What Is Amazon Prime and Is It Worth It?
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What Is Amazon Prime and Is It Worth It?

So what exactly is Amazon Prime and is it
worth the membership fee? I’m gonna share all the details and as well
as some of my best tips on this video Hey what’s up guys is Sean Cannell here and
I wanted to do a quick video with the question that’s going around a lot
of people wondering what’s included in and what is amazon prime all about as well
as is it really worth the membership fee and so im going to share some of my best tips
in this video and hey at anytime check out show notes and
links in the youtube description below a lot of times I’ll include extra all the
details in the video plus extra things I forgot and stuff like that
so you can check that out down there So Amazon Prime is an annual membership from
amazon.com that includes shipping benefits as well as
a bunch of other services so I’ll go through service by service first and then I’ll share
some thoughts on whether or not it’s worth the total investment
price So first and foremost you get free today shipping
on qualifying items and it’s a lot of items and so that means you are going to get fast
shipping all year long with out paying any extra for it
now you might be saying that there’s free shipping above 25 or 35 dollars on amazon
anyways but one of the nice things about prime is
that there’s actually no minimum so if you order one item for ten bucks
that qualifies for prime is coming in two days now there’s also free same day shipping
in certain zip codes but that doesn’t really apply to a lot of
people so that’s something that maybe for you you can research it a little bit
the next thing that you get it’s amazon in stream video and this includes unlimited streaming
of the movies and the tv shows that they have available
this is something that my wife and I use a lot so it’s valuable to us
now obviously one of the competitors in this space is Netflix they definitely are better
I don’t know if you can really do one or the other
but you do get a lot of stuff with amazon instant video and we are seeing new stuff added
all the time and just like all of this services Amazon
Prime is starting to have exclusive tv shows just for prime members and that might be something
that is really valuable to you now the next thing is available is Amazon
Prime Music now included in this is over one million songs and hundreds of playlist
that you can stream at free now some people might not use this at all
my wife actually doesn’t I personally do and one of the things that you have to really
utilize is I use it on my mobile phone and so you’ve got the app
or you can download the songs to the phone or just stream them on your phone ad free
and then I also use it on the amazon music player
on the computer and you can play it just like spotify or anything else
and so the library is actually really good and what I like is I don’t personally pay
for spotify I don’t pay for Pandora and it hits me with ads all the time
so I like to pick a station ad free music or even just download
specific stuff and honestly if you are into music at all look through the library that
is available on prime now the next thing we actually haven’t started
using yet but we are super excited about it it’s called Prime Photos
So prime members actually have access to unlimited storage for their photos now this is definitely
Important if the quality of your photos matter to you because you could just upload all your
photos to Facebook for free but those aren’t going to be saved in their highest quality
Or you can upload them to flicker and you get a lot of space there but eventually start
paying so this is kinda nice to as a way to back up all your photos
We are creating so much content this days from our mobile phones cameras and all this
different stuff and at least just know that you have a save place unlimited
To store them at their highest quality so we’re pumped over the holidays we are actually
gonna be going through and making sure all of our photos are backed
up there now the next thing is prime pantry now I cant
speak too much of this but we have used it a few times
and basically you have access to house hold items
detergent we get coffee pots that we buy in bulk there
chips tooth paste, soup I mean kind of things that could be ship there’s also amazon fresh
but that’s something different and for one flat
rate of I believe 5.99 only prime members can have access to prime pantry and it’s a
good deal if you buy enough stuff and it’s showing right at your door
and we figure out that for instance if we bough ten boxes of our coffee pods the discount
inside of prime pantry 5 boxes we break even on the 5.99 price to ship the box out so if
we bought 10 we actually save 5 bucks off of amazon’s already low price
and so something to search around on but definitely value if you think that you are going to use
it now this one is pretty legit and it’s prime
early access now this is huge for things like black Friday and
12 days of Christmas and all the sales the lighting deals that amazon does
And with prime early access it means that as a prime member you get to the lighting
deals 30 minutes before everybody else So if you shopped on amazon before when they
are offering lighting deals you’ve probably seen that they are extreme discount prices
compared to amazon already competitive prices And so the prime member you are really gonna
get the ability to add that to your cart first Now the best items during lighting deals usually
go under 2 to 3 minutes and so it means That almost none prime member on the best
stuff Probably wont even get a shoot at it
Now a couple of things here I actually shoot a video on my best tips and strategies for
black Friday And the holiday shopping on amazon.com so
I’ll link that up in the YouTube card That will pop out of the upper right corner
Prime is a really worth it during the holidays and not just because you get the fast shipping
when you are ordering things last minute But because you are able to get the 30 minutes
advance on lightening deals and the cool thing is that if you have never sign up for amazon
prime before You can actually do a 30 day trial during
