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What is Omnichannel Retailing? | Retail Assist | Our IT Solutions

What is omnichannel retailing?
Omnichannel retailing is the process by which a customer can gain a completely integrated
and seamless shopping experience, regardless of the channels they choose to shop. The customer
could buy online, and want to return the item to store, or shop from their mobile device
and deliver to home. You can have multiple sales channels, but if they are not joined
up, it is not omnichannel. Omnichannel retailing is core to Retail Assist’s
Merret software application, serving the process of buying, delivering and collecting anywhere,
being fully connected, and delivering convenience for the customer.
Thanks to a real-time and single view of stock inventory, regardless of location, this makes
stock more readily available to allocate in the most profitable manner, whether it is
shipped from store or from the warehouse. Want to know more about our solutions? Check
out the following web page. Follow us on Twitter, or email your query to [email protected]

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