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– Let’s face it. Deliveries from Amazon make it feel like it’s Christmas all year round. – Ooh, I got a package! – But can our favorite online retailer give us the gift of fab
when it really counts? – A.k.a shopping for formal dresses. – [Jen] It’s Ladylike
and today we’re buying formal wear off of Amazon. – I pretty much only online shop. I don’t like to physically go the mall. – I’ve definitely never
bought a formal dress off of an online website. – When I buy clothes, they
are almost exclusively purchased online because they do not sell fabulous clothes for me in stores. – I’m terrible at shopping
for clothes online. My arms are really long,
my torso’s really short, and my legs just go on for days. – I always tell myself like, “oh my god this is gonna be so cute,” and then half the stuff I buy just doesn’t fit my boobs
the way that I want it to. – I’m usually going for
pants, a sport coat, a blazer, maybe a bow tie. Usually I do have to go into the store, occasionally shop in
the little boy section and try and find stuff that fits me. – Buying pants is a goddamn nightmare. Don’t even get me started on dresses because like, I will find
like a cute bodycon mini dress and I’ll get it to me and it
will be like Vaginatown, USA. – In my head, Amazon is a
place where you buy home goods. Amazon, formal dress, like the two don’t really go together in my mind, so I’m a little worried. – Always read customer reviews. I am extremely skeptical of
brands I don’t know well. Here’s the thing about Amazon. It’s sort of the Wild West
junk drawer of brands. There are some quality brands there. There’s also an old man date you haven’t looked at in 10 years. – I buy books on Amazon,
I buy knives on Amazon, I buy eye cream on Amazon. Amazon doesn’t really know
what to recommend to me. It’s like do you want
this fancy moisturizer or do you want this torch? – I’ll buy anything if I can get it shipped to me in two days. – Our beautiful manager
and lovely angel, Thesbie, is planning a team outing for us where we’re going to the Magic Castle. – What?! We’re going to the Magic Castle? You bury the lid on this whole video. – So we’re going to order
formal dresses off of Amazon and then wear them to the Magic Castle. – [Devin] It’s literally
a castle in Hollywood, and it’s like very old-timey. There’s all these magicians who are there who put on shows and
you can go to this bar and there’s a ghost that plays the piano. – I don’t know if you know this about me, I fucking love magic. – I would love to look like a magician. That’d be so fun. I hope they think I’m one of their peers. – What we’re all kind of going for are like formal, like
vampy Hollywood type looks. You can’t fake that. – All right, let’s shop! – Plus vintage dresses. – Shout out to anyone whose
save list is like 200 items. That’s me. – Let’s just put formal
wear into the search bar and see what they come up with. I feel like I inherited
the taste of my mother which is when it comes
to formal wear I’m like, everybody dress like
you’re going to a funeral. Just so much black. – Ooh, I like this mermaid gown. They have emerald colors, just my vibe. – Oh, I like halters. They make my shoulders look nice. Ooh, should I get something
with highest slit? – I’m seeing a lot of $22, so I’m just gonna put prices high to low and then we’ll scroll down a bit. – Formal dresses that cost less than $50 give me a lot of pause. It makes me wonder what
about their construction is being skimmed on. – Suit for women. Swimsuit. Nope. Ooh, what if they have a tuxedo romper? These are all for babies,
tuxedo rompers for babies. I do like rompers. I think it’s ’cause they’re flowy. They’re hard to pee in. – Okay, I’m gonna redo my search to say formal jumpsuits. When I buy jumpsuits, they
either look really, really good, or just look like a baby wearing a onesie. This one is 15.99. Oh should I try to get
something that’s a little dippy? – [Devin] Yeah, we never
see cleave from you! – So I’ve decided to search for dresses that are no cheaper than $50 ’cause I don’t wanna get a
dress that’s just gonna be like, it’s four plastic bags,
and there’s a rat inside. – There’s a $3,500 dress. I could get an LED wedding dress? “Be the first to review this item.” Well no shit no one’s bought that. – I thought I was ready
to buy and then I realized that some of these dresses
look very different on the Amazon models than they do on the people who actually
bought the dresses and sent in photos for reviews. I just don’t know what to expect. I don’t like to be deceived. – So I have 1 2, 3, 4, 5 options. – I kinda want this. I don’t know if it runs in my size. I don’t think this is gonna fit me. – No, I don’t want a swimsuit. Maybe I’ll just get that romper. There’s only one review. – I think I like that one. Typically don’t do this strapless thing, so let’s try this out. Usually my default is to go to extra small if they don’t offer number sizes. – The yellow is really fun actually. Such booty!