the holidays and get those benefits during the black Friday sales or the black Friday
week and the 12 days of Christmas and all of that stuff with the
Prime early access And if you ultimately don’t think you are
going to use all that stuff you can just cancel after you try it out
The last feature I’ll mention is the kindle owners lending library this has access to
over 800 000 ebooks One per month that you get for free but you
have to do it on a kindle device so on amazon phone a kindle fire a kindle tablet
So this has been a challenge for us because they actually do have really good books available
there We do read a lot of books but we had have
a kindle we don’t have one right now So we haven’t taken advantage of it but if
you are a reader and you like reading digitally you can be getting books
That are 10 plus dollars each ebooks and that would easily pay for it self if you were reading
one a month so that’s another feature There’s a handful of other features and I’ll
link to the list in the YouTube description You can see it on the screen here that you
can check out but these are the ones I mention are definitely the ones
I consider the most notable So how much does prime cost
Well right now it cost 99 dollars a year and so if you break that down that is about 8.29
per month Now if you compare that to Netflix I believe
is 7.99 a month right now so that’s gonna add up to about 95 dollars
So both are pretty comparable now there are certain times of the year when prime is extremely
valuable And we already mention black Friday cyber
Monday with the lighting deals twelve days of Christmas
All of those times prime is going to give you that early access advantage to those lightening
deals and fast shipping of course all year long
the other one that they just launch that happen this year is called prime day
and there was mix kind of opinions of it but its another opportunity during the year where
they’re slashing pricings majorly and overall have generally
good report and amazon did a lot of sales and that is the savings
so that’s another thing to be aware of so here’s another question is amazon prime
worth a hundred bucks a year? Just a few thoughts number one absolutely
is you are going to use the services For my wife and I it was a no brainer we do
a ton of online shopping and so the shipping which I talked about makes it worth it
But all the other services we know that if we watched a couple of seasons of tv shows
that aren’t available on Netflix That we would have to just buy for 25 bucks
or whatever that there’s enough things we do with the music
With the movies and then with the shipping and then with online shopping and the lighting
deals and The advantage there it just makes total sense
for us, But you gotta ask yourself the question how
interested are you in those different services Number 2 it’s worth it if when it comes to
shipping if speed matters to you And if you probably order I read on life hacker
ten to twenty different orders per year If the speed of receiving your items does
not matter to you then you might be able to get away
Without the benefits with it comes to shipping You still get free shipping when you order
25 dollars or sometimes is 35 dollars amount of stuff to get free shipping in certain items
and if so if you are consistently putting together big enough orders to get
Free shipping and you don’t need that stuff in a rush you have enough foreside to order
then maybe prime is not for you But on the flip side if you are doing that
volume it begins to be positive in your favor and also speed matters even just being in
photography and video production Working in a home office there’s a lot of
stuff that will want just to get quickly and not even stress out about shipping
That’s the second question does speed matter to you and do you like the convenience to
not be thinking about other things to add to your card to get the fast shipping if you
just order one thing And then bom is in the mail
Number 3 Amazon prime is specially cool during the holidays is nice that even at the beginning
of December You can be confident that you can still get
stuff quickly as you are figuring out those last minute gift ideas and things
Like that and amazon I believe for everybody delivers on Sundays now
So prime just as and added feature we just put an order recently on Friday and got everything
That I actually needed to shoot some videos on that Sunday
And so it’s two days with prime so that expedited speed specially during the holidays and the
bonus on the lighting deals really cool
number 4 you can actually give prime as a gift and so you can either request it if you
think that’s awesome but you’re thinking about you know the cost or may be you know someone
how totally would use it and would be just pumped about
all of this stuff you can give it as a gift I’ll make sure to link up to the gift page
in the youtube show notes so you can check that out
and 5 you can also share the benefits of amazon prime with one other person in your house
hole and this is kinda cool if think about and
maybe have a room mate or your kids are still living at home or
how ever you want to break it up you can share with anybody
now you just took a 100 dollars you and split between two people both are receiving the
benefits that really begins to stack up the value and
that’s something to know about Question of the day
What do you thing about amazon prime maybe after watching this video or if you’ve used
it is it worth the price ? I would love to hear your opinion and connect
with you in the comments section here on YouTube Hey so thanks so much for checking out this
video make sure to subscribe on YouTube Specially if you want to be notified when
we realize our holiday video series with all kinds of holidays shopping tips
And gift guides you can check out the gift ideas playlist by clicking on the screen annotation
or in the YouTube card Or in the YouTube description I’ll link that
up as well If you enjoyed this video please hit the like
buttons and if you have any thoughts Or feedback definitely let me know in the
YouTube comments below thanks again So much for watching keep crushing it and
we will talk soon Testing out the auto focus
Cheers from Las Vegas I cant tell if it if that’s in focus


