amazon for like $20
and holding them to sell for $80. You know and right now it’s only worth
$12 so you’re not going to buy it for $3 but you know when it’s $80 and it
cyclically is for you know textbook season. It’s totally worth $3 so you need to
look at textbooks on a one off basis not necessarily about what the price is
now but what the price will be in season when you want to sell stuff. And that’s
not just about books either like I’m sure almost anything you know if
you bought like if you bought a whole swimwear store, you know in its winter
time you know you can’t expect it to sell for very much during the wintertime.
Right like does that make sense Corey? [Corey] I don’t know anything about that.
[Reezy] About seasonal stuff like certain inventory sells much better.
You know like harder to sell like jackets in summertime right? [Corey] That’s true. So the other
thing I wanted to kind of make a point is that… your accounts are
worth a lot of money, especially if they’re linked to your IP
addresses and your financial information, all that crap. Okay so like if
something… if somebody if eBay’s like you can’t sell a $275 Chanel purse
because we think it’s fake or Chanel says it’s fake. And you’re doing $100,000 a
year in sales like that… [Reezy] Yeah well the long-term value
of your account is so much more. [Corey] Don’t give up things of high
value for things that don’t matter in the long run. Like I just see that… [Reezy] Right, yeah I fully
remembered what I was going to say. What I was going to say was
that when I was younger, I was doing all kinds of different
things to make money and I didn’t really care like about how…you know
I might try and like cheat it or scam it a little bit or do whatever but I
was always trying to find ways like to make money on the internet. Right and
then when I found out reselling… excuse me (sneezes), it was like by far
and beyond the best way to make money on the internet that I
had ever learned of. I didn’t know about like writing ebooks
and like affiliate marketing or whatever and so I like, I just think
it’s important to respect that and a lot of people don’t understand
that you know like… it’s not that easy to get a new eBay account or a
new Amazon account once they ban you. You know can it be done? Yes,
is it easy? No, especially now with at least Amazon. I don’t know
about eBay requiring you to have scans or images of your driver’s license and
stuff when you… to make a new account. So it’s like right off the bat that
makes it so inconvenient so in order to make an account, you either need
to make like a new company, a corporate account or something or you
need to get someone else to let you use their identity to make
a business around it. And that presents all kinds of weird
stuff, like they’re now liable for the taxes and you have to settle
that personally and it’s like… it’s all not easy so like please
people value your eBay account and your Amazon account. It’s never
worth it to like making the short buck. [Corey] I don’t like… I mean I only
want a certain level of competition so if you want to blast yourself out of
the water, that’s fine but I’m… I’m letting all of you know watching
this now and watching this in the future like these things have
very significant value. If not possibly millions of dollars,
depending on how they’re linked to other businesses in your future that you
can gain through doing these things. Being short sighted isn’t going
to help you and yeah what else…? [Reezy] That’s pretty much that’s
pretty much it. I think we’ve been on here for at least an hour now. [Corey] God it feels like 15 seconds
(laughs) [Reezy] 15 seconds yeah right.
[Corey] Like a long time at all. [Reezy] Yeah, no I drank all my coffee
that’s for sure. So if you guys have any more questions put them
in the chat right now, send in your last minute Hail Marys
and we’ll ask Corey those questions before we head out. And if you guys are watching this you
have any suggestions, for who else you would like to see on the Reezy Talk
Show, please comment that down below. I haven’t added it yet, but I will
add a link to Corey’s Instagram. Is that what you would like me to
link to Corey? Your Instagram? In the description to Corey’s Instagram
where you can check him out. You do a decent amount of stories
and you go live occasionally right? [Corey] Yeah, I do a lot of live stuff
and I just kind of talk like we’re talking now, since I’m driving
I just talk to myself. [Reezy] Occasionally, he’ll go live at
an estate sales, that’s kind of cool. [Corey] Yeah I post some cool finds.
I have fun with it. I offer some things for sale that are really
special on there too. And pretty much everything I list for
sale, gets sold to somebody on Instagram. You’ll find some really
exceptional cool stuff there. [Reezy] Brian the Oak Brook Picker from
Chicago, you know Brian? [Corey] I don’t know if I know him. [Reezy] I believe his Instagram is a
little bit different. What is it like the OakBrookClothiers on Instagram. I
guarantee you’ve interacted with Brian, Brian’s the homie. He wants to know
what’s your 2019 goals? Or do you have your 2019 goals? [Corey] Yeah I want to do $400,000 in
post consumer product sales in 2019 that’s my…
[Reezy] That’s awesome. It’s a good one. [Corey] The other goals are like keep
99% shipped on time, keep same day shipping, possibly extended and then
obviously the growth of the inventory is kind of aligned with that sales goal.
Getting up to $400,000 with the inventory. [Reezy] So for me, it’s this goal.
