What Sold on Poshmark | May 1-14 2019 | TheScottCottage
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What Sold on Poshmark | May 1-14 2019 | TheScottCottage

hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel if you’re new here my name is Rachel and I’m a fashion reseller over
on Poshmark you can find me on the app at the Scott cottage you can also find
me over on Instagram at the Scott cottage as well so today’s video as you
read in the description is gonna be a what’s old video and I think as a
reseller that these videos are just as important if not more important than the
haul videos most of us has resellers we really enjoy doing haul videos they’re
just more fun to film and more fun just to see what we’ve got but I do think as
a reseller it is very important to research what is being sold so you can
see in the what’s old videos things that are trending brands that are selling and
it just gives you a better idea of things that are selling so I had 17
items sell so this is for the last two weeks I do want to say that I didn’t get
a sale until the third I was out of town until May 3rd so I didn’t get any sales
for the first few days and I’m not including any sales that I get today so
today is the 14th so technically it’s not a full two weeks but just to give
you an idea of things that have sold for me I’m gonna pop up on the screen the
items so you actually can see the item that sold and see the price that it sold
for so I had 17 items my average cost per item that I’ve made in total profit
is averaging about $18 um which isn’t a lot you know but when I started it was a
lot lower so for you to track that and see that you’re getting your amount per
item is getting higher each month then you know you’re working in the right
direction so I’ve started tracking my sales a little bit better this month and
it’s just so much better to see on paper exactly what I’m making in profit per
item you know usually you just run a progress report on Poshmark
and that doesn’t tell you your price per good so by doing it I do it on Google
sheets it’s completely free and I can program it to tell me the amounts so my
average total profit after fees after cost per goods
everything is about $18 per item like I said that’s a lot better than it used to
be and so being able to see it trending upward is definitely good so make sure
you guys are paying attention to that if it consistently is staying at like say
$5 or $10 or whatever it is then maybe you need to make some changes and brands
that you’re picking up maybe you’re picking up brands that just don’t resell
well or they’re not trending or people just aren’t looking for that brand so
make sure you guys are paying attention to that I’m gonna be my tip for today
all right so let’s go ahead and hop on into the what’s old section so I’m gonna
pop up on the screen the items that sold and for how much so the first sidearm I
sold at the beginning of May was this American Eagle a floral tank I haven’t
had it listed for too too long that tells me that this does sell well
American Eagle has always done well for me it is a bread-and-butter brand for
sure you know I don’t make a huge profit on this but it sells consistently for me
so especially in the top the jeans unless they’re a skinny um they don’t
sell as well or short shorts tend to do pretty well for me but the blouses and
tank tops do the best for me from American Eagle so this only sold for $10
the next item I sold was a Tahari black strappy shirt I’ve had this listed for
quite some time and but Tahari is a really good brand very good quality in
their items so anytime I see them at a reasonable price I do pick them up so
this sold for $15 after Poshmark fees I made $12 so that
was a good sale next are these sunglasses and I actually got these in
one of my thredUP fun boxes so if you guys watch my third up boxes you may
have seen these the brand is oh by Oscar de la Renta and I’ve never really heard
of that brand but I have noticed other resellers definitely pick it up and it
is a very pricey bring and so these sunglasses sold for sixteen dollars and
I made a profit after fees of twelve dollars and 80 cents and usually those
fun boxes the items because there’s about ten
items and I pay twenty-two so the items are about two dollars that you pay for
the items so pretty good profit ten dollar profit or so there next is this
anthro velvet teal top now the reason it sold for ten dollars is there was a flaw
and I will show you the fall here there was a tiny pinhole in one of the sleeves
honestly it wasn’t really noticeable but I have said before being honest is gonna
be the best customer service you can offer to your customers being honest
about anything and everything if there is a flaw with your item you definitely
want to mention it and she still left me a great review even though it was flawed
so I sold that for ten dollars didn’t make a huge profit off of that but she
did leave a comment adorable top and great condition thank you so much so
definitely be honest if there’s a flaw with your item so next is the hobo bag