  • Zsavage1

    FUK THIS IS NOTHING BUT A FUK"N COMMERCIAL FOR PRIME…. AMAZON PRIME SUCKS BALLS!!!!!!!!!!! my 2 day package is going on 4 days now.. anm their 2 day guarantee is horse shit because prime gives 2 day free.. so what is the guarantee worth .. NOTHING!! Went to watch a movie with my family and the movie we picked was almost 2 years old.. and PRIME WANTED 2.99 TO RENT IT!!!! and it was FREE ON NETFLIX!!! so is prime worth it… FUK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this video here is HORSE SHIT.. it's just a dam commercial for prime garbage…. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

  • Steve Roe

    I get it for the Prime Video but I wish I knew more about Prime Music Is it Free for Prime members or did I miss that part in your video

  • Gina Perez

    Hiii ppl. I have a question… I'm allow at understanding things, so I want to know do I have to pay for amazing music also if I'm paying for amazing prime to get the unlimited music? I watched the guy on this video, so I downloaded the amazing music app along w the amazing video app to play the movies, but I signed up for the amazon music app for $7.99 after the free30 trial is up. Sooo my question is do I cancel the subscription for the amazon music n will it still play for free by keeping amazon prime? I'm sooo confused ??

  • richard murray

    its a no brainer if you use amazon, not only free delivery some now same day but the video service https://amzn.to/2PhwqYw

  • Boneyfreak

    It is not worth it. You pay shipping no matter what. They inflate prices and 99.99999% of the time it's shipped from within you State lines and you pay taxes also. And Amazon contracted carriers are now becoming notorious for scanning items as delivered and they take them home or sell them on Ebay.

  • Duncan Sands

    Amazon prime is value for money in the U.S; but in the U.K we have to pay the BBC Taliban £150 a year for their endless preaching like it or not. Dr Who has now been re-named The Little Red School Book! Time to throw the tea in the harbour!

  • Country Strong

    I knew there was a catch when I was ordering something off Amazon. I pushed prime not really knowing what it was about. I never did place the order and now I'm going to have to call Amazon and fix this mistake. I'm old school I should have known better.

  • Archie Merwin

    I already have Netflix. I was looking for a way to read books on my Amazon Fire tablet without paying $10 a book. It sounds like Amazon Prime would give me one free book a month which is not much of a savings if I pay $100 to join. And are the books on the "kindle lending library" program the same ones that are flat out for sale on regular Amazon? You don't answer that. Guess I'll use up the free e-books that are available for free from my library though their selection is paltry compared to Amazon. And the reading of a library e-book is tougher since they discourage mobility front to back and don't split the page up the way they do on Amazon.