– Much booty. – I don’t have that much juice! – Let’s see if $100 to $150
gets a little bit easier here. – I don’t know if I should do the red dress or the apricot one. I kinda like apricot,
I think it will be nice on my skin tone. – So we’ve picked a yellow jumpsuit that doesn’t have any reviews. Realizing a little bit that
I don’t quite know my sizes. – There is no standard size chart because every single
brand has a different idea as to what their size measurements are. – I’m like nowhere near finding something that I’m even excited about. So I’m just going to put a pin in this, and circle back and find
a dress later tonight. – I found a dress! I’m still a little
skeptical about this dress, but maybe it’s cute, we don’t know. – So this dress is $58. Hopefully it’s all that
it’s cracked up to be ’cause it looks great on these models. – It costs 23 dollars and 99 cents. Hopefully I have enough
booty to fill it out. – There are two reviews. “Be aware the entire
bodice is see-through” “With only two round cups
to cover the breast.” Let’s just do it. – Added to cart. I am very excited. Can’t wait to get my maybe
fitting tuxedo suit romper. – So the dress in the color that I want… It’s sold out. – It’s okay.
(dramatic music) – Why would they show it
to me and it not be there? What I’m gonna do is I’m
just gonna get a size small. Hopefully it fits, if not
I’m gonna get it tailored. Let’s see if Amazon can deliver. (trippy music) – So we’re going to the
Magic Castle tonight but we haven’t tried on our dresses yet. So we gotta try these on. The Magic Castle actually has
a really strict dress code. The women have to wear dresses or skirts. – If they are wearing pants, it has to be not denim and
they need to have a blazer. Hopefully these sizes are accurate enough that we can fit into them
and feel like it’s working and we can wear it to this
very dress code-y event. – I’m getting naked! – We also don’t have a curtain, so we’re just gonna hide
behind racks of clothes and try to film what’s happening. – Wow! Feels like a life preserver
was just handed to me. Devin, you gotta come out.
– No. – Devin…
– It’s a little… – [Kristin] Oh. – When I got it I was like, “Wow, this looks teeny tiny.” It’s a little too much. – [Kristin] Turn around,
do it from the back. Okay from the back it’s actually… Oh wow I can see, it’s like… – I have to not wear underwear with it. I thought it was gonna be like down here. Why is this entire leg out? Like am I gonna need to lunge? The cut comes up to here and my vagina is just a little bit far west. – [Kristin] Pull it down
a little bit actually. So now there’s less gapping. – I don’t think I bought
this in the incorrect size because these feel like they’re
about to slide off my chest. – [Kristin] I think you look really good. I mean, the material does
kinda look like a seatbelt. – I’m definitely strapped in. It’s my first time trying
on a bandage dress. Where are my boobs supposed to go? Are they supposed to go here? – [Kristin] That’s actually
where they’re supposed to go, you figured it out. – The problem is I don’t
think they’ll stay here. My boobs are like your boobs Kristen, where they both look to East to West. – I opened my dress and it was
like a prom piñata exploded. It came in a tiny package
and it was like those little dinosaur sponges
that you pour water on and all of a sudden they’re like… (explosion noises) But I tried this on and
it fit like, perfectly. I am a beautiful princess. It makes my tits look fantastic. These are the golden globes right here. This dress is like, who is she? There is a big difference
between my dress and your dress. – What party are we going to? – A lot of the little
gems keep flipping over. So every so often I have
to go through and be like, “Nope, shiny side up.” These are not real jewels, I
keep the real jewels at home. I don’t, I have no jewels. Don’t rob me. – When I initially was
going to order the dress, I was gonna order it in an extra small, but they didn’t have an extra
small so I ordered a small. Lo and behold, it fit me perfectly. It actually is very tight. I probably could have used
a medium, to be honest. You absolutely can’t wear
underwear with this dress. You just gotta go bare bodied underneath, which I’m fine with. I can move around, like
I actually don’t feel constricted at all even
though it is really tight, it’s very stretchy. I like, never wear really tight things. The way I’m standing right now just shows you how uncomfortable
I am in a bodycon dress. I just feel like I just
want no one to look at me. I think it looked exactly the way it did in the photo as it did on my body. – [Kristin] I don’t wanna say do a spin ’cause that’s kind of a creepy phrase but like…
– Oh, no! – [Kristin] Fred, you
look really beautiful. – Thank you Kristin! – I feel like a penguin. – [Kristin] What’s going on over here? – First of all, I don’t understand, how am I supposed to get into the neck? – [Kristin] Wait, do you need help? – When I put it on, it was
clear that it was one piece, so sort of like a bathing suit. I should have known that
this would have been an issue before I purchased it,
but I wasn’t thinking. I look like a magician. I don’t even need to see
myself, I already fucking know. I don’t think I can do this. How am I supposed to get in the hole? – [Kristin] Oh, it’s a collar. – Take your arms out and move this to the front. – I assumed that this would be really easy to wear a shirt underneath this one piece. But in reality, it’s built for you to be bare chested
underneath the one piece and it’s supposed to be like kinda sexy. I don’t wanna do that. When I tried to wear a shirt
underneath the one piece, it was bunchy and it got caught. The buttons on this garment are like, pretty cheaply applied,
but the nice thing is it’s right where all
four of my nipples are, so I’ll never forget. – There’s a lot happening
on this jumpsuit. When I sit, it goes into my neck. – Fun!
