What Happens To Earths Oxygen If The Amazon Rainforest Burns Down?
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What Happens To Earths Oxygen If The Amazon Rainforest Burns Down?

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but the Amazon rainforest is on fire if you don’t know why or how it happened be
sure to check out some of our other videos explaining the whole incident in
detail but to summarize what’s been referred to as the world’s lungs has
been burning for approximately three weeks now because of manmade fires
encouraged by brazil’s president obviously this is not only a huge issue
for those living in or near the amazon rainforest
including the indigenous tribes animals and plants but also the rest of the
world the amazon rainforest is believed to be home to more than half of the
world’s estimated 10 million species of plants animals and insects and one fifth
of the world’s freshwater is in the amazon basin according to save the
amazon org so for it to be completely destroyed will not only be a tragedy but
would also lead to some very severe consequences for the planet one of those
consequences is losing 20% of the world’s oxygen now of course that
doesn’t mean there won’t be enough oxygen for us to breathe the world would
find a way to adjust and there would still be enough oxygen in the Earth’s
atmosphere to keep us from suffocating but this would also mean a big increase
of carbon constantly being pushed out a lot more than we currently have which is
already a large problem and contributes to the Earth’s rising temperature and
climate change it’s believed the Amazon rainforest absorbs approximately 2.2
billion tons of carbon dioxide without the trees there to absorb the carbon and
filter it out to push fresh oxygen back out to the earth you better believe the
fight against climate change would be next to impossible some have gone as far
as referring to the Amazon rainforest as the air conditioner of the world with
removal Batista a forest campaigner for Greenpeace and Brazil saying that every
single tree in the Amazon helps I quote control the humidity and how the heat is
exchanging in different parts of the world end quote this is of course due to
the amount of oxygen being pumped out every second of every day but without
that system working as it should the world will quickly start to see and feel
the effects of losing its lungs the News is at the Amazon rainforest is
quite large if it were considered a country it would be considered the ninth
biggest in the world but it’s already lost 20 percent of the land it
originally had and it’s believed to be diminishing by approximately twenty
thousand square miles per year and this scary part is the Amazon rainforest
works in a cycle it’s rain gets absorbed by the plants which release water back
into the air which creates clouds and more rain but if it keeps getting
destroyed it will make it harder and harder for this cycle to continue which
would lead to less rain this would interfere with a cycle that is vital for
the Amazon rainforest to continue functioning and filtering out carbon
from the air and providing the world with fresh oxygen as of today it seems
like we’re going to be okay even though we’ve already lost a fifth of the land
it’s so big that it’s gonna be a little while before it’s all gone with that
being said it’s no secret that climate change has become more and more serious
as the years have gone on this is in direct relation with the fact that the
Amazon rainforest is down 20% from what it originally started and with the
direction Brazil’s president is going in it seems like the deforestation isn’t
going to be slowing down anytime soon and although the loss of the Amazon
rainforest altogether wouldn’t necessarily mean we’d have trouble
breathing it would definitely lead to us having issues with climate change
more so than we already do as of today we’re already having trouble combating
climate change so if there was an increase in how quickly it’s happening
there’s no telling what the fate of the world would be if you’re interested in
helping the cause you can look up a handful of nonprofit organizations whose
sole focus is the preservation of the Amazon rainforest
there’s also petitions circulating the web for government officials to take
action as of now it seems unclear what state the Amazon rainforest will be in
whenever these fires do stop it is important to mention July and August are
normally the beginning of the dry season and the region’s driest months with
activity kicking by early September and stopping by mid November according to
NASA and by those standards it seems like things are expected to get worse
before they get better cheers to helping the Amazon rainforest
and of course our planet can recover from this whole situation as always I’d
love to hear your thoughts in the comments below when these fires stop you
think the Amazon rainforest will be able to restore itself
how will the loss of land affect our planet in our day-to-day lives and in
the bigger picture you guys gotta let me know in the comments down below for now
I’ll be replying to some comments from the video what if apes evolved past
humans Sayid Briscoe said what if everyone was perfect well say I will say
you’re perfect because your photo or display picture on YouTube is a picture
of the Eagles I’m a huge Eagles fan my dads
Philadelphia now always been an Eagles fan so you’re perfect my friend and go
Eagles the muffin man said we see apes in the zoo all the time just imagine it
the other way around I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that
because zoos are kind of an enclosure you know these apes don’t necessarily
have the free rein to go wherever they want but I get what you’re saying just
imagine it from that perspective of like the ape thinks that his enclosure is the
entire world and the humans are the attraction to be a very interesting
movie if I ever make it I’ll credit you what’s your real name is it that I don’t
know Rocky senior 1 or Rocky SR 1 not really sure I’d say this name said is
this why I have silver hair on my back that common actually laugh out loud for
those of you guys that don’t know there is a type of a gorilla called a
silverback gorilla so the joke you is making obviously is that because humans
evolved from apes he still has silver hairs on his back
and I think they probably just killed the joke by explaining it and on that
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