  • Monica Ramer

    Thanks for all the detailed info. Truthfully I’ll get it because of your explanation. Now, which is the app I should get for my iPhone, and iPad?
    Plus, I have epic, só ingress I should just look for the amazon app and add to my Home list, correct?
    Thanks in advance

  • Jumpercable wireless

    I pay 100.00 a year for this service and they want to charge me to watch episode of Miami Vice. What the hell did I pay for ? I know, I paid a hundred bucks for free Amazon Prime shipping.

  • N R

    Here's another benefit that you didn't mention, you get to borrow magazines also so I could easily save 20 bucks in a month just from borrowing magazines and not having to buy them. You are allowed to borrow between the books and the magazines 10 items tops. So if you want to go and in or borrow something else you have to return something.

  • N R

    If you don't want to have it delivered to your house, I think it's called Prime lock or something like that like the Safeway in my town has these lockers they put your stuff in the locker and you have to pick it up within 3 days.

  • EJ Isaiah Payne

    this guy is a creepy salesman. Prime is horrible ,I will never listen or believe anything this guy plugs now. he is bought. i would unsubscribed had i ever made the mistake to subscribed to begin with

  • Randy Lyons

    I have saved a lot of money on shipping and some of the origional series have been good. The movie offering pretty much sucks like everyone elses. Old crap no one ever heard od mostly.

  • Tom Slak

    It's such a GREAT deal for me! I pay $100 first year and get slightly quicker shipping for free. If I bought something every 2-3 days for an entire year I might make the cost worthwhile!
    Sarcasm folks.

  • Michael Gandolfo

    I'm all set MetroPCS asked me if I wanted it no way Jose I like doing my shopping in person if I don't find it or well the f**** world's getting lazy next thing you'll be getting is a machine to clean your dick

  • Joy Faith

    Amazon is unsafe. Using local drivers and their definition of “shipping” vs “delivery” is cunning. Their downfall is soon.

  • DzyMsLizzy

    Very good information. For me, though, it doesn't make sense. I rarely if ever buy from Amazon–mainly because they don't take PayPal, and I don't have credit cards–and for security reasons, I won't use my bank debit card online.

  • loveistruth 5*7*

    I have Amazon Prime. In my opinion is they don't give you any decent movies for free they're all old and already seen them. Anything new and decent they charge you extra for. The only reason I keep it is the convenience a free shipping. Even Prime music sucks unless you pay more. Sometimes I wonder why I keep it at all. I guess I don't miss the 1299 a month that much.

  • sean walker

    Ill never get it if it isn't free shipping I won't buy it I don't even like the place although I use it when I can't find something elsewhere.

  • Raven Whitechapel

    Absolutely not it's just a bunch of college educate who are so overpaid they want to do something with their money Amazon used to deliver overnight within 2 days now they prolong it to try to make you buy their product it's ridiculous and sometimes you don't get treated very well from Amazon because they have all foreign customer service that don't know their asses from an umbrella stand.

  • David Liggins

    It’s crap..Movies nobody wants, 2 day shipping only on SOME items. App is faulty on my tv keep have to re- install it all the time..so cancelled it. Two day shipping we waited 9 hours at home for items to arrive yet normal delivery took 3-4 hours pointless….?????

  • DMT CM9035

    Is anyone else just completely overwhelmed by all the choices in our lives? ?Do I want Prime? Don’t forget cash back with Ebates! Coupon codes and promo codes!! Is anyone else just worn out?!!

  • Joyce Durham

    Have had Amazon Prime for a number of years, but just found out I could share it and now my sister has it. ( I got Netflix from her as a trade–yay me!!)
    There are a number of new Amazon benefits that I learned about from your video and another one I watched. Have the pantry and use the kindle app as well. Looking forward to checking out the new items I didn't know about.
    You should update your video and talk about all the new benefits.

