We Bought an $1,800 MYSTERY Crate of Amazon.com Returns!
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We Bought an $1,800 MYSTERY Crate of Amazon.com Returns!

Let me make sure I put the batteries in right. Wait. Let me. Can I doublecheck? You’re such a liar. You’re such a. Yeah you flipped it back. Whats going on guys, welcome back to another Dope or Nope, the channel in which we each get a product and we rate it Dope or Nope or we blind ourselves with the brightest light we can find. Today Cause I’m bright. Is this another one of your future jokes. Wow. Everybody’s already seen through my good jokes. Bummer. All your good jokes. You’ve used that joke on me like 6 times. I just always knock it. I’m like but it’s not your future that is bright. and he’s like *stare* *laughter* Today’s video were unboxing a crate that’s worth $1,800. That’s what this thing is right now, but how did we get it? Skillshare. A liquidation website. Really? They’re all from Amazon but they’re just a bunch of returns. So, there’s like a liquidation website that sells back all these — Wow. returns And it’s from Amazon. Fascinating. Fantastic. Fantascinating. I. Am standing. Am standing now. Lets cut it open. Ready guys ? These look like a ton of kids products. Alright what is this? 5 second rule. Oh we’ve played this. I think the box played itself dude- You can return products in this condition? Yeah Amazon will take back anything. That’s why they’re awesome. Or the worst. Now look what they’re doing to me. I just got this product, I’m disappointed. You got it at a discount The only person not winning here is Amazon. Oh wow, that’s really destroyed. *timer noise* That was cool. Yeah that- *more timer noises* Is that a duck caller? No, that’s 5 seconds. Alright, let’s do this. Im guessing yellow are the easier and red are the harder ones. Ah this one’s so easy for him. Name 3 styles of shoes. Nikes, Pumas Vans Those are brands , those aren’t styles. Oooooo. Lowtop, hightop, boots with the FUR.


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