and if you saw my reseller collaboration with some other resellers you know that
I mentioned this as a be on the lookout item and the reason I say that is this
bag I had sitting for a little while because I got and I thought up box so I
paid essentially seven dollars for this bag but I didn’t know much about the
brand I had been told from other resellers that it was a great brand to
sell but I just didn’t know much about the bag and so I wanted to do some
research before I listed it so about two weeks two or three weeks ago I did some
research on the bag I found the name found out the comps you know how much it
retail at retail for about three hundred and fifty dollars and so I listed it for
125 which was what comparable listing was being sold as as well and and so I
did send out offer to likers a few times I had a lot of interest in this back I
said I offers to likers for I think $100 and free shipping maybe and and someone
actually came along and bought this bag full price didn’t negotiate at all she
just completely bought it outright so I made a total profit of about ninety four
ninety dollars so it but after Poshmark fees so
before Poshmark fees it was $100 so i paid $7 and made a 93 dollar profit so
this was my favorite sale to date it is definitely a brand I would make sure you
guys are looking for it is called hobo International and I will pop up on the
screen this is what the inside tag looks like so make sure when you’re
outsourcing if you see this tag you need to pick up this back because they all
the bags that they sell are 100% leather they’re that very soft leather worn in
material that feels so great and of course they hold up well because they’re
100% leather so definitely be on the lookout for that that is one of my
favorite sales to date and then she also left me a great review she said received
my order quickly and it was just as described love my bag thank you so much
so that one I actually added more than the eight photos that it allows so I
just made a separate post and just added eight more photos because I felt like
when an item is that pricey you need to have as many photos and be as
descriptive as possible so that definitely worked out alright so next is
a brand that I have never sold before I have never seen before but it’s called
Billa and it’s made in India so this is a floral crochet sheer top a really
beautiful pattern as you can see I love anything floral if you know me and
you’re subscribed to my channel you know I always pick up floral I think it’s
beautiful um and also has beautiful crochet detail along the neckline
sleeves so very summery definitely seeing a trend in items that people are
probably purchasing for vacations so this was definitely a really nice summer
top was a size extra large sold it for $29 so my earnings after the Poshmark
fees were twenty three dollars and 20 cents and I want to say only paid about
three dollars for that item next is this free people and I honestly am surprised
it lasted as long as it did because as soon as I posted it I was getting tons
and tons of likes so this item action we had a total of 18 people that liked
it and I only listed it about two and a half three weeks ago so really beautiful
cream free people BIOS or I guess tank top as this really cool tie in the back
I thought was really unique kind of fitted and then it flares at the bottom
with an asymmetric hem so that sold for $25 I think she sent me that offer in so
I made a total of 20 dollars in profit off of that a lot of the stuff I
purchased at a yard sale pretty recently so this stuff has been did buy so the
next one is a gap pink long-sleeve shirt I’ve talked to get and again about how
popular coral is right now and how it is selling really well for me so be on the
lookout for anything coral this item was pretty much a new without tag item I
purchased at a yard sale it didn’t look like it had any way or whatsoever had a
beautiful keyhole opening in the back with a tie very lightweight great for
the spring and summer size extra extra large so it sold for $20 made a profit
of $14.20 after the Poshmark fees so next is the brand torrid and I cannot
say enough if you are a reseller and you are passing on this brand you’re passing
on money every single time that I have purchased and sold torrid it has done
really well for me it has been purchased very quickly and for full price actually
so this item I think I had it listed for 35 and someone came along and purchased
it i profited $28 in profit and I think I only paid $1 for this item it is I’m
pretty sure it’s a swim cover it could be worn as a blouse or a tunic because
of the length but I do think it’s a swim cover because it was very lightweight it
just reminds me of a swim cover but like I said you could wear it as a blouse as
well so that was a great sale next is another American Eagle as I said
American Eagle does pretty well for me as just a bread-and-butter brand as I
sold for $10 as well just like the other American Eagle top I profit is seven
