What is Webtalk the New Social Network that Shares 50% of its Revenue with its Users
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What is Webtalk the New Social Network that Shares 50% of its Revenue with its Users

Maintaining your personal, professional and
business life online has become a daunting task. Too many choices have created too much confusion
while none seem to give you the control of your communication that you desire. Webtalk is the first all-in-one communication,
collaboration and commerce networking community built to help you communicate better and save
time. With Webtalk, you strengthen relationships
with more targeted and visible communication, build your credibility and conduct your business
more efficiently through a cloud-based hub that brilliantly organizes your personal,
professional and business life into easy to manage categories. Webtalk puts you in control of who sees what
and when. The social awkwardness of adding colleagues,
friends and family to the same online network is now over. Managing your communication better begins
with managing your contacts better. Webtalk’s patent-pending connection process
helps you label your connections based on real-life relationships. When building new connections on Webtalk,
you can label professional connections as a prospective contact for sales, employment,
business and investment opportunities using Webtalk’s built-in group and subgroup labeling
features, then add keywords and descriptions to help search for that person later in your
contact management directory. With built-in professional, personal and public
networks, Webtalk helps you manage your online life as you would your real life. Building and maintaining credibility is extremely
important in all aspects of your life. That’s why Webtalk allows you to showcase
your talent through a virtual resume and a media gallery to show off your professional
portfolio, degrees, certifications, photos and videos. Businesses can also showcase products, services,
ratings and reviews on your business page to help you build trust and attract new customers. In the near future, Webtalk will offer a marketplace
search feature to help all users find products offered by other members and conduct more
business locally. Webtalk wants to help everyone connect to
more opportunities and become more successful. That’s why Webtalk pays out up to 50 percent
of all revenue through an immensely lucrative referral program called Social CPX. Webtalk’s largest online networking and e-commerce
competitors generate tens of billions of dollars every year from advertising, premium upgrades
and transaction fees. Facebook and LinkedIn on average generate
$3 per month from every user. Amazon generates about $70 per user per month
from product sales. As the first social e-commerce community,
Webtalk projects reaching an average of $10 or more per month from every user. Webtalk generates revenue from advertising
sales, premium feature upgrades, talent solutions and transaction fees just like the others
but the difference is: we share it with you. When you enroll in the affiliate program you’ll
earn a 10% commission on all revenue generated by the users and businesses you refer to Webtalk
for a life. Your long-term earning potential per user
referral is estimated at $1 per month. We all know that $1 is not life-changing so
Webtalk decided to do the unimaginable and award everyone credit for starting a chain
reaction of referrals. With Webtalk you earn credit for your direct
referrals but also their referrals and their referrals and so on through five degrees of
separation. Let’s say the average monthly commission per
referral reaches $1 and you and all your referrals have referred ten users each and that it continues
through five degrees or levels of separation. You could earn $10 per month from your first
level, $100 from your second, $1000 from your third, $10,000 from your fourth and $100,000
per month from your fifth level. With Webtalk’s affiliate program a simple
“follow me on Webtalk” post on Facebook or Twitter could be potentially life-changing. The best part about the affiliate program
is you don’t have to change any of your daily routines. Every social network gives you a profile or
page link for you to share and build your network. Webtalk does the same only better. When your profile link drives new users to
Webtalk our patent-pending affiliate program gives you credit for the referral. Import your email or phone address books to
invite your contacts to connect with you on Webtalk and you’ll get credit for everyone
that joins. Share your photos, videos and files with non-members
and you earn credit for the referral when they sign up to view them. If you own a website or blog, Webtalk provides
you with social buttons and banner ads to display to your site visitors and if these
tools drive new users you’re awarded credit for those referrals as well. It’s that simple! Social CPX is Webtalk’s standalone referral
program that provides you with a mobile-first dashboard that tracks all of your referrals
awarded from any of your social activities. You can view how many invitations you sent,
how many people joined Webtalk thanks to you, the amount of revenue they’ve generated and
your commissions. Webtalk another affiliate referral program
are free and always will be. The people and businesses who join Webtalk
early and help grow the community will have the largest income opportunity. Today there are 2 billion social network users
worldwide with that number projected to double in the next five years. The more people you invite to Webtalk now
the better your chances are for a life-changing success. You have nothing to lose and everything to
gain. Join now and invite everyone you know before
they invite you. Webtalk: the best way to communicate and create

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