This goal I’ve for a long time and I’m sadly not going to break it this
year again which will be to break the million dollar in sales on Amazon goal. Also, to get into wholesale to scale
our shoe buying team, our remote team. Get a warehouse remotely
and have a manager run it, to prep my products initially and then
hopefully start a prep facility for Amazon sellers. I think it’ll work out
really well, it should be pretty good. [Corey] Sounds great. (responding to
live chat question) I don’t like drop shipping on eBay just because there’s
a lot of weird tracking issues and you don’t want… eBay has a lot of
glitches and weird secretarial issues anyway. I wouldn’t drop ship
on eBay but that’s just me. [Reezy] Thank you so much for the $2
super chat, I really appreciate that you bumped it all the way up to the
full $2 and you didn’t come with the $1.99 like Steve Raiken. (laughs) He hit me with the $1.99, are you out
of your mind with the grand slam super chat.
[Corey] Like walked in dropped $1.99 and was like this is
boring, I’m leaving. [Reezy] Dude, the amount of
coverage he got for that $1.99 is so well worth it. I feel like we like
really gave him a solid value for his advertising investment there. [Corey] Well you know he’s put
a lot in the game for sure. [Reezy] Dude, I love Steve. I’ve met
Steve a couple times in real life, Steve’s a really awesome guy. So let’s
see, what else do we got going on here? Someone’s in here asking you a bunch
of questions about mushrooms. What’s the deal? Let’s answer that
real quick a Mighty Mushroom, why is that your name? [Corey] I’m a botanist and I like you
know so like M M – mighty mouse. [Reezy] Yeah, yeah, mighty mouse, come
on bro, they used to call me that in elementary school. [Corey] Master Mason because I’m
like part of the Illuminati. [Reezy] I would definitely believe that,
that’s where the shifty eyes come from. [Corey] Shifty? Says the guy wearing
sunglasses, anyway… [Reezy] Dude, you know how
bright these lights are? I wish I could turn this camera around
and show you guys how bright these lights are.. I got three… [Reezy] Yes I am, I definitely am and
speaking of space portals, I just watched a movie called
Martian last night. (funny voice) last night I watched
called Martian, starring Matt Damon and he’s also a botanist. [Corey] I’m going to go off
for dinner here in a second. [Reezy] Yeah, yeah let’s do
it, let’s get out of here. Good we’re out of here, we’re done. [Corey] The Mighty Mushroom thing is
because I didn’t want… I wanted a name that didn’t have like thrifter,
flipper or seller or whatever and it was alliteration which is
easy to remember, and that’s all. [Reezy] No it’s good alliteration, yeah
I respect that. All good marketers know that the value of remembering…
[Corey] Like Reezy Resells. [Reezy] Right or Peter Pan peanut
butter. Anyways, we’re going to let Corey go for the night. As usual, peace and blessings thank
you for showing up on the show guys. Do me a solid and go over and give Corey
a follow on Instagram @aMightyMushroom, phonetically spelled perfectly like
that with the letter a in the front, a mighty mushroom. [Corey] A Mighty Mushroom! Anyways,
man that was fun, thank you. [Reezy] Yep, have a good night man.
See you later. [Corey] Bye bye.
[Reezy] Are you leaving Corey? You’re not leaving? No I’m
going to kick you off. See you later bro. I think I kicked him
off, did I kick him off. I don’t know. Anyways, thank you so much for
joining us on this show tonight. Smash the like button if you still
happen to be here for some reason. Comment down below any specific points,
or multiple points of interest in the video that were helpful for you, using
a timestamp that means a number, a colon, you know another
number of minutes and seconds. That not only makes it clickable for
other people in the community to find those points and absorb them easier
but also for me to create micro content around that, such as quote cards,
Instagram clips, Facebook clips, separate other YouTube videos,
all kinds of neat stuff. And I will be doing giveaways and
shoutouts to random selected winners who help me out with that
so I do appreciate that. And I wanted to announce for the real
quick thanks to James Wilson for the $10 super chat, I appreciate that. For those of you that are still here,
I wanted to announce especially if you’re a new follower, I’m coming
out with a free Amazon course. It’s actually finished and I think I’m
going to launch it on Black Friday. It’s completely free, 100% free. All original content just for people
who want to get started and selling on Amazon and don’t understand
how that’s going to be… so stay tuned alert because on Black
Friday and I’ll be teasing up to it on Instagram and Facebook and whatnot. I’m going to release the free Amazon
course which is completely free and should be plenty enough to get
you guys going on Amazon, for those of you that don’t
already sell on Amazon. And I get that kind of really simple
like basic, how do I sell on Amazon question every single day, many times. So the way I made this free Amazon
course, I try to imagine like if I bumped into a friend of mine on the street
and they didn’t know I sold on Amazon and they were like what do you mean
selling on Amazon? And then I explained it to them and so I made like
5 to 10 different videos. I think it’s like 7 to 10 that just
break it down for you guys and it’s going to be very very helpful. So I’m excited to launch that and yeah
that’s actually like the first time that I’ve announced that so, surprise. Hope you guys like the show. Sorry to
just run on forever and ever on the outro. One love, I’ll see you guys next
Monday on Reezy Talks and remember, if you ain’t flipping, you slipping. Check the podcast for a backlog of
episodes if you’re missing them and I’ll see you guys on
the next one, peace.


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