  • MrVidification

    I haven't bothered with Amazon much, but it just feels like they are desperate for you to sign up to Prime. One-click sign ups for Prime on that screen. Also, possibly for users that haven't logged in for a while – an entire screen during purchase for delivery, which is deliberately unclear so you sign up for prime (the prime logo is above the non-prime delivery options, both on the left, the correct prime delivery options on the right). I stopped using Amazon when they started to charge for low cost items around 2014. It became cheaper to buy a lot of books,cds,games etc offline or on ebay. A standard delivery charge seems to be now 2.99, and the media have reported that both this and free deliveries have slowed down to favour prime, deliberate or not.. For Prime users, that cost will no doubt keep on increasing – a google shows it went up from 99 to 119, which might be quite a jump for some

  • Sandra Sheldon

    I like Amazone prime. My other tv/ movie apps stream through primes equipment. The shopping and free deliverys almost adictive. I say its worth it. Oh, and low income people can get Amazon Prime for about 6.00 a month by sending them copy of medicaid, or food stamps card.

  • Anya Hallow

    I share my membership with several family members so it's totally worth it. Also Google Photos app backs up all your photos as they are taken, free, unlimited, you can literally delete your entire folder off your phone and it will be saved to the Google drive.

  • Lance Blue

    Amazon is an economic piece of crap that buys out other businesses, doesn’t pay their employees a decent wage, I’ll never buy anything from those turds.

  • Samuel Delgado

    Yes, Amazon Prime is worth it. You can stream every Star Trek and free delivery on stuff. I'm on it more than cable TV

  • Ian Fordyce

    I paid for Amazon prime in October I think it's pretty good I have am Amazon fire stick so I get a lot of free programs i live on my own but I think it is still worth it my problem is I find it to easy to buy things I'm waiting for 6 things to arrive at the moment but again well worth it

  • Susan

    Its 2018..Amazon prime is 119 a yr..so for me cancelled prime..had to call 4 times to cancel prime..I removed card off account and they still sending me email trying to charge my account..bully's

  • Jose Lopez

    Movies stream slowly on Amazon Prime. I know it has nothing to do with my ISP because I can go to Youtube or anywhere else and have high quality streaming. Also the movies available aren't very many. If you want to see anything good they ask you to pay a rental fee which defeats the purpose of having a prime membership.

  • Karin Judd

    Amazon Prime is worth all the money I save on shipping and all the free shows and movies I get. Going to the Movies is Expense, and you put yourself in risk of catching some awful flu virus that keeps being passed from stranger to stranger.

  • Nick Rod

    The DUMBEST thing just happened to me, i’m 17 and i use my moms credit card to order items online and pay her back in cash. That was back when i had a job but i recently became unemployed and unknowing the last time i order something on amazon i guess i subscribed to amazon prime, i guess i accidentally clicked on the free trail which then transform into the paid version once the free time period is up. My mom had been complaining to me that amazon has been charging her for the last two months and i just realized i have been getting emails saying i’m a member, anyways i can’t use the music for some reason?? i already have spotify anyways, i can’t use use the e-books because i don’t have a kindle, and i don’t order anything online right now, so it’s a lose-lose situation. ??‍♂️??

  • Phil Shifley

    Amazon Prime is no longer that great of a thing. Over 50% of my last prime purchase offered free two day shipping that was guaranteed to take 6 days. I also like how the offer used shit like the're flea bay.

  • Ann Pane

    My cell phone company, Metro by T Mobile, just started including AP in with their unlimited data program (no wifi access) and I ADORE Prime Video!

  • Google User

    Here is my opinon a lot of the time Amazon dosent ship product in 2 days I have been told on several occations from Amazon that it's shipped in two days after the manufacturer sends it to them to be shipped so whats the point of a membership for teo day shipping if you only sometimes get actual 2 day shipping yet if you wanted it in a day you pay even more bit they can't even get it to you in the two days they promised. I would reccomend just pay $8.99 for the prime video instead of the $130 now after tax for prime itself not worth it. They also just throw ypir stuff anywhere they feel like it when they deliver it so be prepaired to have to call amazon to bitch at them and not get any results. I say just wait the 7 days and save your money because ot can take that long or longer anyway a lot of the time. I have had prime for several years now and after this year I am done. I may still subscribe to prime video because they do have alot of older tv shows I like bit most of the movies are usually the same thing as netflix. Hope that helps.

