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Which eBay / e-commerce seminars to attend – Retail Global

Hi guys, this is Neil Waterhouse So what makes a good seminar and/or a bad one? And it’s obviously a very personal thing. I’ve a least 20 IDs I’ve been to more eBay, e-commerce, seminars that I can dream of. Literally I have over a hundred, I’ve either
been a participant or speaker or both. If I am a participant, what makes a good seminar
is content. I’d go there for the content. I don’t go there to be upsold to. So if you’ve ever been to a seminar where
you’re promised something and you get there and you invest your time and energy and often money. To get there you might have booked a flight, you might have paid for the event, you might have booked accommodation. And then you find out that it’s a pitch fest, they get you there then they try to flag you some other more expensive product which often cost thousands of dollars. I’ve been to many of those and it’s It kinda irritates me and very much irritates me. So, these days when I go to an event as a
participant, I do a favorable due diligence first about who runs the event and look at some
reviews, etcetera. And try to work out if it’s a pitch fest or not. And I won’t go it if it’s simply a pitch fest. Because everybody’s different. If anyone’s been to my seminars, of course,
I don’t do that. It cost us over 20 years — that’s really
irritated me. I refuse to ever upsell anything in there For those who know me, I’ve run the 4 largest
eBay – Amazon groups in Australia. And in those groups, I refuse to let any speakers come on who are going to do any kind of pitching. (Excuse me because there’s a fly that’s bugging me. ) So, yeah, I don’t allow it. Because it’s annoyed me over the years and it has cost me a lot of time, energy and money. So I absolutely ban it. There’s an event coming up in Brisbane called RetailGlobal. in Gold Coast, Brisbane Gold Coast, called RetailGlobal. And that’s put on by Phil Leahy who is one of the real pioneers of e-commerce in Australia. There’ll be close to a thousand people going this year so it’s a huge event, great place to get lots of great information, great place to network. It’s a highly recommended I attend most years, I’ve spoken many other years I’m speaking again this year but I do not get paid the event I am refusing to get payment. I never take payment for advance When . . . I note someone in the form wrote Last year I did an event for Amazon they asked me, I didn’t asked me I got offered some vouchers to speak for them and I turned them down so I can honestly say that I didn’t get any kind of payment. And likewise by recommending Phil Phil Leahy’s Retail Global as it is in the Gold Coast coming up, I do not get paid for that. I speak there, I give my time for free, I
don’t get paid. Of course at the end of the video, I’ll give all of you guys a voucher. I’ve asked, told them to get a hundred of vouchers of them that you can use and I put that voucher code up on the screen. I highly recommend it and yeah, will hopefully to see you there. That’s all for this week. Until next week. If you’ve seen this video anywhere else besides my blog, NeilWaterhouse.com, please come on over. Please leave a comment. If you’ve been at seminars, you’ve been pitched,
I’d love to hear your comments. Until next week, list more sell more, this
is Neil Waterhouse.


  • Graeme Jarry

    Hi Neil appreciate your insight and videos. I recently attended your last event in Melbourne and was presently surprised there was no upsell or pitch. The content was great and I could go away and take action with it.Thankyou

  • Katherine Tzel

    Hi Neil
    thank you for this information.
    have you heard of Matt and Amanda Clarkeson also Ebay educators up at Gold Coast ? if so what are your thoughts? thank you Katherine

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