dollars and five cents and this one actually had a flaw as well I believe I
think there was a tiny pinhole in the very top yeah there it is
can’t really see it and especially if you were wearing like a cami or a tank
underneath you would never see that but I definitely list things like that even
if you think it’s something small and people won’t notice I always always
always list it in the description so that sold for $10 that has been in my
closet for quite a bit I may have price dropped it recently to get that sold
okay next is not your daughter’s jeans I have watched so many resellers pick up
this brand and I have picked it up and honestly in a sat in my closet for some
time it just they don’t sell as well as I was expecting and they are really
great quality they do have this tummy tuck control high-rise type of deal so
it does help with like the mom bod but they just don’t sell well for me they
sold for fourteen which isn’t terrible but I don’t know how much I paid for
them but it didn’t sell for as much as I thought that they would sell for but
those sold so if you’re looking for jeans
I wouldn’t say past this bring in but if you’re gonna purchase make sure it’s low
enough because if I paid more than two dollars or something I didn’t make a
huge profit on this sell so be on the lookout my earnings was nine dollars and
twenty five cents on those next is a pair of jeans that I got in one of my
thread up jeans boxes and the brand is denim company or denim Co and I don’t
entirely know where this is sold at but they sat for quite a while they were
flawed as well there was a tiny stain on the front and wasn’t super noticeable
but the sole 415 which I thought was pretty good sale in my opinion
especially having a flaw so pick those up again my earnings was $12 after the
Poshmark fees next is j.crew white match stick jeans these are I knew without tag
they I think they even had the cutout tag still on the inside let me double
check that yes they still had that removed before washing her wearing tag
attached so they were new without tag you can just feel the starch in them
that they were new without and these sold for $16 I had had them
for a little while and so I price dropped them and someone purchased so my
earnings was $11 after the Poshmark fees next is some shoes these are Carlos
Santana I’ve actually had these as well for quite some time I think that I did a
price drop on these or an offer to likers I’m not quite sure but let me see
if it tells me I just did a price drop on this so they were they sold for $19
my earnings was 15 dollars and 20 cents on these these are a snakeskin slingback
heel with a peep toe they’re in like new condition I only paid $1 for these so I
feel like that was a pretty good flip on those they did sit for quite a while
they didn’t sell super quick all right so next is this 90 degrees by reflex
athletic set and this was a retail arbitrage sell so I purchased this over
I think Marshalls for a discounted price they’re
originally $68 and she purchased them for 30 I believe I had him listed for 35
she offered me 30 and I thought that was a reasonable offer and so I accepted so
my profit on this was $24 and I paid 12 so I made $12 in profit off of that so a
pretty decent flip my dog is throwing a ball so if you see it fly that’s my dog
so anyway that was a set of 2 tank tops one was black and one was like an olive
color so that was a pretty good sale all right next is this mg babydoll tunic
dress so mg is a boutique brand but it has a really great following so I always
pick up it if it’s at a decent price so this is a tunic dress it could be
considered like a mini dress you could wear it with or without leggings really
beautiful patchwork detail it has a tassel in the front with some sheer lace
on the top as well just really bohemian boho feel has some pockets on the front
so it’s old 428 my profit was 20 dollars and 60 cents and last but not least is a
free people dress and I got a lot of likes on this as well a lot of
people that were very interested in this dress let’s see I had 32 people had
liked this dress so I listed it probably about two weeks ago as well and it sold
for $39 I think I had it listed at 45 and SN out and offered to likers and she
accepted so my total profit was twenty nine dollars and forty cents so that is
it on all of my what sold items so I do notice a trend with the American Eagle
definitely some summer trends coral like I said have done well dresses have been
selling – I guess they only only had what one or two on this one but before
that I was having dresses so pretty quickly so people are definitely on the
lookout for vacation items so keep that in mind when you all are out sourcing
and looking for items to sell in your Poshmark closet so if you guys like this
video don’t forget to give me a thumbs up also if you’re new here don’t forget
to hit that subscribe button I would love to have you here thank you all so
much for watching and I’m gonna see you next time you


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