  • stephen o'sullivan

    Waste of money as pointed out by someone on here…unless your using it ..and ordering stuff..I tried to cancel account which found impossible so I told my bank lost my card and now getting emails from them plus was a benefit as live in southern ireland and cheaper..Will use a friend from now on.

  • The Mentalist Zz

    The streaming music alone is worth $100 a year, better deal than Google, pandora and others, plus you get free ship without worrying about minimum purxhase

  • 4745966

    This video has been very helpful. Metro PCS/T-mobile has a $60 a month mobile package with Amazon Prime. I was determining if it was worth it for me. I rarely order online but the music features and show features have peaked my interest. I had no idea what Amazon Prime really was before this videa.

  • Mark Peters

    They need two tiers, I don't shop much online. I'm old and only take what I find useful to me, YouTube has plenty of stuff to view also, I hate the way the word free is used!

  • Emilie LaFave

    I do all my Christmas shopping online, so it was wonderful to have Prime for Christmas of '18 ! I saved tons of money on shipping! It also makes me look on
    Amazon first when I'm thinking about buying something. I love it !

  • godly pursuit

    Question … we prefer the classic movies on Prime, but it seems the movies we like are always rent/buy now. We've started to wonder if they obtain your preferences thru your past movie choices, then start listing those kinds of movies as rent. I know it sounds kinda conspiracy theory-ish, but … is that possible?

  • William Haskins

    Great video! If anyone wants to use the free sub from twitch prime on me I would appreciate it also giving away some stuff twitch .tv /wfh242


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    ένα νέο είδοςαρχιτεμπελχανάδων ιερέων
    που απλά θα υπηρετούν τα συμφέροντα των αφεντικών τους.
    Όπως έκαναν και οι Ρωμαίοι με το Χριστό.
    Some people dream of loading us a new kind of priest-priests
    who will simply serve the interests of their bosses.
    Like the Romans did with Christ.

  • Jauregui60

    I love Amazon prime with the exception of watching series because in every single one that we Watch they charge you $25 to see the last episodes so I decided not to watch series anymore on Amazon Prime I will be back to Netflix and HBO now

  • Desmond Rice

    Prime is so shit right now it is not worth it. I ordered over 30 items over the last 2 weeks all promised within 2 days less than half of them arrived on time, I am sitting at home waiting for things not even arriving. They are just giving away 1 month membership extensions to anyone who complains.
    When I complained about my late orders and gave a list of my late order #'s the amazon customer service agent gave me "responses" from the carriers that apparently were in real time, every item different weird excuse but for every order I was given another 2 day promise that all these carriers apparently were sending in real time… BUT at that exact time one of these orders was currently already on the way to the dropoff 15 minutes away. So where are these 2 day promises actually coming from? The Amazon customer service handbook?

    In my opinion unless you are going to be buying tonnes of small items all the time like this guy buying groceries… not worth having prime as amazon only has 100% control of about 20% of their deliveries.
    In terms of pricing, if the service actually did what it was promising then probably worth it. But it doesn't. My prime student account will be expiring soon and I don't see any reason to renew.

  • MMelody M

    So if you don’t renew Amazon Prime, will those photos still be available to see or would I have to keep renewing?

  • Daniel RODRIGUEZ

    How to purchase Amazon Prime video game on ps4 and Xbox video games. Music and laptops Dell bulray with DVD player tell me more holidays

  • Eric

    The problem with amazon prime is, lots of people simply don’t want it, don’t want to use it, especially ,don’t want to pay for it. Three times in the past three years I have ordered off amazon and EVERY time have been CONNED into taking the subscription, So simple answer now is. I WILL NOT BUY FROM AMAZON EVER AGAIN. No wonder the boss is drowning in dollars. Shop around and get the same or better deals online other than this thieving company.

  • AriesBlackJesus

    Amazon prime video charges for some of their movies regardless of subscription. Well, movies that are worth watching.

  • Robert Macfarlane

    sucks, prime monitor what you watch, and on their tv with built in fire-stick android box you cant upload apps outside the realm of of prime video. prime sucks , i have it so i know

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