– So that’s a good thing. It’s like super transparent. That’s what it looks like on me. It’s like, I’ve never worn
a jumpsuit that’s so tight and spandex.
– And sheer. – And sheer.
– And yellow. – And bright yellow!
– It’s a lot of first for you. – When I put it on, I just
look like one of those little inflatable men that flies
around a car dealership. – [Kristin] It’s a nice
color on you though. – Thank you. I would need like a nude
colored seamless underwear, and like substantial pasties and stuff because it’s just… I had no idea it was gonna be this thin. Usually my stuff is tighter, it’s a little bit thicker like these bandage dresses. And I don’t want everyone to
see my little stripe undies. Not tonight. – [Kristin] So Devin,
are you gonna wear yours? – I’ll wear mine, but I’m
wearing mine with this jacket. There’s just a little bit
too much potential slippage. – [Kristin] And Fred,
you’re gonna wear yours. – I’m wearing mine. – Jen, are you wearing yours?
– Imma think about it. – And you’re a no?
– I don’t have the means to wear this dress right now.
– I think that’s fair. – I did bring an alternate jumpsuit so that I could stay in
the jumpsuit universe, but that’s what I’ll wear tonight. – We’re here getting ready to go at work. Kristin’s going to her debutante ball. I’m going to Kim
Kardashian’s birthday party. Okay, we’re here at the Magic Castle. All dressed up. Looking fancy. – Look at my look! Oop, oop oop.
(record scratch) Just gonna shimmy in this mirror. Look at these fancy ladies getting ready for a night
of wonder and mystery. – Magic castle! – Spooky!
– Spooky! We’re not allowed to take photos or videos while we’re in there, so
this is the only proof that we are wearing our… Disco ball boobs! – The magic castle was great. We got to magic, we looked nice. I had some issues ’cause
apparently my shoes weren’t formal enough, but they let me in. All in all, very fun night. – I’ll tell you, walking
around the magic castle, I kinda felt… Exposed? I was always putting my
jacket in front of me. It was really cold, so I was
worried about feeling nipply. Also, we had a nice dinner. When you’re wearing a tight dress and you’re trying to eat a nice meal, it feels like you’re trying to put russet potatoes in a tube sock. – I didn’t wear my jumpsuit
to the Magic Castle. It was just not the time nor the place. – I ended up not wearing my
outfit to the Magic Castle. I think I didn’t realize what
type of material it would be. I don’t know if this would even qualify as like that formal of an outfit. – First of all, this thing is very long. Every time I had to go anywhere, I had to like hitch up my skirts like I was one of the evil
step sisters in Cinderella. Why do they walk like that? Both the evil stepsisters, they like, walk with like
their butts shoved out, and they’re like… Also while in the Magic
Castle, I was just like, “I am the most overdressed of anyone here” “And it’s not even close.” – When I wore it on our team outing, I wore it with a fur shawl/ overcoat. That made me feel a lot more
comfortable in the dress because it was very
bodycon, it was very tight, you could see every crevice and cranny. That’s not how I roll, typically. So I would wear the dress again, but only with a shawl of some type. – If I ever need a fuck you dress, I can just whip this little bad boy out, put on some heels, and
a dark lip and say… (tongue click) – This isn’t a bad article of clothing, I just wanted it to be
something that it wasn’t. We did look on Amazon for a long time for something that would
make me feel comfortable and felt like it could be a little bit more masculine and formal. I think this kinda just
speaks to how difficult it is to find convenient and affordable options if you are someone who wants to present a little bit more masculinely. – Buying on Amazon is not the problem, this particular piece of
clothing is the problem. But I can’t knock it
because it was dirt cheap and I didn’t have to go anywhere. – I think you get what you pay
for when it comes to Amazon. You might wanna pay a little
bit more for peace of mind. – Beautiful color, I
definitely wanna get more of this color, I know that now. – I may be really old
school, but I kinda like having my shopping compartmentalized. ASOS and Zara are where I buy clothes. Amazon is where I buy
electronics and cat food. So I think I might stick to that. – I would order a dress off Amazon again. Somehow, this went really well. This is an amazing plus size prom option. Honestly this is way better than the dress I wore to my prom. – I would absolutely buy a
formal dress on Amazon again. Sometimes money is tight, and so is time. Like there are a lot of last
minute events that come up and if you have Amazon Prime, you can get those dresses in a jiffy. – Well I’m gonna go take this off in favor of putting on
something way more comfortable. (upbeat music)
– We’ve got merch! – Click here to buy it! – Spoons!
– Spoons! – Spoons! – [All] Spoons…

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